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Saturday, 5 August 2017

The Hyena, Her Spot's And Stripes


 Life is never as simple as it seems and even though we are constantly brainwashed to conform to rules. We inevitably break them disbelieve their purpose or just do it to fit into the puzzle called life.  There is a crazy stage, an impossible pedestal we are placed on when we decide to break out. And the price for individuality may sometimes be exactly what the world needs. Or exactly a waste of time again and again. But like a blind mole, filled up with Delicious treats, the unstoppable urge to dig and find a way fuels me and fills me with purpose.
Sure, occasionally I have been knocked down several times by other moles but big deal. We are but creatures in arms and gregarious by nature.
 There aren't always people shouting and screaming on the top of their lungs, encouraging us to rise again. But we must remember we got into the ring and want something, the end goal should motivate us and remind us that truly we want to rise again.

   The air is cool and the weather is threatening to rain and as the pregnant skies growl, I look up and smile.
Yes, my birthday is around the corner and I feel light as a feather. A light brown feather from a gracious eagle, soaring down and swaying as the gentle breeze blows.
   I'm actually soaring back into my office for the first time since my holiday to Fiji.
My steps and strides are steady and I smile at my own reflection.
 Inside, my P.A and her colleague stare at me and then at my August visitor.
My mind is flooded with emotions and I take even breathes. It's supposed to calm you down, right?
I'm thinking and calculating what my next step should be. I should be a negotiator at this very moment. What is the job of a negotiator self?
  The primary goal of a negotiator is to recognise key drivers of successful business and ongoing financial performance and recognise ‘contractors’ committed to performance, because when both parties agree with the entire process and end result is achieved.

 Na wa oooo, how can I agree with a man that stressed me?

In Negotiating Commercial Transactions, the communication of aims and objectives, managing the flow of information, risk assessment and ability for executives to understand and deliver expected outcomes and determine the parties underlying interests fuel the success of the deal, project or business venture.

 Orisirisi, it's not easy ooo.

Mutual understanding of transaction agreements, issues tackled are done with the appropriate parties that can influence decision making at the right time, effectively. The executive is able to break down all barriers to give room for negotiating and open doors to possibilities.

  In Negotiating, sometimes it is necessary to change the process rather than the substance.

 Walahi talahi, if I could change my client right now, I would. The challenge I have is that Mr. H would sue me and I don't need the legal mess or negative publicity

Mutual understanding of transaction agreements, issues tackled are done with the appropriate parties that can influence decision making at the right time, effectively. The executive is able to break down all barriers to give room for negotiating and open doors to possibilities.

Ask me if I am in the right emotional state of mind to execute this deal.

  Well, there is something called emotional intelligence and if I know anything about it. It's that I have to woman up and be professional.

'Good morning Mr. H'
'Good morning Ade, how have you been?'
'I can see from all your Fiji posts'

 Yes, thank Facebook for connecting you to friends tlyou don't want to work with. Of course I'm no longer friends with Mr. H, but I'm friends with HS cousin Celine.

'Yes it was a fun family trip', emphasis oñ the word family. And a belly Rob to show off some more family.

'Lucky you, Baratu drives me nuts. She traveled too. But with her siblings'
'Good for her'

  See life, Westin concern agbero with overload?

Nonsense, it even gingered me to not care about the awkward reality. That he is my ex but definitely was not the right guy for me.
Accepting the truth makes it all easy to deal with, I'm so happy things are going my way.

'And what do you have there?'

 I was referring to the box containing a treat. They look delicious, am I a serial offender?
The kind you just look at and say. . . ....
The Hyena, Her Spot's And Stripes, the one that attracts guys she doesn't want and they kind of just linger around somehow, until they get sour and fade away.

Mr. H hands it to me and I smile, the layered cake tasted as good as it looks.

  Abeg, I have no choice but to enjoy jare.....

**Season 2, Episode 50**
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Adebusola Ukayat Elegbede is a Playwright and Content creator with a passion for real life challenges. Born in Kaduna state and lives in Lagos Nigeria, she has a passion for story telling from the perspectives of characters in conflicting situations. I started out on the New Writing Project in Nigeria with the British Council Lagos Nigeria and The Royal Court Theatre, Sloane Square U.K. My passion for creating stories led to comic books, television drama's and an online journal on my website (busolaelegbede.com). As part of the WPIC in Stockholm Sweden 2012, the experience has forged life long friends and ignited my passion as a volunteer and advocate for human rights and the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

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