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Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Drowning, This Suicide Victim Cried For Help.


    Clustered and wiggling their moisture keeps them alive. These unwanted magots fighting to complete their metamorphosis to change into the next phase of their short lives. No one likes how they look or what they feed on, the outcasts in a world filled with diverse creatures. Jellyfish is formless and shapeless, with a sting that can kill ten grown men. Yet, people are in awe with them and do not loathe them like they do magots. Imagine you are one of these unlucky bunch. Trying to pass the exams that comes easy to most. Fighting to get and earn a living in a world that does not forgive failure. I am in tears, crying and begging for a reason to live. Clasping and grabbing at straws, soaked in poisonous chemicals. Should I even still try? Hope is lost and I'm tired of crying. Life put me a an old rail track of failure and i choose to walk away from it all. There is no need, I have been cursed to never succeed. Maybe this time, I will succeed and frown. As polluted waters fill my lungs, I see the future. I am destined to do more. To forever fight and for the first time in my life, I am fine with failure. I will fail at this task I have given myself. I choose not to die and then Drowning This Suicide Victim Cried For Help. Too late, I can't even fail at this. I'm going to be a stain on my family lineage, that suicide victim that drowned because life was too tough to handle. Maybe I am sick, depressed and went undiagnosed throughout my short four decades on this wicked earth. I heard a loud splash and wonder if heaven would let me in. Pain from my lungs, chest and earlobes made me cough out water. I open my eyes to a crowd gathered all around me and cough out a stream of water. And then, I start crying. I am not dead but I am alive and familiar faces stare at me in disbelief. Tell us you slipped and fell, that you did not just try to kill yourself. Someone shoved her and I heard them whisper, obviously he did. I start to cry and ask why I am not dead. You have more to offer and do, use your failure as a ladder and prove you are stronger. I hug her and cry and feel them place me on a stretcher and slip into slumber. Awake in the hospital, my sister paced up and down and bit her nails. She looked back at me and screamed. Blamed me for bringing down the family name and adds that it's all over the news. If only I had suceeded. I proclaimed and she snapped both fingers over her head. God forbid.
If it doesn't get better, I will succeed... And we will cover up, she adds with no remorse. To her, the water in my brain gave me delusions. I could never be suicidal in her mind. I smiled and she points, how can a suicide victim smile? And I realized why, the lies we tell ourselves are too many. She too was failing her course, had no money to go back to school and just found out that her fiance was already married. We all have our troubles and for her religion saved her. Who will save me from myself? She heard me speak without opening my mouth and squeezed my hand. Please talk to me, I know I am difficult. But if you had died, I may not have survived it. I poured out my heart and we cried. I told her what I could, she believed my two year failure Could be turned to success that the school could change my grades. I know better And the School had offered me counseling sessions, which I accepted. I now have a chance to start all over again. But this time, with a course I loved and could handle. My sister wont listen and I won't judge her. I just believe that this time, I can do more, do better.... So can you....
   Wow, I have never heard feedback from a suicide victim before. I didn't even know that people could be so stubborn and dogheaded. The sister was not listening and really, I understand. Just like my stupid friend isn't listening right now.
 I'm not suicidal, but I am curious about how to help if ever any of my friends are.
  Daniel was staring at me and wanted all the juicy details and Nnoye starts to move uneasily. I think she just figured out what I was about to say.
'Is this about Idibia?', Daniel asked.
'Yes', I add and stare at Nnoye.
'I thought our job was done...'
'No, we still have unfinished business'
  Henrik walks in and had a curious look on his face.
'You can renege on your end, but my reputation is on the line'
 Daniel was about to talk when Bala and Ajoke joined us.
'What did the doctor say?', Celine asked.
 Ajoke starts crying and the men all clustered and I signalled.
'She's fine, us girls will handle it'
 When they were far away and chatting with the doctor. Ajoke grabs my hand and pulls me into the room with her sleeping twins.
'Gist me, what is going on?'
'Are you or are you not crying?', I asked not sure what was going on.
'I have cried, slept, taken a sedative and my hormones are all over the place'
 Ajoke whispered as we all watch both twins sleep like babies.
'Nnoye, what did you do?', Ajoke asked cleaning tears from her face.
'Nothing', she lied.
'Idibia said you were in his bed and in his arms on Sunday and engaged on Wednesday'
'You slut', Ajoke adds.
 The babe has been trying to insult her and this is the perfect opportunity.
'I am not a slut, I love Daniel and he wanted Opeyemi and so I went with Idibia'
'Why?', Celine grumbled.
'Idibia talks too much', Nnoye hissed.
'Nnoye I saw the ring', I add.
'There's a ring?', Celine asks.
'I was going to say yes, when Daniel called'
'So he was in your office grumbling?', Ajoke adds irritated by Idibia's actions.
 I look at the door and then lock it, then hand the ladies their contracts.
Ajoke reads it and then sits on the hospital bed. Celine raised her hands and thanks God and Nnoye tears the contract into two.
 Ajoke slaps her bag and screamed.
'Are you mad?'
'Sssshhh', we all caution Ajoke.
'You are rich, why should you care?'
'Nnoye, the beauty of been rich, is getting richer. Earning money, outside my husband's circle, getting paid on my own'
 I pick up the torn contract.
'Have you read the figures?'
'I am getting married to Daniel Ojora, the father of my child'
'And Daniel will put you on expenses and all right? If you take this job, you will forever charge as a millionaire'
'Read the contract'
'Daniel will pay better', Nnoye adds.
'Before now, no. But with this competition, I can negotiate higher'
 Nnoye was smiling and stands at akimbo.
'I can open my super designer store with the money'
'Boutique, you mean'
 The French students in the room laugh at the joke. In Nigeria, clothing stores are referred to as boutiques especially large ones. But in France, a boutique is a small shop.
'What is funny?'
'Equipments alone on a large scale cost millions, a fairly large scale is better'
'Ade, you will consult on my business?'
'Of course and did you finish?"
 Ajoke laughed and I gave her a side eye.
'My fashion school! Of course'
'Just checking'
'So are you saying yes to the contradicting job?'
 We all stare at Nnoye and she was smiling.
 We all shriek and the twins wake up crying.
'Mummy is so sorry', Ajoke says rocking them back to sleep.
 Bala tries to open the door and screamed.
'Is this door locked?'
 Celine unlocks it, while I hide all contracts.
'Do not reveal this to Daniel or he will negotiate down'
'Me ke? I want to be able to say that I paid for my boutique myself. I am down'
  Bala enters and gives us all a questioning look.
'Not here, I will Gist you later', Ajoke tell her husband.
 Daniel enters and Nnoye grabs his hand, he looks at me and I turn to the twins and pat their backs.
 Henrik enters and I smile and hug my baby bump.
'You all can relax now, my babies are fine and the doctor says we can all go home'

  On my way out Daniel grabs my hand and I jolt and he lets go.
'Sorry, I just wanted to talk to you'
'What about him?'
'What did he want?'
'To actually extend the contract like he said he would'
'How and why?'
'Daniel, are you jealous?'
 Nnoye was behind him smiling at the fact that he did not know she was behind him.
'Of course not, I just smell fishy Business'
'Meaning?', I asked.
'If you have a question, ask', Nnoye adds.
 I rolled my eyes at the childish manner she was handling this.
'Your boyfriend has extended the contract so he can hang around you'
'You just said you were not jealous, so what is your own?'
'I was talking to Ade, so let me finish'
'You two should not fight', I try to quell the escalating situation.
'Ade, what did Idibia want?'
'An underdog campaign'
'For what, I already have the girl'
'Typical Ojora arrogance, nonsense and ingredients', Nnoye grumbled.
'Can he afford...'
'He is rich...', Nnoye adds.
'But stingy, he holds every Kobo as precious commodity'
'You need to see the ring he offered me'
'But you rejected it', Daniel adds.
'For a stingy guy, you need to see the contract he offered Ade.
 I tried to get her to shut up and she ignored me.
'He can't pay that much...'
'Do you know the haulage fee he pays for his jet's in a week?'
'But Ade is already creating a campaign for us'
'Yet, Idibia is the stingy one'
'Okay, you don't think I can out bid your ex's
'Haulage in a month times three'
'I'll double that'
'Ade does not do cheap jobs...'
 Now she was bruising his ego and Daniel was getting upset.
Daniel gets out his check book and puts a figure down.
'If you are not too busy, our lawyers can draft something now.
 I did not waste time, I got my lawyer on the phone. Daniel was chatting on the phone with his and we were all heading to his office. I caught him sizing me up awkwardly and got annoyed, why do guys do that?

  At Daniel's office we negotiated triple Idibia's deal, better than I ever expected but Nnoye was going to pay the price. I could tell.
When all was signed and done, Nnoye hugged Daniel and he twitched.
'He would not be fighting for you if he was your ex'
'Daniel, you were seeing Opeyemi and I at the same time'
'At least, she was faithful'
I wish I had popcorn, but my bottled groundnuts will do. I pop some in my mouth and watch.
'And pitching her against me is getting old'
'So you are finally admitting it'
'Daniel I don't have time for rubbish'
'How long ago were you with him?'
  I had to be smart,these two men were setting me up to be the reason for a breakup.
'Daniel Ojora, stop this', I snapped at him.
'Maybe you and Henrik need to be away from us girls', I suggest and Henrik leads Daniel out of the office.
  I turn to my native friend and eye her from head to toe.
'Nnoye you are so childish'
'He just won't love me and it hurts', Nnoye grumbles and starts to cry.
'He respects you and tolerates me, I wish I was not pregnant. Then I would have just married Idibia'; Nnoye confessed.
'Dont talk like that'
'If he continues to be mean to me, I might just'
'Don't make rash decisions'
'Ade, let's go for ice cream, maybe by the end of this underdog campaign... I might just be Mrs. Underdog'

  Orisirisi, this is not funny at all at all. Person get headache and na me dey drink panadol.

  The race has began and whether I like it or not, I am smack in the middle.

**Season 1, Episode 21**
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Adebusola Ukayat Elegbede is a Playwright and Content creator with a passion for real life challenges. Born in Kaduna state and lives in Lagos Nigeria, she has a passion for story telling from the perspectives of characters in conflicting situations. I started out on the New Writing Project in Nigeria with the British Council Lagos Nigeria and The Royal Court Theatre, Sloane Square U.K. My passion for creating stories led to comic books, television drama's and an online journal on my website (busolaelegbede.com). As part of the WPIC in Stockholm Sweden 2012, the experience has forged life long friends and ignited my passion as a volunteer and advocate for human rights and the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

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