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Ade's Journal Part 6

Ade's Journal Part 6
My Valentine & The Elegance Of A Clean Breakup

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Ade's Journal Part 5
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Ade's Journal Part 4
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Ade's Journal Part 2
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Tuesday 14 February 2017

My Valentine, A Psuedo Love Scam And A Seashore Of Betrayal


  Floating aimlessly on a salty sea, swaying wherever he says I am. And forever landing in sea deep trouble, it's about time. Time to be able to desern the truth from fiction, his lies from the truth. I watch his Beautiful brown eyes, lure me into his lair. I listen to his loud whispers, as they whisk me up in the air. And now I have landed hard and crashed into pieces. My protective shell is gone and i am naked and vulnerable. The sea creatures are pecking away at sweet me.And as I watch my Beautiful shell lost away, I miss being whole agaib. The brown exterior that shielded my milky white interior is forever gone. My clear innocence is forever tainted with harsh salty tears. The sweet island coconut girl, is now a sharp Lagos bave. Why do I keep falling for liars? Is there something, that I am doing wrong? I give him gifts, in kind and the type girlfriends wish they could only dream of giving. The crystal bowls and complete set, was last purchased by the queen mother. Imagine the quality of the gift. Yes, I spend too much. Now, hear me out. I have hand made his favorite chinos, combat pants. A complete replica and the latest from New York fashion week. Does he appreciate it? For where, instead I do too much. It's Valentine and I have not even got guru or epa, from my love. Last year, I lied and covered up. But this year, he will prove he is different from my specifications of broke ass boyfriends. This time, I have funded and backed his business. I have empowered him and now I am waiting.
And I am still waiting... Na wa ooo, men are wicked. Should he not even pretend to care. My phone is ringing and I am in no mood for excuses, nonsense. He is still calling me, maybe I should just hear what he has to say. I can't wait to be driven to a nice quiet resort. See, giving him my car was a big mistake. I should have insisted and held on to the keys. The phone is still ringing, I think I have made my point clear. I pick up the phone and smile. But the smile quickly fades away. It's the police, they want to know if I gave him the car or he stole it. The question is funny. Nigerian police and their over Sabi, shaaaa. No wahala, I will show up and clear this mess up. So, he was delayed, I knew it. I'm sure rises, wine and chocolates are in the back seat of my car.
 I do not even want to tell you about the disgrace, the embarrassment or the mind killing experience I had. There, before me, are lovely ladies, ranging from fourteen to sixty. I did not want to believe that he was dating a grandma. The grandma screamed and pointed at her granddaughter. I sat down and fell bum first on the floor. Grandma and granddaughter, tried to help me up. Grandma smacks her naughty neice. My man had enticed her with a new phone and a promise to drive my car. On Skype, other women confirmed he was the man, blackmailing them for skyoe-sex. He had recorded it and was extorting money from them, threatening to load it in a porn site, online. The reality of his lies and the gravity of his crime, made me curious. What a day...
My Valentine, A Psuedo Love Scam And A Seashore Of Betrayal. A teeming seashore of women, lied to, heart broken, hardened by lies and the war front he left behind. I was not his only ATM card, neither was I the last woman he had swindled. Short home videos were played and replayed and as I watched them on the spot, in the police station. I agreed, I agreed to testify and then changed my mind. The court hearing was swift and the judgement bitter sweet. He banged twenty seven years for extortion and I stopped forcing love. So for the first time since I was sixteen, I am alone on Valentine and it's fine. I'm sharing my story, so you can change. Love cannot be manufactured, it should be earned. It should be a union if two souls and like justice should balance. Enjoy, however you are, single or with a partners. Just be true to you.

   The cake is soft and tender, like a frothy bouncy foan. For now, it's naked and the icing sugar is ready to be twisted and layered over the soft succulent sweet delight. Who can believe how quickly, time has gone by.
It's been exactly one year, since I started filling my journal.

  Ade's Journal is one.

     Amazing, isn't it. My tone has changed, and just like the online newspaper report, I just read. I know how it feels to be in a relationship that is one sided. You can sense it, the loneliness. And when you talk, he tells you, it's all in your head. But you know, deep down inside you know. Thank God, I am free from fake relationships and the need for showmanship.
  This Valentine, I have my outfit ready. My tear drop, hand made bronze earrings is ready to adorn my ears and my gown, the one I will wear is designed by me. Although I broke apart a pendant and refashioned it into my own piece, to make my jewelry. Actually, they are from the pearl's Mr. H gave me, I sold and acquired larger ones, into a shorter necklace. I even made a broach with the rest and it will go on my nude knee length dress. My nude, two-tone peeptoe shoes are a little darker than my dress. But it's matching clutch bag and shinny leather was perfect for me.
 Celine was so impressed, with my designs that she wants a line in my name. Yep, I designed the bag too and it's made in Nigeria. I was going to hurd it and stack it in my designer portfolio. Like I do every year, since I could. But when I heard how much dollars, licensing it would get me. I agreed.
 So, I am officially a designer and the best part is that she took a picture of me in my design, for her website. I looked good, although, i looked very curvy and my hips looked even more pronounced.
     Normally, I would have starved myself towards Valentine's day. Not this Valentine, this Valentine is a good one. Also, my cake tradition isn't ending anytime soon. Now it's time, my cake has cooled and I am icing it. The yellow heart, is romancing the sweet pink coconut butter icing. Less sugar and more fun. I baked two cakes of course, one to taste and share with everyone. And I mean everyone. My mum sent the driver, because my dad refused to let her go anywhere. He wants it to be a nice day home and even hired alase's, traditional Yoruba cooks. Oh, did I add that he also insisted, that she not enter the kitchen today. My dad can be sweet like that and it's also sweet that she wants to taste my cake on Valentine's day. Nnoye is here too and Ajoke and Celine of course. How Ajoke escaped is still funny to me. She said Bala knew she wanted to go to my house. So she made sure all the salad cream was in her car. He can't stand Cole slaw with mayonnaise. And lately, Cole slaw is his favorite breakfast. So she decided to go and get him some. And drove straight to my house, coming down from her car, just as the cake was coming out of the oven.
'So, who was at your gate?', Ajoke asked holding two pieces of cake.
'Ajoke, don't finish the cake oo', Celine grumbled.
'It was me', Nnoye adds and bites into my light cake.
'This our silly friend was going for Ibori's Thanksgiving service'
'You have liver oooo', Ajoke said slapping Nnoye's back.
'She wanted me to know that she would be traveling that night'
 I informed the eager crowd, anxiously waiting for the rest of the gist.
'Why?', Celine asked.
'I wanted us to attend the church service of the senators child's wedding and leave the party early. So I can travel and make it in time for the First Babtist church service, with my oga at the top'
 Nnoye was a true, die hard Ibori fan and we all knew it. Yet she did not mention that she wanted a loan, because Nnoye had spent her money on uber. To go and meet Idibia. He was a good date but didn't give Nnoye cash. So she was going where cash will flow.
'Just be careful', Ajoke tells her.
'At least, I can now afford to buy a gown from Celine, in red. You know the one'
 Nnoye cheered my friends on and they all dive in.
'Ade's collection in shocking red', Celine and company, echo across the room.
 I was blushing and smiling so much that my cheeks ached.
 It was my nude dress, with a deep v neck, adarned with applique and embroidery, but in red.
'See, we are sold out already', Celine adds, shows me her website and hugs me.
'I need to go and prepare for our boat cruise, what about you and Henrik?'
 Nnoye said, adding that she was looking for more ideas for Valentine's day.
'We are going to be as organic as possible', I add with a smile.
 No forcing anything, we would let it all happen as it happens.
'Oya ya, let's all start going. It won't be good for Henrik to meet us here oooo'
 Celine made sense and grabbed the girls by each hand. And my dear, sweet friends, take their leave.

    Outside, we watched a car drive up and we all just stared at it.
 Maybe Bala got tired of waiting for his sour cream. We all watch the door open and Pierre stepped out with the largest bouquet of red roses, I have ever seen in my life. They hugged and Celine was screaming. I was touched and almost started crying but swallowed it all up.
Pierre was happy but points at the car.
'Ladies, Celine and I need to disappear, for a while'
  We hug Celine and I peek into the vehicle. Her dress and shoes were inside and I touch my heart. Ajoke's phone starts to ring and she refused to pick it up. Bala calls me and I pick it up.
'Tell my wife to bring enough cake for me ooo. With icing'
 I go back inside the house and top with the extra icing. Everyone is happy as they leave, now I can shower and prepare for today.

  My man, does not disappoint. He arrives with two bouquets and I just can't stop smiling, one is red and the other blue. He gives me a peck and pauses to admire, me in my outfit. He looks good too and he is wearing my design.
'Do you like it?'
 He asks and spins around for me, and I hug and stop him and admire him.
'It's perfect'
 We have lunch and then do kareoke, I am in heaven and enjoying singing along to Lemonade and Hello. Beyonce and Adele are making me , feel myself. Then we do a boat cruise from Lekki to ilase and then back to Lekki. It was interesting to see other people and even more interesting to meet him. That same guy from the mall, he was with the lady that asked for his number.
'So this is your lucky husband', he says as they smile and nod their heads.
'Henrik, meet the mall guy'
 They shake hands.
'Will you two be attending our wedding?'
 Henrik  and I open my mouth in shock.
'Yes, it's too soon. Why wait, we either get it right or wrong'
 His words surprise me and as she shows me the engagement ring. His exquisite taste impresses me.
'Do you design wedding gowns? I don't want to wear what's out there. I want you to design my dress'
  I was really glad she asked and feel very honored and privileged for the opportunity to shine as a designer. I tell her and she hugs me briefly.
'What's the theme?', I had to ask.
'Flawless and quick'
'Let's me sketch something'
'A ball gown is perfect, so just work with that'
'.... My budget is unlimited. Just infuse the traditional fabric into it'
 I was smiling so much, my cheeks ached. And Henrik was running his hands over my upper arm repeatedly. Like he was speaking to me without words.
 Alone, I give him his gift, cufflinks with pearl's and a bronze custom made watch with pearl's. He loved them and kept kissing me and looking at them and then my jewelry.
'You made them?'
'I designed it, I have a woman who makes them'
'These are beautiful, do you have them up online?'
'Not these but something close'
'They are gorgeous'
 I was truly in heaven, but I was waiting for my own gift. Henrik, no disappoint. More
Diamonds and pearls, I was truly a happy girl.

 So my Valentine ended with a kiss and a lifetime with someone who truly cares.

 Henrik starts to wobble and I catch him.
'I'm fine', he says
I start to lead the way back to the shore. Our cruise ship had docked and then I look back at him again. This time he starts to fall and I catch him.

   My husband is burning hot and red from a fever, that is escalating badly. Now, I am scared.

What could be wrong?

 **Season 2, Episode 1**
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Adebusola Ukayat Elegbede is a Playwright and Content creator with a passion for real life challenges. Born in Kaduna state and lives in Lagos Nigeria, she has a passion for story telling from the perspectives of characters in conflicting situations. I started out on the New Writing Project in Nigeria with the British Council Lagos Nigeria and The Royal Court Theatre, Sloane Square U.K. My passion for creating stories led to comic books, television drama's and an online journal on my website (busolaelegbede.com). As part of the WPIC in Stockholm Sweden 2012, the experience has forged life long friends and ignited my passion as a volunteer and advocate for human rights and the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

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