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Saturday 28 January 2017

Defiance By A Notorious Vampire


  Puff's of dust, jump off a clay Caked floor. Absent of rains for months and hardened by a consistent wicked blazing sun. Reflecting on people with eroded values, murderers, liars and thieves and the worst of the bunch, kidnappers. As the leader stands and listens to the court, judge and try this beast. Justice is almost within the grasps of the abused and the sad victim's. But just as justice is about to be served, Defiance By A Notorious Vampire erupts. Unknown bandits storm the court in Imo state and free this beast, breeding beasts. How can this be, justice isn't served, somebidy help us. End this madness and mayhem. This corrupt mood and hardship, plaguing my lovely country with endless potentials. The eroding plant life, looks out of place, in my rich and untapped Africa. The awkward standing electric poles, made of untamed and roughly finished cement, cramp on the beautiful landscapes and modern buildings. And the almost absent green life, struggle's to pump oxygen into the air filled with carbon monoxide and awaiting a down our of acid rain. The only saving grace, is that I am in Lagos, here the air is swept clean by a buoyant Lagoon, recycled by an angry Atlantic Ocean. Rusty ships, slice and float above the waters occasionally, a beautiful sight to behold, no doubt. As other natural waters and man made waters build up and spew out some of its liquid contents. The streams and canals collect and evaporate as the scorching heat transforms the water mass into moisture. It mixes up with the harsh winds and feeds the little plant life left in the city. The concentrated forests, beg to remain intact and few clusters of plant life, attract insects, animals and man alike.
Fireflies float and fly upwards, flashing golden behind with bright lights. Flickering and lighting up the dark night with hope, with love, with a shiny yellow lights. Signalling to the others that this darkness will not reign supreme. Others wake from their slumber, and start to communicate in Morse code, in Yoruba and in French. All and many languages of love and hope in this dim world, repelling those not in the mood and attracting like minds. At the same time, stimulating loves lime light and reminding everyone that love trump's hate, that money isn't everything, that where there is life, there is hope. And that like minds find themselves and together, we shall shine bright like coal, hardened and battered and metamorphosized into rare precious diamond's that we are. No matter how bad it gets, we shall and will overcome, today, tomorrow and always.
 Did you catch a little light?

'Okay now, so did you see the light and please tell me what happened?'
   Ajoke means well with her question, but she isn't making my situation any better.
   I am about to answer her when my nosy Aunt, blocks my view from the fireflies across the street. I move a little, so I can still see the innocent creatures that remind me of my childhood days. Those fearless days I would run into that bush and try to catch at least ten of them. Then watch their butts glow and be amazed that the fireflies resemble beetles. That squashed, they glowed for one last moment and then stopped forever. A cruel lesson that thought me to be patient for a second and watch them glow like Christmas lights all night. Instead of killing the innocent creatures to force them to glow permanently forever, which never works.
'See, who i am talking to', my Aunt shoves me and moves my face from the grass, banana tree and pawpaw tree filled abandoned land. Her actions annoyed me, but I was onto her gimmicks. An expert in causing a scene, I just watch her and feign innocence.
'Ade, Ade...', my Auntie was getting frustrated by my not listening to her and ignoring her.
'Mama Ade, come oooo', she left my side and found my mother and dragged her to me.
'I've told you that, banana trees are meeting place and sanctuary for witches. Get that unskilled worker to cut it down'
 My mother looked at me and then at the banana tree and then at my friend carrying both her babies.
'I've paid him to cut it down, but the other landlords and tenants on the street refused to contribute and it's quite expensive you know'
'I will pay, tomorrow. It is the life and well being of your children and grandchildren that should be here already oooo. That... that matter ooo'
 Both grown up women watch me, I could sense a little fear in their eyes and then they walk away.
     Standing frozen beside me, is my dear friend. She was watching the entire scene and rocking her sleeping babies watched me. Bala joined her and Henrik side hugs me.
'Abeg Bala, take the twins', Ajoke gives them to Bala.
 Henrik carries Hassana and i look at the babies.
'We will join you', Ajoke says, shoving them away.
 When she is sure, we are alone. She looks at the empty lot of land that resembled a mini forest and i burst out laughing.
 Ajoke holds her chest and finds a chair and seats down.
'Don't mind that my Aunt, she is such a bully and a fanatic'
'Ade, don't be doing that kind of play ooo'
'The only thing that scares her are banana tree's'
'That's why she thinks you are an emere'
'A powerful being, a good witch or what?'
'All of the above, what are you looking at?'
'The fireflies'
'What is that?'
'Tan naa tan naa, is the Yoruba name'
'The insect that has glowing behind?'
'Ajoke, yes'
'Ade, there is a banana tree there ooo'
'Not you too'
'Ade, spiritual churches and powerful people all know this'
'It is because they all meet there, if banana tree were so bad? Why not ban it all together?'
'Because, good and bad witches meet there'
'Ajoke, don't start '
'Ade, this your modern way of thinking is dangerous'
'It's a free world'
'Seriously, are you...'
'Ajoke, a stubborn woman can have her opinions without been branded a witch. 'Abeg, leaf story'
'I will pray for you', Ajoke said and holds her heart.
'So, you didn't ask me why Nnoye isn't here'
'Maybe an entertainment industry thing is going on '
'She's with Idibia'
'Not the musician, my new business partner'
'The one with the private jet, that your friend does not waste time'
'She on his payroll '
'He likes her scandalous lifestyle'
'So, us good girls nko?'
'Trust me, I put Celine and You in the mix '
 Ajoke hugs me and screeched.
'Can you imagine? She wanted him to attend this'
 I grumbled and shake my head.
'And mux business with pleasure, no ooo. Imagine him witnessing your Aunt pick on you'
'So you agree that she picks on me'
'Ade, you ignore her too much, it's her way of seeking for attention'
'Abeg, I don't want'
'So Nnoye is with Idibia'
 I unlock my phone and show her the latest picture on Instagram.
'See your friend'
'Right comments already. The man is right, but wait ooo. Did he not ask you out?'
'Does a player have boundaries?'
'That your friend self'
'She's single....', I started to say.
'And pregnant'
 We both shrieked and laughed, my Aunt looks at me and shakes her head. Ajoke notices and like school girls we cover our mouths.
'Abeg ignore her, here'
 We both remember her very annoying but very deep Yoruba saying and voice it out at the same time.
'Ti wan baa ti ri e, waa Ni kan waa wo e'
 And we burst out laughing even louder than before. The home was in the saying that literarily mean.
'If people have not seen you, you will seek for attention to be seen or noticed'
  Isn't life, such an interesting journey?

   It's another beautiful weekend and the cool Saturday morning has a cold soft breeze seeping into the room through curtains. The air conditioning unit is off, but the weather didn't make me feel it.
 Vibrating fast and with so much force, my phone wakes me up. I look at it and frown. Why didn't I switch it off last night? I shut my eyes again and drift further into sleep. Another thirty minutes later I flick open my eyes. It's missed calls from Celine and I stand up and call back but the phone is switched off.
  I can't sleep, so I get up and go to the kitchen and make some chocolate drink. I pour in enough milk to make it a milkshake and add boiling hot water and an ice cube to cool it down.
      This is going to be a lazy Saturday.

    As I seat in the living room, I realized that I did not tell Celine about the job Idibia gave us. I'm sure Nnoye has dine amebo and has told her about it. Now she's upset and wants to give me a piece of her mind.
 Why else would I have so many missed calls from her?
 I tuck into the very comfortable fibre pillows and just relax and switch on the television.
 It's time to binge on WAGS.
I've missed so much already, and my phone rings again.
'Hello, 'Ade?'
'Hi, who is this?'
'Hello, bonjour'
 I immediately recognized the voice, but maybe she's calling from a card. Because the number looks like a Nigerian number.
'Im in Nigeria'
 I screamed and shrieked and spilled my chocolate drink and then raced to the kitchen to get wipes.
'When, how, why?'
  It was a decline of mood with every question I asked.
'Long story, can I crash in your guest house?'
 Why isn't she staying with my ex boyfriend, her cousin? What about her fiancé? I think it's best, she explained it all to me in person. So I do the sensible thing and anwser with all smiles and happiness.
'You dont need to ask, mi casa et su casa'
'Hello, hello?'
 The babe did not understand, so I say it in Yoruba language.
'Ile mi Ni Ile re, you are welcome'
'I'm almost at your house'
'What, how?'
'I called yesterday and then this morning'
'I'll see you soon'
 I get the keys and walk to the house that was once mine alone. Now its ours, funny how time and chance changes everything.
 Now Ajoke is calling me and I pick up.
'What kind of human being are you? I have called Henrik'
'You do pick my calls, don't think you can get the gist before me oooo. I'm on my way'
 So, it's not going to be a lazy Saturday after all.

 The house is clean, thank God for that and the caretaker of course.
 Ajoke got here first and the twins with her
'Why did you let Celine choose you over me?'
 No good morning, no hi, just accusations.
'Is that how to say good morning in your village?'
'Ade, no vex. The twins didn't let me sleep'
'So you take it out on me, eh?'
'Na vex'
'It's okay'
'So, what did Celine say?'
'Nothing yet'
'Ade, don't code oooo'
'Look at my phone'
 I show it to her and she looks at all the missed calls.
'My dear, let me go and talk to Henrik before he starts looking for me'

 In our home, I see Henrik stumbling out of the bedroom.
'Good morning darling'
 I give him a soft kiss and a warm hug.
'Where are you coming from?'
'My former house?'
'Why, was I snoring?'
 I laughed.
'Why would I leave the house because you are snoring?'
'Happened to me'
'It won't happen to us'
 He hugs me tight and refused to let go.
'Did you have a bad dream?'
'Yes, just stay with me'
 Henrik pulls me into the long couch and we lie there quietly. Until he starts to snore. I laugh and he wakes up.
'It's lazy Saturday today', he says and stops me from standing up.
'Ade, why are you up early?'
'Celine is in the country, she wants to crash in my former house'
 Henrik wraps his legs around me and locks me down.
'Let her, it's open right?'
'Yes, Ajoke and the twins are there'
'Good and you phones?'
 I sit up and search for them.
'I forgot them in the other house'
'Better ', Henrik jumps up and locks the door and hides the keys inside the couch I am sitting on.
'Are you for real'
'Come here, the honeymoon isn't over'

   I did not know I had fallen asleep and the sound of the doorbell jolts me out of sleep. This time around, my own legs were wrapped around his and I had no feeling in them. I nudge Henrik and he stands up and continues his sleep on the rug.
 I search blindly with my fingertips for the keys and find them and then the doorbell wakes my naked husband. He starts to walk to the door with sleep in his eyes and I screamed and stopped him. He wakes up and stares at me, akwardly.
'Did you just scream?'
'No clothes', I said pointing at him.
  The keys are with me but I still don't want his goods on display.
'I'm in my room, knock twice if you are alone'
 Henrik says and staggers into the room, he locks the door and I go and take a quick shower and put on a sun dress.
 Then I go to the entrance of my home and unlock the front door.
 Seeing Celine made scream and hug her.
'Henrik is in honeymoon mode, eyes only wants to see me. So let's go to my former house'
'Is that Ajoke's car?'
'Yes, she is waiting for us'
'You left her all alone?'
'Henrik, clamped me down'
'My dear, enjoy it while it lasts'
'Don't talk like that'
'Ade, there is plenty Gist '

 Finding a peacock feather, Celine tickles Ajoke's ears. I try not to laugh as I watch sleeping beauty slap her own face.
Then Hasan starts to cry, as if protecting his mother. Ajoke opened her eyes and catches Celine with the feather in her hand and I just burst out laughing.
 Ajoke grabs and rocks Hassan and Hassana too starts to cry. She balances both babies and shakes her head.
'She on you two'
 We both laugh and group hug Ajoke, who is now smiling. Hassan sleeps off and Hassana too, they hold and lock hands and we are in awe with their bond.
'Celine, what is going on?'
'My course is on a short break and I'm tired of Pierre's excuses'
'How do you mean?'
'Leaf story, do you know that my planes gearbox spoilt on landing'
 I opened my mouth and remembered.
'Yes, they are supposed to shut down Abuja airport for repairs'
'God saved us'
'Why are you not staying with your cousin Harry?'
'With his very pregnant, very edgy Baratu? No thanks. She is territorial and sees me as the enemy'
'Thats childish', I add.
'We will always be best friends, I will never be as close as I am to you to with her'
'Good for her', Ajoke exclaimed.
'But, why leave your man for another woman'
'He spends too much time with her, claims it's mediation and we have not spent up to an hour together in three weeks'
'Is he crazy?', Ajoke shouts.
'He says he is already mine, no need to spend time together'
'When did he say this?', I had to ask.
'Yesterday, so I booked the only available flight in. And told him, I'd see him in two weeks'
'What did he say?', I had to know. His answer would explain it all.
'That the break would do us good'
 No words could compensate or sway her right now.
'So I'm here to think and decide if this is worth moving forward w or not.
 I was speechless and watched her try not to cry.
'I haven't cried yet, I will do that here. Meanwhile, I'm broke. Paid for school and accommodation'
'Ade got us a job'
'Why now, I would have traveled first class if you have told me'
'Was going to call you today'
'Did you hear, Nnoye is pregnant'
'It's a lie, for Daniel?'
'So she said, but see her with her latest'
 Ajoke showed Celine Nnoye's Facebook pictures.
'She isn't showing yet'
'No and Opeyemi is pregnant too', Ajoke adds.
'Hey yaaayyy, I don't know this babe ooo'
'Daniel Ojora's latest girlfriend'
'Na real wa'

 I paused for a moment and smiled, wait ooo. Can it be?

  I think, I have missed my period too. The last time I was on my period was like two months ago.

 Something great is happening....

**Season 1, Episode 104**

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Adebusola Ukayat Elegbede is a Playwright and Content creator with a passion for real life challenges. Born in Kaduna state and lives in Lagos Nigeria, she has a passion for story telling from the perspectives of characters in conflicting situations. I started out on the New Writing Project in Nigeria with the British Council Lagos Nigeria and The Royal Court Theatre, Sloane Square U.K. My passion for creating stories led to comic books, television drama's and an online journal on my website (busolaelegbede.com). As part of the WPIC in Stockholm Sweden 2012, the experience has forged life long friends and ignited my passion as a volunteer and advocate for human rights and the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

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