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Ade's Journal Part 6
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Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Be Positive It’s Possible


How long are you going to complain? How many people take advantage of you? Why?When did it start?What did you let them get away with? Why are they not paying you what you believe you are worth? What about you, has changed? Is it because you are older? The other day I was chatting with a man over seventy and he was positive, happy and full of words motivating all of us around him. He wanted everyone I know to sound this positive and hopeful. But I told that is not reality. The truth is when you glow you attract people who glow and everything around you is good and full of hope. After all, the law of attraction says like attracts like. Think about this when next you feel alone, bored and tired or unappreciated.Ask yourself, What can I do to change this aspect of my life I’m not okay with? What can I do to develop myself and get people to see value in what I do.... Which will in turn reflect in how people see me and the amount of money people are willing to pay me. Is this going to happen over night? Of course not!  If at first you don't succeed, lift yourself up and try, try, try again. Learn from the people who have excelled in the field you are interested in Succeeding in. Think, Strategize, Write out your Action plan, Carry out the Action, Stop and Analyze what you have done and then..... Start the process again.
 That's what drives me to stalk her, she thinks I want dead meat I don't. I miss the space and the chase, the taste of blood pumping through veins that my teeth sinks into and rip apart. My stripes come alive when I chase and stalk and catch my prey. Anyone is fair game, anyone I cannot mate with. These naive creatures think I am tame. They will not learn and I see she had her back turned to me. This is my one opportunity, her screams echo and the blood curdling voice travels far into the forest I would never see or taste again. My territory spanned acres, in the days of my forefathers. Today, I am a caged beast, a museum piece, a living walking breathing creature they think they have tamed.
 Look at them Throw meat tat has smell of fresh blood on it at me. Look at them shiver as I devour this beauty that has fed me fort four years. I refuse to let go of my prize and feel rocks thrown at me. Feels more like pebbles, these creatures that think they can control everything. Now I feel the impact of a sharp tranquilizer and start to sleep. I will wake up and feast on my kill and if they don't kill me, I will find another meal to quench my need to hunt. Like a rabbit hugging a basket of flowers my zoo keeper's are in serious denial.
The one factor or question that you need to be crystal clear in your mind is... Can you really tame a beast?
   The tragedy surrounding zoos can no longer be ignored. Lion seals dragging children deep into the waters and tigers mauling their feeders. I do not think I ever want to visit any, anymore.
  My new guest is a pain in the neck, she's such a dependent. Always asking for permission before doing even basic things, it's getting on my nerves.
'Ade, is my sister annoying you, yet?'
 Ajoke's question was a simple one but I did not want to give her an honest answer.
My friend falls off the couch laughing and i roll my eyes at her.
'Jibike is too nice, I told you she's a big headache'
 Ajoke's twins crawl every where and prompt Ajoke to catch them before they grab a wire or porcelain figurine.
'Ade, you need to child proof your home. Your baby is here in three months time and mine are almost walking already'
 Celine was watching us and smiling.
 Ajoke and I asked at the same time.
'I think I'm pregnant', Celine announced.
 We both shrieked and hugged our dear friend and the scream scared the twins into crying and hugging each other.
All three of us scuttled to the twins and apologize.
'What did you women do?', Bala asked running from the kitchen with a lobster pincer in his hand. Henrik too was behind him as Ajoke rocked both babies.
'Leave them, they are fine', Ajoke adds refusing to let Bala carry any of the twin who were now calm.
'Ade?', Henrik asked looking worried.
'She's fine, Celine is pregnant', Ajoke adds.
 The men congratulate her.
'I didn't say you should tell them'
'Why not?', Ajoke was struggling to safely place the twins on the ground they were fighting to get to.
'Celine?', I had that naughty look on my face and the men left knowing we wanted to talk some more.
'It's Pierre's right?'
'Yes but does he want it?'
'Why would you say that?'
'I am thinking of raising it on my own'
  Now I know something is wrong.

   Us girls need to go somewhere to sort this all out. What is really going on?

There was a time love poems reigned, now it all seemed like a distant dream.

I love that
 I love that your light sparkles
 When you make me laugh
Along past hour life marvels
Pen hued fake last
I love that four flights to paper
I taught her sights beyond her eyes
I love that your light sparkles
 When you make me laugh.

 I hope Celine truly laughs again....

**Season 1, Episode 31**
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Saturday, 27 May 2017

Pigeons Back In The Sky As I Dream of My Middle Eastern Home


   Pruning it’s gray and brown feathers, the lone bird on a mission looks left then right. Thinking and cooing out loud, it’s a real honour to be a scout, a spy, a messenger in this tight border world. Many would accept their mediocre lives and fly into trees and build nests under makeshift trees, now unfortunately under rooftops or air-conditioning unit compartments. Not me, I am disciplined and a born soldier. Give me any command and I’ll follow it meticulously. Tales passed on by my grandma from my great great grand parents, filled my naïve mind. Tales of courier pigeons delivering messages in the time of war, messages that could signal that the enemy was ahead so soldiers should retreat. Or hidden messages with locations of where meals and food supplies were, hundred or ten miles from their current positions. And best of all, spies within enemy camps betraying the enemy with crucial information disbursed on the backs of proud pigeons, messages that ensures victory for the other side.
  Eager age old messages on the backs of proud soldiers like myself. So when others wait for the grain merchant to feed them and refuse to fly far away, I choose to go to the war front today in two thousand and seventeen. The training was rigorous with designated stops coloured and coated to ensure that flying warrior’s like myself don’t miss our way. Just two miles to my rendezvous point, I see a net and try to fly over it. The miniature bag pack on my back does not let me show off my flying skills and hair like nets trick me into its web.
I signaled to the others a cry for help, one that a civilian pigeon would fly towards. But not this flock, we have been trained to divert our flight route if ever we hear fellow pigeons in distress. I am the best but I have been caught and betrayed by obviously spies in our midst.
I expect to be roasted and killed and expect my head yanked off if I do not cooperate, instead I am treated with care.
   I am ashamed to admit that the sweet water I was offered, I drank quickly. And the fresh grain, I eat as if it was my last meal. The bag pack was snatched off my back and in that moment I could read the headline..  Pigeons Back In The Sky As I Dream of My Middle Eastern Home.
 My quest for fame made me ignore the signs as I tried to breach the Kuwaitis border. My back pack was not filled with war relief messages or spies notes, instead it contained one hundred and seventy eight pills. High profit illegal drugs sold to desperate addicts at their own peril. I hang my head in shame and watch cameras film and take pictures. My family would think me dead and lost at sea, or killed by While trying to cross the borders. Thankfully, they do not watch propaganda driven television. But my troubles are just beginning, I am given a document to sign by a starving eagle. I would either be devoured by him or I would cooperate and reveal our other routes. I have done the unthinkable, become the villain in this adventure I thought would take me back home a hero. Life choices are not fair and I just wish I could disappear. The talons of the eagle tapped on the document as I signed and then I noticed the feathers between them. It was one of the fellow smuggler’s. I have just missed death by a feather..
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Wednesday, 24 May 2017

White Feather Grass Seeds Break Away My Creed


     Sweet morning breeze sway me left then right, springing my rain soaked wings out and dislodged from my sides. It hurt and I won’t lie and the white light shined bright and called me to it. I’m hungry and long to be with my kind. But first I must feast on the delicious juice of the fact that White Feather Grass Seeds Break Away My Creed.
I land on the fluffy seeds just as it starts to disintegrate, I suck quickly at the juice that will sustain me as a gush of wind sweeps us away. Far from the green grass and towards strange stones with artificial colours. The smell is sickening and pungent. Where is this place of no return, I begin to ponder and then stop. The glorious sun has come down towards me, light and not so intense, this is heaven and I am home. My comrades dance around the light and we slam into it and dance the victory dance. A strange dark figure claps beside me and my comrade is a squishy mess on the ground beside me. The smell of death I ceases as more of my comrades fall. An ant colony calls to me in the corner of the stone building. But the sound is muffled by a cold coughing beast rumbling and spewing ice. Is this helps? I call out and they say it’s where black ants come to die after the rains. Loose your wings and join us they add and I look and spot the tiny wingless ants cry out and beg me to join and become one of their warriors. Another colleague of mine flying laughs at them. We loose our wings and return to the soil and not to weak defenseless colonies. He is hit by large sandals and reduced to a moist patch, wiped and cleaned by white tissue paper. I fly to the edge of the wall and loose my wings and run and hide underneath a dark cupboard. This is about survival and I must survive. As I run towards the hole in the cement wall. I see the large eyes Watching me and hands pick up the sandals. I run as fast as I can and dash into the hole. Safe and sound, we watch as all twenty other flying ands are quashed and scream. My voice attracts the other ants and this time they resist the light bulb illusion as it feigned the glow of the sun. Comrades join me and learn that this harsh world contains other beasts, predators that hate the bite our tiny jaws inflict on them. My comrades last act of bravery as they are quashed for trying to defend themselves. The world is different and now only has one creed, survival of the fittest and we are all stuck in the crazy whirlwinds of time.
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Friday, 19 May 2017

Two Loaves Costs Two Teeth, Knocked Out Of Their Roots


  Hope fades when you focus on negativity and time wanes when you blame everybody. Denial is the tool of the trickster, the true weapon of mass destruction. It makes you desensitized to true human rights and relish their pain. And no one enjoys inflicting pain like a rougue snake. Hunger makes it strike at its Rey and been a little anxious and peeved too. It will bite and sink it's venomous poison on a meal it cannot devour and spit at anyone that crosses its path. Unfortunately for those in its territory, it's appearance mimics it docile and tame lookalike neighbors. So the outcome of every encounter shocks it's prey and predators. Today it's predator is calm and upholds all animal rights. Her meal definitely has no face and is totally healthy and her smile contagious. Everyone has warned her to be viscous and stop tolerating unpredictable beings. But it is not in her nature, so she smiles and offers the carnivore her last goods on display.
Two Loaves Costs Two Teeth, Knocked Out Of Their Roots. The shock lingered as the taste of salty fresh blood from ones jaws mixed with her own saliva. Instinctively, she picked up her blunt bread knife and struck with all her might. The mangled flesh mixed up with unearthed scales, hung over at the edge of a rock. And the still poisonous head smiled and exposed fangs soaked in poison still waiting to strike and cause pain. She cried as she bagged the warm cold blooded body. And wrapped the head head of the snake. The trickster that proved to her that she could be viscous when provoked. A thousand begged her to give it up for free and ten thousand for a price. With her innocence eroded she only listened to the highest bidder and counted her profit. Another offered to fix her dislodged teeth but she refused. How would her legend tribe, if her scars of war were suddenly covered up?
No, the missing teeth gaps shall remain forever she bragged. Twenty thousand snakes later and a decade of decadence gone, she stares at the blue ocean from a massive yatch with complete dentures. Never again would her innocence return...

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Wednesday, 17 May 2017

When Bullets Develop Wings


   The soldier lifts the weight ten times its size with ease, as it matches along the road line with footsteps of its colleagues. No longer does this routine life fit it, it wants more. Breaking the Creed of soldier ants of Honor, soldier ants breaking boundaries. This lone ant wants to jump it's hierarchy without working, wants the Queen without honour. So it does the unspeakable, steals from the armoury to jump start it's fast track to the top. But when the scorpion stings, an entire colony is poisoned. An the experienced squadron leaders feel the brunt of defeat that has been absent for all eternity. Sensing something is seriously wrong, they start a verification exercise and open the boxes of bullets only to find harmless pebbles. The soldier ants surround the traitor that armed the scorpion and disarmed his colony. The lone ant knows the gig is up and is not ready to face the strong arm of the law. Corking his riffle, he aims at his own air head. The experienced team disarm him and extract the truth from the unpatriotic traitor. The scorpion had promised to kill the other soldiers and leave him to lead the colony. But failed to mention that he would devour the children, feast on the next generation. And leave the colony dying and with no young ones to grow up and survive. The lone traitor is shocked and in disbelief, but the blood of the innocent on the lips of the scorpion stops him in his tracks. He was naive to believe the words escaping from the lips of the beast. His fate was sealed, he would no longer have a hierarchy in the society and was doomed to the crack. Burying the dead and building new cribs for every child lost until he draws his last breath. The Queen ordered her loyal assassin's to decapitate him if ever her eyes spots his frame. Death was kinder than this hell hole, he realized that he was before now living a good life. Greed and envy ruined his chances and he would spend the rest of his life, atoning for his sins.
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Friday, 12 May 2017

1976 Jump From Animal To Man The 2014 Scorge Returns


  Breaking into a sweat, the saga returned. A lone beast staggers in the night sky, frightening the majestic owl out of the mahogany tree. The easy meal was not robust or fast, it's fur feigned riches for beneath, it was drained of all life and infectious. The horseman of death hovered above it, spinning a web of deceit and enticing all to join it, feast on it and devour it and all its ticking time bomb. The bat under a full moon screeched and limbs spread as it approaches it's prey. Mosquitoes rejoice and flee Because they are no longer on the bats menus. A curious monkey scuttled out of a swinging palm tree and the race to catch the infected rodent in the rich African forest begins. The Owl, the Bat And The Monkey Scuttled To Devour The Bitten Rodent that barely escaped the claws of an infectious Monkey. On this cruel food chain, isolated from man. War and fear chase a family to seek refuge in the lone forest as the bat swoops in to claim it's price. Fat and full the bat licked it's lips and a catapult knocked it out of the sky to the ground. The family feast on the first meal in a week over a flame they fear the rebels might see. The rodent isn't quite devoured and they rejoice at the rich protein meal they have been given. And then, it begins. The sweat and fever and in one touch, the horseman of death spun its web of the spread of the deadly disease. As the family of nine is truncated to one lone sweating man stumbling in the dark.
 Somehow, he finds a pool of water, dehydrated and weak, speaking incoherently about bats, monkeys and rats doing the job war could not. Killing his family with bleeding eyes, sweating and maiming his joy, forcing him to bury a baby in a shallow grave. He was on his knees now drinking as a girl fetched water from down stream watching. Panicked, she drops the pouch but stops and fetched the water. Mother may think her lazy but this strangers tale was horrid. By night, she had given the cluster of thirsty people water and hope. The stranger had died and was buried as the small community quiet whispers of a deadly outbreak begin. For a price, the men buried him quietly. Quelling all rumors of a spread of an outbreak. Then that week the brave girl collapsed, bleeding from the eyes and then another.
1976 Jump From Animal To Man The 2014 Scorge Returns, Ebola is back with a vengeance.

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Wednesday, 10 May 2017

As I Flutter And Fly About, My Dreams Increase.


   No Longer Flapping my wings, I fight hard to fly Forgetting I'm a fish.
Crashing into the waters as nostrils choke on water, I can no longer be bothered.
Gliding with my fins, slicing the air I fly in while Daydreaming I'm a hawk
Diving through the clouds. I can no longer hold back what I feel as the image on the surface of the water tells me the truth.
 The reflection and the refraction of light bump and send mixed signals to a hot and cool windy day. Much could be said about the thunder roaring in the distance and a vast sky absent of clouds. But a slash of lines that resembles brush strokes in sky, left there to be admired, to be photographed by beings stuck on vanity. The one thing they could be sure if, the love of thyself. Too many distractions and disappointments plagued their troubled minds and a single picture, the right picture at the right angle catches a glimpse of the person they hoped to be. A superstar, smile into the lens of success. A mammoth butterfly, fluttering around a fresh blossom with its fresh sweet nectar calling and casting a spell. On the bright black and yellow majestic lone creature, catching the eyes of all who could see.
Just like a river that starts with a trickle and grows into an unstoppable force; picture that force and recognize what makes up the force: tiny droplets of crystal glory, forging strong synergy’s of unwavering power that can level anything in its path or power cities with water and electrical energy.
Glory and the limelight works in the same manner, we all see the strong wealthy rich individual. But this individual is a river of many things: commitment, determination, ability to learn, genuinely cares for others and teach others (duplicate lessons learned) and keeps this successful individual keeps searching for useful information.
All these and more sum up a successful individual; so like a river that keeps flowing we all should search and learn and groom our tiny drops of water(attributes) and when we do, any huge challenge/ task diminishes into simple small steps we are willing to take with the end goal on your mind.
Should I Count My Blessings? Can I, in this current mind frame. Well let’s see if I look like the person I want to be? I’ve tried to spring forth a secure future by honing skills and learning from every mistake. Tried very hard to Be Motivated, but my down days are growing and escalating the fear brewing from within me. Interesting questions right?
Do you think these questions do not apply to you?
Think again, this life, you need to sell the idea you need people to believe that you are capable of handling the task given to you. You all are selling your selves and need to do this as clearly as possible with the correct message sent to your family, friends client, customer or your boss. You know what has to be done......
So listen more, sell your self better and remember to listen and observe this way you know if your message gets across does and when it.
Thought i should share this with you all, As I Flutter And Fly About, My Dreams Increase.
I’ve Always wanted to behave in an impeccable manner, to wear their clothes and walk in the shoes of my mentor’s.  Even though I know that they are more than clothes and shoes; they are people of high Achievement standards and care about everyone they come across. They are always learning and improving themselves and in return they acquire more wealth than anyone can sit down and count
I'm sure you are wondering why I started trying to be effective, trying to achieve my  my forgotten goals. The answer is as clear as the Sweet nectar I am sucking to sustain myself in this cruel world. So many of us  are working hard and moving so fast we have forgotten the reason we stared this race.
If you stop for ten minutes just to reevaluate your goals and confidently state your values and positively influence the people that matter to you.
Then i can assure you that you will smile in the warmest most sincere manner that would ginger you to spend more time on your goals. So as I sip on these sweet waters, of intricately woven cotten, spun with silk to create this amazing flower that feels like a couture scatter cushion, custom made for me. And I dream and strategize my next move on my way up the bumpy ladder of success.

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Saturday, 6 May 2017

Falling Ash Drifts As The Volcano Erupts


A single element, a spec of dust holds life within its grasps. A colony of dust mites feed and feast on the abundance of food, lurking within this spec. Until the creature scratches its skin and a flake of it flies and lands in this spec of dust and the colony tastes it. This taste is richer more filling than the dry spec that used to be sand. This is protein rich and the colony gets excited. They launch an expedition and decide to migrate. Meanwhile, the creature is perturbed by the escalating heat and starts to bark and choke. The air is no longer filled with dust but ash, something is terribly wrong. It’s bark turns to howls and more creatures appear. The dust mite colony jumps from dog to man and feeds. They feast of dying skin and cuticles, stray hair follicles and grow fat. The experienced elders warn of danger of greed but the naïve little ones eat and bloat and turn over from oversized belly. Then it starts, one dries up and then the other. The colony starts to burn and there’s a cry for help as they hop from one dust spec to another. As they flee they see the creatures loose balance and look up. The ground is spewing up fire and brimstone, the world is coming to an end.
 The creatures open the dog cage and grab their young and ring out gongs and blow whistles. The sleeping colony of man starts to wake up and screaming erupts. The volcano is alive, run for your lives. Father’s wrap their daughters nose to protect their lungs and mother’s cover their son’s nostrils to stop ash from infiltrating their respiratory system. The earth shakes and buildings start to collapse as they all run down hill. Rich crops grown along the foot of the mountains, are encircled by burning larva and catch fire and then turn to ash. Birds have long flown away to safety and the sure waters boil and spew out hot steam, caking the ash in the air that land as heavy pebbles back into the sea.
As they all escape the clutches of death, some vow never to return knowing they say that any time there’s a near eruption. Only to return once the ash simmers down and stops…..


    What next?
Really when you think about it and watch the seconds go by, you cant help but ask....what if it was me in this horrid situation?
Its good to know we have a choice but then there are so many that have no where else to live but in a volcanic region, their birth home.

   I guess that Beauty is about seeing the special side of things. The wicked land that erupts and speed ash also gives the richest soil to the farmers that live there.
In a global village with so much demand for natural, rich nutrients filled crops, the you can get is from soil rich volcanic regions. A sad irony, just thank God technology can alert the inhabitants to escape before the volcano erupts, or in this case when they ignored the warnings. Thank God for man’s best friend, dog’s.

   Reading through my JOURNAL, I find a poem I wrote about our fallen president and all the controversy surrounding his demise. It’s like something from a serial, conspiracy television show. You need to read it to understand what I mean.
        Goodnight Mr. President
The controversy surrounding his last months with us made the news of his death easy on the ears.
Many believe he died in Saudi Arabia and some believe he was kept alive on a life support machine. All of which simmered into silence on the 5th of May 2010; when President Yar adua was pronounced dead.
He is the 5th Nigerian leader to die on the throne and the 2nd to die in ASO ROCK, Abuja.
He was a soft spoken president who will always be remembered for keeping peace and stability in his country and supporting peace in Africa.
   A lecturer, a governor and a President; a man who when he left people could only say good things about him. A welcome development and a solid foundation the subsequent Presidents have to live up to and suppass.
There is hope afterall and we only want to say goodnight.

  You see, I don’t think I’ve ever penned any poem about any other Nigerian president. That’s life, sometimes situation moves you. The question now is, what do you do when a repeat situation keeps raising it’s head at you like a stubborn Cobra that keeps growing a head once you cut it off.
You know you are in hot pepper soup and need to cool it with two puffed bread with an ice cold drink.

 That’s what my situation with Khadijatu feels like, the babe keeps coming around. She and all her wicked colony of deceitful friends. It’s true what they say about birds of a feather, they really flock together. She is a perfect match for Frank, both of them laughing and enjoying lying to me. Watching me deceive myself that I had a best friend and a fiance when they would both sleep together. She helped me choose Aso Ebi, the uniform fabric my family would sew for my intended wedding. It was a stranger that ended the nightmare I would have been in. A woman who told me his girlfriend was frolicking with him in Wuse 2, in Abuja. She knew I was the girlfriend and the other woman was a legal wife. She just got tired of people laughing at me behind my back in church, so she set me up to find out the truth. She tried to warn me about Khadijatu too but I dismissed it and defended my then best friend. Oh how naïve I was to have not seen their lies and tender touch, even in front of me.
  I don’t care about Frank, God Almighty has delivered me from that evil trap. What I do not like, is his women coming around me, for various reasons. Khadijatu won’t stop coming around for financial assistance, even after I hooked her up with an NGO that helps parents with children with special needs. And his latest wife to be, keeps checking up on me, as if she is afraid I want the fool back. I’m too grown up to want any drama from relationships, in my twenties I had energy. But when you are in your late thirties, there is no time for rubbish. It either works or you try to make it work. If you want it to work of course, I’m talking about all relationship’s. And I don’t want to be friends with a woman that slept with my fiance for the two years we were engaged. And it did result in an innocent child been born and none of this is my business. But she is here again at my gate.
  I swear, I would have to help her get a job way up in Abuja again to end this her stalking.
     Yes, I would have to call him for a huge favour.
‘Isnt that your former friend?’, Nnoye asked adjusting in the passenger side of my car.
 Exhaling hard, I pick up my phone.
‘Its your husband that can solve this disturbing puzzle'
‘What puzzle? Which of them?’ Nnoye asked enjoying that two men where fighting for her hand in marriage.
‘The one you have his engagement ring on', I answered eye balling her.
‘Daniel Ojora, good afternoon ooo'
‘Good afternoon, this one you are formal with me this afternoon. What’s wrong?’
‘Abeg, are you still a major shareholder in your family bank or you sold it'
‘Silent partners, is there a Problem?’
‘That my friend is here again ooo, the one with a child'
 In my mind, I prayed he didn’t think I was referring to Nnoye who could hear our conversation.
 His answer made me sigh.
‘She has a degree in accounting and is loyal to a fault. She will work hard, Abeg if there’s an opening….’
‘Let me call you back'
 He cut the phone And i refused to move my car to my office. My phone viberates and I pick it up.
‘’Sokoto or Abuja?’
‘She knows people in Abuja and will be able to get accommodation from her church members'
‘They have started exams, so if she can leave tomorrow'
‘I’ll book her flight. God bless you'
 I do the bookings and search my bag for cash.
‘You want to give her money’
‘Does she look like she has any? Do you have ten thousand there, I will go to the ATM on our way home'
 Nnoye was frowning and I knew why.
‘So sorry I didn’t tell him you were here'
 ‘Idibia would have asked'
 Her phone vibrates and she answered.
‘Daniel, I thought you didn’t care'
 Nnoye gives me her bag and from a bundle of hundred thousand I took ten.
  Now I can approach my former friend and she spots me.
I step out of the car and lean on it.
‘Oh my goodness congratulations'
 I remember gossip reaching me back then that she said I was barren.
‘Wow, God works miracles'
  I did not just hear that, I block her from touching me.
‘What do you want?’
‘My daughter needs some medicine and… I know you told me not to show up again but I can’t watch her cry anymore’
'You still have no job?’
‘Ive tried and…’
 My P.A. races towards me and hands me a print out of the ticket
‘There's an opening in Abuja’, I say collecting it.
‘A bank’, I add, because I love how bankers are too busy for nonsense.
‘I will go, but…. I can’t even pay for medicine..’
 I give her a print out of the booking and ten thousand Naira.
‘Abuja is better, the NGO's are less stressed and you and your daughter will be fine. Just make sure you print out your CV and get there an hour before the exam'
 Khadijatu started crying and I almost start feel empathy for her, almost.
‘Ade, I messed up. He threatened to leave me that’s why I betrayed you and he still did. Did you hear he annulled my marriage with him?’
‘Take your daughter to the hospital, get to the airport on time'
‘I will repay you'
‘If you ever get back in touch with me, I will tell them to terminate your employment based on the fact that you are not a trust worthy person. This is about you and your daughter. Teach her not to compromise, teach her not to settle for men that bully and lie to you and are ashamed to say you two are dating. Empower yourself and live your life'
 I March into my car because I was close to tears from rage, a good of anger engulfed me. And I know her daughter didn't deserve my rage, so I jump into the car and hide behind tinted windows.
‘Thank you, Nnoye please thank her'
 I looked away because I was crying, I missed our friendship and the naïve girl I once was. But that girl is gone and that friendship can never be.
I turned to her and watched her cry and carry her baby and breakdown. I try to call Celine and try, but no network. Nnoye joins me and cuts the phone to comfort me and I rest my head in her lap and cry some more.
‘Ade it’s okay, I’ll drive us home'

 How life turns out is just not fair, I have lost a best friend to typhoid may her gentle soul rest in peace. Although it was just after the University, I still miss her.
And also another best friend to a deceitful man and now I don’t know if I could ever be close to Nnoye like I was to Khadijatu. And even though I am closer to Ajoke and Celine, I hesitate because I am a little afraid I will get hurt and be betrayed.

 I exhaled and shut my eyes and then flick them open.
‘I still have to meet my staff’s, I shout at Nnoye to turn back to the office.

   Time waits for No one.

**Season 2, Episode 24**
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Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Drama On The Plane, Escalating Day By Day.


   Soaring alone, an eagle drifts and glides enjoying it's reign in the infinite skies. Until a horrible menace growls and grumbles, forcing the Queen of the skies to use its massive wings to protect its eardrums. The sound does not stop, it only escalates and the force it coughs out distorts the wind draft aiding it's flight. It's time to fly elsewhere, to a less chaotic airspace. The flying beast has its window curtains up and inside, an old man sways. He is not affected by the extremely high altitude flight, no. In his hand is a bite size bottle. It's alcohol content is gone and in his blood stream is about five bottles of the bitter sweet drink. A young man behind him had grumbled about him having his seat too far back. Just look at the young man. A shadow of his past, but a better one. He looked healthy and happy and could afford to sit in this section. If I could do one thing, the old man shouts. It's tell you to buckle up, get off your lazy ass and do more. Then you won't have to be old and just traveling the world, downing expensive alcohol at this altitude.
 The eagle flying by had witnessed so many humans misbehaving inflight. The view was addictive and the panic real.
Drama On The Plane, Escalating Day By Day. Easier watched than lived, the majestic bird almost lost its way into the heavy propellers of the four engine plane. A quick movement and flying upside down, saved the Queen of the skies once more. But the show could not be missed. So it flies closer and just in time. The old man throws a punch and then another. The sound of panic and chaos sends the flight crew members scuttling to stop the enraged old man. His eye catches the flying eagle outside the plane and he points and tells all to look. Experience makes the eagle dive down and far away from the prying eyes of its predators. There was only one room for an apex predator in these skies and as long as I am not seen, I am on top of the world. This chaotic world with strange people doing strange things. And not a care in the world for the consequences and outcomes of their actions.

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Adebusola Ukayat Elegbede is a Playwright and Content creator with a passion for real life challenges. Born in Kaduna state and lives in Lagos Nigeria, she has a passion for story telling from the perspectives of characters in conflicting situations. I started out on the New Writing Project in Nigeria with the British Council Lagos Nigeria and The Royal Court Theatre, Sloane Square U.K. My passion for creating stories led to comic books, television drama's and an online journal on my website (busolaelegbede.com). As part of the WPIC in Stockholm Sweden 2012, the experience has forged life long friends and ignited my passion as a volunteer and advocate for human rights and the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

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