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Saturday, 6 May 2017

Falling Ash Drifts As The Volcano Erupts


A single element, a spec of dust holds life within its grasps. A colony of dust mites feed and feast on the abundance of food, lurking within this spec. Until the creature scratches its skin and a flake of it flies and lands in this spec of dust and the colony tastes it. This taste is richer more filling than the dry spec that used to be sand. This is protein rich and the colony gets excited. They launch an expedition and decide to migrate. Meanwhile, the creature is perturbed by the escalating heat and starts to bark and choke. The air is no longer filled with dust but ash, something is terribly wrong. It’s bark turns to howls and more creatures appear. The dust mite colony jumps from dog to man and feeds. They feast of dying skin and cuticles, stray hair follicles and grow fat. The experienced elders warn of danger of greed but the naïve little ones eat and bloat and turn over from oversized belly. Then it starts, one dries up and then the other. The colony starts to burn and there’s a cry for help as they hop from one dust spec to another. As they flee they see the creatures loose balance and look up. The ground is spewing up fire and brimstone, the world is coming to an end.
 The creatures open the dog cage and grab their young and ring out gongs and blow whistles. The sleeping colony of man starts to wake up and screaming erupts. The volcano is alive, run for your lives. Father’s wrap their daughters nose to protect their lungs and mother’s cover their son’s nostrils to stop ash from infiltrating their respiratory system. The earth shakes and buildings start to collapse as they all run down hill. Rich crops grown along the foot of the mountains, are encircled by burning larva and catch fire and then turn to ash. Birds have long flown away to safety and the sure waters boil and spew out hot steam, caking the ash in the air that land as heavy pebbles back into the sea.
As they all escape the clutches of death, some vow never to return knowing they say that any time there’s a near eruption. Only to return once the ash simmers down and stops…..


    What next?
Really when you think about it and watch the seconds go by, you cant help but ask....what if it was me in this horrid situation?
Its good to know we have a choice but then there are so many that have no where else to live but in a volcanic region, their birth home.

   I guess that Beauty is about seeing the special side of things. The wicked land that erupts and speed ash also gives the richest soil to the farmers that live there.
In a global village with so much demand for natural, rich nutrients filled crops, the you can get is from soil rich volcanic regions. A sad irony, just thank God technology can alert the inhabitants to escape before the volcano erupts, or in this case when they ignored the warnings. Thank God for man’s best friend, dog’s.

   Reading through my JOURNAL, I find a poem I wrote about our fallen president and all the controversy surrounding his demise. It’s like something from a serial, conspiracy television show. You need to read it to understand what I mean.
        Goodnight Mr. President
The controversy surrounding his last months with us made the news of his death easy on the ears.
Many believe he died in Saudi Arabia and some believe he was kept alive on a life support machine. All of which simmered into silence on the 5th of May 2010; when President Yar adua was pronounced dead.
He is the 5th Nigerian leader to die on the throne and the 2nd to die in ASO ROCK, Abuja.
He was a soft spoken president who will always be remembered for keeping peace and stability in his country and supporting peace in Africa.
   A lecturer, a governor and a President; a man who when he left people could only say good things about him. A welcome development and a solid foundation the subsequent Presidents have to live up to and suppass.
There is hope afterall and we only want to say goodnight.

  You see, I don’t think I’ve ever penned any poem about any other Nigerian president. That’s life, sometimes situation moves you. The question now is, what do you do when a repeat situation keeps raising it’s head at you like a stubborn Cobra that keeps growing a head once you cut it off.
You know you are in hot pepper soup and need to cool it with two puffed bread with an ice cold drink.

 That’s what my situation with Khadijatu feels like, the babe keeps coming around. She and all her wicked colony of deceitful friends. It’s true what they say about birds of a feather, they really flock together. She is a perfect match for Frank, both of them laughing and enjoying lying to me. Watching me deceive myself that I had a best friend and a fiance when they would both sleep together. She helped me choose Aso Ebi, the uniform fabric my family would sew for my intended wedding. It was a stranger that ended the nightmare I would have been in. A woman who told me his girlfriend was frolicking with him in Wuse 2, in Abuja. She knew I was the girlfriend and the other woman was a legal wife. She just got tired of people laughing at me behind my back in church, so she set me up to find out the truth. She tried to warn me about Khadijatu too but I dismissed it and defended my then best friend. Oh how naïve I was to have not seen their lies and tender touch, even in front of me.
  I don’t care about Frank, God Almighty has delivered me from that evil trap. What I do not like, is his women coming around me, for various reasons. Khadijatu won’t stop coming around for financial assistance, even after I hooked her up with an NGO that helps parents with children with special needs. And his latest wife to be, keeps checking up on me, as if she is afraid I want the fool back. I’m too grown up to want any drama from relationships, in my twenties I had energy. But when you are in your late thirties, there is no time for rubbish. It either works or you try to make it work. If you want it to work of course, I’m talking about all relationship’s. And I don’t want to be friends with a woman that slept with my fiance for the two years we were engaged. And it did result in an innocent child been born and none of this is my business. But she is here again at my gate.
  I swear, I would have to help her get a job way up in Abuja again to end this her stalking.
     Yes, I would have to call him for a huge favour.
‘Isnt that your former friend?’, Nnoye asked adjusting in the passenger side of my car.
 Exhaling hard, I pick up my phone.
‘Its your husband that can solve this disturbing puzzle'
‘What puzzle? Which of them?’ Nnoye asked enjoying that two men where fighting for her hand in marriage.
‘The one you have his engagement ring on', I answered eye balling her.
‘Daniel Ojora, good afternoon ooo'
‘Good afternoon, this one you are formal with me this afternoon. What’s wrong?’
‘Abeg, are you still a major shareholder in your family bank or you sold it'
‘Silent partners, is there a Problem?’
‘That my friend is here again ooo, the one with a child'
 In my mind, I prayed he didn’t think I was referring to Nnoye who could hear our conversation.
 His answer made me sigh.
‘She has a degree in accounting and is loyal to a fault. She will work hard, Abeg if there’s an opening….’
‘Let me call you back'
 He cut the phone And i refused to move my car to my office. My phone viberates and I pick it up.
‘’Sokoto or Abuja?’
‘She knows people in Abuja and will be able to get accommodation from her church members'
‘They have started exams, so if she can leave tomorrow'
‘I’ll book her flight. God bless you'
 I do the bookings and search my bag for cash.
‘You want to give her money’
‘Does she look like she has any? Do you have ten thousand there, I will go to the ATM on our way home'
 Nnoye was frowning and I knew why.
‘So sorry I didn’t tell him you were here'
 ‘Idibia would have asked'
 Her phone vibrates and she answered.
‘Daniel, I thought you didn’t care'
 Nnoye gives me her bag and from a bundle of hundred thousand I took ten.
  Now I can approach my former friend and she spots me.
I step out of the car and lean on it.
‘Oh my goodness congratulations'
 I remember gossip reaching me back then that she said I was barren.
‘Wow, God works miracles'
  I did not just hear that, I block her from touching me.
‘What do you want?’
‘My daughter needs some medicine and… I know you told me not to show up again but I can’t watch her cry anymore’
'You still have no job?’
‘Ive tried and…’
 My P.A. races towards me and hands me a print out of the ticket
‘There's an opening in Abuja’, I say collecting it.
‘A bank’, I add, because I love how bankers are too busy for nonsense.
‘I will go, but…. I can’t even pay for medicine..’
 I give her a print out of the booking and ten thousand Naira.
‘Abuja is better, the NGO's are less stressed and you and your daughter will be fine. Just make sure you print out your CV and get there an hour before the exam'
 Khadijatu started crying and I almost start feel empathy for her, almost.
‘Ade, I messed up. He threatened to leave me that’s why I betrayed you and he still did. Did you hear he annulled my marriage with him?’
‘Take your daughter to the hospital, get to the airport on time'
‘I will repay you'
‘If you ever get back in touch with me, I will tell them to terminate your employment based on the fact that you are not a trust worthy person. This is about you and your daughter. Teach her not to compromise, teach her not to settle for men that bully and lie to you and are ashamed to say you two are dating. Empower yourself and live your life'
 I March into my car because I was close to tears from rage, a good of anger engulfed me. And I know her daughter didn't deserve my rage, so I jump into the car and hide behind tinted windows.
‘Thank you, Nnoye please thank her'
 I looked away because I was crying, I missed our friendship and the naïve girl I once was. But that girl is gone and that friendship can never be.
I turned to her and watched her cry and carry her baby and breakdown. I try to call Celine and try, but no network. Nnoye joins me and cuts the phone to comfort me and I rest my head in her lap and cry some more.
‘Ade it’s okay, I’ll drive us home'

 How life turns out is just not fair, I have lost a best friend to typhoid may her gentle soul rest in peace. Although it was just after the University, I still miss her.
And also another best friend to a deceitful man and now I don’t know if I could ever be close to Nnoye like I was to Khadijatu. And even though I am closer to Ajoke and Celine, I hesitate because I am a little afraid I will get hurt and be betrayed.

 I exhaled and shut my eyes and then flick them open.
‘I still have to meet my staff’s, I shout at Nnoye to turn back to the office.

   Time waits for No one.

**Season 2, Episode 24**
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Adebusola Ukayat Elegbede is a Playwright and Content creator with a passion for real life challenges. Born in Kaduna state and lives in Lagos Nigeria, she has a passion for story telling from the perspectives of characters in conflicting situations. I started out on the New Writing Project in Nigeria with the British Council Lagos Nigeria and The Royal Court Theatre, Sloane Square U.K. My passion for creating stories led to comic books, television drama's and an online journal on my website (busolaelegbede.com). As part of the WPIC in Stockholm Sweden 2012, the experience has forged life long friends and ignited my passion as a volunteer and advocate for human rights and the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

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