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Saturday 30 September 2017

Blade Grass Cuts Your Fleeting Love


     Dawn was still lazily holding on to the hem of the night, as I tried to hold on to a dream I had no memory of. The sound you make elicits fear all around, but not the kind you intend to inflict. It's the sharp clicks you make to draw your mate as you crawl and run at the top of the wall. Your destination, my warm engine with all its tight nooks and corners. Behind you is your mate, tired from chasing this bush meat that was once the pride and staple. Roasted up on a stick in the clean air of the south. Now but a far nightmare you will never experience. For now, the fear of Ebola has made you thrive as your main predator, now feasts on tamed beasts. Farmed and breed to be eaten. So what am I afraid of? I know you love to roam wild and free in the outdoors and I have grown accustomed to the four walls and wrought iron gates that surrounds me. I still fear for the safety of my car and generator, fear that you will ignore the traps I set for you. And even though it's been two days you have eaten my poison laced fish bits. I pray you die, so that the love I have for my things don't cost me extra. You grass cutter, bush rat or whatever overgrown rodent you are. It's morning now and time to start my engine and warm my car. With much love, the cuddled pair are startled by me suddenly lifting the hood of my car. In all directions they flee and in all my rage I scream. I could see them biting to defend themselves or touching me and spreading Lassa Fever to me. The fear of an epidemic is the beginning of wisdom....
   The early morning sir was suddenly cut silent as crying babies seized crying, pounding motars stopped pounding and laughing couples froze. They all stopped to access what they had heard, to determine if it was safe to continue as usual.
 Henrik raced to me at lightning speed with razor in hand and a hockey stick in the other. He tossed the shaving stick and hugged and checked if I was alright. I hug him back, scanning the area for the cat sized pests disturbing my sanity.
'Its coming this Way's, I screamed and Henrik pounced and slammed the rat with the hockey stick. It bounced underneath the stick, staggered and continued to escape. Shrieking and grumbling as it did and I just hopped from one leg to the other. Trying hard not to make my legs a target for the pest.
'What happened?', Henrik asked trying to calm me in my agitated state.
'Its was hiding in there and pounced on me', I look around and realized that the metal holding up the hood had been displaced and was on the floor.
'You need to be careful', Henrik said as he helped me massage my back.
'The metal clipped me there, is it bleeding?'
  I tried to look at the spot closer to my spine and difficult to see.
'Lets go in and clean it up, you have a scratch'
  He dropped the old hockey stick, now a weapon to get rid of prey. And as he cleaned my wound with alcohol, I actually liked the feeling and shut my eyes until it stung.
'Its alright, if it didn't then there's no scatch'
'There definitely a scratch', I add.
'So, what happened?"
  Henrik was not referring to the rodent attack, he was referring to my meeting with Daniel Ojora.

  I know, you are wondering why I did not mention or start with that. It's because you never forget when oversized rats try to kill you. I had to start with that. Come to think of it, it's almost like what Daniel tried to do with my business deal with his fiance. Tried to kill it, yes I'm not kidding.
  Henrik had dropped me with Daniel but you won't believe what happened next. I started having pains and as I take his hand to shake it. I squeezed it and almost break his fingers. It was like an outer body experience and there was panic in my eyes as I searched for blood. Afraid I was losing my babies and when I didn't see red. I searched for liquid, maybe my water broke and the twins were coming early. I didn't see that either. Instead, it felt like my waist was been sawed into two and I grabbed and clawed into his back.
'Ade, stop', Daniel fights and gets me to stop clawing into his skin.
'Is it time?'
'Not yet, I don't know... God it hurts', I screamed and grabbed his open car door.
'Hey in, I'll drive you'
'Call Henrik, call my mum and dad, let my sister know and then call my brother's'
 I was talking and started to loose consciousness.
The last time this happened was when I dislocated my arm and my friend tried to fix it and I felt it dislodge further and push at my lungs.
Yes, a freak accident that for worse with every passing second. I was semi conscious and was talking directly to God. Begging him to send me back to my body and confessing all my subs. To an audience that had no business hearing about my sins.
Since that incident, I fight harder to stay conscious and hold my tongue. Daniel Ojora has no business knowing about my business, especially my personal life.
 At the hospital, I was glad to hear they were mild contractions and much respect to women who do this without help. I'm definitely using an epidural, I can't die.
So I was under observation for the rest of the day and Daniel left before Nnoye showed up. We didn't get to talk and well we rescheduled to today.

    Back to the present, Celine called me to check up on me. And I asked how she was doing.
'Ade, it's harder than it looks. Staying confined to a room and hardly moving, it's hard'
'Pele, it will be over soon'
'After how many months? I am tempted to tell them to put it in an incubator'
'Of that's what the doctors need to do, they would have done that'
 I tried to encourage my friend as she grumbled and then cried briefly.
'I just want to hold her already'
'Celine, you will. Just relax and breathe'
  Celine exhaled hard and inhaled and repeated this ten times.
'Breathing exercises help', she adds with a smile.
'So when are you meeting Daniel?'
'At Pearl Garden?'
'Lobsters and giant shrimps are all I want to see right now'
'Great, Pierre is bringing mine seeped in hot sauce with some Greek salad'
'Celine, abeg...'
  We both laughed and then I spot Henrik hovering.
'I will call you immediately after lunch'
 I drop the phone and stare at Henrik.
'What up?'
'I may have to travel today...'
'I can't leave you alone'
'Im Fine'
 The door bell rings and he sighs.
'Did you get me a babysitter'
'A skilled nurse and midwife, just until I get back'
'Don't be ridiculous'
'Its not up for discussion, they have the experience we don't. And she can drive you around'
'Basically my babysitter'
'Experienced midwife, nurse and driver'
 I sighed and collapse into my couch.
'Ade, you had contractions...'
'I know, I'm just tired'
 He hugs me and massaged my back.
'There is a physiotherapist on speed dial...'
'No, one is enough'
'Thanks you dear'
'Im the future we discus this'
'Even if my trip is impromptu?'
'Especially if it's an impromptu decision'
 As he opened the door for her, I smiled.
'Good morning I'm nurse Rose'
  She had a subtle rise fragrant on her and it made me shut my eyes. But as she got closer I gagged.
'Im so sorry, I'm on a garlic diet'
 I rush to the sink and throw up, I know smells get to me but this was serious.
'I have cucumbers to neutralize the smell and mouth wash. Where's you other bathroom?'
 Henrik shows her as I gaggle on mouth wash and try to breathe.
Henrik returned and had a lemon drink for me.
'From where?'
'She said it helps'
 I step out and inhaled the warm vapour from it. It actually did.
'I didn't have any sickness in all my five births but garlic smell I could never stand. While I'm pregnant I mean'
 I nod my head and scrutinized my personal nurse. She got out her blood pressure machine from her bag and checked my pulse.
'You are fine, just need a little nap...'
'... I just woke up', I add.
'Don't fight it dear, if you are tired you are'
 I did not listen and we both drive Henrik to the airport. I miss him so much already and as we leave the airport, I shut my eyes and drift into a deep slumber.

   I wake up two hours later and stretched and checked my phone. Seven missed calls, I yawned and sit up and I'm shocked we are still on the road.
'Traffic', Rose adds.
 I call Henrik band explain that I was asleep.
'Its fine, Rise told me already. So I'll call you after your meeting, right'
'Its fine, we are almost there'.

  To be in the same parking lot I had contractions was a little odd and Rose escorting me inside was also weird.
'What would you like to order?'
 I asked her as I grabbed the menu and scanned through.
'Your guest is here, I will do some reading in the car and take away is better for me'
 She stands up and is in awe with Daniel.
'Good afternoon, Ade who is your beautiful friend?'
 I rolled my eyes up and shake my head.
'Im Rose, her nurse and midwife...'
'Henrik's doing?'
'Correct move, I would never have agreed to meet you alone after that scare. Are you all alright?'
 He gestured to me and my bump without touching any of us, to my relief. I'm one of those women who believe in personal space so that's good.
'I'll be in the car'
'Should the you be close?', Daniel adds.
'Im just outside, I need to send some emails'
'Its was lovely meeting you Rose'
 As she giggled and walked away, I shake my head.
'What, I have that effect on women'
'I can see that'
 I sit and shake my head.
'You actually told Nnoye to return your ring'
'Yes, if she wants another man. She is free'
'And your other woman?'
'Ade, she's pregnant with my child'
'And Nnoye too'
'Its should always have been you...'
'...It's not, get over it'
 He stops and stares at me and then we both laughed. Our order comes and a take away pack goes to Rose in the car.
'Henrik hit the jackpot with you'
'And I hit the jackpot with her', I said with a smug smile.
'You didn't, she did. It's the other way round'
'Its works both way'
'I know and...'
'Your mother has been stalking me'
'She just wants you to drop the case'
 I drop my fork and stare at Daniel.
'I have since explained to her that we can use this to our family's advantage'
'I told her to say it as she likes, if it's a show they want she should bring her A game'
'And she agreed?'
'Your drama would unfold on television'
'That's why she stopped calling?'
'Yes, she has since told all your uncle's and fellow Lagosian families you would apologize on reality TV'
'Now it makes sense, I was wondering why my old aunts and uncles were calling me'
'Yes and my lawyers want us to earn off the show and a possible I spin off...'
'You are joking'
'Nope, infact. Mine, my own show is about and around our friendship'
'You are kidding'
  I swear I did not see it coming.
'I came with my offer'
'You want me to manage your show...'
'And produce it'
 I flip through and like the additional zeros on the contract.
'This my lawyers and I will consider and review upwards'
'As you should...'
 I stare at him and squint my eyes.
'I can't help myself around you'
 So he builds a world around me.
'I am relocating by mid February next year'
'... As you should. I have homes and businesses there'

  I shake my head and laugh, I'm laughing because I'm laughing all the way to the bank. But how long and how would Henrik react to this? This rim of supposedly love is beginning to strangle and choke me, inching closer to home.

 What am I supposed to do now?

**"ADE'S JOURNAL", Season 2, Episode 66**
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Adebusola Ukayat Elegbede is a Playwright and Content creator with a passion for real life challenges. Born in Kaduna state and lives in Lagos Nigeria, she has a passion for story telling from the perspectives of characters in conflicting situations. I started out on the New Writing Project in Nigeria with the British Council Lagos Nigeria and The Royal Court Theatre, Sloane Square U.K. My passion for creating stories led to comic books, television drama's and an online journal on my website (busolaelegbede.com). As part of the WPIC in Stockholm Sweden 2012, the experience has forged life long friends and ignited my passion as a volunteer and advocate for human rights and the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

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