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Saturday, 8 July 2017

Strangled By A Wicked Horizon, The Serial Cheater Inflicted


Hide, he is coming. The shock from his blow jolts me out of a dream and I hold my neck to ease the pain. He is not here, beside me or in the room. His beating me, has reduced and my parents betrayed me by sending me back to him. My friend is afraid and I don't blame her. Nightmare's of reading about my death hunts her. My husband threw punches at my neck the night before and I ran home to escape. But my retired Parents can't take on a stray and won't be one of those people with divorced children. They benefit from his miserable hand outs he gives them and I've lost two sisters in the Libyan desert. Two dreamers that died in the hands of human traffickers. My savings gone to killers and parents that turn me back to my abuser.
  I will leave today, I have got a teaching job. The one with kindergarten children running all around me as we learn a, b C's. Fifteen thousand Naira is small, but my friend survives somehow. No need for transport money, just walk from her mushroom apartment to work. It's my husband's language, before him, I never looked down on anyone or abused any tribe. He insults me and everyone else, beat me into quiting my job and now his isn't certain. I suspect I know where he is. The maid that loves Nollywood movies and came to Lagos to dethrone her madam and bosses wife. What delusions she has about me, about a woman married to a hypocritical fanatic. I know he has sneaked up into her room again. I just need the confirmation, so that the church members will see him for who he is. So that my divorce will be quick and expedient.
I push open the maids door, the same one sleeping with my driver. And there is my lazy husband, pounding hard to prove he can perform. Working hard with his assisted sexual enhanced performance.
The maid spots me and shoves him off and the phone in my hand, quietly goes into the jumpsuit I made the week before.
I cover my mouth and walk away backwards. Not because I am surprised, but because I have to act surprised and broken. He launched at me with her sweat still on him. The blow is intense and I see my teeth fly out of my mouth, at least two.1
What have you done? He accused me and Jack's my neck with both hands, lifting me high up, until the wall supports me.
I whispered the words help me and bite and swallow his skin and flesh. Today is different, he means to hide his sin and my finding out. I tuck the phone into my pant from the unfinished pocket hole I intensionally left unfinished. I plead and beg and could see the maid was smiling. She would be in my position soon enough. He turned to smile at her and I kicked him in the groin and ran. I trip and fall and keep running, if there is a chance that I could survive. I will take it, he dived and taps my feet and I fall and then he kneels on my stomach with force. Just seven years ago, he was on his knees asking me to marry him. He swore his mother's hatred of me would not affect his love for me, his father ignoring me meant nothing. Said, she was a troubleshooting woman that fought all her brother's wife. I questioned it in my heart, but didn't want to sin further. I was fornicating with him and wanted it to be all legal and true. Even though the love had faded, I believed e could rekindle it.
Right now the love in his eyes were real, he loved to see me in pain and loved how he was crushing my neck. I heard it snap and stopped feeling anything.
The baby, I whispered, trying to save our child.
Who wants it? I have another, the one my family approved. You will be buried and forgotten, the lazy twarth that fell off the stairs. He was cruel and mean and I cursed the day I met him and promised him that God was not asleep. I slid into a deep slumber and faded permanent from this cruel life.
My friend was crying and had arrived at the hospital with police men and women. Screaming that he was lying, saying I didn't fall. Begging the doctor's to check my neck, asking them to test the maid and asking for an arrest. His church members, the doctors didn't believe her. But on re-examining the body, the doctor's were in shock. Her eck bones were crushed, this was clearly murder. The maid panicked and ran away, but was caught by border police. The evidence was painful to watch and listen to. The voice of the maid, telling him to finish her quickly. The laughter and sex after, the plan and lies they planned to tell the doctor's. But it was her voice telling her parents to get their priorities right, to protect her daughter, while she grows up. And not to excuse any form of abuse from anyone. Her daughter was present and testified against him. A painful experience that could have been avoided, if she had just walked away sooner.
Instead, I was Strangled By A Wicked Horizon, The Serial Cheater inflicted.
   The perpetrators were escorted out of court in handcuffs with church members reigning abuses at the man and the maid.

    Far in the distant sky lightning strikes, as the cool gray skies try to spread out evenly, an uneven rain cloud. The soft sprinkles feel cool and I want to open my mouth and taste it. But I am not naive, I know about raindrops carrying fish eggs, actual fish, toads, tadpoles and nematodes larva. I know that's why rainwater itches, because of all the life in one single drop and curse.
'Fuck, where is this stupid driver?'
 Unlike me, right? Wrong, I hardly get angry but much about me has changed. I am in a stupid mess because I am a forgiving friend. I never try to blame or change my friends. But no more, this has to stop. Has it something to do with me turning fourty next month? Maybe.
I don't care, or I care too much.
 Anyways, A Creative Mind Finds New Ways Out Of Challenges, Gets Over Blaming Others And Takes Action Now, Right? Correct, so I am at that junction now. I am in front of Nnoye's house after all the rain and I am staring at the puddle of mud all around me.
If you know me, you know I hate placing my leg in water I do not trust. Especially after this horrid Lagos rain has washed God knows what out from the drainage onto what was once a street.
 How does a person wear pearls, yet her street floods. Her car is the latest model and her face is on every glamor magazine. Yet her street looks like a slum, this my friend is a mixture of annoying contradictions.
  It's Henrik fault, no it isn't. Well since our trip to the village, every vanity object annoys me and my friends too. My mind and body wants to go off the grid but I have made commitments to them.
That brings me to the idiotic situation, my silly friend is in. I really thought it was all for show. I did not know she was actually sleeping with the two men.
 I put my toes in the mud and huddle quickly and hop over the ugly puddles of mud.
 'Where are you going?' Nnoye asked.
'What kind of stupid question is that?', I answered her and almost lose my balance.
'Ade, come back inside'
'Nnoye you are wearing Daniel's ring', I snap at her.
'But I haven't decided'
'You are carrying his child's
'Ade you have been in a relationship the mother hated you, embarrassed you at work'
'Work the lazy twarth quit and the man that never really loved me bailed'
'What are you saying?'
'Denial is a strong emotion, I didn't want her to win. So I stayed in a failed relationship. I was mad and had zero emotional intelligence. But Nnoye, even if it takes you ten years or two, eventually... The truth surfaces. Love reveals itself and lust fades away'
'So, I am in lust?'
'Kissing two guys and feeling like an OG, will pass. Just choose and own your mistake'
'And if I choose the wrong guy?'
'Big deal, life goes on and eventually a better guy comes along. Frank was the worst, if I had married him, I could be that girl in the news. Strangled and killed, bitter and dead'
'Ade, not you'
'Why not me, I was bitter and angry and Could feel I was not the only one fighting to keep him'
'Everyone is not you'
'You are defending your actions, how do you think the mum feels. My former mother in law had a life planned for her son, under her thumb. I wanted us to fly free and builder own legacy. We clashed and she won. Yours wants a prestigious image, with marriage ending the player in her son. They already have money and fame and you don't mind flirting and kissing someone else...'
'So, I should quit the relationship because of his mother?'
'No, quit if you no longer love him'
'I do'
'You know what, it's your life. But I'm not interested in watching you kiss Idibia. I am team Daniel'
 Nnoye said rolling her eyes.
'See, I am emotional. No love, no relationship and i am bitter and can't tolerate anyone if I don't love the person. You are different, no doubt. So, do you. Just know where I stand'
'Ade I do. Come inside'
'No, I'm waiting for my driver'
'In the rain?'
'I have my umbrella'
 I snap at her.
  My driver shows up and I wave at him and signal that he should come close.
'Ade, but we are still friends?'
'My dear, you are attracted to who you are attracted to. Just know where I stand'
 Idibia shows up and waved goodbye, I'm not that childish. So I wave back.

  I drive straight to Celine's house and walk in and slump into her couch. The one that used to be mine.
'Ade, hi'
'I'm good, thanks. And you?'
'Tired but good'
 We both sigh and laugh.
'Ade, talk to me'
'Nnoye can be so annoying'
'She won't change'
'Kissing in front of me'
'No, the bitch'
 I chuckled and fallout of my chair.
'What was happening?'
'With Idibia?'
'No, with you. Some days back, you were lying on the floor'
'When I was in the rain?'
'I was tired and the news of death really weighed me down'
 Celine was smiling.
'I didn't know you saw me'
'Was going to meet you when Henrik carried you out of the rain'
'I had about on my spine'
'Eh, you that Google's everything. I'm sure you saw a fatal disease online's
'Yes, I did'
'Ade, you can be paranoid'
'See, you get me'
 Celine eyed me and I playfully hit her back.
'Is Ajoke back?'
'From Fiji, no. Bala is supporting her PR business there and she's trying to get work permit for us there'
'For Daniel's photoshoot'
'Yes, his mother's property there'
'I know, I could not tell Nnoye that her mother in-law was showing some form of fate. Giving us her property for our final photoshoot'
'Do you think she will marry Daniel'
'Honestly, I don't think she wants to marry anyone'
'I think so too'
'But in this economy, the payment in dollars is a welcome achievement'
'Ade, are your design sketches ready?'
'I went to Nnoye to show her and she was busy kissing the enemy'
'Hope' you didn't use those exact words?'
'Of course not, I just told her I was team Daniel. He will Consistently provide jobs and Idibia will move on once the game is up'
'They are a match made in earth... While it lasts'
 We both laugh and Ajoke's call comes in.
'Ladies, check out this view...'
 Ajoke uses her phone to show us the Beautiful Island. I place my hands on my cheeks and smile.

   I can't wait to walk on the beach and just feel the earth untainted.
Na Nnoye know ooo, if she likes let her miss this opportunity. Me, Celine and Ajoke won't miss this opportunity to travel, build new memories and just have fun.


**Season 2, Episode 42**
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Adebusola Ukayat Elegbede is a Playwright and Content creator with a passion for real life challenges. Born in Kaduna state and lives in Lagos Nigeria, she has a passion for story telling from the perspectives of characters in conflicting situations. I started out on the New Writing Project in Nigeria with the British Council Lagos Nigeria and The Royal Court Theatre, Sloane Square U.K. My passion for creating stories led to comic books, television drama's and an online journal on my website (busolaelegbede.com). As part of the WPIC in Stockholm Sweden 2012, the experience has forged life long friends and ignited my passion as a volunteer and advocate for human rights and the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

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