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Tuesday 31 January 2017

Rescue Our Girls, Never Deny The Mayhem Behind It


    The cool air is ushering in the second rainfall this year. And as the sun blaze intensifies, i wait for an angry sky to reign down on me. The rain is heavy, but brief. The drainages have filled up with water and mud puddle, scatter haphazardly all around. I am waiting for my shortcut to making it. They say that crime pays, so here I am, waiting. I have no job and i have lost all form of self respect. I am policed when I go to the kitchen, for fear of eating food designated for my Aunt and uncle or his children. I am that cousin they are surprised that i am even an undergraduate and about to finish my part time university degree. But the job isn't forthcoming and I am a hairline away from been tossed out into the street. So I am careful, as a woman on the street, how would I survive? My big sister tries, she has gone to Europe through Libya. The money she sends, makes them tolerate me a little. But even that Money has reduced drastically and i suspect it's because she is stuck in Libya and trying to do the boat crossing, into spain. I can't keep waiting for her, I have to find my own way. So I have done what I know that I can, promised to hide their goods, when it arrives. For fifty thousand Naira only, I am in this mess. The mess is that the vehicle conveying the steel doors, have been intercepted. And of course, the true contents revealed. And just like that, the fast cash is up in smoke. I suspected drugs but I know these my fairweather friends are not that organized. So when I read the Truth about the true contents of the vehicle. I am not surprised. 661 Pump Rifle Action And The Mayhem Behind It, have been exposed. Now, every footstep heading towards the house scares me. My aunt is back and I greet her with fear in my eyes. She asks me if I know and I just watch her and feign ignorance. Flipping open her phone, she apologized and started to show me an internet link that confused me and shocked me. A familiar face is in the video, but she is stark naked. There is fresh blood sipping over dry blood, bleeding from my sister's face. Her nose is swollen and black and blue but I still dont understand what is going on. I am trembling as I played the video and pray that it is not real. That it is a movie and that my big sister is just a very good actor. It is not acting and I can hear them speak and laugh and enjoy torturing her. She is raped, molested and poked with metal objects and I am crying. Then they do the unthinkable and place a metal ball in her mouth and gag her. A chain grabs each limb and they pull at her and I am screaming and begging for help. Are you all watching me? Can you all do something about this? Even my neighbour's dog that killed someone was put down, without torture. How on earth, does another human being treat another human being,with such little dignity. It's a violation of every human right, that I and every being on earth is entitled to. Are you just looking at me? These beast's, won't stop there. Soon they will be coming for you. We cannot let them get away with this. Illegal immigrant or not. We need to Rescue Our Girls, Never Deny The Mayhem Behind It
  I am in tears, because I cannot believe human beings can be this evil. Celine and Ajoke try very hard to calm me down and fail woefully.
'There should be an enquiry, an investigation into this online video. The girl in it is someone's sister or daughter'
 I am referring to the sadistic video online.
'My church mummy will look into it', Ajoke tries to reassure me.
'It should be a national investigation into the well-being of a citizen of Nigeria'
 I tried to lay my case down to my friends.
'My dear, one step at a time. Once it gains ground and has been properly investigated, the truth will be exposed '
 It was not better to hear that there is hope I wanted to know that she was rescued and her perpetrators face the full arm of the law.
'You are really getting very emotional', Ajoke said as if she was suspecting something.
'I just can't imagine that she will Sur the rape and torture'
'Wetin, she self go find there?', Ajoke added.
'Don't be insensitive, you know Celine's mum too traveled as an illegal immigrant to Europe'
 I had to remind Ajoke who was just been her selfish self.
'It's okay 'Ade, Ajoke would never travel illegally'
'Abi ooo', Ajoke agrees.
'But, for someone like my mum. She was starving and tired of trying and failing every business she did. She was enticed by a neighbour, who failed to add that... Drug peddling and prostitution, was the harsh shortcut that helped her. And when my mum would not join the horrible trade. She was illegally heavily extorted and placed on an over loaded ferry. She could not even swim, but the boat rider stopped in the middle of the ocean and pointed. That is Spain'
 Ajoke had her mouth ajar, as if it was the first time she had heard the story.
'At gun point, she and about three hundred others were forced to jump into the water's
 I covered my mouth in total shock.
'I didn't give you all the details but my mother jumped into the water's
 Ajoke clapped her hands three times and said a silent prayer.
'How did she survive?', I did not mean to ask the question out loud.
'The sea waves pushed her ashore and she grabbed someone who dragged her to land'
 Celine shakes her head and rests her back into the couch in my guest house. Now her home.
'The guards almost beat her up for not having an agent ready to pick her up. So she was a maid to drug addicts for a week. Before a raid sent her packing back home'
 'Thank God she survived'
'She was deported on a cargo plane heading for Morroco and was bailed by one of my Aunt's that was living and working legally in London'
'My Goodness', I said wiping fresh tears from my eyes.
'Only for her to meet and legally marry your father who took her to France legally'
 Ajoke adds and laughed.
'Exactly', Celine said.
'So we need to do, what?', I asked.
 Not sure, how best to remedy this situation that keeps repeating itself.
'Campaign hard, through schools, churches, mosques and every place they father's
'Let's have mercy ', I add and shiver.
'Ade, I didn't notice before now, but your front hair curl's'
 It was out of the blues and she made me touch it and find a mirror.
'It's true ooo, it does'
 I agreed.
'And you are glowing'
 Ajoke's statement makes me admire myself more. My skin feels smoother and fresher and I was smiling now.
'Mumu, Ajoke is going somewhere', Celine adds.
'Ade, when last did you see your period?'
 The question threw me off guard and I looked at my tummy.
'Why do you ask?'
'Why are you dodging the question?'
The doorbell rings and we all turn to the door and Celine starts to bite her fingers.
'Celine, who is at the door?'
 Ajoke asks, forgetting the question she asked me.
'You two surprised me with this visit, I forgot to mention...'
'Celine, mention what?'. I asked be I knew the answer.

  The door opens and a very pregnant Baratu, walks in with her partner, my former boyfriend.

 Awkward on all levels.

They hug, kiss and shrieked. A very cold, 'hello' from Baratu, followed by a belly rub and show off ensues. I smile and say hi. Mr. H looks at me, he is in awe.
'Marriage life looks grand on you', he eyes me up and down.
 My naughty friend hugs Baratu and forced her to look at me.
'Ade is glowing, absolutely stunning. All our husbands...'
 Ajoke faces her and feign ignorance and then quickly corrects herself.
'...And boyfriends or live in lovers too are in hot pepper soup'
 Before Baratu could answer, Hassana starts to cry and Ajoke walks briskly and picks her up.
 Baratu paused and decides not to be roped into Ajoke's drama.
'I thought you would get maid's to help you out'
'Baratu abegi, I would and I do. But my friend caught ger maid covering the baby's mouth to stop it from crying'
'For real?', Baratu didn't believe her.
'I best in hidden camera's with helps, they are dangerous, necessary evil'
Baratu turns to look at me and my tummy and then catches Mr. H watching me.
'Honey, some water will be nice', she tries to distract him.
 The poor, clueless man had no idea that all of us were watching him.
'Darling get it yourself, pace your heart', he didn't mean harmony it. But he would definitely pay for it later.
 Shameless Ajoke laughed and actually raises her hands.
'Ade, give me five'
 I did not indulge her, I pretended not to notice. And our dutiful hostess jumped up to the rescue.
'Frank's fresh orange juice and spring water on ice is coming up. Baratu?'
 She was clearly upset and took time before responding.
'You two should just stay here'
 I smile and wave my hand.
'I will see you all later'
 That made her relax a bit, and then follow Celine. Mr. H grabs my hand and startles me.
'So sorry,i just wanted to talk'
 Since when did he get so touchy and feely.
'Another time'
'We won't get another chance'
 Ajoke rocked Hassana, closer than necessary. Obviously to hear what we are talking about.
'What's up?', I asked.
'Just wanted to know you are alright'
'I am thank you'
'Thanks for housing my cousin'
'We are practically sister's now'
'Good, I just her Happy'
 The way he said it, with so much sadness made me pity him.
'She will be fine, are you alright?'
 My question made him stare at me and I, for a brief moment imagined I was Baratu. Angry he would not or could not commit. And frustrated he was placid and totally clueless at crucial times like these. The truth is, Baratu bought the cow and now she must drink it's milk. She is on her own. Thank God, it didn't work out between us.
'I will be fine', he says and pat's me on my shoulders.
 Ajoke spread her hands and asks without speaking and I signal and stop the question.
Before I could say anything, Ajoke exclaimed and I race to her side.
'Aaaawooo, God help us'
'What?', I asked.
'In the name of prayer ooo, the fear of doomsday ooo'
 The babe was raising my curiousity bar too high, so i grabbed the phone. She struggles to collect the phone and try to keep Hassana calm and asleep.
'A religious cult in Benin Republic, locked themselves up and burned incense and charcoal'
 I was reading the newspaper report, as it was happening.
   Celine entered with a happier looking Baratu, munching on Malteasers chocolate and drinking orange juice with ice cubes in it. Mr. H covers his face and she pretends not to notice, while popping more circled delights in her mouth.
'So, what happened?', Celine asked.
'Many are dead', I said and tried not to break down and cry.
'I will be back', I said and handed Ajoke back her phone and escape. Everything was all sugar coated, as hope for a brighter future as an immigrant, or for a chance to make it into heaven. How many more will die in the name of a promise unseen?

   Outside, I was crying for all the lives lost and all the pain and suffering. I was unnaturally emotional and I was anxious.
 I was scared too, what if I was not pregnant and it was all a sign of something wrong  with me.
    Henrik was halfway and almost at Celine's place when he noticed I was in distress. He tried to get some information from me and I just tried but jumbled it all up. He carried me into the house and helps calm me down with cool scented towels and soothing music. There was no more Dodging the inevitable, we are going for a test first thing tomorrow morning.

  Only time will reveal what it is that I am afraid to find out. Isn't it all ironic.

**Season 1, Episode 105**
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Adebusola Ukayat Elegbede is a Playwright and Content creator with a passion for real life challenges. Born in Kaduna state and lives in Lagos Nigeria, she has a passion for story telling from the perspectives of characters in conflicting situations. I started out on the New Writing Project in Nigeria with the British Council Lagos Nigeria and The Royal Court Theatre, Sloane Square U.K. My passion for creating stories led to comic books, television drama's and an online journal on my website (busolaelegbede.com). As part of the WPIC in Stockholm Sweden 2012, the experience has forged life long friends and ignited my passion as a volunteer and advocate for human rights and the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

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