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Ade's Journal Part 6
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Friday, 10 February 2017

Comet, Eclipse, Full Moon, The Signs Are Crystal Clear


    The sky is rumbling and grumbling and the rains have stopped. The clouds are giving way and gathering on either side, preparing for the ultimate showdown. Angry high waves splash and slam into eroding seashores as rabid winds pick up and smash homes to pieces. Snow crystals gum together, amassing weight and slide down, crushing everything in its path. Leaving people dazed, stunned and broken. Yet the universe has just begun and galaxy's have just this response. The stars are clustering together and slamming into each other. Creating sparks larger than planets and making the sun jealous. In response, it blazes harder to show strength and deter others from trying to take over her world and her reign. But it's the season of wooing and as Valentine draws near, he gets bolder. The king is in need of conquering a queen and tries with a carrot and then a stick. The beautiful blazing sun in all her glory burns red and then blue, not this time and not again. You love my strength and you're intimidated by it, you are attracted to my will but only want to lower it. My rage and burning desire attracts you but all you want to do is overshadow me. Never again shall i dim my light to make you shine, or burn low so you can glow. A resilient moon inches closer and endures my scorching heat and tries to block me from the world I know and I've yet to discover. My siblings and old friends, try to rescue me and fail. The old burned out sun, all around me, remind me of their tales and ginger me to fight on.  Comet, Eclipse, Full Moon The Signs Are Crystal Clear, you must fight even if you can't anymore. There are battles you give in to, so that you can fight another day. Not this one, there are no rules of engagement for this battle. And only one can exist, after it is all said and done. The  supersized moon is enraged and jousting for supremacy in my sky and universe. This War In The Sky, would not end, unless I myself, have seized to exist. Like all battles, he succeeds and takes over my sky, my bright light is dimmed and reduced to a circle of fire, behind and around him. A comet burns out and sinks to the bottom.

And as I watch it, I know I need to fight and end this eclipse. Today, now and forever.
    Sweet lord, eh. Give me the strength to just not say, what I'm not supposed to say to this woman. Is it just me, or is my mouth spewing out words without filter these days.
 Very unlike me, I did not let my Aunt get away with placing fear in my mind.
'I believe, I am blessed and protected by Almighty God. Aunt, don't talk to me about loss of life, ever again'
     I stood up, as if that would increase the impact of my words.
Celine nods my hand and stops me from exiting the restaurant. She knows me well, I won't shout in here, but if I should step outside, this woman go hear wen.
'My pastor and prophet said
 Did I care to hear the rest? For where?
I face Nnoye and point my finger at her.
'In your life, if any body... Outside my mum, dad, Henrik or my siblings... Call you, say I will get back to them, or this friendship is over'
   The shock on her face, turned to embarrassment she could no longer hide.
'Ade, 'Abeg e reach like that?'
'Celine, you are my witness, imagine this woman predicting death for me. If I start my madness for that my Aunt now.... They will say I am rude... Mi o le ko...'
  My friend was hugging me and I winced in pain from my arm, the fixed dislocated ball and socket joint still hurt.
'And you Nnoye...'
 My friend jumped to her feet and spread her hands and arms in front of her, like she shoved the air and hugged it at the same time.
'Ade, e done do. Any small thing, our friendship would end. Your Aunt has been calling me all hour...'
'Don't shove anybody's call in my face again. Ask me with a signal, cover the mouthpiece and ask '
  I was not backing down, she has to know where I stand or I mean it.

    Our friendship is over...

'By God's grace you are fine', Nnoye adds and tries to salvage the situation.
Typical Nigerian, using prayer to well any despair around me, and it works.
   I begin to smile and she gets up, and walks to my side and hugs me. I wince in pain and give her a cold look.
'What did I do now?', Nnoye asked Celine.
'Nothing, you didn't hear?'
'Heard what?'
 Celine looked at me and I signal and stylishly shake my head. It was code for, don't tell her everything.
'Ade dislocated her arm but she's fine now'
'When she's not baby kingsway', Nnoye adds.
'What?', Celine dragged the question and chuckled.
Trust Nnoye to be as razz as ever.
'Which one is baby kingsway?', I had to ask.
'The dolls, they sell that were larger than Barbie dolls and the arms eventually, would not stay in place'
   I had no words for my friend and He was laughing so hard. I just silently crush my lobsters.
'It's not your fault'

      Another fresh and interesting, new day is here. The Internet is buzzing with information about the spectacular display, the sky is about to stage.
It's almost one year now, since I started filling up Ade's Journal. The actual anniversary is on the twelfth of February.
Two days before Valentine and wait oooo.
Am I seeing double? Valentine is in four days time and I have not caught the bug.
Walking past the red hearts and teddy bears and cards with red hearts. I start to feel guilty.
   I have always been a person who likes to celebrate, birthdays, anniversaries and occasions. But all tbe fake relationships, I had before now. They have left me exhausted and just tired. Should I break my rules and template and just let it slide?
  Is it beans?
I was picking up, butter, sugar, flour and fondant ingredients. Of course, I will bake a soft fluffy cake and then celebrate big time.
A coconut cloud cake with Gateau cake and frosting in between.
  I was salivating and hungry, my goodness. Before now, I would have bought chocolates, but since the price tripped, I'm now a chocolate chip kinda gal.
  I'm not a fan of greeting cards, that was me in my early university days. So I walk past the cards. I will make him a card and date it. I will illustrate in it, how I feel and just make him such a heart felt, memobilia. He would just cry.
 Actually, I was crying. I got so emotional, that a buff guy stopped to ask if I was alright. The dark hunk, looked good and I noticed he had a missing wedding ring. The lighter skin line was proof of this and as much as I didn't want to jump into conclusions. I did.
'I'm fine, just remembered something'
 I was embarrassed and could not believe I cried in public.
'Are you alone, this Valentine?'
  Bold and daring, the question made me look up and shake my head.
'Is he good to you?'
 I smiled and place my hand over my heart.
'Then why are you crying, giving a man hope?'
 I squeezed my mouth and shake my head.
'Na real wa, is that how they toast babes now?'
'I swear, I thought I hit the jackpot'
 I chuckled and shake my head.
'And what would your wife say about that?'
   My question, threw him off guard and then he touched the spot where the ring used to be.
  The pain in his eyes, made me question my own forwardness.
'She approves'
 His answer made me calm down, maybe a mutual divorce then.
'A typical Nigerian babe?'
 He shakes his head.
'She battled sickle cell forever'
 Did he just talk about her, in past tense?
'She's late, but she's still with us. At least, that's what my daughter says '
'I'm so sorry'
'Why? She lived and was such a blessing to us. So'
 My mall friend sighed heavily and started to ask.
'What made you cry?'
'I was imagining drawing my husband a Valentine card'
  Don't you just like, how i said my husband. God, I've become one of them, the married women gloating about their husbands.
'Lucky him and lucky you, all I can draw are stick figures'
 I laughed and picked up some beautiful cards and dropped them.
 The man hands me his card.
'If ever you need custom made furniture, please call us'
 I collect it and smile.
And just like that, he was gone. A woman behind me, taps me.
'Is it that furniture place on Opening road?'
 I did not know her or her motive's.
'My dear, im single this Valentine and he is so sweet and single'
 I looked at the card and the address said Opening. I nod and she quickly writes the address down. I don't even think she knows any furniture place on Opening, she just wanted an opportunity to meet him. And why not, she's single and I'm not.

   So, the big triple delight is happening. A comet burned as if it was a giant fireworks, racing across the sky and then the full moon inched closer by the second.
'The only thing i missed, is the eclipse', i grumbled to Henrik.
'Two out of three is not bad'
'I guess, you are right', I add.
'So what do you think?', I asked Henrik because I gisted him about my mall friend.
'I'm curious, so we will go and get a new glass tour table from this sweet man'
 I rest my head on his shoulders and we look up at the sky, from our soft mats on the floor. Staring at the center glass roof of our beautiful family home.

  Saturday mornings are exhausting for me, now adays. And I am awake early, yes Nnoye has roped me into an owanbe.
It's been long I have attended a party and longer still that, I've been to a politicians wedding.
 I am more cur than excited, Nnoye tried and failed to date this senator. And now he was marrying my dad's former colleague. A general's daughter.
 I can't wait to give you, the juicy details.

   Someone is ponding hard at our gates and I jump out of bed, afraid.

   It's too early for Nnoye and the recent wave of kidnappings, brings genuine fear to my mind.

I grab at Henrik and shake him. He snores loud and hard and my heart pounds louder and louder....

**Season 1, Episode 108**
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Adebusola Ukayat Elegbede is a Playwright and Content creator with a passion for real life challenges. Born in Kaduna state and lives in Lagos Nigeria, she has a passion for story telling from the perspectives of characters in conflicting situations. I started out on the New Writing Project in Nigeria with the British Council Lagos Nigeria and The Royal Court Theatre, Sloane Square U.K. My passion for creating stories led to comic books, television drama's and an online journal on my website (busolaelegbede.com). As part of the WPIC in Stockholm Sweden 2012, the experience has forged life long friends and ignited my passion as a volunteer and advocate for human rights and the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

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