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Friday, 21 April 2017

Miracle Was Buried At Birth And Grew Three Days Later


     Screwing and burrowing Deep and hard, these creatures inflict irrevocable damage
on something so beautiful and natural it is forever irreversible. Woodworms are rarely seen but the dust from munching on wood above, sprinkling wood dust on everything below piles up. And like clockwork, Every being knows, hears and sees the handwork of these abnormalities.
The hands jerk as they move and halt and make sure that everything works. A new life struggle's out of an impossible tiny hole. The smell of decaying wood filled the outside air but still they scratch and scrape at life. Waiting to sprout out and form perfectly imperfect holes. The mother grunts as if they drill into her bones. She cried and prayed and pushed and saved the pain. Alas, a cry could be heard echoing far and wide, inside the depleting bleeding forest. The mother looks around at the vanishing forest and pushed one last time. The baby fights and like amoeba, wiggles and lands on an open palm filled with sawdust. The weary eyes of the fresh new mother searches all around and listened. Alone, she looks down at the bloody baby. A life that would have made sense, five years later. But now, an inconvenience and a reason to commit this devilish act. She drops the baby and snips the Cord linking her to this secret she tried to hide.
 Now she grabs the pile of sawdust and starts to cover the baby. The child cried and the need to hide him grew as she buried his tears and cries. Like a constrictor, she squeezed hard at the earth and particles of timber and buried the truth. In pain, she walked away. Pretending that none of it happened. Day one, she was not caught, day two, she was acting all normal. Day three, she walks past the grave of her child and he cried. The sound was faint but spoke volumes. Guilt made her gasp and the timber on her head falls to the ground. Someone else heard the sound and then falls to her knees and starts digging. It was a real ironic situation. The woman digging with her bare hands, had suffered three miscarriages. She had heard babies cry all day but this time, she was at the buried child's grave. Miracle Was Buried At Birth And Grew Three Days Later. The baby wiggled and tried to suck on the hand that rescued her. The ninety nine days for the Thief was up and I knew better than to remain. Dropping the wrapper, twisted and cushioning the pain of the timber on my tiny head. The pair of eyes Watching me, proved I was not safe. And the horror in the eyes of the woman that unearthed my baby made me run. The angry mob figured out I was a liar and chased me. I tripped on my precious timber and fell and cried. Kill me, burn me alive, I know I am a monster. They stop and move away from me and reveal this childless woman rocking my dying baby. I see they have found milk for him and I know my life is over. Alas, they stop and hand me over to the police. As they photograph me, I know I am not normal and pray that God has mercy on me....
 Time waits for no living being, as for the dead they have accepted their fate. Only this time, the impossible became possible.
A baby survived, how miraculous.
My story did little to quell Ajoke's despair. Hassan had dislocated his arm and neither her nor Bala had the guts to fix it back in place. It was a freak Accident and the baby had rolled and fallen down a tight corner and got tangled and jumbled into a scrunched up corner. The doctor showed them how and then set the right arm back into place.
The baby was too tired to react and Ajoke was crying hysterically. She had to be sedated to calm her. The doctor said it was a mild sedative and coached Bala on how to fix the now detachable hand.
'Ade, why did you call?', Celine's question was genuine and made sense.
 I just was in too much shock to answer.
'I... I...', I could not answer.
 Celine grabbed my phone and saw that I had been reading the ghastly story about the mother who attempted to kill her new born child. But the child survived somehow, after been buried for three days.
'Good is merciful and Ajoke and Hassan will be fine.
The baby's twin, Hassana too had cried herself to sleep, beside her twin.
'Any gist?', Celine asked.
'We have work...'
'...I know, I'm drafting designs for Nnoye's wedding..'
 I drag her aside and whispered.
'Idibia was in my office...'
'It's a lie, him no commit suicide shaaaaa?'
'No, the ring he bought Nnoye is one in town'
'Wait ooo, which ring?'
'He is going to propose and wants us to come up with an underdog campaign...'
'Joker', Celine adds not buying any of it.
'My dear, it's no joke. Read his proposals and see the ring'
 Idibia had sent images for the campaign.
'Jesu Christi', Celine gasped at the size of the engagement ring.
'Orisirisi', Celine grumbled and claps both hands to add dramatic flare.
'And he will pay you? But you were going to do a campaign for Nnoye as your wedding gift to them. And also to promote your business' A confused Celine adds watching me for some kind of reaction.
'Yes and he is fine with that but wants my services'
 Bala was listening to us with a curious look on his face.
'And this man will pay?', he heard it all but was not sure.
 It was a good distraction from the stress he just encountered.
'I have the cheque', I add.
'Same as before?', Celine asked with a little contempt.
'Times fifty to cushion inflation'
'For now, if we deliver then more'
'But there is serious conflict of interest'
'He wants us to build on that?'
'Can you?', Celine asked genuinely.
'If I can get Daniel Ojora on board...'
 Little did I know that I was heard loud and clear, the secret is out.
'Get me on board, for what?', Daniel asked with a Stern look on his face.
  Daniel was behind me and arm in arm with his latest catch. Nnoye was happy to flash and wave her engagement ring in our faces. And loved how the people in the hallway recognized her.
'Hi, emmm. Nnoye can I speak with you?'
 The babe was high on herself and flicked her human hair sixty two inches weave, backwards. Celine starts to hiss and stops when she realized we could all hear her.
The look was different on her, but she was out to be a dramatic showstopper.
'Anything you have to say, say in front of my husband to be and I'
 See me see trouble oooo, monkey dey sleep yanga go wake am.

 Wetin she dey find?

  On a normal day, I would have. But not today. This my naive friend must have forgotten to mention she was in the arms of another. Just last week, or should I say Beginning of this week.

   No be from my mouth them go hear say, monkey done born baboon.
Okay, now you have to help me out.
What will you do if you are in my shoes?

**Season 1, Episode 20**

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Adebusola Ukayat Elegbede is a Playwright and Content creator with a passion for real life challenges. Born in Kaduna state and lives in Lagos Nigeria, she has a passion for story telling from the perspectives of characters in conflicting situations. I started out on the New Writing Project in Nigeria with the British Council Lagos Nigeria and The Royal Court Theatre, Sloane Square U.K. My passion for creating stories led to comic books, television drama's and an online journal on my website (busolaelegbede.com). As part of the WPIC in Stockholm Sweden 2012, the experience has forged life long friends and ignited my passion as a volunteer and advocate for human rights and the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

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