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Saturday, 23 September 2017

Bittersweet Heartbreaking Farewell


  Bubbles spin and tumble as the rocks hit and smash into one another. Melting and flowing to become one in a glass filled with cold delights, designed to soothe my palette. Inclined to cool my mind, as I have drinks with my friend. It's a truce, a stalemate drawn from many battles we have faced as friends. This my go getter friend with no shame has felt the tension between us. And with this job on the way we need to thrash out any bad blood left. Now I ask, what bad blood?
    The evening breeze is cool and the silent taps of drizzles, fall down on my face and hair. I walk briskly and attract many hands shielding and slowing me down. They are afraid I will tumble, fall and break. I make it to the shade just in time to save my stretched, straightened hair.
Black girl drama, our hair just loves to go back to its natural state. My curls start to emerge Andi don't mind. I actually love the curls, I just wanted to be able to pack it in a bun. I do it for the added length, don't act like you don't know. Yes, you out there reading my journal and in the same shoes.
 I do know that ADE'S JOURNAL will get read by many, many eye balls. Maybe my friends, maybe strangers or maybe admirers. Or even my great grand kids. So I try not to filter my thoughts. Sometimes I do and other times I don't.
So here goes my true confessions.
'Hey, see me, see trouble o. Can you just imagine? That I should forgive her, nonsense and ingredients'.
 Nnoye even sounds like me and we are pregnant at the same time, isn't it all strange.
If you don't know the story, let me update you? Jeje ooo, I was on my own, no friends from my past, no wahala. I was a fresh new hyena, queen in the making of my own world. No one hovering about and around me, waiting to remind me of my ugly past.
Skipping like a reborn youth over a crystal  clear puddle, with the usual worries of course. But with friends who have left all that childishness behind.
 Can you blame me,old friends can be stale and stink so bad that I don't want to spend more than a minute with them.
A few are not bad, they are genuine and love material things in a not so spiteful way. But there are those scorpions, the ones you help across their stream of despair and they still sting you.
 Yes, Nnoye's sting still hurts and I've forgiven her for all the betrayals and all. But can I trust her?
I know she has upgraded herself and has given me a job in the process. Money I very  much need. Don't get me wrong, I like my friend, but she can be a lot to handle. Deep in my heart, I'm private. And maybe I'm just upset because she exposed me. Forced me into a reality show that I did not sign up to.
 Now I have to admit, it has made business good. In fact, it's lucrative because of all the scandals. But I do miss my privacy and I do admit that I was naive before all the exposure.
Wait ooo, it seems she is actually a position influence.

    I guess I'm just doing what I hate that old friends do. Judging old friends with their old behaviours and not factoring into my mind their current achievements.

 Anthony Robbins is right, you say what you think. And every time you abuse someone.... Well. I need to be my positive self once again, Lord please help me.

'What would you eat?', Nnoye asked.
'I'm good. Me and the twins are fine, I just need another drink'
'Ade, what happened to us? We see each other but I feel very far away from you'
'Nnoye, your obsess with Fame is worrisome'
'I always wanted to be recognized, don't you?'
'Some times, not all the time'
'Do not be naive, out of sight is out of mind'
'Everyone needs time to think, reboot and then hit the road'
'You can be so judgemental...'
'So, I should lie?'
I choose to stick to my point and toss out all form of diplomacy.
'Ade, I just miss the sweet you'
   I have to admit it, I was easing up. This drinks thing works.i realized that I did not judge loud and obnoxious Ajoke or modulating Celine with her drastic change of mind. She could do a one eighty in any second and is unapologetic about it.
  I guess I just hold Nnoye to an unfair higher standard. She is after all, just human. I can't keep saying that she is the one that put me into this mess. I know that i can be that annoying girl that will go to the club and just sit down and slowly sip on one glass cup of Pepsi and Hennessy or my favorite Bailey's Irish cream. I like the mix, and of course fill it up with loads of ice that melts and dilutes the drink further.

I digress a bit.

   My friend dragged me out to try to mend our broken relationship, this time unlike others. I am more open to change, thank God. Doesn't tension with friends just get awkward at times? Maybe it's just me, but I choose to try to take it easy with her.

    Let me just continue, shaa.... She said she had noticed I only wanted Ajoke and Celine. And my insisting she does not travel didn't help matters. So she noticed, only God knows how many of my childish behaviours she must have overlooked. I received a lecture on why, I should give her a chance and accept her into our fold.
  Call me superstitious, but I did not like her reference to my friends and I as the fold.
  Fast forward, thirty minutes of her one sided monologue.


   I stopped feeling guilty about what I did to her and understood it. Nnoye didn't want to join us, she wanted to lead like a clueless guru. I smiled realizing I was so overprotective of my friends that I made her look good. It ends now, as in I give up.
'You are right, let's drink our none alcoholic drinks to new beginnings'
'You will see, as son as you relocate, they won't even miss you. Cause I'm such a positive unforgettable Force's

See me see wahala ooo.

  The audacity of this my friend shaaa. So, now eh.... What will you do if you are in my shoes? Because if I reply eh... No comment.

I decide to  ignore her and click glasses with hers.

 On the spot, Daniel calls me and Nnoye excuses herself to the bathroom. Announciu as she walked away.
'Say hi to Henrik for me, tell him I'm bringing you home... Soon'
 I feign ignorance and listened to my friend.
'Ade hi, is it safe to talk?'
'Daniel hi'
'I mean, is Nnoye there with you?'
'Is it true she wants to profit from her infidelity?'
  Now listen to this Randy egocentric man accuse his Randy babe.
'You should talk', all the blame and irritation was in my voice.
'I know I cheated on her but must she air our dirty laundry?'
'That's what sells reality shoes'
'And you are producing this rubbish...'
 My blood pressure shot up as I sit up and prepare to finish this man man.
'So I should stop the contract to protect your ego?'
'I have a more profitable job for you, a horse racing....'
'You will pay me twice what she has signed and paid me'
 He listened to my fee and paused and then agreed. Nope, it was too obvious this was not about business.
'You want to bribe me to dump my client?'
  I was shocked, Daniel's family was that kind of family. I just never expected him to treat me like that.
'Everyone has a price, right', my disappointment sipped through and I could tell he regrets it already.
'Ade I'm sorry I even offered but my business associates are not happy'
"Capitalists unhappy with publicity?', he was lying.
'My mum said I should talk to you', he blurts out as if in pain.
'That wasn't so hard, was it'
'She said I should offer you a bigger paycheck than Idibia...'
'How did she know?'
'My mother is resourceful like that'
'And you carried out such an errand. Classes me exactly where she chose to'
'Ade please let's meet up...'
'No need, my answer is no. I believe in fresh unknown new clients. The public wants fresh new faces, new money and if you don't mind... I'm only remaining friends with you, if we air your apology. And we will give all your appearance fee to charity. Take that offer back to mummy dearest'
 I cut the phone and tried to breathe, I gulp down the last of my drink.
'Ade are you okay?', Note looked scared.
'Lets go, I will gist you as we are going home. Nonsense and Ingredients'

 I am so angry right now, the guts in this family. As if they are the only affluent Lagos Aboriginal family. I will prove to them that we the people from Langbasa have ancestors in this land. We fished and toiled the land long before it was placed on any map. It's not his fault, Its mine, I'm going to agboile to reconnect with my lineage.

  This is really going to be a reality show, reconnecting Nnoye to her husband's proud roots. And me connecting back to my very proud roots. Some good will indeed come out of this Beautiful business opportunity.

  Na die all of you dey

**"ADE'S JOURNAL", Season 2, Episode 64**
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Adebusola Ukayat Elegbede is a Playwright and Content creator with a passion for real life challenges. Born in Kaduna state and lives in Lagos Nigeria, she has a passion for story telling from the perspectives of characters in conflicting situations. I started out on the New Writing Project in Nigeria with the British Council Lagos Nigeria and The Royal Court Theatre, Sloane Square U.K. My passion for creating stories led to comic books, television drama's and an online journal on my website (busolaelegbede.com). As part of the WPIC in Stockholm Sweden 2012, the experience has forged life long friends and ignited my passion as a volunteer and advocate for human rights and the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

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