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Wednesday, 23 August 2017

The Ant Eclipsed The Past


  The lone ant crawled up the delicious corn stalk and munched on it, like it's life depended on it. The raw edges shriveled and dried up as the chlorophyll moved back and disappeared and then leaves a gap in it. A beautiful gash, a signature mark on a life well lived. The corn stalk starts to turn yellow and then brown as it begins to die, sacrificing life for another. It is beginning to sound like a Nigerian tragedy, but wait... There's more, the Robin hovers over and searches but finds none. This lone ant is alone, an easy prey for this majestic aerial beast. In an instant, it pecks and devours the ant that broke the rule. The pack mentality is not a myth, it is there to help you. To protect you and reduce your chances of been eaten by predators. But something happened and the bird lost all ability to move it's limbs and falls hard on the near ground.
The moon is in the sky, not lurking but bragging and shinning and radiating. It signals to limbs and body, eyes and minds to stop. To recognize all around the world that the Queen of the Night has conquered the kings sky. That as predicted in an age old folklore, all balance shall be ripped as she prepares for the end of days. Goats and sheep, wilderbeasts and deer all fall on their sides as limbs fail briefly. As victory wanes quickly, signalling the beginning of the end.
The line ant crawled out of the beak that refused to munch on it. It pushed on failing limbs and knew it was doomed. So digs into the earth and finds a forgotten hole. A pathway back home to the colony, far away from the wicked rays of an angry Queen. And just in time, because the sun King snatched back his afternoon sky and limbs are restored. The bright red Robin regained it's limbs and all that moved, moved. The Ant Eclipsed The Past and told tales of surviving the Eclipse as none believed it's tale, because the Eclipse was too far away to grace their skies..
  For the first time in history, I didn't stare at the sky during an eclipse. Truth be told, I had long dropped all my superstitious belief about the majestic sky event. After all, I did write a prose, that became a play about the last African continental eclipse in two thousand and six.
 Maybe because this time, I'm pregnant or maybe because this time my friends flight would be in the sky.
   Did I mention that she too is pregnant?
Celine leaving to go back to school in France makes me sad, yes I still have Ajoke and of course Nnoye.

 But growing up can be such a sad break up with great friends.

 Not fair in any way, however you look at it it sucks. I'm so angry at the fact that I won't have my best friend next door and also the fact that my sister too is so far away.
 Normally, we Skype but now it's WhatsApp video or voice call.

  Does Skype feel like I betrayed her with WhatsApp or is this what life is? Mix and match, here and then not there and then replaced and then reunited again.

Oh well, I know I'm going to join her soon, but God do I miss her. I think I miss her most when I need to talk and when I remember the beautiful memories we shared. Now, we will build new memories together from January.
  It's Ola's birthday this Tuesday and I want to jump on a flight and join my one and only sister. But you can't do that when your partner has filed for you. When your immigration status is pending.
You see what I mean about growing up. So I can travel everywhere else in the world but the land of the free, America.
 Isn't this ironic.
  Hugging and holding on to Celine we start to cry.
'Call me, like you call your sister everyday. Make Ajoke as jealous as your in-laws are of you two'
 It was just the kind of real joke I would miss from Celine.
'And tell Pierre to marry you, see Nnoye us getting married. None of us thought it was do able...'
 I chuckled, this my friend is just a trouble maker.
 Nnoye didn't take offense, to her it was Ajoke acknowledging that she could do the impossible.
'Exactly, I'm starting a workshop for women. How to get him to marry you'
 Nnoye's words made me look at her and ask.
'Are you saying the truth?'
'Walahi talahi, I have sponsors'
'At least let the wedding happen first's, Ajoke robbed it in and exaggerates her tone as she did.
'The day after I arrive from my honeymoon'
'You are serious?', I add not sure if what she was saying was true.
'I am making the outfits', Celine screams.
'Ade is designing the first outfit and you can design the next six days...'
 Nnoye adds and we just watch her.
'Im impressed', Ajoke claps.
'Wait, so where is Ajoke in all this?'.
'That's why I'm impressed', Ajoke announced.
'Day two is yours, any topic you want but be as cruel as you can get'
'I am not cruel, I state facts'
 I hold back laughter and just pull enraged Ajoke and sweet Celine into a hug. Of course I becon Nnoye to join.
'You all have how you cash in, I just have to be creative about how I earn money'
 Nnoye was really making us a household name and now, I have to go and design an outfit for her.
 The announcement comes in, last call for Celine's flight to Paris. I blow her a kiss and Ajoke starts to cry as she walks away.
'I'll be back in time for your wedding and would definitely meet y bundle of Joy's
 Celine says blowing my babies a kiss, it was a lovely gesture and tears streaming down my face and lands on my smile.

  At least I'm not alone, Ajoke refused to stay in her mansion alone and Bala and Henrik attend a bachelor's party. Us girls attend ours and I did have fun with karaoke but I missed Celine too much to stay. It was Nnoye's friend's party and I practically dragged Ajoke there.
 At the door, I hear the door bell and I walk back to it. Ajoke's twins had knocked down the tank in my toilet. It's a miracle they did not break their bones or the toilet seat too.
 I open the door and there is my nemesis, looking good but gate crashing my house.
'Good evening Ade'
 My smile fades and I think of all the ways I will deal with my security and thier lapses.
'I did not mean to gate crash but Celine forgot these and I don't want drama ..'
 It was a bag with what I recognized as Celine's lingerie transparent bag'
 I know Celine, she didn't forget it, she wanted Baratu mad as hell. That's why she left it there on purpose.
'She comes over first thing tomorrow and I had no where else to take it'
'Next time, burn it'
 I answer and collect the bag.
'Then it would look like I deliberately tried to hide evidence'
 That got me laughing but Mr. H was not laughing.
'You are serious'
'I can't even stay that long'
'Mr. H don't try to bad mouth Baratu with me'
'She is now paranoid and'
'I thought you were no longer together'
'She wants us to try for the baby's sake'
'That's traditional of her'
'I think it's a form of depression'
'Then get her help, you know it escalates without treatment'
'I do'
 Mr. H looked miserable.
'Relationships are not only about good times"
'I know, I just feel so choked'
 There was an awkward silence and then he takes my hand. The move surprised me and I pull away.
'I'm sorry, I just needed to talk to you'
 I tank my hand from him and declare.
'Dont come here again, the security won't let you. Deal with your problems, get a therapist. I am not available for small talks, goodbye Mr. H'
  I do not slam the door, I shut it gently.
Ajoke is standing behind me watching.
'How much did you see?', I asked.
 She drops struggling Hussaina in her hands and drags me to the couch.
'Ade, what the hell are you doing?'
'So you know how long you two held hands?'
'A second...'
'No, you were staring at each other for long. That's why I was curious to know who was at the door'
'Its the last time he is allowed here's
'Hhhmmmff Ade, the fear of the ex is the beginning of wisdom. One mistake could ruin your life forever'
'I know ah', the babe should quit robbing it in.

 See me see trouble ooo, as if I told the man to come to my house.
Nonsense. .

**Season 2, Episode 55**
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Adebusola Ukayat Elegbede is a Playwright and Content creator with a passion for real life challenges. Born in Kaduna state and lives in Lagos Nigeria, she has a passion for story telling from the perspectives of characters in conflicting situations. I started out on the New Writing Project in Nigeria with the British Council Lagos Nigeria and The Royal Court Theatre, Sloane Square U.K. My passion for creating stories led to comic books, television drama's and an online journal on my website (busolaelegbede.com). As part of the WPIC in Stockholm Sweden 2012, the experience has forged life long friends and ignited my passion as a volunteer and advocate for human rights and the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

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