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Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Sweet Seductive Lies


      Piercing through my tough skin are feelings ingrained in my head. Things I have no choice but to act on, hunger, thirst and the will to survive and move forward. Everything looks delicious right now, like a mix of salad and a side dish, dripping with delicious goodness. I want to feel and taste Everything as new life begins and one is about to end.
 The rattle snake clanks and hisses but it's all noise, his taste has fifteen times less effective. I mean, even his fangs are bigger than I am. Yet my venom is more potent and I can go in, tiptoe and enter where he dates not. For he will be beheaded on sight and made into a belt, shoe or bag. I laugh at the tragic end that awaits the clanking beast. Knowing fully well that my mates end was near. Just look at him... He lacks colour and is tiny, as most male species are. I giggled and hope he didn't notice, not out of fear but because I want him at his best. The next generation is definitely fearless, with my DNA in them that is certain. But for him to even come close to my web, was a risk two others took before him. They, I have drank from the coffers of my silk web, passionately spun out of desire.
 Oh just look at him, I want to start with his head while he performs his duty like the praying mantis does so skillfully. Unlike the male praying mantis, mine does not go out ensuring the generations are still finding their way. Not like the headless creature pounding hard while his mate devours him. The beauty of it, takes my breath away and makes me linger on the delicious juice of male spiders in my jaws. The thought of it makes me hungry, makes my dark eyes glow as I watch the third mate finish his chore and try to run. Such tiny, spiny limbs, running on my web and his yellow and red stripes and dots on his abdomen bump and fall into my well concealed trap. He dangles there and tries to wiggle free. Instead i catch up and my spiny fangs sink in and envenom my meal. I spin fast and with a skill set I've honed over the years. My excitement is real as the red hour glass glows and shines through, six hundred eggs are fertilized as I wait for the golden dozen to pop up and take over the mantle. Ten minutes later the juice is ready. Across from me is My cousin, she is much less a black widow than I am. Imagine, she let her mate escape and just wraps up her eggs. How she gets so big, I don't know. Even her web is bigger than mine and I heard her say she has seven hundred eggs or more. She didn't even count it herself, see life, her mate did. She fights what we are and says there are many insects to feed on. But she is exhausted from procreating it all makes her move slower and look awkward because of it. I warn her but instead she sings slowly and ignores me. I turn around for a bit and do not see the praying mantis. In lightning speed, I move me and my eggs to a secure location, around traps I've built from energy from the men I devoured. My web is a fortress and I've seen that my traps have deflected a predator. My cousin is laughing at me then she is gone

    Sweet Seductive Lies moving fast through the skies, like a strike from a blazing lightning rod. Striking hard at all my efforts, crushing fast all my opportunities. As investors shift their meetings and cost of running my office escalates. I can't help but sigh and wonder, if I did the right thing. Made the right choice. Should I have gone with the crowd and continued as a worker, a salary earner? Less stress and less responsibilities and definitely more stress again. The day I was told our company had to let people go and the look on dedicated pioneer staffs, as I hand them sack letters. People with families and bills to pay. That was horrible but a sad Seductive situation. A permanent situation, even business owners face, if they give up.
    So, I will snap out of this downwards spiral and stop sinking. I will change my state by asking the creative questions.. How can I change my situation, how do I get more clients, how do I create repeat business in this highly competitive world I'm set in?
Yes, I broke protocol today and moved with me to my office, ADE'S JOURNAL. The journal documents, the brand new me, how I keep reinventing myself. Unapologetic and unscripted, just me in all my rage and hope and crushed moods and high energy fueled me.
  It's my path to becoming that woman I dreamt of, as a child. In high heels and at the pent house of her sky scraper. I hope early thought it would be sooner than later.
But I am not perturbed, I will achieve all I set out to do and become.
   Facebook sent me a reminder, of that crazy day that tsunami struck Lagos. The first all round flood, residents felt. I wanted to see my cousin before he relocated and was going to take public transport. But my brother offered to take me. I tried to dissuade him but he would not take no, for an answer. That's why he is such a sweet, genuine car sales man. Then we drove, the mainland was a bit wet, a little drizzle of rain. And then we got to that link road from Berger up to the third Mainland bridge. For some strange reason it looked flooded. I suggested he turn back, but he told me he was driving a Toyota, we were in great hands. Other cars got stuck and it shocked me, the depth of the water. But we moved on and got a bigger shocker at Ikoyi. Now we knew we had to go back but the road network was bad. So we festered on, until we got to Bony camp. Seeing water almost window high, scarred me. Because that road was behind a Lagoon and further down on the other side was an array of beach fronts. Turning back was hard and our car survived, when others got stranded.
We were not going how we came, the mainland was better. So we go through Surulere. Better? Wrong, the canal was overflowing and the roads worse than anything. I could hear our car floating and started to panic. Prayers rang out as we drove through water covering our car.
We survived it and I am grateful to God.
 It brings to mind the Beautiful poem I wrote and copyrighted, 'The Children Embrace', still relevant and addressed natural disasters and the victims.

The Children Embrace
The earth cried
The children drown
The earth coughed
The children melt
The earth sneezed
The children crack
The earth cooled
The children embrace

      I lived on the mainland then, in 2010. Now I live on the Island. Luckily, it didn't affect us and my office Street but I heard it affected Celine's cousin. We all know who I am talking about...

     Knock, knock.

    The sound startled me and I use my open file to shut and conceal my JOURNAL.
 That was a bit rude and had a tone of rage and I think I shouted a bit. I inhaled deep and exhaled slowly as I looked up at my peeping PA.
    I smiled to ease her distraught look.
'It's alright, come in what is going on?'
'You have an unscheduled guest'
'You let him in?', my mind went to my stalker. The reason I had to reinvent myself, that snake called Frank.
'No, the other one'
     See me see trouble oooo, the way she said it. As if I have had that many boyfriends, hope she is not counting Daniel because we did not date officially. Two dates does not make a man a boyfriend you know. Just listen to me deep in thoughts, write and drift away from the present.
 I look up and inhale and then asked.
'Who is in my office?'
'Mr. H'
     The way she said it, I knew she meant Celine's cousin and I panicked and stood up.
'Let's him in, is Celine alright, is the baby alright?'
 I asked him as I approached him, while he entered my office. My PA left and shut the door.
'Why didn't she call me?'
 Mr. H takes my hands and squeezes them as he did way back when.
'She and her baby are fine', he adds helping me to the long couch.
  I stop him and march to the single one directly opposite him.
'So, to what do I owe this visit?', I was as cold as I could get without been rude.
Mr. H was looking at my table, at ADE'S JOURNAL.
'You know, I did read a few pages when we were together'
 That did not go well with me, at all at all.
'Why would you do that? Dishonour the wishes of someone you promised you would respect her wishes?'
 I was talking about myself in the third person, am I okay?
'I was losing you and got desperate, but it was you undiluted. You as you revealed yourself to be. So I stopped...'
'Hhhmmmff', i sighed out loud and thought to myself, like I believe that.
   Na today?

'Why are you here, Mr. Harry Akande?'
 I don't have time for cow dung, bull shit for that matter.
'I want you to revive my business but on a quarterly basis'
     My ex was offering me a job and not just any, a long term job.
'For how long and what aspects, do you want revived?'
   Mr. H stands up and struts around the room, my eyes check to see if he can read my open journal. I can't take any chances, yet I can't seem childish and emotional.
   I stand up too, shut the file and open a new one. I think he was accessing in his mind if I was protecting my JOURNAL or really wanted to take notes. I say both.
'When people see me, they think old money... I want them to see...'
 I could see where he was going and jot down four words. He walked up close and read out the words.
'Classic, premium, satisfaction, adventurous.... I see you are great at this'
'We have under our belt in a year, taken unknown brands to household names and placed them as premium, fun brands. While still maintaining the identity the client wants portrayed'
      I spring myself up with renewed energy and play the media programed into the flat screen monitor on the wall.

'The young bachelor, with speed boats and an impeccable customer service with money-back guarantee...'
That is Daniel.

'The youthful bride, who never compromises on premium service, products and after sales Everything, and makes sure her friends and clients feel the same...'
That is Ajoke.

'The old dying club that wanted to attract the new millionaire and millionaire's at heart'
The boat club.

'The entertainment heavyweight, that wants new talent and knows the deal he wants is already taken but never gives up and encourages others out there not to...'
That is Idibia.

'The illegal immigrant, that was deported while she was still in her mother's womb, the one that could not get good grades but kept learning skills, sewing skills, attended every seminar she could find, tried and failed at many network marketing ventures. Until she decided, no more and honed in on one and rose to the top. And then took her tailoring business to Haute Couture level'
This is Celine.

 Mr. H didn't let me finish my presentation, as expected.
'Your business recognizes your dreams and takes it to the maximum... Are you ready?'
 Mr. H jumped out of his seat and screamed a heavy 'yes'.
     It was a four year contract, renewable if all terms and conditions are met. The money he was pumping in was steady and had injected into the business the much needed money. But it means one thing, it was going to mean, we were going to be meeting regularly once again. And honestly,      I did not care for that.
As we shook hands, I noticed he lingered and cut that short and ushered him out.
My baby bump feels great and I massaged it as he exits and we bump into Nnoye.
She says hi, but gives him a side eye. Nnoye fought hard to keep herself from talking and even stood at the windows, to make sure his car had driven off.
'Ade, what the hell is going on?'
'Just signed the contract to save my company'
'And my two men's money?'
'Will run out by December at the climax of your choice partner. The cost of everything has tripled'
'Does your husband know?'
I was a little annoyed by her question, when I'm not in Margaret Atwood's The Handmaid's Tale.
'You are saying I should have asked for permission'
'No, but it will stir up your best'
'Abeg it's about time, we will face the storm together'

  Honestly, I was not going to take his offer. But when I heard the word long term, I stopped thinking irrationally and emotional intelligence kicked in.
'Henrik won't mind, it's long term business'
'You this girl, is that supposed to make him feel better?'
'Don't ruin this for me', I snapped at her.
'Shaaa, now we are in the same boat. The saying is true, birds of a feather...'

 Nnoye's words make me eye her, of course we are not in the same boat. I would never cheat on Henrik, especially with someone that cheated on me. And got a love child out of the relationship.
True his relationship is rocky right now, but whose isn't?

 See me see trouble ooo, am I really stirring the hornets nest? Did yanga sleep and trouble go wake am?

**Season 2, Episode 43**
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Adebusola Ukayat Elegbede is a Playwright and Content creator with a passion for real life challenges. Born in Kaduna state and lives in Lagos Nigeria, she has a passion for story telling from the perspectives of characters in conflicting situations. I started out on the New Writing Project in Nigeria with the British Council Lagos Nigeria and The Royal Court Theatre, Sloane Square U.K. My passion for creating stories led to comic books, television drama's and an online journal on my website (busolaelegbede.com). As part of the WPIC in Stockholm Sweden 2012, the experience has forged life long friends and ignited my passion as a volunteer and advocate for human rights and the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

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