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Saturday, 25 February 2017

Ring Of Fire And The Resurrected Dog Bitten Corpse


    The sun is freezing and the Moon is boiling, and comets are fizzling out. The sky is boiling and the stars are shifting because something interesting is about to happen. Roles are been exchanged and the norm is no longer normal. For another Eclipse is about to occur. Not the usual Eclipse where the moon in all her fury, burns and takes over the sky during the day. This is different, this time, the sun reduces its flame and volume and exerts revenge on the Queen of the night. This time a ring, much like a gold wedding band will adorn the sky. But I'm getting ahead of myself, right now a soft whimper distracts me. As the noise escalates, I watch her.
 Salty tears stream down to her Bossom as faulty whispers judge her sister. Together, they knock heads and cry for a lost soul. A symbol of hope, truncated by a series of unfortunate events. It started with renewed hope, a revived soul, quenching the blue flame of depression forever. As a mother's, wakes up from a walking dead like zone and revives her will to fight and thrive in this world plagued with recession. She rose from grass to grace, beat this disease called depression and regained her will to live. Reviving all her dreams and just in time, because her husband lost his job and it was time for her son to go back to school. Today she shopped, knowing her son's future is secure and believing he was running free, in her sister's house. The sister now blessed for the first time with twins, due to arrive in four months. Just another day and all her dreams would be scheduled to start. As she ponders on what her only begotten son was doing, in her only beloved sister's house. The pregnant sister, works, but has a trusted guard. A psuedo family member, this working class sister funds all his four kids education. Unknown to her, this guard has become complacent, expecting more handouts and giving less. He didn't notice the raging guard dog's, escalating Problem and lied about taking the dog to the vet. The creature had been pecked by a raging eagret, that tussled for a toad, with an infected bat. It's blood boils and it's deep seethed disease spreads, the dog percieved everything as a threat and attacked and bit the gates of the cage it was in. The guard watched the dog growl and somersault and knew he was in trouble. He had spent the last money for the vet, on a prostitute and had done so the two months before. Series like this, he had gotten away with because the pregnant boss and her husband were too trusting to notice. Maybe, one day more another day and this time, he promised to take the dog to the vet. Just a few more hours until tomorrow and he would do as he was paid to do, care for the dog. The dog attacked the gate and he had one choice. Either keep it locked up and all his crimes would be exposed or hide and release the dog. Then shield and protect himself just before everyone wakes up and force it back into its cage. The many leather cloth, wrapped around his limbs made the guard look awkward, but shielded him from the infection. Thirty minutes later, the guard slept off and dreamed of what he would miss. The joys of been wrapped by the woman of the night. A fantasy he hoped he could continue, when the vet treats the dog. The screaming child woke him up and the rabid dog, kept on biting him. Nothing the guard did helped, not the blunt side of the shovel on its head or the jabs to its face. When finally it let go, it was too late. The mother who left her son entered the gate and screamed. The husband to the pregnant sister watched in horror the mangled body of his nephew. He rushed the guard and punched him, the guard dragged the salivating dog back into the cage, ignoring the blows. The husband disappears and appears with his car keys and handcuffs. He cuffed the guard to the cage and rushed to his nephew and they disappeared. Hours later, it was too late. He entered a coma and died. The funeral was quick and the tears endless as the family is still in shock. On the way to bury the body, the son starts to knock on the insides of the coffin. The coffin bearers, drop the coffin and some run away. The mother begs them to open the coffin and when they do, he stretched out for his mother. His aunt and mum scream and praise God, as he falls back into a deep sleep he is rushed to the hospital. The doctor's confirmed he is still alive and the battle for his life continues. As the Ring Of Fire And The Resurrected Dog Bitten Corpse news spread, a ray of hope shines bright again...
    Stories of hope, bring joy in this God forsaken world we live in. The other side of it, is about how complacent we get. It would be nice to know what happened to the selfish guard and to follow up on the boy that was declared dead and resurrected from the dead. But all that, is delayed tactics. 
  Right now, I am facing my own dilemma. It's not as graphic as resurrection, but it's a form of ... I don't think I have one word for it, I was just been cautious. But to my friends, I did not trust them enough to tell them I was pregnant.
'Ade can't be pregnant and not tell me', Celine said with her eyes dancing about the room.
'Then explain, why she now eats healthy and is abstaining from alcohol?'
'Ajoke, Abeg. I'm not taking alcohol....'
'Because you want to get pregnant, just look at Ade. Her roots have tripped, her hair is growing faster that normal and her boobs are tender...'
 Ajoke touched my boobs and I smacked her hands away and guarded my babies. She was right, my nipples are a million times more sensitive.
The bottle that dropped from Celine's hands didn't break, because of the thick fluffy rug in Ajoke's house. But the look I got, got me worried.
'Oya, explain ya self', Ajoke said with hands folded across her chest.
 I shut my eyes and rest my head on the couch, the throw pillows were cozy and I actually started to fall asleep.
Ajoke slapped my hands repeatedly with her bony fingers.
'Eh, eh oooo, you can't dodge. Talk to me, to us'
 I massaged where she hit me and cut an evil eye at her.
'I wanted it to be three months before...', I started to say.
'So you are really pregnant?', Celine asked.
 I don't think, they will forgive me.
Ajoke hugs me tight and rocks me.
'Congratulations my dear'
   I am glad she is happy for me, but Celine is speechless. I stretch my arms at her and she is still in shock. Ajoke signals with her fingers and beckons her to join us.
'Group hug', Ajoke sings.
 Celine joined the hug and starts to cry, we try to get information from her but she wouldn't talk. I'm tired and rest my head on her succulent arms and shut my eyes.

   It was almost eight, when a shadow covered my line of vision. I yawned and stretched and could no longer feel my arms, Celine was sleeping on top of it. I shoved her off and she falls off the couch.
'That is exactly, what she does to me', Henrik says.
'Darling, are you done with your hydrotherapy?'
 I asked, not sure how or what he was doing in Ajoke's living room.
'You see ya self, if you have told us everything now... I would have sent my driver'
 Ajoke accused me and gave Henrik a mean look.
'Henrik didn't say I should not tell you'
'It's your Auntie that said so, right?'
'I never listen to her', I said and tried to get up.
'So, all of you are looking at Ade eh? She pushed me and yet, you are all fussing over her'
'Na vex', I said and helped her up.
'Henrik, why didn't you drive yourself?'
 A curious Ajoke asked and I stand and stretched.
'He's on strong pain killers for his pain', I answered.
'I need more sleep', I add and yawn some more.
'After you forgot about me', Henrik grumbled.
'Awww, no I didn't. I slept off'
 I know nothing can make this right, no excuse in earth could. So I hug him tight and he pat's my back and yawns.
'Didn't you two sleep?', Ajoke asked.
'Will Ade let me sleep?'
 It made Ajoke chuckle out loud and Celine laugh and the two of them have each other a high five.
'You are not serious', I tried to cover up and failed.
'Blame it on my hormones', I said robbing my stomach.
'Let's move to the round room', Ajoke offered and the twins start to cry.
Arm in arm we go to the living room and both sit in front of CNN and their news coverage of their reality TV star and president. At least, they know where he is, our own Nigerian president is missing in office. We were sure he was in London, but the BBC article asking where he was threw me off. I rest my head on Henrik's thigh and love how he's touching my hair. I love how soothing it feels and shut my eyes again.

  Have you ever woken up hungry? Feeling as if the last time you eat something, was a week ago. I could smell the delicious aroma of cod fish in Ogbono soup. I heard them pound the yam and sit upright. Pounded yam, the old school way and delicious draw soup. I had to have some and as I stand up, the food arrives. I quickly wash my hands and start to eat and wake Henrik up.
'Ade, did you make this?'
'No, Ajoke's new cook. She's old school and very good'
 Celine enters with her own tray of food, and I stop eating.
'Ade, please enjoy. I would have joined you since, but Ajoke said I should let you people enjoy your honeymoon'
 Henrik and I laugh and I know we will have to talk soon. But not now.
'What about Nnoye?', Celine asked and as she did the doorbell ring.
 Nnoye in all her glory walks in.
'Ade, warn Daniel Ojora ooo'
 The babe did not see me or know who I was with. She just opened her gutters and started to reign insult on him.
'Calm down, what happened'
'Just look at this', she shoved a newspaper at me.
 My hand was all wrapped in my Panla and I did not stop devouring the fish until I got to the bone.
'Ade are you listening?'
 First of all, no good evening nothing. Secondly, she ignored Henrik and Celine and I was not interested in her rude behavior today 
 Sensing my irritation, she looks around the room.
'Oh, Henrik good evening, Celine, good evening to you too'
 They respond.
'Is that, old school pounded yam?'
 Before I could say anymore, she screamed and asked for hers.
'Ade, look now'
'In still eating's, I snapped at her.
And Celine laughed and I pretend not to notice.
'Okay, let me read it to you'
 She unfolds the marked page and reads it out.
'... Yes, I am expecting a child, from the very talented, hard working Opeyemi. You know her oil paintings and I've been a fan for sixteen years now, and I'll always admire hard working, women. I don't know about any other woman out there with my baby. If any money grubbing human being thinks she can extort money from me, then she is in for a show down'
 How is this any of my business? I think to myself and continue to eat off the plump shrimps in my soup.
'Ade, I am battle ready and my reply is here...'
 Ajoke was carrying both twins and rocking them. It was like a free film show and the star could not be bothered.
'He thought he had won, thrown a big blow, abi?'
 Nnoye smacked the other newspaper.
'Read, my reply'
  I wash my hands, dry them and pick up the paper.

 Am I seeing double? What the hell did this idiot just write about me?

'Are you fucking kidding me?', I snapped at her.
'Why on earth would you put my private business and life in a public newspaper?'
 I was screaming and shaking, everything was in there. Daniel trying to snatch me from his best friend and his back and forth relationship with her. In pictures and in real life.

 This definitely, has broken the camel's back. Nothing can stop what is coming...

**Season 2, Episode 4**
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Adebusola Ukayat Elegbede is a Playwright and Content creator with a passion for real life challenges. Born in Kaduna state and lives in Lagos Nigeria, she has a passion for story telling from the perspectives of characters in conflicting situations. I started out on the New Writing Project in Nigeria with the British Council Lagos Nigeria and The Royal Court Theatre, Sloane Square U.K. My passion for creating stories led to comic books, television drama's and an online journal on my website (busolaelegbede.com). As part of the WPIC in Stockholm Sweden 2012, the experience has forged life long friends and ignited my passion as a volunteer and advocate for human rights and the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

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