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Ade's Journal Part 6
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Saturday, 18 February 2017

Sand Pebbles, Grind And Wear Down To Dust


     Shifting and grazng a each other, shoving and pushing to make room for the dominant one. A symbiotic existence and a competitive one, ensures that the remnants travel far andwide. Impacting lives as they do. Negatively and positively. Sand Pebbles, Grind And Wear Down To Dust. Traveling all around the continent, dig a change in the season and an end and a Beginning. Allergies erupt and Huan beings sneeze and react to my presence. Dust mites, feed and live in our midst. Growing fat and thriving, springing new life and surviving. Angry lazy hands, Wie away evidence that I was here, proving that they care to their fellow man. Abandoned buildings gather up layers of dust, proof that I was here, that we are still here. Shoving and pushing one another, grinding and shaking as we move up the ladder. Climbing and crashing, until someone else is affected and reacts and alerts others that we are here. Like unseen forces, we creep up slowly into your space. Like a bad rumor, spread by an ignorant illiterate. Believing any jargon, spread by anyone appearing to be enlightened.
The father of three waved what could not be seen and tries to push away millions of dust particles. Afraid his wife and children are not safe, he does the unthinkable.
Daddy brings out a clear bottle with liquid that isn't clear. It looks like a sugary drink. But as he opens the bottle. It's obvious what it is, it's petrol. He dabs some on his white handkerchief and covers the nostrils of his five year old son. The struggling little child is held down by his frail looking wife. Don't do that to him, I screamed and if looks could kill.. I should be dead. Why are you complaining? The entire public bus passengers complained and I thought I was in a nightmare. He forced his six and seven year old daughter's to inhale some and his wife willingly did the same. I could not believe my eyes. Finally he too inhaled some as we drove into a petrol station. It's to detoxify my family, the ignorant illiterate explained. I start to tell him all the ways that he could destroy their lungs and poison his family. The petrol attendants asked if he has protected his family, that he needs to buy some fuel. I could not believe my ears, even this young man that seems enlightened was propagating this dangerous custom. What toxins are you protecting your self from, with petrol I asked this bus filled with false believers of a dangerous practice. They all point to my large brown leather hand bag. The dust that has accumulated on this road trip was all over my bag. Harmless dust over Toxic Fuel, I hope someone is reading this. Please tell people to stop this dangerous practice. Who even started this kind of dangerous rumor? Just bless it and you will be fine, a woman adds and buys a litre of petrol for the road. It reminds me of the tragic story of the people who eat annoyed rat poison and died. Why are lives wasted like this? I am just glad I am by the window. The smell of petrol in this vehicle is dangerously high and as they beg me to wind up the vehicle, I reject it. As thank God I chose to seat by the window, even though it's ruffled my hair up and out of the bun I put it into.

         Cracking open the shell, that captured and convinced me to break free from my past, is a lifetime achievement.
  It's been exactly a year and six days, since I started to fill up my journal, Ade's Journal. It is my personal therapy, my unbiased listener and the one person I can be angry at, or childish with. No judgement, no criticism, just unfiltered me.
  Long, long, ago, Interesting, unrestricted me, started a journal. I was sixteen and remember that it was encrypted. This is because, four years after finding the abandoned journal, it took me two months to decode it. I was too naive and worried, that the information in it would leak. That someone would find it, and publish it. I didn't want the world to see that, vanity plagued my mind and that I was ashamed I was still a virgin, even though I told the world otherwise. Oh, how naive and innocent I was. Now, I have lost my innocence, the rules I followed back then, I have broken it all. I am not a philanthropist or anything, instead I dream and aspire to get fame and fortune my way. That innocent girl wanted to die knowing she married, one man. This girl done vanish, This one, wey her eye, done chook. Wants to be as scandalous as Elizabeth Tailor and her many marriages, wants to be like Erelu and get people guessing which billionaire is the father of my last child. If I fail again at love. I always wanted to be in sin city by the time I hit forty, plotting my next movie script with my mentor Steven Spielberg and Tunde Kelani.
   So, what happened?
I am in love, so I don't need to be scandalous and I am pregnant and about to start a new generation.
 The horn blasting outside is one I recognize. Nnoye is here again and back from her trip. The girl can Waka.

 Right now, I am afraid. Henrik passed out and the doctor's said they didn't find anything. That it was all exhaustion. I am watching him sleep and cannot say I believe them. His eyes look sunken in, like there is something wrong. Maybe they don't want me afraid in my situation. I know he has a history of family diseases and I remember he mentioned an uncle had a brain tumor that was misdiagnosed for years. I insisted at the hospital that they do an MRI scan.
The results did not do much to ease my anxiety but at least he is fine.
 I put my journal back in my safe with my pen and shut it. Weird, right? Henrik said, at my own time or when I'm seventy that I should let him read it. For now it's all sweet and fairy tale like. If only he knew. But I respect, that he respects my privacy. I put it in a safe to stop him from being tempted to pick it up to read it.
 My unserious friend is horning again. I rush out of the house and scream at her.
'Stop it, you will wake Henrik up'
 She raised both hands and stepped out of the vehicle.
'Have, how now? How was Valentine?'
 She dragged her last word and hugged me.
'Fabulous', I did not want her dwelling on Henrik.
'If you see what I witnessed on my way back'
'Hope not an accident'
'People were sniffing petrol's
'That it detoxifies...'
'Nnoye, stop lying'
'I swear to God who made me...'
'Ade, children and entire families'
'Lord have mercy'
'I brought kilishi'
 I grabbed it and hugged it, she always knew how to make me smile.
'Thanks Nnoye'
  She gave me gist about her Valentine and all the royal treatment.
'He is perfect but stingy'
'He won't give me cash and as much as I like premium things. I like to buy my own things too'
'Idibia's job will give you Cash's
'That is school fees money, I am not touching that'
'Would you like to be my brand ambassador?'
'Ade, you think I am razz'
'Razz is in vogue'
'You no well'
'I'll give it to Ajoke then'
'Ajoke is already rich, stop am ooo'
'You will always be scandalous and look at how much likes you got on Instagram for my design. The one you wore to see Ibori'
 Nnoye looks at it, claps and danced.
'And I'm not even on Instagram', she adds.
'It's Celine's labels Instagram page's
'How much are we talking about here?'
'Celine drafted the contract and this line states the terms and conditions'
 Nnoye did not really read it, her eyes went straight to the earnings page.
'Abeg bring Biro'
'Nnoye read the contract, I'm recording this for future purposes'
 I was not, but I wanted her to read it. Nnoye adjusts her weave and quickly applied some make up.
'Nnoye, you will never change'
 I did record eventually with my phone and send it to Celine.
'Ade, gist me. So how far with Celine'
 I feigned ignorance.
'You know I was with a guy I didn't marry, who never divorced his wife'
'The situation is different'
'Ade, stop defending her'
'They will make it, somehow'
'No divorce, no relationship'
  I was upset by the truth of her statement, but chose to calm down. I exhaled and rest my head on my couch.
'You are right, time will tell'
 Actually, she would soon be back and I don't want Nnoye here when she gets back. I want the gist hot and fresh out of the oven.
'I think I will keep it, and you?'
 Nnoye's words startled me, didn't know she knew I was pregnant.
'Ade, my baby. I'm pregnant, remember'
'Of course you are', I was a bit relieved.
'I think a baby girl would be perfect, i already have a boy. She would have Daniel's eyes'
 I say nothing.
'It's his, you know'
'I don't know'
'His linage is perfect you know, old and new money. A family history and libage, traced back, four hundred years'
'Good for you'
'Henrik too has roots that date back even longer. Did I ever hear you say he has native American roots?'
'And viking'
'Your kids are blessed'
'Thanks dear'
 I rest my head and shut my eyes.
'I see Henrik did not let you sleep'
 I smile.
'I'll catch up later, just before Celine goes back to Paris'
'Exactly', I said yawning hard and loud.
 And as she hugs me and leaves, I tuck myself deep into my succulent couch.

  The smell of Panla, romancing crayfish and fresh pepper, woke me up.
I opened my eyes to a tray of hot Amala and vegetable soup. I grab a slice of Panla and loved how the cod fish engulfed my taste buds.
 Henrik had made me lunch.
'You should not have'
'I ruined Valentine for you'
'You survived and made my Valentine, I'd never get another Valentine like that'
 We both dig into the meal with our hands and enjoy the meal.
'You Googled taking care of tumor patients'
'Yes, I need to be prepared'
'I'm not sick'
'The doctors confirmed it, I just wanted to know how to handle it if you were'
'We will grow old together'
'Grow, old gray and bent'
 It prompts us to laugh and hug each other, I am truly blessed.
  Henrik falls asleep again, the medication he is on is to help him rest and relax. And I love how he looks when he is sleeping and wonder if he watches me too, as I sleep.

   My dear friend is back and Celine looks exhausted. I can tell something is wrong too. Just as she is about to open the door, I open my door.
'What's wrong?'
 Celine staggers into my living room and slumps into my couch.
'I don't know if I want to keep being the other woman'
'You know it's not Pierre's fault'
'They can grant the divorce if he wants it, it's not the eighteen hundreds. He can get a divorce by force and has not'
'I just found out'
 I rock my friend.
'If he won't, I'll defer my course and continue next year'
'You won't go back?'
'Should I?'

  It was a legitimate question, and I had no answers for her. If you are in my shoes, what would you say?

**Season 2, Episode 2**
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Adebusola Ukayat Elegbede is a Playwright and Content creator with a passion for real life challenges. Born in Kaduna state and lives in Lagos Nigeria, she has a passion for story telling from the perspectives of characters in conflicting situations. I started out on the New Writing Project in Nigeria with the British Council Lagos Nigeria and The Royal Court Theatre, Sloane Square U.K. My passion for creating stories led to comic books, television drama's and an online journal on my website (busolaelegbede.com). As part of the WPIC in Stockholm Sweden 2012, the experience has forged life long friends and ignited my passion as a volunteer and advocate for human rights and the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

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