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Tuesday 17 January 2017

Halves Never Meet Up To The Full Measure


    The scale of justice wanes and the witnesses lower their eyes, far away from the truth. Like an angry wind, tugging at a weak branch, trying to force it to break away from the tree. Trying to yank it away from some form of sense of community, sense of belonging. That's what this life feels like, right now. Like a series of people looking away and ignoring what is right and supporting what is wrong. It's hard you know, hard not to have a yard stick to measure up to, to use someone's victory or tragedy to uplift or console myself. But, Do I give up? No, this is only the beginning of things and I will continue to cry out in silence, until I am heard. Gravity hears me and i see a shadow of the large spherical object, crashing quickly towards me. I move Swiftly and watch miraculously as events turn out. The tangled leaves from the leaves of a plant with roots morphing into yam tuber's, stretch and curve and receive the spherical coconut. It lands on the chlorophyll rich plant, but does not break. The hold they have on each other is amazing. Pointy Stems stretch and search for water in this land, this beautiful Lagos, surrounded by canals, rivers, Lagoon and the Atlantic Ocean. The marvel of it all, made me stare in awe at it. All I want is a cool summer, with a mild sun and light rain showers. Instead, bombs land on people, seeking refuge and fingers watch without moving, as triggers go off and get Nigeria in the news for all the wrong reasons. Souls gone forever, with no clue and lives affected forever by this one event. Am I sad, yes. I am. And I honestly, pray that things get better, lives live longer, may their souls rest in peace. I just want good to come to us and hope that joy floats and flows back my way. I think, I need to get some form of good news, today I'm not referencing any tragic or spectacular life changing event in the news or around me. Instead, I'm looking inwards. I want to know what I planned to do this year and what isn't on track. My goals as I recall, include me getting more jobs and just generally, be happier and gain more skills. Did I write them down, specifically? I doubt it, I did not write down a new year's resolution. Very unlike me, I did not write anything down. I guess, years of writing it down and not getting it done has affected and annoyed me. So I instead, search and find my old lists and prioritized my dreams. It's magical to watch and read dreams I penned down years ago. Such promise, such dreams, very ambitious and uninhibited. A common goal I penned down, was to learn French. I remember in final year, in the university I declared I would in a year. See life, see how time has just sped past, fast. So many years of saying next month, next year, I would get it done. In fact,  I'm changing my mind and writing down my goals for the year. Im going to Start with learning French and then increasing my earning power. Lord knows, that with everything in Nigeria jumping to almost twice it's price last year. I need it, seriously.
   Where was I? Yes, let me update you. I had a strange dream that made me frown and miss just hanging out with my girlfriend's. So, my husband and I decide to have a full day with the girls and he with the boys. Good idea, right. It would have been, if Ajoke had not invited her.
 I'm in one of my cranky moods, because today was supposed to be about us girls. Trust Nnoye to ruin it and make it about boys. As I listen to her suggest that the baby is Daniel's. I rolled my eyes at her and sip some more champagne.
'Please ', I hissed and grumbled at the same time.  I did not know I said that out loud.
'Ade, don't be insensitive', Nnoye snapped at me.
With wide eyes and mouth ajar, I could not believe the audacity, my dear friend with man issues had. She actually, had the guts to try to silence me.
'Nnoye 'Abeg, I'm not in the mood'
 I snapped at her and walked off. It's better that I am far from these two women right now. I put on my large straw hat, shut my eyes and just rest my head. Who has time?
 A shadow blocks the sun rays shining all over me and I opened my eyes.
'Ade', Ajoke's sad eyes tried to get me to calm down.
'Ajoke please, tell me she's crying?'
 I expect her to move her drama, up a notch.
'No, she's not. But, she needs our support'
'How? She keeps spreading her legs....'
'...Ade', Ajoke cut me off before I could say more to ruin our friendship.
 Ajoke tried to pull me out of my chair and I shove off her hands.
'I'm not standing up', I screamed out so she could hear me.
 Nnoye stands up and walks towards me.
'As if I'm the first to sleep with two guys, in a week'
 It was a low blow and it hit me hard. Nnoye was been vindictive and evil, how dare she bring up the lowest time in my life.
The silence that ensued, made Ajoke give us both a questioning look and shake her head at the same time.
'Ade, sleep with more than one person? It's not possible'
 It was as if she was trying to reassure herself that I was not the person, Nnoye just described. I cut my eyes at Nnoye and announce.
'Ignore her'
 My dear friend, would not let this go
'Ade, you have a guilty look. You did this'
 Ajoke got all excited and pinched me hard and didn't stop. I had to knock her hand off and try to ease the pain by massaging the spot.
'Ajoke, I don't like it ooo. You know it's not in my nature...'
 I face the third wheel in this friendship and point my fingers at her.
'Wetin be ya own, eh? Why are you trying to ruin my day?'
 By now, you could tell that Ajoke was buying into this rubbish.
'Nnoye, talk. Give me every Juicy detail'
'There's no gist. Ask Nnoye about her scandalous affair. As if it's just two guy's'
 My accusations, left Nnoye in shock and threw Ajoke off guard.
'You slept with three guy's?'
'Ade, I don't like it ooo'
 The look on Nnoye's face was priceless and made me laugh and roll over. Ajoke smacked me hard on my bum and I elbowed her.
 Why on earth should anyone feel the need to smack my bum? I hate it and it puts me on high alert because, much as I hate to admit it. It seems, mine is always bigger than everyone i know. It's a love hate relationship and situation and I would never do it to anyone. Never.
 I realized what I did and covered my mouth. The fear of seeing her nose bleed and all of it just left me speechless. At least for a moment.
'Ajoke, I'm so sorry'
'Remind me Nnoye, never to touch her again'
'I don't like people encroaching on my personal space '
'Your bum, you mean', Nnoye says with a wicked smile.
'Even women?'
'Even kids, it freaks me out'
 Now, Nnoye was laughing.
'I thought, you were crying about been pregnant?'
 Ajoke was checking out her nose, in her makeup mirror. It was not bleeding or swollen, thank God. She grabbed ice and put in a towel and placed it over her nose.
'Ade, I'm sorry too. I just wanted you to stop'
 It was a warm apology and I accept it.
'Please, she turned over and it was all in our faces '
 Ajoke shoves her and I sprinkled ice all over her. We all start to scream and chase each other. And just like I wanted, we were carefree and without any worry. It was a lovely day out, until it wasn't.

  None of us picked up any calls or wanted to be back on land.
'With I had done this a decade ago '
 Ajoke said.
'We are doing this now', I add and feel ice melt and trickle down my neck.
'With I had you as friends, a decade ago ', Nnoye says.
'I could never have handled you two, a decade ago. I was harsh and judged everything too quickly. The time is right, right now'
 The light glowing, from Ajoke's phone caught my attention and she looked.
'I thought we agreed to put our phones away'
'Ade, my babies are still babies '
'And mine is on the way'
 I stand up and smiled at Nnoye's declaration.
'Mine, will come next year'
 Ajoke waved her hands and then answered her phone. I walk down to the lower deck and grab my phone. When I return, I do not like the look on Ajoke's face.
'What is it?'
  Ajoke looks ahead and Nnoye and I turn in the direction she is pointing at. I recognized the boat and laugh quietly.
'Who is with him?'
'Daniel? Err, Henrik... Bala...?'
'They put the twins on a speed boat?'
'No, they are at home with Ashabi. That's my younger sister'
'I know', Nnoye adds with a smile.
'Daniel is not alone'
'A new girlfriend, as expected'
'No Nnoye, he is with Opeyemi'
 The naive question got me strutting quickly into my chair. It was like watching a soap opera and the clueless gold digger, feels like she has all the aces.
 Ajoke gives me a look and I turn away and grab my hat.
 No be from my mouth she go hear weeen.
The men, climb up and into Ajoke's yatch and we all hug and exchange greetings.  Henrik allows me to greet everyone and then kisses me. I do too, but from the corner of my eye I observe what is going on.
 Daniel is cold towards Nnoye and Opeyemi acts as if she is invisible. I know there is trouble brewing and I've had enough sea breeze for one day.
 Henrik struts after me and he has his hands all over me and I'm trying to update him on what is going on.
'Ade, didn't you miss me?'
 In between kissing, I agree and try not to get too carried away by his touch.
'Wait, there's gift'
'Theres always gist, when it comes to Daniel Ojora'
 I giggle as he kisses my neck line, he knows that's my weak spot.
'You know Opeyemi is pregnant, right'
'The reason, they are back together'
 Henrik was getting impatient.
'Nnoye is pregnant too'
 Daniel Ojora walks in and I just freeze. It seems gossipping is not my strength. I have just revealed to the last person, I had any business revealing anything to. And he is pissed.
'Sorry, I didn't knock. But you didn't tell me that Nnoye  was here'
'You didn't ask'
  Wait ooo, maybe he did hear me tell Henrik or he does not care.
'Opeyemi is upset, you know she's pregnant right?'
 Before I could answer, he sits down.
'My first child will be from a creative mum with worldwide talent's
'She might be like you', Henrik adds.
 It was not a compliment at all at all and Daniel took it well.
'No talent in my bone, only business'
 Henrik's weight is becoming unbearable and I adjust from underneath him.
'I just wanted you to know, you two can carry on '
 Daniel paused and smiled at me and I adjust my clothes and cover my boobs and legs. And then, he exits.
'He has no clue'
'Henrik, it may not be his'
'Come will tell, but for now...'
 Henrik stands up and locks the door and I run into his arms and lock my limbs around my man.

  The nap I took was perfect and i smiled when I tasted the salty breeze and tucked myself deeper into his Warm embrace.
 We were all still on the boat when i heard it. I feel the cup hit my face and jolt out of my dreamy state.
 It's dark out there, but the stars start to twinkle and shine. The sound of the waves, was as loud as the sound of the women, screaming at each other. All are trying to make their point and the men weigh in and tried to get some sanity into this gathering.
 All I can say about life, right now. Is that Halves Never Meet Up To The Full Measure. Whatever you can't tolerate, don't even venture into it. But then again, i am also guilty of trying new things. Right now, another flying object, an unidentified flying object, comes my way and Henrik shields me.
   Pity, I can't scream any louder. I am not impressed by the crowd gathering around me. I need more time to adjust to been awake. And now that my eyes are clear and i can see the culprits responsible, i am willing to take this drama, up a notch.

**Season 1, Episode 101**

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Adebusola Ukayat Elegbede is a Playwright and Content creator with a passion for real life challenges. Born in Kaduna state and lives in Lagos Nigeria, she has a passion for story telling from the perspectives of characters in conflicting situations. I started out on the New Writing Project in Nigeria with the British Council Lagos Nigeria and The Royal Court Theatre, Sloane Square U.K. My passion for creating stories led to comic books, television drama's and an online journal on my website (busolaelegbede.com). As part of the WPIC in Stockholm Sweden 2012, the experience has forged life long friends and ignited my passion as a volunteer and advocate for human rights and the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

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