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Wednesday 30 August 2017

Swapped Paper Dreams For Thrills


  The unusual cool winds smack hard at all living creatures far and near as the afternoon inched further into evening. Upright and fit, the young doe strayed from the herd to find greener pasture. It helped that her older and wiser friend, struts with her, side by side into the wilderness. This fast and furious city called Lagos, where demand and supply fist fight, face to face everyday. The aim of this perilous journey is to buy a phone and the specifications were crystal clear in my mind and head. And as we roamed round the stores in computer village, we did not find my dream phone. I swayed and waned and seethed deep in my own disappointment in this annoying crowded streets. A sharp guy spotted me and asked me what I want.      What do I want?
Stupid question, I want the best of the best or at least what I could afford to buy. Then he flashed the phone, an iPhone. My eyes lit as the greener pastures this would attract filled me with renewed hope. I tried to hide my excitement and told this fast man that I could never afford such a phone. After all all, all I had in my pocket was forty thousand Naira and the phone cost one hundred and twenty thousand Naira only He tells me that for me, the phone would cost only eighty thousand Naira. I signal to my young buck friend with locks that spelled experience and packs and muscles all over his body, that stated he had toiled hard in this life and a past one. My friend adds that if they could reduce it to fifty, we may be able to afford it. Not that we have the ten thousand extra but to check if it was possible. Two other hustlers appear and tell us to take this deal going once, twice....
And I announce that if only they can take forty, then it's a deal. My friend takes the phone and walks away as I count forty thousand and give it to him. I am a happy doe with my first iPhone, my friends could die of envy and I'd be the Belle of the ball.
  Instead he says it's too small and hustlers have been watching us. Anything could happen, does he mean I could be robbed? Or that my friends pocket could be picked?
They are not selling anymore and want their phone, My dumb buck friend gives them back the phone.
I want my money. They hand it back as a Crowd closes in. I hold on to the money and try not to get robbed. Something is not right, I stop to check the bundle of money and gasp. They did it, Swapped Paper Dreams For Thrills. The thrill of the iPhone made me get rid of my intuition and guts. I have been duped and my forty thousand Naira is down to one fake thousand Naira note. Nothing. This lesson I will never forget, this would never happen to me again....

     Yes, that happened to me. I am ashamed to say I was duped and wooed by greed and paid forty thousand Naira for it. It's been years but the memories just won't leave me.
  I had to bring it up because an old sore reappeared in my life. Sort of...
 No need to sugar coat it, yes it was Frank that called. He even had the guts to send me a message on Facebook book.
'Emi ke.... I deleted, blocked and reported him to Facebook. Tell me, is it a crime to date someone and it does not work out?
To me it's border line stalking. He was fully stalking me, last year. But he has an equal stalker girlfriend that makes his life a living hell. You can call it karma, I call it payback.
'Who was that?', Ajoke asked suspecting it was my ex.
 I switch to speaker and signal to everyone to keep quiet. Including a curious Celine. Still on the video call with us.
'I sent you a Facebook message...'
'I didn't read it...'
'Please forgive me for all the stress I caused you. The woman I am in love with cares little for me and close marks my movement...'
'I am too busy for this crap', I snapped at him.
 Why do all these guys feel the need to dump their tired boring lives on me. I already escaped their wrath.
'I know, I just wanted to ask for your forgiveness and I recognize and accept that I have been wrong...'
'Is this for the record or just for my ears?'
'You can record it....'
'Ajoke, abeg record this', I wanted him to know he was on speaker.
'I officially apologize for verbally abusing and stalking you and I pray you can forgive me'
'I will, only if you never contact me again'
 I cut the phone and stare at Henrik and he just hugs me and we say nothing.
'When are we going to taste your cake?'
 The question made me laugh.
'Henrik', I screamed at him and laughed.
'Its true, Ade you have stopped making us treats like you used to', Ajoke adds.
 I think about it and yes, I've cooked less and baked less. Is this about growing older or having less time? I'm really not sure but they are right. I miss it and baking a small cake for my friends to enjoy would make today a little brighter.
  I hand mixed butter and sugar and laughed as I had assumed I would do this forever for Frank, two years ago. And then early last year, did this for Mr. H.
Both men were insincere and unable to settle down.
 Henrik on the other hand has given me love, joy and supported my career. He loves and respects me and my family and my family loves his. We are real partners and our friends are real.
 I love him completely and soon our children would join us on our journey in this beautiful life.
 The butter fluffed into rich goodness and fullness my life has right now. Henrik smiled and almost put his face in mine, I didn't even know he was in the kitchen with me. I hand the basin passed down to me by my mum and the turning stick my mum bought for me. To my husband and watched him fluff it some more. Ajoke cut open the icing sugar and Celine sliced fruits for us in France and tells us to use it as natural flavours. Bala tries to stop his twins from licking all the cake batter as we all laugh and enjoy the moment.
  My friends are great and beautiful and intelligent and kind. I was about to say something epic when another phone call comes in.
'Its better not be another ex boyfriend', Ajoke distastefully says.
I grown and then chuckled.
'I was going to say so too, but Ade does not have the body count of boyfriends you have'
 Bala made it much more funnier and that I laughed at and enjoyed. Ajoke was not smiling and Henrik was crying from laughing so loud. The twins too joined us and Ajoke was almost in tears.
'Bala dated times ten more women than my past men's
'I agree, sorry I was thinking out loud', he says hugging her.
 Celine called out to Pierre.
'Don't miss this reality show ooo, this Ade's Journal is da bomb'
'Its not...'
'Please we know you will write this doesn't, Celine says sharing a pawpaw with Pierre.
'Its Nnoye, wait... Shhh'
'Put it on speaker', Ajoke begs.
 I eyes her and tried to block out their joyous voices.
'You said what?'
 Nnoye sounds distraught and cold as if from been done from rain.
'I'm stuck on an island somewhere in Lagos'
'Wait what?'
'The boat didn't come back'

 Now I'm confused, why would a pregnant engaged woman go on a boat ride to nowhere and not tell me.
After all, I'm supposed to be her best friend.

 See wahala....

**Season 2, Episode 57**
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Adebusola Ukayat Elegbede is a Playwright and Content creator with a passion for real life challenges. Born in Kaduna state and lives in Lagos Nigeria, she has a passion for story telling from the perspectives of characters in conflicting situations. I started out on the New Writing Project in Nigeria with the British Council Lagos Nigeria and The Royal Court Theatre, Sloane Square U.K. My passion for creating stories led to comic books, television drama's and an online journal on my website (busolaelegbede.com). As part of the WPIC in Stockholm Sweden 2012, the experience has forged life long friends and ignited my passion as a volunteer and advocate for human rights and the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

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