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Ade's Journal Part 6
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Saturday 4 February 2017

Like A stray Python


     Slightly and slowly, it's creeping in and crawling onto everything and everyone. You can sense it but you don't want to taint your positive mind with the negative thoughts. A Symptom Of Something Unclear In The Water Is Brewing. It's frothing and bloating upwards and outwards, reflecting the mood and pain of the people. Helpless and desperate for something, as I wait and look up to the sky for a miracle. Here I am clueless, analyzing how unfair the evil act of kidnapping is, to anyone who cares to listen. The real trauma is the victim in the hands of human snatchers. The families that have to endure another night without their daughter, their son, their mother, father or siblings. Long, long ago, this would never have happened here in Nigeria. I say, a few hours before now. And my friends and family agree and echoed the same views across from each other. But we forget that slave trade is kidnapping and these ruthless merchants of death only want one thing, quick money. The evil act has taken a turn for the worse, the mayhem is escalating and the masks the perpetrators wear has become their skin. Monsters have morphed into blood sucking, cannibalistic demons. And now I am all alone and watching the monster try to escape. Actions have consequences and I contemplate and ponder on the punishment fit for the crime before me. This happened now and I need to tell you what has transpired. It's just as if I'm in a movie. Like A stray Python, That Snuck Into my compound. And snatched my layer chickens, and all her eggs. Twisting and stretching the last one and had her, Halfway into its dislocated jaws. I watched in horror and trapped it inside a cage i had built to keep out prying hands from my small generator set. The generator had long stopped working, and was accruing dust behind my rented apartment. The cage, fortified and covered in mesh, was left open by my visiting neice. This cage, is now a makeshift chicken cage. And now, a tomb for my lifeless micro mini livestock poultry. I watch the massive Python try to wiggle it's way out of the tight knit cage and fail. My phone is ringing and the news is disturbing, I look at the cage and tell the private security to come with a van and men not afraid to handle snakes. They agree and tell me that my daughter has not been found and my situation is getting worse. Just like this Python, recession is strangling and snuffing the life from a hard worker, a dedicated sister and a philanthropist. Greed is the name of the game and sadly enough, the game has just begun. The news is not good and I choose not to believe any of it. So me, the Python and private security agents go to the kidnapper's den. The earth worms have made a home in my daughter's head and the death flies burrow six feet deep to keep her company. Long buried in the ground, the men trample over her grave and jump and point and say she is beneath their feet. Confused and crying, I asked them why they ask for more money. Why it was so ridiculously high, that my family could not afford the exorbitant fees. Why they made me resort to scuttling and begging from everyone and everywhere. The close workers and friends, feigned ignorance. Blaming it all on their greed, which made them glutinous. Their carelessness has made them brazen and gotten them caught, by my private security force. Supplied to me by my first boyfriend, who heard my story and came to my aid. I still don't believe them and cry and scream and shout it, loud and clear. Heart beats flutter and pump hard as a mixture of fear and hope clash inside the onlookers. Security agents and family members, watch people they once called friends point at a spot in the ground with moist sunken soil. And as they dig and bring out her rotten corpse, I bite hard into his nose and taste the bitter bile on his skin. Camera's off, I screamed at them as I rock the lifeless body of my last child. This time, I won't let the law handle this. That skinny Python will come in handy today. I was laughing and crying as I asked them to bring the cage down from the vehicle. People were leaving now, running and driving away. And as it's jaws drag and swallowed one leg of the ring leader, I realize there is never going to be any justice. I silently tell her ssshhhh, reassuring my lifeless little chicken that everything will be alright. Knowing and wailing as it all transpired that.. My dear, dear child is forever lost to me....
  Twisting and turning, I struggle to wake up. Henrik rocks me again and I stare at him, unsure of where I am.
'You are having a bad dream'
  It didn't quickly sink in, but then it did. The nightmare felt real and I had tears streaming my face.
  This all happened, because my friend was kidnapped. I was exhausted and stretched my hands at Henrik and he rocks me.
'Do you think that she is still alive?'
 The question was a legitimate one, I did not know if she was and was rocked with guilt for not checking up on her when I was last in Abuja.
'We can only hope for the best', Henrik tried to calm me.
'I dreamt, of a kidnapped girl that was killed '
'You are thinking and remembering last year's case '
'Henrik, she was nice and generous. Yet her workers killed her'
'A killer needs no excuse to kill, they are heartless'
'But those poor girls'
'Ade, have faith that they will get back home. Safe and sound. The police and everyone is searching for her and all the others kidnapped'
 I say a little prayer for them and Henrik joined me. Today is another day and no mention in the news of the girls and boy kidnapped. Only us friends and families call and reassured each other that they would be found and come back home.

    Fresh and alert and ready for a new day, I am dressed smart and sexy in a comfortable mermaid Ankara dress, with puff three quarters sleeve. We look cute as a couple, because my husband is in matching Ankara fabric. Which I sewed into buba and sokoto. I smile nervously, as I watch him drive us to the hospital
 Henrik and I get to find out if I am carrying next generation. After all, I have all the symptoms. I'm feeling nauseous, my breast tingles and I feel like easing myself all the times.
 I'm nervous and I am biting my fingers and I bite so deep it hurts.
'Ade', Henrik grabs my hand and I smile.
'Really, 'Ade you need calm down'
I agree, so that he can stop talking.
'We are here', Henrik says.
 My heart starts to flutter and beat fast and my head gets light and I fall forward in my car seat
'Ade, breathe', Henrik parks the car and races to my side. He unbuckles my seatbelt and holds my head upright.
'Deep breathe in... And another out'
 I open my eyes and watched him reassure me. He says, to trust him and it works. I don't feel as if, my heart is in my stomach anymore.
'We are here, at the hospital'
 I look up at my husband, little did he know that that's what I was afraid of.
         I steady myself and March to my appointment and to my doctor's office.
 The doctor can tell something is wrong and takes my blood pressure and runs some tests.
'Doctor, is she alright?'
'She is, she just had a panic attack'
 He was right, I was just worried. And now I feel silly.
'I was worried'
 Henrik squeezed my hands and we both turn to the doctor as he opened up the results of my test.
'Do you promise to try to stay calm '
'Yes, am I?'
  It was a legitimate question and I got excited.
'Congratulations...', the doctor started to say and I did not hear the rest.
 I shrieked and hugged Henrik and thanked God for everything.
'Can you tell, are they twins, is it a girl?'
'Relax, you will get all of that soon enough'
 I took deep breaths and hugged Henrik, I am finally going to enjoy what it feels like to be a mother. Today is a good day.

   The weather is calm and Celine is driving, I don't know if i should say something or just let it be discovered organically.
 Ajoke wants us to go to the beach in her yatch, but Celine wants us to drive there. So she is driving us to Ajoke's place.
 Celine is strangely quiet and I am deep in thought. Smiling at myself and my joy. It would be better as a surprise, but do you know that we have done thirty minutes without talking.
'We are here', Celine finally says and I look up at Ajoke's majestic home.
She is waiting and without the twin.
'They have been cranky all week and don't want the outside air, the doctor suspects that Hassan has asthma'
'No', I could not imagine a baby wheezing.
'Bala says that he is home today, I can go without my babies'
 Ajoke was looking back, as if she didn't really want to leave.
'You can stay, if you want'
 I announced and she shakes her head.
'The doctor is here all week until we are sure faa'
'Okay ooo'
 Ajoke steps into the car and Cel drives off.

   At the beach, I sink deep into the tracking chair and smile at the thatched roof parasol.
'Ade, what about Nnoye?'
'Thats true ooo'
'Didn't 'Ade say she was pregnant?', Celine asked.
'She is and she is dating Idibia', I add and run my hand through my hair .
'The musician?', Celine asked.
'Are you two going for his peace rally this Sunday? I hear he moved it, but crowds freak me out '
 Ajoke said adjusting her bra and her nipple guard as she spoke.
 I shake my head and reply Celine.
'Not tuface, one business entertainment guy that 'Ade got into his private '
 Ajoke was been naughty, as usual. Implying that it was more than what it was.
'Don't mind Ajoke, it was for business. And my two workers were with me'
'This is news to me', Celine said.
'Celine, no, no. The contract you signed is pertaining to that job'
'What job?'
 If I didn't know any better, I would say she was feigning this. So as to get me all agitated.
'I told you before now, Celine what's wrong?'
'He has not called me'
'Who?', Ajoke asks doing on Chapman with ice cubes.
'Have you called him?', I threw the question at her.
'He isn't picking up'
'How many times have you called him, now?'
 Ajoke asks suspiciously.
'Only five times today'
'And it's not yet noon, give me your phone '
 Ajoke was struggling with Celine for her own phone.
 I was grinning at them from ear to ear and just amazed at how playful they both are.
'Ade, tell Celine to let go of the phone'
'My own phone', Celine adds and tries to yank it out of her hand.
'Ade, this babe skinny, but she get guazz. Plenty energy and strength '
 I laughed.
'Celine, submit your phoneto Ajoke'
'You are stalking 'Pierre'
'Do you want him to see, fourty missed calls on his phone?'
 My traumatized friend fights back tears and shakes her head.
'He can't ignore me...'
'You left him...', I reminded my friend.
'He ignored me, that's why I left'
'When are you going back?'
'Before Valentine'
 Celine lost the phone to Ajoke and protested with gestures.
'Good', I said and tucked myself under my straw Fedora hat and gotten cat suit.
'So,what do I do?'
 Celine asked with a blank look.
'illustrate Idibia's clothing coll for the shoot and make tons of money. Then go to Paris and give Pierre a Valentine he would never forget'
 She smiled and Ajoke alas my thighs and I massaged the stinging portion of my thighs.
'Ajoke,your ha dis painful'
 Ajoke runs to the water and let's the waves take her. I jump up and scream at her.
The silly girl istoo excited to care.
My phone is ringing and the name that pop's up makes me sigh. Celine quickly spies on the name and giggles.
'It's your best friend', Celine says laughing.
'Mine is in the water's, I add and laugh.
'lai Lai, everyone knows that I am your best friend'
 I pick it up and then start to laugh.
'Nnoye hi'
'So if I don't call you,you won't call me'
'It's not like that', I started to defend myself.
'Where are you guys, you are not in your house and Ajoke just left '
'Celine is back...'
'Don't use me to cover up', Celine screamed.
 I cover the mouth piece and give her a mean look.
'We are at Eleko beach'
'I'm on my way, there is plenty gist. Did you hear, Ibori is back in Nigeria. I am going to book a flight out, so I can welcome him in Oghara in Delta state'
 And she cut the phone.
 Where should I even start from? I don't even know, because I am sure that Nnoye is definitely not from this planet. Just wait until I gist Ajoke.
  I look out into the Atlantic Ocean and search for Ajoke.

 She floats upwards and waves her hands frantically and tried not to drown.

 I screamed and started to run into the sea and Celine too sees what I can see. We both dive in and start to swim towards Ajoke.

 In that instant, my hand popped out of its right, ball and socket joint and I flipped awkwardly around. The pain made me scream and the hard five foot waves dragged me and slammed me hard into the sea shore. I was in immense pain and then, I started to float and be dragged deepedand deeper into the frothing ocean waters....

 Is this how I end up? Drowned in the cold salty sea. Is the nightmare for real, or is Henrik going to shake me and wake me up from this dream?
 Only time will tell... 

**Season 1, Episode 106**
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Adebusola Ukayat Elegbede is a Playwright and Content creator with a passion for real life challenges. Born in Kaduna state and lives in Lagos Nigeria, she has a passion for story telling from the perspectives of characters in conflicting situations. I started out on the New Writing Project in Nigeria with the British Council Lagos Nigeria and The Royal Court Theatre, Sloane Square U.K. My passion for creating stories led to comic books, television drama's and an online journal on my website (busolaelegbede.com). As part of the WPIC in Stockholm Sweden 2012, the experience has forged life long friends and ignited my passion as a volunteer and advocate for human rights and the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

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