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Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Pounding Through His Mortal Sin


 Heavy mortar crushing hard, selling laughter that he never had. Silence ensues as I slowly crawl, under a bridge I'll never pass. Waiting in line, hope you’ll never decline. To say you are mine, as we jump high and smile. Wish I could spy, on you from a mile. Because, I don’t trust you at all and hate that this is love. A definition that is appalling and so much like prison.
What do You want? It’s a simple question with a complicated tone to it.
When last did someone ask you this question without shoving an answer down your throat before you even thought about the answer. What we want depends on what we believe is important and what we believe is important, depends on what we once had, what we long to have and what we dream of owning.
So be absolutely sure you know what you want before you step out of your home or wherever you are right now. Repetition, is the first learning tool we use to learn, starting with letters and words. And then imprinting pictures and fusing it with a memory until it’s permanently embedded in your brain. And fixed strongly, deep inside your mind. Just remember to be thoughtful, considerate and uphold all the values you treasure and acquiring these thing wont make you feel guilty and no one can stop you from getting the things on your dream list. Keep dreaming, act on it and eventually you will get there.
 Sounds good, right? Not when it comes to relationships. I have a horrid sense of what a good man is, I have an attraction for men who want to travel. And today, after three children… I think I am over the phase of, the grass is greener out there. I doubt my partner is on the same page though. He has asked me to sell this house, that we live in. It’s my father’s house, my siblings got tired of funding my pipe dream of moving to America. I say pipe, because there was no solid attempt to move. No good reason to travel, I thought I could back pack and travel like the rest of the world. But I learned the hard way and the only way. The rules are different if you are broke. So I got a job as a personal assistant. And like others in the rat race, I got access to a loan because I am now a government worker. Then I met my dream man, chest as wide as Abacha's cupboard, skin as soft as a fantastic sponge cake. And the dream of relocating to America, one day. The harsh truth was that, he was a façade, the job he told me was his belonged to his uncle. The house he said was his, belonged to the family. I did not understand the lies, after all, I too had no property but a joint Family one. So why lie?
 Pounding Through His Mortal Sin, I found more lies. More reasons to ask why I am in this horrible mess. His lies piled up and the bills too. Friction forced us to move out and my siblings scattered all over the world, became a source of misery because of him. He wanted us to join them, in Europe or America. I had baggage and was not prepared to stress anyone. So, I was forced to pay the rent, five hundred thousand Naira and climbing. My salary could not keep up and his earnings had to please his family. My sweet siblings, adviced me to get a developer to look at our family land. I got a loan and got the complete documents for the house. And built a four flat, two pays back the loan and one, supports my family. I thought this would make us happy, solving my money problems and reducing it to almost nothing. But three children are a lot to manage in Nigeria and my husband wants the best and freshest of meals. He does not care that I do not eat the fresh fish he does, but the frozen preserved turkey. I stop, when an emergency surgery on my first child comes up. And chaos returned, he bullies me everyday and call me selfish. After all, in his words we lived in his own family house. He neglects to say it was just for a year. And that I paid rent for three and now two additional years later, we have been rent free. What about our children, do you want me alone to pay their bills? He was unmoved and finally woke me up tonight, the reason he has not been dropping money for our three children is because he is traveling to America. And is just a five hundred thousand Naira short, at this point I could have borrowed to help him and free myself from his tyranny. But I was out of options. Delay paying for our first child’s surgery and I swear I will make it there. This was not naïve, child free, me, listening. This was a mother, a wife and a sibling, anxious to stop collecting the family assets and sharing it with my siblings. If only he was not so demanding, I would have started, remitting the one flat rent, into our family Account. Instead, my husband is watching me try to sleep and anxious for tomorrow’s surgery that will save my seven year old son and ease the stress his two little sisters have. The smell of smoke, makes me cough and jump out of bed. There was light, last night. So I didn’t put on the generator set. The sight of burning flames, Confused me but the burn got me wide awake. The house is on fire and my husband is missing. I run to the burning children’s room, stepping on burning rug and wood and wincing and screaming as I do. Their beds have flames, way up high and I can see their remains. I race to hold them and feel my clothes catch fire and stick to my flesh. The pain is unbearable and then I look out at the window. Through tearful eyes, I see him standing and watching the children’s bedroom. He has a keg of petrol and a matchbox. I Am in shock, and watch him wave at me the cash for my dead firstborns surgery. The flames burn got and I run to the burglary proof and start fighting to shake it out of place. But it was well built to keep thrives out and say to keep me in. The flush door, by its side, falls outside and I crawl towards it. My husband moves away from the burning house and I stretch my hands to stop him. My lungs give up and with my last breath, I whisper.
You will Pay.

     The sadness of the article, engulfed me and my rendition of the incident that preceded the horrid arsonist mayhem prompted it. The man was caught running away from the house with the matchbox still in his pocket. And the kegs, still intact. They found, five hundred and two thousand Naira in his pocket. And the man confessed to the heinous crime, he wanted to travel desperately and escape the responsibility of raising a family.
   I was silent for a bit, Pondering on the evil that men do.
How selfish of him, to end their lives like that. Growing up,  I could never believe someone could kill a blood relative. But reality is very much like reality shows now. Sad but true.
 The Koko now, is that I need to be sincere with Celine. The update distracted us for a short while. She’s gone to get some lemons, a new disciplined Celine can be inferred infectious. I have not had a fizzy drink in three days now. It’s good for the baby, my unborn joy. I still haven’t shared the news with any of my friends.
‘Alcohol?’, Celine asked waving a vodka bottle in my face.
I shake my head and she starts to walk back into my kitchen.
'I didn’t see Bailey’s Irish cream in there’
‘no need, I screamed and she froze.
‘Why not?’, she had a strange look on her face.
'Am I such an alcoholic?’, I had to ask.
‘Ade, it’s me Celine. You can lie to Ajoke, but not me. I will not accept it, and for your information… it’s Ajoke that said you are one'
  Yes, my friends gossip about me and in turn I too gossip about Celine with Ajoke. And of course, Celine and I gossip about Ajoke, the good thing is that it’s harmless gossip.
'Cant a girl, choose to be alcohol free?’
‘Ade, it’s a free world. My diet requires that I detoxify'
‘What diet is this?’
‘I’ve decided that if I get back with Pierre eh, I want a baby'
‘Eh, born again Celine. Natural, nature designed marriage so that two people cater for a family'
 Celine eyed me and crashed into the couch with the bottle of vodka.
‘I thought your diet, was an alcohol free one?’
 My friend ignored me and I snatched it from her and then placed it in my bar. The full Beautiful bottle of my sweet whisky, lured and seduced me. A little won’t hurt, I said to myself.
‘Ade, leaf alcohol. Let us discuss my matter'
 I sighed and joined her.
‘You don’t want to be a single mother'
‘I don’t, but I have horrid taste in men’
‘Don’t say that, Celine don’t’
'What do I do? I am happy but this man will it grant me my wish. This my prince is a permanent toad'
 I chuckle and slam Celine hard on her back.
‘Ade Abeg, your hand is painful'
‘When you are calling Pierre a toad'
‘See, he is exactly the man I want, but he doesn’t want to get married to m'
'Did you ask him why?’
‘Every day, until we stopped talking'
‘And if next year, you meet your Prince’
‘Then I’d be a princess with a beautiful princess'
  You have to give it to Celine, she made a bad situation good.
‘So you will stay'
‘If he agrees to raising a child with me'
‘Its weird'
‘My dear, I’ve got consultation on fertility and getting a donor sperm'
 I could not believe my ears, how could she.
‘Ade, I’m almost forty and I don’t have time to waste. I want at least forty years with my daughter before I’m old'
‘you don’t want multiple children?’
‘I want six at once, but I don’t know if he wants that many'
‘Six ke? Celine'
‘Why not, I’ve worked hard for my money. Swiss lace designs, all over Lagos…. Some are my designs'
‘Celine, you didn’t tell me'
 This was news to me.
‘I did, the only reason you care about trademarks and copyrights is because you are now in the game’
‘Like how much do you make?’
‘Ade, complete the design book you have and we will both meet with my lawyer. Or get you a new one'
‘Na WA ooo, it’s been long people have been silently making money'
‘So now, I am people?’
‘Celine yes oooo, but thanks jare'
 I hug her and can’t wait to get my drawings ready.
'What about Idibia?’, Celine asked.
‘its true ooo, let’s quickly finish our work…’
‘What happened?’
‘He has not given Nnoye cash'
‘And the babe states’, Celine adds.
'don’t be like that, you know you never collect money from men’s
‘That’s me, Nnoye is addicted. My question is why she still stayed'
‘The private jet, VIP entrance to topnotch entertainment events and couture dresses and accessories'
'That your friends oju kokoro is too much, what else does she need money for?’
 I shake my head.
‘She wants to open a ship’s
  Celine didn’t let me land, she was laughing so hard it confused me.
'Who will help her manage it?’
‘Ask me oooo’
‘Babe, let’s leave Nnoye. When I go back now eh, it’s either Pierre’s or an anonymous donor egg'
‘Please don’t do anonymous ooo'
‘You think Pierre would say yes to this?’
‘Talk to him and then you two will decide what’s best'
‘Ade it’s because of you ooo, to me I’ve crossed him out'
 I grab her arm and shake my head.
‘Make an effort first’, I say.
 Celine downs her lemon in water drink quickly.
‘Let’s go and see Ajoke, please pretend you are hearing this for the first time ooo'
 I nod my head and follow her.
'Where is Henrik?’
‘I will pick him up by seven, he has a full hydrotherapy'
'Ade and this her Oyinbo husband'
‘What about you?’
‘Mine has not yet put a ring on it'
‘I hear you’re
  I was listening to her, but my mind was on Henrik and the pain he was having. I hope this therapy works.

   At Ajoke’s house, her twins jerked and jumped, ready to start walking.
She walked in with two bottles, one was vodka and the other was Bailey’s.
‘Are you, no longer breastfeeding?’, I asked.
‘Its for my two best friends, that don’t hide things from me. And love me sooooo much’.
 I shake my head and Celine grabs both bottles.
‘Don’t tempt us', Celine says.
 Ajoke’s rage surfaced and she stamped her feet.
‘Hold it rights there’
 Even her English got worse.
‘You, Celine and Ade. I tell you two everything and this is how you repay me. With lies and deceit'
 The two of us look at her as if she was speaking Greek.
‘Ade you think I don’t know, you are pregnant and refused to tell me'
She slapped her chest and Celine dropped the drink.

Which kind yawa be did, eh?

 Ajoke’s busybody is just too much, what am I supposed to say now?

**Season 1, Episode 3**
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Adebusola Ukayat Elegbede is a Playwright and Content creator with a passion for real life challenges. Born in Kaduna state and lives in Lagos Nigeria, she has a passion for story telling from the perspectives of characters in conflicting situations. I started out on the New Writing Project in Nigeria with the British Council Lagos Nigeria and The Royal Court Theatre, Sloane Square U.K. My passion for creating stories led to comic books, television drama's and an online journal on my website (busolaelegbede.com). As part of the WPIC in Stockholm Sweden 2012, the experience has forged life long friends and ignited my passion as a volunteer and advocate for human rights and the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

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