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Saturday, 11 March 2017

Frank Called And The Vampire Died


       Sticky and moist, I stretch and try to latch onto something. My folks are like me too, just slice and they will reproduce. Just like an earthworm in a rich moist loamy soil. Only, my world isn't all moist and rich. It is dry and absent of moisture or anything that encourages growth. Let me explain my predicament, I was born into a home filled with love, my mother hawked fufu and sent us all to school. Yes, all eight of us, the man that put her in the family way, nine times, has gone with the wind. Yes, nine times, my twin sister died. Maybe it's the reason I've felt empty and lost, all these years. Oh and I just found out I had a twin, my mother hid it from me. She thought I would want to join my dead twin and wanted to protect me. What did the poor naive woman know? I'm sad and alone, not like you think, I've got and put my girlfriend and my side chick in the family way. The first had a set of twins and that's when, my mother exposed my past and the secret. My baby's mama, is now in Lagos, married to a young engineer. The second baby mama, is even worse, she did a scan to prove that, she too had twins growing in her belly. The news was not good, they are quadruplets. So, I am two children, shy, of the number of children my father has. So, will I watch another man raise them? Or am I going to step up and be a man? There's only one thing I can do. The creeks call me and the man they call Vampire approached me. He liked that I had kids already, but he had good news for me. He is an educated fool, with an endless dream that did not materialize. But, unlike me, he would never let any woman walk away. I watched him brag about the day his life changed. It was the day he murdered his baby Mama, her sister and all four children. I cringed, in the cramped up canoe, we were in. How did I get here? My innocent face, got me here I am told. And five hundred thousand Naira, cash. I knew, it was going to be a dirty deal, but I did not want to end up a story on National television. You know the news headline I'm talking about. The one, where a mother has multiple birth and the father, runs away. If you must know, that was my father's story. Seven children, then twins, was all the excuses he needed to abandon us all. That was then, right now I am moved and forced into this mess. The statement that got me here, is a very cruel one. My side chick, actually said it to my face, that she would cry for help, if I didn't step up. She would call, all the media and remind them that my father too could not cater for his children. The curse of the father, seemed to be following me. I had to break this horrible circle of poverty. Back to my boat ride, I was enjoying tales from our boat rider. I bent to pick up, what looked like a dried up octopus. And then I felt it and heard a strange gargling sound. The vampire was laughing and licked the knife he just used to kill the not so innocent boat rider. I could not hide my shock and then he kicked the dying man into the lagoon. Declaring that he was a loud mouth that would have exposed, him the vampire. Now I was scared, I wanted to jump into the water and swim away. But I can't swim and I watched the other passengers sharpen knives and clean guns. Nervously, I asked for mine and they laughed. I thought about the one hundred thousand Naira, I sent to the mother of my twins. And the two hundred thousand, I gave my quadruplets mama and my poor mother, that almost died when I gave her one hundred thousand, and the shop, I bought with the last hundred thousand. Yes, I rented the wooden shop frame out for one fifty thousand, I was on my way to becoming a good entrepreneur. Only now, I'm going to be a dead one. I heard them laugh and joke about how they were going to sacrifice me to the water goddess, a beautiful man to appease her and keep the vampire alive. We reach a mangrove creek, with branches shaped like a large mamiwater, a curvy mermaid. The bones and rotten corpses around it, made me cringe and try to escape. They watched me dive into the water and struggle to stay afloat. My lungs fill up with water and then the bandit's rescue and bound me, I hear rumbling sounds and accept that I will soon meet my maker. Then, I look up and see, speed boats all around me. There are police men in them, shooting at us. The awkward shaped mangrove tree, collects a lot of gun fire and crash lands on the Vampire. He crashed and received multiple bullets. The police climb the Creek and arrests the two survivors and cart away, the Vampires corpse. They watch me and bundle me along as a victim. And I promised as we rode away, to work hard, provide for my family and never ever, try to get rich quick. I could see my life changing already as I was given a second chance....

  The tides of time have come and gone and now, I must face the wrath of the truth.
   You mind your business, and you are Antisocial. You help out and You have too much time on your hands. You speak and You're too loud, You're Silent and Many Are Crushed. I have to find a way to balance my life and to manage situations better.

   What am I supposed to do, in this situation?

 I am staring at the phone and at the number that my delusional self, once got excited over. His timing was always off and I just could not understand why or how come he keeps trying to get in touch.
 Henrik stared at the number he too recognized, I just hissed and moved the number to blocked lines. And looked up, I know what time it was. The newspaper I subscribe to, announced the death of the notorious gang leader of a criminal mind was dead. Caught amidst his human sacrifice and shot dead by the police.
 As I step out, my crew watched me, they knew I was agitated and annoyed.
'Frank died and the Vampire called', I said jumblng up the facts.
'Frank is dead?', Celine asked and Ajoke did a small dance. It was cute and funny and I chuckled.
'Frank Called And The Vampire Died'
 Ajoke and Celine watched Henrik, as if waiting for an answer.
'She blocked his line, let's all go home'
 Bala showed up, carrying the twins and asking if I'm fine. I put his mind to rest and give the twins a peck each. They stretch out for their mother and Ajoke stretched her arms and received them.
 We all had places to go and said our goodbyes.

  It was another two days, before Daniel Ojora was available. And even though, I wanted to drive, Henrik didn't let me. I was anxious and agitated and I was not sleeping well. The doctor's said I was fine, just my body releasing hormones, making me hyperactive.
 The change was good for me and I was looking forward to seeing his young nephew.
 The drive to Daniel's house left me more agitated and struggling with the seatbelt, that felt more like a constrictor.
'Maybe, you seat at the back from now on'
 I cut my eyes at my husband and adjust and readjust the belt.
'Let's me move to the back', I said on a defeated tone.
 I did not want the seatbelt on me, at all at all.
At the back, I return my head on my clapped hands and shut my eyes. Sleep grabbed and whisked me away.
 The sound of the baby crying, woke me up and I stretch and look around me.
 Daniel Ojora was trying to rock the agitated baby. I cupped my growing baby bump and opened the door to the car.
 With arms wide open, I watched Henrik and Daniele arch me.
I carry the delicate rubbery boned baby and he tucked himself into and under my Bossom. He seemed calm and I whispered.
'His food'
 Daniel gave it to me and I fed the baby, it was a relaxing feeling Andi watched him fall asleep.
'Where is Opeyemi?'
'We had a right'
'Over what, not this Precious innocent life?'
'No, she got a year residency and I didn't want her to go'
'What for?'
'She's pregnant with my child'
'So, she should not exist or work because she is pregnant?'
'No, but she can wait, do the program another time'
'It's a course?'
'For a Fellowship'
'So the Fellowship, promised to wait a year for her?'
 It was a rhetorical question and Daniel understood it.
'She can't just leave'
'She will resent you for it, may end up depressed. Is that what you want'
'I can't wait a year for her'
'But in a reversed situation, she should?'
'Ade, this is Nigeria'
'Exactly, whatever will be will be' I add and Daniel shakes his head.
'Let's all go inside's, Henrik suggests, afraid I will be bitten by a mosquito and catch maleria.
'Let's go', I agree and gently stand up and tried not to wake the baby.
'Here, take him', I hand the baby to Daniel.
'He will wake up's, he grumbled.
'Take deep long breaths, in and out and then take him'
 Daniel shut his eyes and then after ten calming breaths, he collected his nephew.
The boy slept like the baby he was, and Daniel smiled at me.
'How did you learn this?'
'My mum'
'Good, I have catfish and goat meat pepper soup and...'
'Catfish sounds perfect', I add.
 My phone rings and Henrik looks at the number and then picks my phone up.
'Frank, what do you want?'
 Daniel turns to Henrik.
'Frank ke? What does the fool want?'

  I did not care about the past, only the future. And I know that some mistakes, don't want to go away. Ifv her likes, he should keep calling, my priorities are different now.

 Or am I been naive to not take this his come back, seriously?

**Season 2, Episode 8**
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Adebusola Ukayat Elegbede is a Playwright and Content creator with a passion for real life challenges. Born in Kaduna state and lives in Lagos Nigeria, she has a passion for story telling from the perspectives of characters in conflicting situations. I started out on the New Writing Project in Nigeria with the British Council Lagos Nigeria and The Royal Court Theatre, Sloane Square U.K. My passion for creating stories led to comic books, television drama's and an online journal on my website (busolaelegbede.com). As part of the WPIC in Stockholm Sweden 2012, the experience has forged life long friends and ignited my passion as a volunteer and advocate for human rights and the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

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