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Tuesday, 28 March 2017

A Termites Tale Of The Coin That Time Stole


   The heavy burden on its tiny translucent back, seemed to weigh down on the tiny creature. Anyone watching could not help but want to help as The piece of the Beautiful a Maple Leaf, carved and sliced by its tiny jaws. This piece is from a woven branch, the kind artists love to illustrate and carve. The maple leaf was going to feed the lot or shield the larvae. The certainty of it all was unclear, but the stench from the rotten wood would definitely feed the hungry bunch. Mine was A Termites Tale Of The Coin That Time Stole, but it never ends right? I'm on this threadmill of unending cycle. Go and fetch wood, slice young shoots and bring in carcasses of juicy meals that will lead the way for the next generation. I'm not the fastest or the strongest, but I see it. The loophole in this Ferris wheel of deciet, I am stuck and the friends I move with are too. I want to climb up the ladder of success but I am stuck like glue to this rot. I trust only two people and we have been planning this heist for years. Like clockwork, we would scramble the security footage with a higher technology. Use a laminated wooden ladder to move this Thier precious coin made of gold. Who would miss it? Why should it go to waste? We have our plans ready, down to smelting it to gold chains and shipping it out with the container short of one hundred pounds of gold. This tiny worker termite has thought of everything. I'm tracking the nine hundred and ninety nine point nine pure gold, pass off as normal jewelry. It's crossed to Amsterdam and has long left Germany. I'm glad part of it has been shipped to Saudi, America and Africa. Soon, it will all be untraceable. But just in case, I will bite hard into the records of the inventory and start a fire. This way, I can't be traced to any of it. Too bad the guard didn't think that far ahead and it's a good thing that we never met. His five hundred thousand Euros will be confiscated and his family blacklisted. To dine with the devil is hard, but to bask in the reward is heavenly.... I hear something, someone... I am not been sincere, to dine with the devil is hard. Im afraid of any mistakes I have made and I'm suspicious of everyone. Is this how I'm going to live the rest of my life? This worker bee is scared, are you?

           It's all very unique and movie like, I mean how does something that Precious get stolen? I can't wait to see the movie, hope they catch the thieves. Yes, I'm a government worker. Concerned about a gold coin I didn't know existed Until three-day ago. It's all so enchanting and exciting to me. The two thousand and seventeen record breaking heist, to think with all the technology in the world, none captured any footage of the heist.
Na real wa, wonders shall never end.

      Back to my dramatic life jare, I am at the food joint and an old friend surfaces.
 Nnoye froze as she spotted me and Celine pinched me with no intention of hiding her shock. Celine said in a loud voice with no intention of masking her voice or whispering.
'Have you seen her since the hospital?'
  The answer was no and somehow Nnoye took the blame for me almost losing my babies. It sounds ridiculous right now. But then, I was a little lost, scared and vulnerable. And now, my friend had somehow found me. She was arm in arm with.... You would not believe it, but Daniel Ojora. His arm was around her waist and she was leaning into him.
'Did you know?', Ajoke adds.
 I shake my head.
'Hey, Ade hi', Daniel tried to act normal.
'So you are now with Nnoye', it was Ajoke's way of clarifying what she thought she was witnessing.
 Nnoye turns to Daniel and plants a kiss on his lips and we all look away and back to the odd couple.
'What about Opeyemi?', I asked out loud.
 The question was supposed to be silent and in my mind.
'At home with my neice', Daniel adds unapologetically.
 Ajoke pat's his back and chuckled.
'Player, this man eh... You will never change'
 I don't know if she was mocking the situation or praising him. We watched them eat off the same plate and then had to go.
 Inside the car, we started.
'Let my driver take us', Ajoke suggests.
'In not leaving my car's, I grumbled.
'He will drive us, leave my car and come back for it'
 The man frowned and Ajoke claps her hands.
'I will settle you, don't worry. This gist is too hot...'
 Inside my car, Shoe say in front and faced us at the back, throughout the journey.
'So, Daniel is using Opeyemi as babysitter and cruising round town with his ex?'
  It was a rhetorical question and Celine clapped her hands.
'Your friend is good'
'Celine, she is our friend'
'Like play, like play those two will end up together'
'Ade, na God save you'
'Ajoke how?'
'If you had just agreed for that loose man eh, you for born for am and two of your friends'
'I disagree', Celine protests.
'Oya oooo, tell me what's
'If Daniel Ojora... No, if Ade had agreed to date Daniel. He would be a different man'
'Dey there dey deceive yourself', Ajoke mocked Celine.
'You know you two are jjc's when it comes to men. He would have tried to change for or friend, but his true nature would eventually come out'
'I disagree, he would be tempted but love will conquer it all', Celine the hopeless romantic adds.
'Celine, I am no longer a naive believer of fairytales. A leopard does not change its spots'
'Ade give me five'
 We both high five and Celine frowns.
'A lion is born with spots and then looses it as he matures. Don't assume he is a leopard'
'Celine, you are a hopeless romantic, Ade and I are realists. Daniel Ojora is a lion alright but only because he will keep a harem of lioness's close. Ade my dear, you dodged a bullet'
 Her words lingered on and a brand new Rav 4, parked beside us because of the red light. In the passenger seat was another bullet I took and survived. He was trying to get my attention.
 His driver was a lady all clad in gold and stroking his unshaved face.
He kind of waved and I grabbed my baby bump. Frank shakes his head and stretched to see if I was really pregnant. His actions caught the attention of the driver. She kind of looked like me. The traffic light was green and Ajoke looked and caught him staring at me. I was not looking at the serial cheater. My eyes was on the road and the girl stared at me as we drove off.
'Was that Frank?', Celine asked looking back at the Toyota SUV.
'The past will always linger around, but it's nothing but the past. Our future is bright and drama free and....
The sound of the horn blasting from the Rav 4 hounds us and we turn to the pyscho driver trying to get our attention.
 Ajoke, Celine and I turn to the driver that was about to ram into the car. Ajoke's driver swerved and avoided been hit by her and slowed down. This impulsive girl slams the break and reversed and parked in front of our parked car.

 So Frank has graduated from gullible women to psychotic women, am I surprised? Of course not.
Our clueless driver parked properly and got out to reign abuses on the bejeweled maniac.
 I just covered my face and prayed skittle prayer out loud, softly and then looked up.

'Come out ooo, come out. See I have all your time. And I am ready for all of you, legally and physically. I am not afraid'

  See me see trouble ooo, should our driver have stopped for this mad woman?
Frank steps out of the car and tries to calm her down. She smacked him and points at the car.
'I have anulled every fake wedding he has had with all of you. Our wedding will hold, weather you like it or not'

 The car was locked and I expected Ajoke to tell the driver to come back into the car. Instead Ajoke opened the door like a shark smelling blood.

 Today is not a good day to look for trouble at all at all. I am cranky and tired and Ajoke is in her troublesome mood.

 What's a girl to do? The Rav 4 has blocked us and we are causing traffic in Victoria Island Lagos State.
 This drama just got even more interesting....

**Season 2, Episode 13**
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Adebusola Ukayat Elegbede is a Playwright and Content creator with a passion for real life challenges. Born in Kaduna state and lives in Lagos Nigeria, she has a passion for story telling from the perspectives of characters in conflicting situations. I started out on the New Writing Project in Nigeria with the British Council Lagos Nigeria and The Royal Court Theatre, Sloane Square U.K. My passion for creating stories led to comic books, television drama's and an online journal on my website (busolaelegbede.com). As part of the WPIC in Stockholm Sweden 2012, the experience has forged life long friends and ignited my passion as a volunteer and advocate for human rights and the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

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