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Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Prostitutes And Pimp's Negotiate Admist Troubled Takwa Bay Waters


   Inside a dug hole, I peep with eyes on two sticks. They are armorless and exposed and the salty waters, scratch and sink into each slice, sharp sand and sharp salt. They hurt my eyes, but I must see as I hold on to a dream, leading me into an endless abyss. The darkness is a reflection of how I feel and as the earth trembles, I hope that a prey is nearby. So I lift my body out of the hole, too sure the shell around my body will protect me. Such lies I tell myself, for as I lift myself with awkward limbs, I am knocked hard on my head, this sea crab is in trouble. I have been tricked and realize that I am the prey. The predator had mimicked, that which I savor. A delicious succulent, rich meal and now I am in a trap.
Way back, I was ashamed of Wherever you may want go, I told myself, that I would like to be there. I don't mind the scorching heat or my dry throat, closing and clamping down hard, dehydrating me and just stressing me. All I want is to be cloaked in gold. How naive, I was. But the truth is so far off now and I have been used too many times to believe my own lies. I'm not in the mood to be stopped or talked to, I just want to rest my aching feet and tired calves. But life is never fair, all people want, is to be served and obeyed, like I'm a primitive Robot with no artificial intelligence in my blueprint. I'm living, no sorry, existing and I can't stand my life right now. And these busybodies won't let me be. They have the guts to ask my, why I look old, why I used up so much water, why I wear a bra under my swim suit. The number one problem, is that they won't mind their business. Number two is that I need to be faster and more into it, than I appear. I mean into people, I seem not to be able to care for them or any being. Liars, them all, but what about me and my thoughts and utterances.
Do you know, what I said to a seven year old girl?
I asked, 'sexy', a child, how she was doing and said she was fine, as in Beautiful. The exact words my pump said to me as a child. The lies, he told, that entrapped me forever. This Takwa Bay is my funeral and my resurrection. The child's mother corrects me and reminds me, how inappropriate I sound. I actually sound like I was auditioning her to join my shameful profession. I am ashamed that I have to negotiate my going rate with this amoeba looking white man, this formless black man, with hair on his neck and stomach. I am ashamed that, I have to ask my pimp, if we should accept his tacky offer. Why I use the word 'we', is pathetic. There is nothing my pimp, does but to keep the other greedy sea urchins, from trying to defile me. Which I can do myself, normally. But this Takwa Bay is different, the ratio of men to women is about thirty to one. How do you win? You don't for now, instead, you buy a cheap cigarette from the aboki and joke about, what we would do, when we outnumber men.
 So, even though, the child has gone with her mother, I hopelessly try to catch the mother's friend. Hoping she swings both way, I tell her that I can help her take her selfies. She feigns a smile and rejects my offer. And when her friend returned, they move away quickly, afraid I will infect the seven year old with my pathetic path. Finally, I light the cigarette and wave my fake nails about and crack derogatory joke. I over hear the friend, grumble about our defiance, about how we negotiate openly, while families, walk on by. And hear her try to catch the name and name our desperation, our debuchery.
 Finally, on my last puff before the customer takes me away, into the waters to test the transaction, I hear the words she picked. Prostitutes And Pimp's Negotiate Admist Troubled Takwa Bay Waters, and I agree and ray someone reads this and ends my nightmare.
   How can this happen to me? All the noise and running, all around me made me him and cry. I rock the baby, that I am afraid I have lost and craddles the womb that housed my joy.

    Life is such a cruel joke.

   One minute, you are worried about trivial things, like your past relationships in the news, or a friends betrayal. All now meaningless. What matters is life and the Precious gift of surviving.
 The tears are heavy on my cheeks as they roll down and Ajoke side hugs me and I cry in her chest. Celine is repeating, the words, 'It's okay'. And I am aching for Henrik to appear and just be here with me.
  The hospital door, swings open and the love of my life enters. As in....
I thought I was crying before, I started to wail and hug him and explain and appologize to him.
'Ade, you didn't do anything wrong', Henrik tries to reassure me.
'I've lost the baby', I said collapsing to the floor.
'Dont mind her oooo, the doctor's have not said anything', Celine adds and lifts me off the ground.
 The doctor enters the room and stops walking in.
'What is going on here?'
'Just tell me the truth', I scream in-between tears.
'Madam, stand up first, then we will talk', the doctor adds softly.
 I look in her eyes and stop crying, wipe away my tears and sit on the chair.
'Can you ladies excuse us, you are the father right?'
 The doctor asked and Henrik agrees and Celine and Ajoke exit the room.
'Is, are they, alright?'
 The doctor smiled at my question and I feel stupid for panicking and mourning my baby that was still alive.
'Yes, your baby is fine. When you calm down, we can listen to the heartbeat and...'
 I know it was good news, but I had to ask.
'Why did I bleed?'
'Stress, most likely, the test revealed that everything is fine'
'Doctor, can't you put plaster of Paris, on my leg. To reduce any chance of me been stressed?'
 It was something, I always said I would do. If I had babies and I am no longer in my twenties'
'No, you don't have any fracture, so no. If there were complications, then you will be bed ridden'
'You know I can't stay in one place, so I'd put P.O.P, on my legs and hang them'
 The doctor laughed and I laughed at how he laughed, so cartoonish.
 My husband was quiet and didn't say a word, he just massaged my back.
 He exhaled hard and ran his hands over his thighs.
'I'm just glad, you two are fine', and he squeezed my hand.
'So, I can keep looking for trouble?'
 You should see the look on Henrik's face, as he vehemently disagrees.
'You need to rest and exercise a little, walks and regular, daily activities that would keep your heart pacing and healthy'
'Doctors orders?', I asked.
'Doctors, advice'
 We both laugh and as I stand up, Henrik stands. I hug him and laugh.
'We are fine', I try to reassure him.
Henrik is not himself and isn't telling me something, I hope it's not something bad.
'Let's me speak with the doctor', Henrik says.
 I start to follow him and he stops me.
'Tell, Celine and Ajoke the good news', and he shuts the door and shuts me out.
 Before I can protest, my girls join me.
'What did the doctor say?', Celine asks.
'That, we are fine'
'Thank God, I was already suspecting Nnoye', Ajoke's words are pregnant with meaning.
'Suspect her for what?', I asked, not sure what she was trying to say.
'Witchcraft, it happened when we were scolding her'
'Ajoke, is that why you told her we will update he later?', Celine was in disbelief.
'Dey there, you accuse a witch and...'
 I cut her off and just didn't need to hear any scary, superstitious belief, right now.
'And I am fine, we are all fine', I remind my friend.
'Then, why is Henrik meeting the doctor, alone?'
 Yes, it made me think about, all sorts.
I watch the door and storm back into the doctor's office.
'Why are you, seeing the doctor alone?'
 The doctor stands up.
'Please sit down', the doctor says.
 I was going to protest, when I found myself in the chair.
'Tell me'
'Daniel's sister, died during child birth', Henrik said, almost crying.
'Which one, how, when?'
'Doctors error, they are saying. I was not sure if I should tell you, but the doctor said I should'
 I didn't know I screamed.
Celine and Ajoke run in and I shake my head.
It's so painful, to hear about such a tragic, avoidable situation.
'And the baby?'
'A boy, it's with Daniel right now. The husband is confused, such a young guy. A government worker, with Federal Inland Revenue'
 Such news, should be in the past, not in 2017. Poor family.
'Who is with Daniel?'
'Didn't I mention it, Opeyemi isnow a live in...'
'No you didn't'
 Not that, I care to know.
'Maybe her soul rest in Peace'
 All my friends, echoed a loud amen, as I prayed for my bab6 and I.
The phone rings and I look at it, you will never guess, who was calling?

 Just guess....

 I chuckle at the thought of hearing anything, right now.

Isn't life, such a huge mystery?

**Season 1, Episode 7**
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Adebusola Ukayat Elegbede is a Playwright and Content creator with a passion for real life challenges. Born in Kaduna state and lives in Lagos Nigeria, she has a passion for story telling from the perspectives of characters in conflicting situations. I started out on the New Writing Project in Nigeria with the British Council Lagos Nigeria and The Royal Court Theatre, Sloane Square U.K. My passion for creating stories led to comic books, television drama's and an online journal on my website (busolaelegbede.com). As part of the WPIC in Stockholm Sweden 2012, the experience has forged life long friends and ignited my passion as a volunteer and advocate for human rights and the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

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