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Tuesday, 24 January 2017

The Neighbours Generator Fumes Killed Us All


    The dark night is quiet and as the heat escalates, the mosquitoes wake up from their slumber. Desperate mates play their violins and try to attract mates as the buzz and fly around my ears. A quick whack on the face, sends the horny pair spinning out of control and away from me, briefly. But then again, they return, determined to play for me and dine on my overheating blood pumping away beneath me. At least, slumber is within my grasps. Sleep woos me and I'm almost in dream land. There, far, far away from my tired absent world. All is fine, everything works. Tall beautiful castles line the street with bright lights and electricity flowing. Everything all around works. All my appliances are useful and not just decorations. My reality is a faint fantasy reality. I bought it all. I am the one, the one that starved and has acquired all the gadgets, the satellite television, the beautiful lamp and all. In reality, all that is absent, is power supply. Don't get me wrong, I have a generator, but I don't have petrol so I am in darkness waiting. My neighbour's have petrol and live upstairs. Their generator is downstairs, close to all our bedrooms. And as I hear my neighbour open their metal entrance door, I cringe. The old patched up generator is about to come alive and on. And as it does, the sound that erupts and the force it exerts, shakes the foundation of the four bedroom flat I reside in. The generator is too close to my bedroom and I have complained, my husband says my own is too much. The black fumes don't enter the room, it's the choking smell that slips in and just lingers. I suspect it's dangerous and I have complained, to the landlord, other tenants and everyone. Since I can't yet sleep tonight, i get up. I check on my five children and reassure them that tomorrow, I will make sure there is fuel in the generator and we will all sleep with at least the fan blowing. My husband is snoring already, too tired from driving and marketing. That is his job, we should be grateful for. I sacrificed my car, so his errands would be faster. His own car, is with the clueless mechanic, overcharging him. Don't let me go there. Now, I can sleep, after checking that the gas is turned off and all light switches are off. As I lay on the bed, next to him, i can see the fumes in the room. The sound is worse, but I need to catch some sleep. So ignoring the fact that I pay for power and get none or the fact that even when there is power supply, the landlord does not pump water. None of these problems peculiar to Nigeria, will get to me tonight. I will sleep today, for tomorrow is another day.
  Only, tomorrow never comes, for us I mean. The rage from parking behind the neighbour, makes them knock and knock on the door. Thinking they were ignored on purpose, they threw tantrums. Getting no reply, they broke down doors. Asleep, we all looked, until the doctor's confirmed their worst fears. The Neighbogurs Generator Fumes Killed Us All.
    It's a real tragedy, to read about accidents that can be avoided. To read about generator sets killing fellow citizens and no one is liable, or alive to sue.
 Idibia can tell my mood is down and places an arm around me. It makes me flinch and put some distance between us.
'I did not mean to startle you'
'Just didn't expect it'
 I tried to explain and at the same time did not want to. Can't people just respect the rules of engagement. Personal space is personal space, I don't like to be touched simple.
 We are back from our private jet flight to Benue and now in Lagos. My team and I are writing and re typing his ideas and needs. He is a very demanding, controlling customer and we have not had a single break all day. And then, my final presentation got him curious.
'You don't like me very much, do you?'
 Caught off guard I freeze and relax my shoulders.
'Who said that?'
'So, you don't remember me from secondary school?'
 I could see that he wanted me to lie, but I was not going to.
'Your sister, like you said was four sets my junior'
'You know, you haven't changed much'
 Frustrated, I stopped and shut my laptop. It was obvious that he didn't care for my presentation.
'Can we do, a romantic love scene and mention your entertainment...'
'Don't be ridiculous'
'You don't want any business done'
 I was tired and trying not to show that I am upset.
'One date?'
'Finish this deal and I will give you one date and one date only '
'One only?'
 I rolled my eyes at him and he laughs. A sexy, inviting laugh that made my heart melt.
'What I like about the last presentation is that it was new and unlike anything you have done. Then, I want it all shot in Benue. Fresh scenes, fresh ideas'
'Glad we agree on something'
'So, is your friend single?'
 Is he asking about Nnoye? This is crazy.
 I could not tell him that she was pregnant and really, it was none of his business.
'I would like us all to meet'
 I got excited, because that was the fresh eyes his campaign was missing. The union of old and new money, new found fame merging with the old, comfortable famous people. And fresh new eyes watching and loving the outcome, the curious eyes, watching. I had it all, already.
'Tell me', Idibia says.
'After we have all talked'
'Alright, date night on Saturday?'
'I don't do date night. Lunch?'
'The husband would not approve?'
 Interesting how everyone, now assumes that my husband controls my time and movement.
'I don't approve, because I need to get your job done and dinners would be skipped to fast track your job'
'Good, an independent woman'
 Normally, his answer would annoy me. But right now, I'm just thinking of how very eighteen hundreds people's thinking is. He is entitled to his own opinion.
 I finished writing down, bullet points on my laptop and then stood up.
'Good luck, 'Ade. Prove me right'
 With the very brief words said, he stands up and shakes my hand.

 Another three hours pass and my workers, round up and then start fidgeting. It makes me look at the time and let them go. At almost ten, the door to my office opens.
Startled, I sit upright and stare.
  It's such a breathe of fresh air, to see the man I'm crazy about.
 I stop typing and smile at his frown.
'Ade, you are alright'
 He lifts me out of my seat and hugs me.
'I've called you all day and you didn't respond'
 I picked up my phone and realize it's on silent. And the missed calls are almost a hundred.
'My goodness'
'I was here and no one was here'
 I threw my hands around his neck and swing and rest on his locked hands behind my back.
'So sorry, got a job'
'You should have sent a message'
'I did, see'
 I said and showed him the message, that was sent but failed to deliver.
 We both looked at my phone and then, I felt bad.
'Ade, I've called everyone but the police. Even your P.A and assistant were unreachable'
'We must have been mid Sir'
  My statement confused him and I explained myself. It was a mixture of rage, jealousy and annoyance.
'Ade, a text is not enough'
' Now i see that'
'Where did you go to?'
'Benue state and back, without Lansing's
'A new client, his name is Idibia'
 I proceeded to show him all the pictures I took mid air and presentations I have done all day. Henrik didn't say a word, he watched my every reaction and then picked up a gift bag. I looked at it and was wondering where it came from.
'Lovely gift'
 I stared at it and then remembered.
'I refused to drink on the job, so he packed up wine and chocolate. It's his product from his cocoa farm and vineyard'
 Henrik unwrapped the chocolate with a straight face and munched on it.
'If he put love potion, I've spoilt it'
'Don't be ridiculous'
'So, he did not try to get a date?'
 I could feel his jealousy meter rising.
'He did and confessed he had a crush on me from school'
'So, he's from your past?'
'Not really, his sister was in my secondary school'
'Is he married?'
'Do you like him?'
 It was a very odd question but I understand his dilemma.
'He is very handsome, but very high on himself'
  I realized this is going from bad to worse.
'And he wants Nnoye'
  Ask me why I said so? Because, I'm beginning to see how it a looks and I have to make it all stop.
'He said so?'
'He insists, she is on the project and wants a special care'
'With Nnoye?'
  My plan worked, Henrik is too shocked anyone would want a pregnant, jump around, Lagos Big Girl.
'He likes the publicity and was disappointed that I'm not into been heard and seen for just been famous. You know me, I want my brains to shine brighter than my gorgeous...'
 I was smiling sheepishly and Henrik had almost finished the box of chocolate I had planned to devour back home.
'Personality, Henrik you've finished it'
 And as I complained, he popped the last one in my mouth.
'Come dear, let's go home'
  The words I have longed to hear all day from the man I have missed and felt guilty of, nit showing affection to before heading to work. It's really great to be married to your friend.

  As if I knew, the two of them are like two peas in a pod. Nnoye and Idibia, share a chemistry I have not seen with any other man I've seen her with. I got her a good deal and she asked for more and then the two of them, started jetting off all around together. I'm impressed. And Henrik is glad. After googling Idibia, the notorious home breaker and playboy. It caused a big fight and I was irritated by his lack of faith in me and he in my been naive about my client.
 The truth is that, I would always meet admirers and entitled men and women that believe they can have whatever they want.    After all, my business thrives on promoting satisfying people's need's. But it would be premature for me to reject clients that are attracted to me. I've lived in this world, long enough to be able to know what I can and cannot handle.
'So, husband of mine. Relax'
 I scroll through the news and see some good news.
'I'm trying to ', Henrik says and helps me tie up my chiffon pussybiw midi gown.
'The kidnapped students from the Turkish International School, have been rescued '
 I announced to Henrik.
 He leans over me and reads it with me.
'To day is a good day, filled with good news and better things to come'
'Amen to that. It's been a while I've seen everyone'
 I was thinking it, but I said it out loud.
'Your parents would be so proud'
'And my nosy Auntie?'
'We will handle her, easily'
 I live it when Henrik talks like that, with so much confidence. I get a text and bend my mouth downwards and clap my hands.
'What is it?'
'Nnoye wants to attend my nosy Auntie sixty right years party'
'No thing wrong with that'
'With Idibia'
'No, it's too soon and I don't know if he has stalker mentality'
 I chuckled and laughed.
'Stalk who, me?'
'Ade, he still likes you and I am not interested in seeing his face more than necessary'
  Henrik was refer to all the publicity he was getting in the magazine's.
'My idea, to prepare people for our media campaign'
'Does my mean that, I have to like him'
 I turn my back at Henrik and wrap my pearls around my neck.
'Help me clasp it'
 He pulls it off and frowns.
'What are you doing'
'Check there instead'
'For what? Apart from these three, I don't have any other pearl's'
 Henrik was frowning and i did want him upset. He didn't want to attend the party, but I just arm wrestled him into it. So I was walking on egg shells here.
 I opened the drawer and find a box in there. It's bigger than any i have and as I opened it, I almost pass out. They were a gorgeous set and massive. I was smiling so much that my cheeks ached.
 I turn around and hugged him, almost moved to tears.
'Thank you, when did you get it?'
'The day you went in the boat ride with your girls'
'And I didn't  get you anything'
'I know you will, you're earning big now'
 I checked and then tickled him for saying that. We both laughed and i let him place the new set of pearls around my neck. It felt magical and I looked like a gorgeous princess. I turned and kissed him and we both knew we would be late.

 All eyes, watched me rock my couture look in fabulous white and silver Aso Oke aso ebi fabric, that I infused white chiffon as the shoulders and pussybiw and the puffed long sleeve sleeves. Henrik in his white native cap and buba and sokoto was so dashing, I locked my arms around his arms. I want everyone to know he is mine and i am his.
My mum hugs and lifts me as if I have not seen her in years and have me a peck. The last time she did that was when she paid me a visit in my boarding school in Jos Plateau State. My dad was just so happy to see us and my Auntie ci not help but be her annoy self.
'Ade, it's twins right. This one that you are wearing a free dress. It's about time you know'
 She had to go there, I've been married for two months and she wants me pregnant already. My mother tries to calm her and instead makes it worse.
'It's true now, even that your unmarried friend is pregnant already'
 My smile fades and I watch my cousins, Aunt's, uncle's, granduncles, everyone turn to me and Henrik.
 How society judges you once you get married and puts pressure on you is just too much.
'You know, you are not in your twenties', she adds shamelessly.

  Now, you see how family members look for trouble.

 If I react right now, would you blame me?

**Season 1, Episode 103**
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Adebusola Ukayat Elegbede is a Playwright and Content creator with a passion for real life challenges. Born in Kaduna state and lives in Lagos Nigeria, she has a passion for story telling from the perspectives of characters in conflicting situations. I started out on the New Writing Project in Nigeria with the British Council Lagos Nigeria and The Royal Court Theatre, Sloane Square U.K. My passion for creating stories led to comic books, television drama's and an online journal on my website (busolaelegbede.com). As part of the WPIC in Stockholm Sweden 2012, the experience has forged life long friends and ignited my passion as a volunteer and advocate for human rights and the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

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