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Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Drama On The Plane, Escalating Day By Day.


   Soaring alone, an eagle drifts and glides enjoying it's reign in the infinite skies. Until a horrible menace growls and grumbles, forcing the Queen of the skies to use its massive wings to protect its eardrums. The sound does not stop, it only escalates and the force it coughs out distorts the wind draft aiding it's flight. It's time to fly elsewhere, to a less chaotic airspace. The flying beast has its window curtains up and inside, an old man sways. He is not affected by the extremely high altitude flight, no. In his hand is a bite size bottle. It's alcohol content is gone and in his blood stream is about five bottles of the bitter sweet drink. A young man behind him had grumbled about him having his seat too far back. Just look at the young man. A shadow of his past, but a better one. He looked healthy and happy and could afford to sit in this section. If I could do one thing, the old man shouts. It's tell you to buckle up, get off your lazy ass and do more. Then you won't have to be old and just traveling the world, downing expensive alcohol at this altitude.
 The eagle flying by had witnessed so many humans misbehaving inflight. The view was addictive and the panic real.
Drama On The Plane, Escalating Day By Day. Easier watched than lived, the majestic bird almost lost its way into the heavy propellers of the four engine plane. A quick movement and flying upside down, saved the Queen of the skies once more. But the show could not be missed. So it flies closer and just in time. The old man throws a punch and then another. The sound of panic and chaos sends the flight crew members scuttling to stop the enraged old man. His eye catches the flying eagle outside the plane and he points and tells all to look. Experience makes the eagle dive down and far away from the prying eyes of its predators. There was only one room for an apex predator in these skies and as long as I am not seen, I am on top of the world. This chaotic world with strange people doing strange things. And not a care in the world for the consequences and outcomes of their actions.

    What is the problem people have with been confined in one place? Everything that can go wrong, goes wrong. People are forced out of planes violently, pilots are forcibly restrained from crashing their passengers and passengers are throwing punches in the name of been drunk. I've been drunk before and I did not hit or injure anyone. So we all know what the criminal minds of these perpetrators look like. You have to think it, before you do it.
 I'm driving past one yellow commercial bus and two conductors are hanging by an open door. They do not care about the danger of falling off or been caught by law enforcement. I look up briefly and spot someone taking a picture. She's on the balcony and leaning too far backwards. Are people on a suicide mission these days? I think so. The truck horn on the Keke Marwa behind me makes me jump. The red light has turned green and her gave me Waka, maneuvers around me and drives past. Abusing my generations as he did, I was just trying to picture someone not from Nigeria trying to decode, 'waka'. It's when you spread all five fingers out at someone and then clench your fist. And accompanying the wicked gesture are the words, 'waka'. 'It your father's, which essentially means bastard.
 Who is a bastard? I mean really. Everyone comes from traditionally, a man and a woman or donated cells from a man and a woman. But I guess when you are upset, even blinking is misconstrued as eyeing or rudeness.
 I've emailed the contracts to Idibia and my P.A. gave him the copy and got the signed, 'original copy collected by me'. But he wants to see our underdog campaign proposals. I'm sure he feels like Daniel's campaign is now a priority.
 I park in his elaborate Ikeja office step out of my car, lean against the door and admire and love the old buildings. Idibia welcomes me with four large German shepherds with so much fur, they resembled wolves.
 I grab my growing baby bump and shut my eyes.
'Dont let them touch me', I shrieked dreading their tongues on my skin.
'And they love you', Idibia said disappointed as the massive beasts wagged their tails.
 He clicked his tongue and they cry and then retreat into a room with mersh doors and watch us from the door they have learned to open.
'So Daniel has no dogs?'
'They are not friendly, they're guard dog's, trained.. '
'But not free, mine are trained but free'
'Did you grow up with dogs?'
'My dad loved dogs but was transferred for work so many times ... We just could not keep them in some base stations. So ..'
 Inside his home, I showed him the presentations and he loved them all and then Nnoye joins us.
 I  am speechless and Idibia received a call and excuses himself.
'What are you doing here?'
'Ade hi, my bump is outgrowing yours', Nnoye tried to dodge the question.
'Every woman is different, don't compare our pregnancy sizes. Answer me...'
 I tried not to shout.
'Unlike you, I stay friends with my ex's
'So your paparazzi know you are here?'
'Of course not, to them any man and woman in the same space are sleeping together'
'Why not? Daniel still talks to Opeyemi and has a meeting in Switzerland. So they will meet....'
'Does he know you are here?'
'He knows I still meet up with Idibia'
'In his house?'
'Ade, don't be primitive', Idibia grumbles.
'If the case was reversed?'
'I don't do multiple dates, I didn't get two women pregnant at the same time and would never share. But that's me, Nnoye is in a dilemma. I'm just been a good friend'
 I look at his hand as it pats Nnoye's back lightly. This mess is only going to get messier.
'So which of the underdog campaigns are we going with?'
 I asked trying not to get deeper into their messy love trapezium.
'All of it, I like this and this and the highlights here and here, scrap the rest'
'So you want all these, into one campaign'
'That's the budget times three and...'
 Nnoye hands me a check and winks at me.
This babe want buy Banana Island property from this contract, no be small thing.
 I look at the check and say nothing.
'I need people to understand that I am not stingy, I just worked very hard for my money. And I want a reality show out of this publicity...'
'... Regardless of the outcome?', I cut in.
 Nnoye stops breathing and Idibia laughs.
'If you go into a project expecting to lose then you lose'
'I've never been attracted to losers', Nnoye adds.
 The meeting went well but it also means more work for us all and on top of that, Nnoye wants me to drop her at home.
'I'm too tired to drive all the way', I lied.
'Just drop me in your house, I'll take a cab from there'.

 Alone in the car and almost in my home, I turn to Nnoye.
'Daniel's mother has her eyes on me that's what's
'Oh my goodness, she doesn't like you'
'She said the pregnancy is the only reason it's even a genuine relationship'
'So the men in your life don't mind the drama but your mother in-law to be does'
'She has a code of conduct book which she gave me yesterday and says if the press exposes any scandal with me and Idibia. That she will take my child'
'Good luck my dear'
'That is all you have to say?'
'Nnoye Abeg, I have a headache', to want to go to war with her is suicide.

  The ride home was quiet and I didn't mean to snap at her, but I was exhausted.
'I need to get the feedback across to my staff's, I tell Nnoye.
'It's fine'

 At the entrance of the office gate, I see her and a little girl trying to stand and wiggle.
Khadijatu looked exhausted and was all sweaty and as she spots my car she waves.

  Today just got a whole lot more stressful, which kind wahala is this? Eh?

**Season 1, Episode 23**

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Adebusola Ukayat Elegbede is a Playwright and Content creator with a passion for real life challenges. Born in Kaduna state and lives in Lagos Nigeria, she has a passion for story telling from the perspectives of characters in conflicting situations. I started out on the New Writing Project in Nigeria with the British Council Lagos Nigeria and The Royal Court Theatre, Sloane Square U.K. My passion for creating stories led to comic books, television drama's and an online journal on my website (busolaelegbede.com). As part of the WPIC in Stockholm Sweden 2012, the experience has forged life long friends and ignited my passion as a volunteer and advocate for human rights and the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

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