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Saturday 26 August 2017

Carved In The Bark Of Time


  The wind picked up and packed up specs of dust floating and flowing by. Mimicking the rough winds in a cool Houston sky, made wet by a raging rain storm. The woodpecker drilled quickly as it's wings soak up and it's feathers stick awkwardly to its muscular frame. Lightening deterred all its plans as it took flight and finds shelter underneath the large African fruit tree.
 It was not the only one drilling, a woodworm was hard at work and as it munched on the hard wood bark, fine wood flakes broke and sawdust like mountain appear. Almost naked to the human eye but massive to a minute woodworm.
It didn't end there, the woman swung her axe and struck the tree. She wanted the wood cut down and in her workshop. It would take time and a lot of patience but she had to create her masterpiece. One full year it would take to dry it, but the ones from last year is dry. I just have to prepare for next year today. I drag it to my shack and cut to even sizes. The wind isn't so bad and my dear of been struck by lightning has not reduced. I just concentrate more on getting the job done. Cut, stacked and both ends sealed with natural wax from my bee hive, I'm ready.
 My knives are ready, the stone that sharpens it, passed on to me by my father and the knives handle carved by my mother. This tortoise, my spirit animal. Beautiful, slow and steady, will come to life and bless the family it joins as my journey begins...

 The rain was quick and sudden and the drops thick and heavy. I got outside just before it started and I saved my dry clothes from getting wet.
 Unfortunately for me and my annoying life, I could not protect myself from the chaos that has been building up.
Why do ex boyfriends always come around to try to mess up a good thing. I mean, I thought Mr. H was different. He turned out to be the worst, the sneakiest of them all. Ruined a beautiful night with my husband, Ajoke and Bala. They did not physically fight, but Henrik drove in just as my ex was driving out.
  It's like my perpetual drama with all my exes are Carved In The Bark Of Time.
  Luckily, Ajoke got here as quickly as she could and opening the door and seeing her, made me calm down a bit.
'Come in', I say holding the door open.
 Her high heeled shoes looked unsafe as she cautiously entered my home.
'What are you wearing?'
'According to Bala... Gbobi shoes'
'Gbobi?', I was lost.
'Igbobi.. You know, the hospital in Yaba that deal mostly in fixing broken bones'
'Orthopedic and muscle specialists?', I was laughing at her nonchalant attitude.
'Yes, something like that, you know what I mean'
 My dear friend stops walking and gives me a wicked look. I stop laughing.
'You are laughing at me because I don't have or know the technical word, right?'
'I'm just trying to be happy'
  In my defense,I was just trying to smile.
'All these your stalker boyfriend self"
'I tire ooo', I add slumping into my couch.
'Bala is mad to'
'See he understands...'
'At you Ade, you need to be much more firm with...'
'Ajoke, his cousin was living in my guest house. Our friend Celine....'
 Ajoke gets out her phone and dials.
'Oh, Celine said we must get her in on this gist'
 As her WhatsApp video call rings, I go to the bar and pour myself a drink.
Ajoke jumps up and grabs the Bailey's Irish cream from my hand, almost breaking her leg in the process.
'Ajoke, the drink is for you', I protest.
'Aaa le so, I had to protect my god children'
 She gulped down the drink and returned it to the cabinet. Giving me a curious look.
'Ajoke I'm not that stupid, it's bad enough all the air pollution and all. I can't add alcohol to the treat level'
'Good', Ajoke adds and hides the keys in her bra.
'You are not serious'
 Ajoke's phone rings and she stretched her hands. I was sitting down and too lazy to stand up again.
'Ajoke, my babies said I should not move...'
'Igbobi said they don't have bed space'
 I open my mouth in shock.
'How dare you'
 Ajoke grumbled as she walks back to the couch I'm on and picks up the phone.
'Celine hi, you are on speaker. I'm in Added house'
 I could see Pierre in the background.
'Hey Celine, hey Pierre'
'Hi Belle, hi Ade, thanks for letting my partner come back home to US'
'Don't mention', I add as if truly I held her against her will.
 We all laugh and Ajoke had to ruin the moment.
'Don't mind Ade oooo, Mr. H was here after you left and there was a moment...'
'There was no moment, just shock'
'Ade, really?'
  Celine was as shocked as I was
'See me see trouble ooo, I too I'm in shock about this ridiculous accusations'
 I make myself clear.
'Ade, the fear of the ex is the beginning of wisdom'
'Celine, I told her the same thing'
'He only wanted to return your things...'
'Your PATA, your pant and bra....', Ajoke adds shamelessly.
'Agbaya ni Mr. H', Celine adds in a disappointing tone.
'Exactly, flimsiest excuse'
'You two relax ah, I've revoked his right to this house...'
'But he has a four year contract with Ade...'
'...Like I said my cousin is shameless'
'So I should cancel the contract?''
'Don't try it ooo, he is a very good lawyer. See the only solution is to get him and Baratu back together'
 Ajoke was going to protest or agree, I'm not sure which.
'Abeg, leg dey pain me', she finally adds and unbuckles her seven inch shoes.
'Let me see those heels', Celine asked.
'Jesus Christ, why?'
'Bala saw a skinny girl with more boobs than me. In seven inch shoes and a tight short dress. He said that used to be me'
 I could tell she was broken by it.
'Ajoke, we can't dress like we are in our twenties...'
'Celine, why not?'
  They both look at me and I raise both hands and surrender.
'Don't ask me'
'Ade, answer. You can't Dodge this question'
'Because, your little tie will be red and sore and your skin will itch'
 I was watching Ajoke massage her thighs.
'Honestly, you are right but if I didn't stop I could do it until I'm eighty'
'You still do, those six inch shoes are to die for. You make it look effortless when you do. But these seven inches are not you, besides Bala was just teasing you'
'Such wise words from Ade, Celine ABI?'
'Ajoke, we are getting old'
'If Erelu of Lagos is still young and beautiful at seventy. Then I'm still young and smashing hot at thirty nine'
 We all cheer and laugh and home about everything. Having great friends to share good and bad moments with is everything.

 The doorbell rings and I go to open it.

 Henrik is standing there with a bouquet of red roses, it's beautiful and an ice cream cake. I hug him and he gives me a long soft passionate kiss. It's like when we first did and it takes away all my stress and worries.
 It was the sound of Pierre cheering us on that made me blush and stop.
 Ajoke had her phone tuned in to me and Celine and Pierre had watched us.
'Just so you know, I recorded you two', Celine adds.
'Send us a copy's, Henrik screamed and Ajoke fixed her eyes on the cake.
'Ade, talk to Celine. I'll get us plates'

  I laughed and loved everything that was happening.
'Ade, pass my other phone, Bala can't miss out on this and the twins love ice cream cake'

 This Saturday did not seem so bad after all and even though we are not going out. We are having the best of times, creating memories that would last forever.

 I hand Henrik, Celine's video call and search for Ajoke's other phone and then mine rings.

  My goodness, you would never believe who was calling me. And to be honest, it scared me a little and I didn't know what to do.

  Lord have mercy....

**Season 2, Episode 56**
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Adebusola Ukayat Elegbede is a Playwright and Content creator with a passion for real life challenges. Born in Kaduna state and lives in Lagos Nigeria, she has a passion for story telling from the perspectives of characters in conflicting situations. I started out on the New Writing Project in Nigeria with the British Council Lagos Nigeria and The Royal Court Theatre, Sloane Square U.K. My passion for creating stories led to comic books, television drama's and an online journal on my website (busolaelegbede.com). As part of the WPIC in Stockholm Sweden 2012, the experience has forged life long friends and ignited my passion as a volunteer and advocate for human rights and the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

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