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Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Clash Between Men In Agbada's


   Coughing and tweeting the bird sang and tried hard to lure it's mate and failed. There was after all more to life than attracting a mate. She dug hard at the dry infertile ground and searched for a meal to quench the hunger, tearing at her stomach walls. His nest was scrawny and the twigs did not look like they would stay in place. Nothing about him looked good. Yet he puffed and fluffed his feathers and tried to make himself bigger than he actually was. Others had fallen for it and had eggs fall out of flimsy nests. The wicked rodents thrived beneath, waiting for the future generation that would never be.
  I pretend I don't see it all, the last friend if mine who voiced her opinion was almost pecked to death and left the clan, scarred, limping and alone. A one legged captive, a human pet took pity and sheltered her. In the land were no one returned from. She was lucky to survive the journey but her former home can never be hers again.
 I will escape this horrid harem, this barren land of wickedness. The question is how? I'm almost exhausted from trying, but I can't see a future here. On our border, the young flight prince appears. The one we fantasize about and dream we will escape with. He is vicious and I did see him attack a rodent once. He is the forbidden one, the one born from a queen that relinquished her throne. My dream mother, not the compliant one that brainwashed me into accepting this boring life. The hardest truth about me is that I am no longer a child and can no longer blame my folks. I am now at their age, that age of decision making. So I do the impossible and fly towards him. I am not his type and neither is he mine. My move shocks him and he steps aside and my clan grab me to stop me from commiting social suicide. I loose feathers and blood as I wrench free from the hold that tries to clamp me down. And in an instant, I crossed the forbidden line into a territory I can never leave. He looks at me and points backwards and my  opens their wings to take me back.
 Silly bunch, all of them. I do need any of them to rescue me. I have eyes on a goal far beyond them. My eyes are on the rich field of dreams. The fertile land everyone fights for, fights to be in.i want so much more than a saviour. I want to be my own destiny changer and that bronze statue in a beaded necklace calls to me. I will make it and bond on the way but I will not move through life like a freaking zombie....

   I fight to wake up from the nightmare that morphed and changed gear. It got from worse to worse as I tried to wake up. Moving me from one horrific scene to the next and erasing my memory as I progressed. Maybe it's telling me something, my dream I mean. Maybe it's telling me to stop watching and re-watching those zombie movies and plague and outbreaks movies.

  Or even something more sinister is about to happen. What do I know?. 

  The past hunted me with my wrong choice of friends taking me further into despair. Friends I don't even call anymore.
  The scene was like from a horrible horrible movie. I was invited to a birthday party, where the generals invited their children to a diplomatic function. Then I saw a masked person. All of me said run but he ducked and hid under the dressed table. It appeared he was just lacing his shoes. Which was a lie, I was watching myself miss this fact. He started biting and nibbling people's ankles like an oversized rat. They didn't feel it at first and when they did, they scratched it like a mosquito bite. Then used ice to try to cook it and by the time they noticed. There were tears and panic as the shape shifter ran across the room. I alerted everyone and we chased and caught the giant rat. But just as we did, the biten people start to change into zombies with the need to biteand nibble. I clawed my way out of the dream and woke up in my office.

  A little confused I stared at the roof and tried to figure out if I was still sleeping. As I ease out of my dream state, it was as if in a second all the screams seized. Someone is calling my name and talking to me and I breathe as if for the first time. And stare at the lady that looks blurry at first, then her image clears up. I recognized her and stare at her, not sure what she just said and she repeats herself.

'He is waiting', my P.A. Announced.
'Should I tell him to come back another day?'

  It was a legitimate question and I was still trying to figure out how I got to my office.

'Oga said you were still tired...'
'Who is oga?', I asked trying to understand her.

'Your husband'

 I actually didn't understand her, I thought I was still waiting for my jamb result. How could I be married?
I feel strange and touch my belly and jerk quickly into an upright position.

'Madam should I call somebody?'

 The horror in her eyes were real and I realized were I was.

'No need, in awake', I tell her as I massaged my baby still in my Tommy.

'Are you sure?'
'Positive, send him in'

 I had no clue who, but didn't want her panicking.

  Mr. H walked in wearing the full Yoruba regalia. The complete agbada and it made him look majestic but it didn't hide what I was feeling. So, I shake my head.

'Is this a bad time?'

'Why are you calling me at odd hours and disrupting my sleep patterns. Do you know what that does to a pregnant woman?'

'I apologize, but.. '

'I know that Baratu does not want you anymore... The love of your life, why do you think I would?'

'Ade, you misunderstand me'

'You know I'm not one to be subtle. What is going on?'

'Yes Baratu left but it's more than that. What we shared will forever be....'

'Why are you men cruel? Because she left the baby and I'm pregnant, then I'm the right fit?'

'I didn't say that, but we are friends and friends help...'

'We are not friends, we barely know each other'

'We are....'

 I laughed.

'Where is Henrik in all this?'

 I asked waving my nails. French manicure, very unlike me. Am I still dreaming? Funny enough, I remember. My girls think I need to revamp myself, they say I am over thinking this swollen face and limbs. I just can't wait for my babies to arrive.
But they made real valid points, so I allow then choose the kind of beauty regime for the day. My brows were threaded and my nails French manicured. The full body massage was great until Nnoye bragged about how Daniel liked the flowers body oil treatment and Idibia, the earthy leaves tree bark oils. Then Ajoke started and Celine joined her and I stayed neutral. This her pitching both men against one another was getting old but it was fun to see my friends tear at each other politely and fight for my approval.
 So yes, I remember clearly that this morning was about me looking and feeling good.

 Back to my nonesensical ex Bobo and his delusional move this morning. I watched him try to justify trying to get back together with a married woman, me.

'Just like I made a mistake, you might...'

 I chuckled and laughed so hard that I feel my brain hit my skull. I hold my forehead and try not to poke my own eyes with my claws as I look up at his stunned face.

'Are you upset?'
'I know I hurt you but you have to understand that I was confused...'
'Good for you, but I just want to tell you, eh. That I did not wait for you, I did not think you were my soulmate. You were a refreshing boyfriend after that beast called Frank. Just like I refreshed your mind and sent you back to Baratu'
'But I was wrong'
'Wrong keep? You were right oooo. If you didn't choose her, I would not have found Henrik. If you were not nice, I would have thought all men were cruel. Accept this now and forever, I could never ever love you'

 The awkward silence made me feel good and then I realized that we were not alone.

 Henrik was behind me and had on a complete set of the Yoruba attire we got married in. The agbada was not ASO OKE, nope. It was in white Ankara, woven with skill and infused into it silver silk twines that gave a three dimensional illusion of embossed three cowry shell circles. It was majestic and beautiful and he adjusted it like a true son of the soil. Lifting his toned arm and folding the excess fabric over his shoulder. My goodness, the man was finnnneeeeee.
 And my man had joined me and my ex and has heard some of what was said. This beautiful awkward moment would forever be drilled into my thick gumption.
 For I knew that it was going to be an epic Clash Between Men In Agbada's....

  Na die una dey.

**Season 2, Episode 53**
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Adebusola Ukayat Elegbede is a Playwright and Content creator with a passion for real life challenges. Born in Kaduna state and lives in Lagos Nigeria, she has a passion for story telling from the perspectives of characters in conflicting situations. I started out on the New Writing Project in Nigeria with the British Council Lagos Nigeria and The Royal Court Theatre, Sloane Square U.K. My passion for creating stories led to comic books, television drama's and an online journal on my website (busolaelegbede.com). As part of the WPIC in Stockholm Sweden 2012, the experience has forged life long friends and ignited my passion as a volunteer and advocate for human rights and the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

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