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Wednesday, 10 May 2017

As I Flutter And Fly About, My Dreams Increase.


   No Longer Flapping my wings, I fight hard to fly Forgetting I'm a fish.
Crashing into the waters as nostrils choke on water, I can no longer be bothered.
Gliding with my fins, slicing the air I fly in while Daydreaming I'm a hawk
Diving through the clouds. I can no longer hold back what I feel as the image on the surface of the water tells me the truth.
 The reflection and the refraction of light bump and send mixed signals to a hot and cool windy day. Much could be said about the thunder roaring in the distance and a vast sky absent of clouds. But a slash of lines that resembles brush strokes in sky, left there to be admired, to be photographed by beings stuck on vanity. The one thing they could be sure if, the love of thyself. Too many distractions and disappointments plagued their troubled minds and a single picture, the right picture at the right angle catches a glimpse of the person they hoped to be. A superstar, smile into the lens of success. A mammoth butterfly, fluttering around a fresh blossom with its fresh sweet nectar calling and casting a spell. On the bright black and yellow majestic lone creature, catching the eyes of all who could see.
Just like a river that starts with a trickle and grows into an unstoppable force; picture that force and recognize what makes up the force: tiny droplets of crystal glory, forging strong synergy’s of unwavering power that can level anything in its path or power cities with water and electrical energy.
Glory and the limelight works in the same manner, we all see the strong wealthy rich individual. But this individual is a river of many things: commitment, determination, ability to learn, genuinely cares for others and teach others (duplicate lessons learned) and keeps this successful individual keeps searching for useful information.
All these and more sum up a successful individual; so like a river that keeps flowing we all should search and learn and groom our tiny drops of water(attributes) and when we do, any huge challenge/ task diminishes into simple small steps we are willing to take with the end goal on your mind.
Should I Count My Blessings? Can I, in this current mind frame. Well let’s see if I look like the person I want to be? I’ve tried to spring forth a secure future by honing skills and learning from every mistake. Tried very hard to Be Motivated, but my down days are growing and escalating the fear brewing from within me. Interesting questions right?
Do you think these questions do not apply to you?
Think again, this life, you need to sell the idea you need people to believe that you are capable of handling the task given to you. You all are selling your selves and need to do this as clearly as possible with the correct message sent to your family, friends client, customer or your boss. You know what has to be done......
So listen more, sell your self better and remember to listen and observe this way you know if your message gets across does and when it.
Thought i should share this with you all, As I Flutter And Fly About, My Dreams Increase.
I’ve Always wanted to behave in an impeccable manner, to wear their clothes and walk in the shoes of my mentor’s.  Even though I know that they are more than clothes and shoes; they are people of high Achievement standards and care about everyone they come across. They are always learning and improving themselves and in return they acquire more wealth than anyone can sit down and count
I'm sure you are wondering why I started trying to be effective, trying to achieve my  my forgotten goals. The answer is as clear as the Sweet nectar I am sucking to sustain myself in this cruel world. So many of us  are working hard and moving so fast we have forgotten the reason we stared this race.
If you stop for ten minutes just to reevaluate your goals and confidently state your values and positively influence the people that matter to you.
Then i can assure you that you will smile in the warmest most sincere manner that would ginger you to spend more time on your goals. So as I sip on these sweet waters, of intricately woven cotten, spun with silk to create this amazing flower that feels like a couture scatter cushion, custom made for me. And I dream and strategize my next move on my way up the bumpy ladder of success.

The words he spoke lingered in the air, the heart he poked ripped and filled with tear. As he catalogued and announced to the world, My Chronicles of defeat. Anger lingered and words flew unfiltered from her lips
  Her words pierced his heart, like a dagger through his soul.  Right there and then, she  knew he must pay.....
  I flick open my eyes and stare at the strange unfamiliar ceiling. I was dreaming I was her again. The comic book heroine I created in 2003 and published in 2007. Kitan Jagun, the heartbroken warrior princess and water goddess. The boy she dreamed was hers, was never hers and he had the guts to try to justify their fake relationship. It was me, predicting my fake relationship with Frank, even though we have never met. It was me before my heartbreak, feeling the betrayal. So much was spot on and all my savings was depleted creating Half. But it was worth it and the story was scratching at the surface of my creative brain, itching to get out.

'Ade?', Ajoke whispered my name as Hassan and Hassana grabbed at my hands.
I realized Nnoye must have informed them of my troubled visitor. But that was three days ago.
'Where's Celine?'
 I asked sitting up and juggling Ajoke's twins in my lap.
'You were talking in your sleep', Celine announced as she enters my office with Nnoye.
'About Kitan Jagun', Nnoye adds with a smile.
'Who is that?'
'The superhero version of Ade'
'I'm lost', Ajoke confessed.
'Ade is a writer, as in a creative person. That's who she really is and after writing comic books for others. She finally published hers and in full colour'
'As in, a comic book'
'She believed and trusted People back then and was not such a guarded person'
'Do you blame me'
'I want copies', Ajoke announced.
 I stood up and opened a safe and gave them copies.
 The silence that lingered made me smile And i looked up.
'Ade, it's beautiful', Ajoke said as she finished the comic book.
'It's what I plan to license out once I relocate'
  I thought of what I just said and add.
'If I ever relocate'
'Don't talk like that', Celine adds.
'You are going back soon'
'France has anew president, everything will be better'
'I know'
'So, did she get it?', Ajoke asks.
'Yes, she becomes more powerful...'
 I add with much excitement and realized she was talking about Khadijatu.
'Oh, she passed with flying colors and has started work'
'Well played Ade', Ajoke side hugs me.
'Thanks to Daniel', Nnoye adds trying to steal my shine.
Ajoke rolled her eyes at Nnoye and I prayed she didn't catch Ajoke. I did not feel like settling any fight.
'Can you go-cart?'
It was a strange question from Nnoye.
'You mean with my pregnancy? Yes'
'Let's all go', Nnoye announced.
'I've never before', Celine adds.
'It would be fun', I say and pack my things.

  Nnoye knew we were all tired and needed to do something different.
I side hug her and smiled.

 She whispered to me and my jaw dropped.
'Daniel broke it off, but said he didn't want the drama out in the papers'
'Ssshhhhhh', she whispered and we all got into Ajoke's new tour van.
'It's for us, as we all experience Nnoye's enriching love triangle'

 Did I say a word, no. But as expected, this is going to be a very I interesting week.


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Adebusola Ukayat Elegbede is a Playwright and Content creator with a passion for real life challenges. Born in Kaduna state and lives in Lagos Nigeria, she has a passion for story telling from the perspectives of characters in conflicting situations. I started out on the New Writing Project in Nigeria with the British Council Lagos Nigeria and The Royal Court Theatre, Sloane Square U.K. My passion for creating stories led to comic books, television drama's and an online journal on my website (busolaelegbede.com). As part of the WPIC in Stockholm Sweden 2012, the experience has forged life long friends and ignited my passion as a volunteer and advocate for human rights and the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

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