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Friday, 18 August 2017

Humans, Geckos, Millipedes, Hairy frogs And Spiders


  Dead in a few hours, she lays eggs on decay. Digging deep into the moist earth, the blow fly followed, burrowing deep and displacing dirt and debris to reach its target. Here, secrets hide beneath the place of worship, created by serial killers. Fueled by the need for a leader, in this chaotic mess of a life not well lived. People desperate for magical solutions, flock to these false prophets. Fueling this horrendous trade of human parts with paid professionals or should I call them what they are.... Kidnappers and psychopaths, peddling their whimsical miracles to a hungry crowd watching and waiting for more, searching. But not much is hidden for long as a deep dark eclipse draws near and uncovers a sad reality. The prayers of the desperate multitude fall to deaf ears as the actors are revealed just as time ticks and passes on by.
    Humans, Geckos, Millipedes, Hairy frogs And Spiders all cut up, caged up and peddled for money, for the wrong reasons.
  As the truth is exposed and cut sacrificial pieces of people are buried beneath the entrance of a fake place of worship. The tales told by Kidnappers sound fake. The truth is that it's real and as worshippers discover this ugly side to their false prophets. They band together and chat about maybe that's why their miracles didn't come, maybe there is some truth to the rumors
   Angry followers decry their failed miracles, drowned quickly by pointing fingers orchestrated by the wicked false prophets. Their voices dim the truth as blame is screamed at the naive crowd. This congregation has stolen what is mine, sayeth the false leaders. Empty all your life savings, so miracles shall look your way, also so I can open more houses of worship in the land of decay. Prove to the world that we are true worshippers, let's spread our noise and buildings, as prosperity prospers.
 Confusion reigns as loud voices reduces to a whisper of doubt. Maybe its not our prophet, God would not answer our prayers if that kind of atrocity happened here, right?
   Words I hear from confused people, what do I know? I'm just a blow fly.
  So I do what blow flies do, I dance amid the buried corpses, laugh as our population thrives. Only in this unique country of lies, peddled by the greedy, do many perish to feed our colony.
   But as the blood of the innocent victims, soiled and soaked the earth below, it made the concrete poured over the colony, crack with tears.  And give way...
 It was time for the truth to be revealed and a fued begins....
   Greedy kidnappers, fight with false prophets, angry at the bulletproof cars that litters the compounds.
 Don't worry just kill more innocent victims and maybe, I will give you one of the cars. He bragged and thumped his chest for all to see. Pathetic and sad yet said with much conviction, like a true psycho.
Their words spread more confusion as the death toll rises above normal and the tears of the victims seem silenced forever.
  Desperate to meet their quotas, the human part dealers kidnapped more than they could control. And as they do, live victims escaped their traps. The innocent returned with law enforcement officers only to be led to the false place of worship.
  In the forefront, A battered daughter looked on, seething in a whirlwind of confusion. As her grieving parents, hold on to the false prophets. The very men that paid her kidnappers with blood on their hands and buried her friends physically, deep beneath them.
  The evil circle of deceit is broken and it takes an entire platoon to stop the angry mob from burning the building. And only in the nick of time, because underneath revealed more corpses with millions of us blow flies hatching and burrowing upwards, at loose age old cement rising to the surface.
  A lot more secrets are quickly exposed, as the very people that were supposed to lead us to salvation are just using us, as manure. Fueling their evil trade with our blood. But what do I know?
    I'm just a blow fly.
   Truth be told, I am not of fan of magical pastors or prophets of doom. Men that mimic those villains from the victims of old Salem in the sixteen hundreds, now thriving in my homeland in two thousand and seventeen. They feed off the our differences and the pain of the masses, refusing to tell it as it is. Only placing blame on mostly women and how our dressing is the reason the world is been punished.
  Normally, I don't get into the politics of religion.

 But why is it now the norm to hear thar people sell human parts? 

  Simple, it is because Serial killers are on the rise, hiding in religious houses and schools. Betraying all those who trust them, as they kill and maim for pleasure.
  I want to not just read or watch videos about these psycho's, I want justice to prevail. I don't want it to be, between work topics , I want to hear that families got justice.
 But how can they, when something as simple as electricity won't come to my home with ease and the bills are almost times five when I actually get power supply.
  I am afraid to admit it, but I feel a civil war creeping in. And the solution won't solve anything but make it worse. So many failed countries make me think we are heading for doom.
 And the worst part is our population is too high for any one country to absorb.
 I do not mean to predict doom but what hope is left for my beautiful Nigeria?

 As my thoughts get more and more gloomy, I pass a flower. I know it's a weed and it's usually blue but for some strange reason, this one is white.
And as I stop to take pictures, my friends stare at me.

'Ade, between taking pictures and filling your journals... I feel like you don't have time for me. Celine is leaving and Nnoye wants us to meet her in this shady office...'

 I roll my eyes at Ajoke and get the one clear, close up picture of the plant that I want.

'Are you not scared?'
'Ade, scared of what?'
'A war'
'You mean... Third world war?', Ajoke adds.
'Everyone with a nuclear bomb is mouthing off and unfortunately for us.... Africa is between'

 Celine sounds genuinely worried and I shake my head and protest.

'No not that....', although I'm scared of a World War and pray none happens.

'I am talking about here at home... Tribes are giving each other ultimatums and singing disgusting genocidal songs...'

 Ajoke cut me off and asked.

'Have you heard it?'

 I snap my fingers over my head and declare...

'God forbid, God forbid. I will not promote hate, by searching for hate online or elsewhere. I choose to love always'

 Nnoye joins us.

'As you should', Nnoye adds and hugs us all.

'You know Celine is leaving this weekend... Sunday night', Ajoke adds hugging her.

'Yes, but I have great news. Our wedding is in November...'

   I did not wait for the end of Nnoye's sentence, I scream and hug her and so does Celine.

'He proposed?', Celine asks still a little shocked.

'The question is which one', Ajoke adds.

 Nnoye smacks her bum and shocks all of us.

'Sorry but I couldn't help myself, of course Daniel', Nnoye says with conviction.

'Shocker', Ajoke said massaging her own bum.

 We all give naughty Ajoke a look and she rolls her eyes and join us in a group hug.

'Look ladies, Nigeria has been through hell and a few despicable people won't break us. We will fight and prove them wrong'

'I hope so oooo', I add sincerely praying she is right.

'As there are false prophets, there are true religious leaders and ordinary citizens. Men and women that remind us to focus on our strengths and keep fighting to survive this chaos'

'Wise words from your lips Nnoye, ki la RI?'
Ajoke was serious, she did not expect such wisdom from her lips.

'I believed I could change my destiny and I have. I believed you will all be happy and you are. Even when we were not close and you were all famous Lagos Big Girls'

  Nnoye's words made Ajoke happy, she liked when Nnoye acknowledges that we were celebrities before she eased her way into our click. The celebrity part is stretching it, but don't tell Ajoke that she isn't one.
   You are on your own if you do, meanwhile Nnoye was still talking and I smile and continue to listen.

'...People may not know where Nigeria is on the world map. But they want us to thrive and survive'
'Is that your motherly instinct kicking in?', Celine asked.

 It's a funny question but a good one, Nnoye was getting better and climbing up the moral scale of life. I liked this side of her..

'Nnoye, so you can be nice and talk this much sense', trust Ajoke to sink it in.

 We laughed some more and then she ruined it.

'So, Idibia is cool about this?'
'Ajoke, leaf me ah. Abeg, ask Ade how she handled two men in agbada fighting over her in her office'

 Celine almost choked on the gum she was chewing and Ajoke spun me so fast around that I almost fall down flat.

 The smirk on her face made Ajoke feel betrayed and my wife eyes said without saying... You will be banned for life if you didn't remedy this imploding disaster.

'Ade didn't tell me, I was in her office uninvited. That's how I know', Nnoye tries to soothe the chaos brewing.

 I think she was just playing nice because we all know that she wanted Bala and Ajoke there with their best friends.
 Anyway, the ladies hover over me and I shield my forehead and massage it.

'I can't picture Henrik fighting....', Celine announced.
'But neither can I picture you Ade fighting, but she was a fighter back in her days'
Nnoye talks like she knew me in my primary school days. For your information, we met in the university. When I had become a diva and had long outgrown my tomboy days.

'Ade, talk', Celine ordered.
'Why is your office so far from the gate?', Ajoke asked adjusting her two-way tone stilettos.
'Its family land and for now, I'm taking up this office. I wanted you all to enjoy the tour'

 I was going to tell her it was a bad idea but Celine stopped me.

'Ade, abeg talk to me'

 I sighed and looked at Nnoye's distant office.

'This is ridiculous... I'm calling my driver', and she called him.

 Inside her luxurious vehicle we relax and I shut my eyes. Well it was not that bad and neither was it any good. But the ladies want all the juicy details and I will give it to them.

'He was been stupid and annoying, so because Baratu was not available I was?'

'Mr. H said that?', Celine seemed shocked.

'Yes, I felt insulted and disrespected and made him know it. But Henrik had heard most of it and told him to mind his manners...'

'Ade don't remix it oooo', Ajoke declared As if she was there.

'Let me finish, ah'. I was not enjoying these interruptions.

'Celine, ask Mr. H. The ex always says it as it is'

 My impatient friend Ajoke declared and I continued my gist.

'Before I was rudely cut short...', I say rolling my eyes at Ajoke.

'Yes, he was polite at first. Then there was cursing and shoving and I had to physically step in'

'You still have a camera in your office?', Ajoke asks as she opens a popcorn pack.

'There is no footage...'
'I have hackers on speed dial'
'Ajoje, ae you threatening me?'
'Ade, oyaya the details'

 I sit upright and turn to my annoying friend.

'I deleted it because of you, Henrik threw the first punch and threatened to him with a lawsuit'

'Its a lie?', Celine digs into the buttered popcorn that Ajoke was munching on.

'Mr. H said he respects Henrik's decision and need to punch him. But if I didn't complete our contractual agreements... He would file a lawsuit'

'Na film or real life?', Nnoye asked dipping her hand into the pack.
Ajoke smacked her hand away and they tussle over it and spill popcorn everywhere.

 I just shake my head.

'I mean, if Mr. H had any feelings for me. Celine would have mentioned it. Right?'

 It was a rhetorical question and I seemed to be the only one laughing at the joke.

'What? All ex... Regret at some point but shake it off, I thought he was one of those'

'So Mr. H still likes Ade?', Ajoke adds opening a fresh popcorn pack far away from Nnoye.
Nnoye grabbed and snatched it and chews at it, exaggerating the joy of the silly act.

'Who cares?', I say and they all shout at me.
'See eh, all meetings are going to take place with my workers from now on, outside my office'

'Wait, isn't Henrik rich enough to cater for you? I mean end the contract'
Nnoye liked the idea of a scandal and wanted me to renege on my agreement.

'The money is good and the most important part is my reputation. If I can't handle this professionally, then it's career suicide'

 Not all of us want bad news, but I can't help but think. What if no matter what I do, this all still ends badly?

'That's why in business, one must have a contingency plan. I am ready for whatever comes my way'

 Nnoye grabbed a bottle of fruit wine And i smile.

'You forgot the part about both men wearing agbada's', Nnoye adds pouring herself a drink.

'And you ask me why I'm so harsh with her, Nnoye you ask others if they want a drink'
'Like you asked if we want popcorn'
'Mumu, everyone shares popcorn but it's impolite not to ask if anyone wants a drink'

 Celine looked lost in a corner, far from us and I tap her and she smiled at me.

'Are you alright?'
'Yep, just scared Pierre may have re-united with his ex'
'Been calling him and he has not replied'
'He is fine, probably has a surprise waiting for you'

 I said the words but did not believe them, with all the mayhem happening in Spain and Finland. I was afraid and could not help but think of the worst.

 Please God, keep our families and friends safe, protect those injured and let's not loose anymore lives. I really want to smile and be happy and not be afraid.

  Don't you?

**Season 2, Episode 54**
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Adebusola Ukayat Elegbede is a Playwright and Content creator with a passion for real life challenges. Born in Kaduna state and lives in Lagos Nigeria, she has a passion for story telling from the perspectives of characters in conflicting situations. I started out on the New Writing Project in Nigeria with the British Council Lagos Nigeria and The Royal Court Theatre, Sloane Square U.K. My passion for creating stories led to comic books, television drama's and an online journal on my website (busolaelegbede.com). As part of the WPIC in Stockholm Sweden 2012, the experience has forged life long friends and ignited my passion as a volunteer and advocate for human rights and the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

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