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Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Frozen Fluffy Reality Bites


    A lone rabbit hopped and wobbled as it nibbled on fresh green chlorophyll filled nutrients. All to propel it, forward and help it grow. Escaping the near end of a beautiful life and propelling and urging it's entire being forward. The challenges continue trying to slow down my progress, creeping and burrowing down this endless barren hole. Children in birthday suits laugh and shove their way towards me and my heart flutters in fear as they inch closer. Brandishing tiny but deadly fangs, these juvenile snakes can't even swallow my tiny paws in their minute mouths. Hungry dry taste bud filled jaws that dislodge after multiple venomous bites.
Their mother birth them in my home, when I was absent. Hoping I would return to it. But I am wide awake and alert and as she did, I felt the earth quake as she introduced the litter of trouble. I immediately run far away and start digging up another home, there was no need to grumble and fight a lost battle. I had my own litter on the way, you know. It didn't bother me the first week or the last, but now I understand it all.
 I didn't before now, Until I notice and see that this snake knew I was pregnant and delivered her babies with the intention of them feeding off us all.
 Such Innocence feigning and wicked intentions exposed as I let my guard down around her.
Consequentially, what goes around comes around. The sky creatures scan below and my many tiny enemies are in for a shocker.    I have stayed too long out here and know this terrain well. I feel and hear her wings in the sky, hovering and honing on the meals dancing about below her. The eagle is diving towards me and the snakes are inching closer. In one swift move, I escape Through the tunnel I built from experience. The one that dodged rodents and critters for many, many years. I intentionally race through hole that leads back to where the snakes all live. I hear the snakes behind me,  hiss and bite the hollow bones of the unaffected eagle as it flies high away from the ground. Unaffected, i continue to dodge and escape my predators and even before me is another one. I spot a mole and turn away briskly. I'm out of harm's way but the snake that followed me down this hole meets with my enemy. It is devoured and ripped to bits, as I hop and wobble away. Smiling I cherish all the painful experience that has thought me to out manoeuver predators that try to slitter into my space and strike. I'm safe, I'm faster, I'm free and alive....
    I smile at the glass rabbit that inspired me to think about my life. It looks Frozen in time and sometimes I feel that way. But I know better and I've learned that nothing is what it seems to appear as.
 Not surprising, this is expected on all levels. But before I gist you about how this saga I have stumbled upon ends, let me update you about, my friends trip back from France.
   Let me remind you, just a little bit. My best friend had a wedding there. Actually, just the ceremony and not the legal Union. Because, his wife from over twenty years ago has resurfaced and is suing him. Only seven years of absence is needed to declare someone dead. All that dismissed when she resurfaced, the vindictive wife from his past. I still don't get why she won't grant him a divorce.
 Anyway shaaa, Pierre and Celine seem to have accepted the situation and now she is bed ridden because of their Beautiful bundle of Joy. It's a dangerous situation but they are all fine. The doctors say so, Ajoke confirmed it and Celine and Pierre are confident their daughter is fine.
 And of course i have to mention the eye candy back in Paris. Alan, the handsome younger brother that likes me. Alan is Pierre's younger brother and got me a limited edition perfume from The House Of Guerlain. They set the scale and meter for premium perfume brands from the 1800's and in recent times with acquisition by Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton. You know that union is the best of the best.
  I remember promising myself that the next time I'm in Paris... I'd visit their spa in Champ-Élysées just to be massaged in the House of Guerlain. And I still will, with my babies of course.

Thankfully, Henrik was not too jealous after all, I did protest much when my friend collected the gift from an admirer

   How times change and how grown up are we all. It's amazing how much you overlook as you grow older. A gift after all, is just a gift. Yes I'm changing into a good young sage.
'Ade, I really hoped you would reject Alan's gift...', My unserious friend adds.
'Ajoke abegi', I grumbled and suspect she does not realize how silly she sounds and looks.
'Ade, please. It's a limited edition', Ajoke said and placed Hassana in my arms.
'Hassana darling, don't mind your mummy. Tell her to buy one herself'
'After you buy one', Ajoke teased.
I missed her and the twins, so I let it go.
 Ajoke alerts us about Celine still not out of medical trouble yet but encouraged us to call in the afternoon. Explaining...
'She sleeps early and disrupting her sleep upsets her daughter', Ajoke adds and bites into fresh Lobsters.
'I wanted to come...', Nnoye adds.
'To Paris? You seem to be able to afford it'
 Ajoke sucks on the shells and listens.
'Yes but Ade....', Nnoye was about to expose me
'I didn't want to stress Celine', I add quickly, defending myself.
 Nnoye gets a call and excuses herself to the other room.
 Ajoke slaps me hard on my back and I give her a good whack in retaliation. She didn't wince in pain, instead she laughed.
'Ade you are jealous...'
'Of who?', I add eyeing Ajoke.
'You didn't want to be the odd one out'
Ajoke was enjoying this and smiled as Nnoye walked back towards us.
'Abeg she's coming', I try to shut Ajoke up.
'Today, Nnoye finds out you are not that sweet naive girl she thinks you are'
'Tell her', I spit out irritated by her idle threats.
 As Nnoye returned, Ajoke clears her throat.
'Wait, Ajoke stop', I say tickling Ajoke.
 We both laughed so hard and Nnoye looked lost.
'What up?', Nnoye asks.
'She won't give me the perfume', Ajoke grumbled.
'Why don't you two share?', Nnoye offered.
 I look at Ajoke and she clawed the lobster pincers in my face and then says.
'You bring it along, when I say so'
'So you are blackmailing me?'
'Ade,the truth shall set you free'
 I think about it and I know that Nnoye would rub it in my face and may even travel to spite me. It begins to sound like a fair exchange.
'Alright, but only you', I say eyeing Nnoye.
'Babes I'm part of your crew now, whether you like it or not'
 Nnoye snapped at me and I feel guilty, but when I look at her... I realize it's Ajoke she's snapping at.
'My dear, I'm the least of your problems', Ajoke says and snaps the pincers into two, exposing the juicy interior.
'So did Baratu come?'
  It was an odd question from Nnoye and I give her a questioning look.
'I mean, if Celine is down I know her cousin will show up'
 Nnoye made sense and I stare at Ajoke for an answer.
'Yes, but they are not important', Ajoke tried to deflect the question.
'Did they look cozy?'
'Nnoye abeg', I snapped at her.
'The man acts like he wants you back, yet dances with his ex'
'There was tension but it eased up later...'
'Ajoke, how do you know?', Nnoye asked.
'I caught them kissing'
'Good for them'
'Ade, if I never said it before now I'm saying it. I'm proud of you', Ajoke says hugging me and looking back at Nnoye.
'Ade, me too', Nnoye adds and the twins too joined the group hug.
'Unnecessary if you ask me', I grumble and they all shriek and cheer.
 'Home sweet home, Nigeria is unique and Lagos is a one in a billion location in the world with its craziness. Just look at us... Planning a show around two men fighting for our dear pregnant friend'
 Ajoke made Nnoye feel special and she was loving every minute.
'Celine, can work for only an hour a day on this'
'Ade, that's fair. Infact, she has a collection she was going to present in school but says it's young and fresh for US'
'Ajoke, that's perfect'
'But I want you to design my first and last out fit for the show'
 Nnoye was making me happy with all the special treatment she was giving me.
'You are as much a star as I am in this show'
 Ajoke stands upright and grabs the twins.
'This is our que to leave'
'You are a star too, who else knows the richest venues and richest genuine people in Lagos?'
'Moi, but I need to run. Bala wants me to make tuwo chinkafa for him. I need to do so and look like I just got out of a reality show'
 We shriek and praise her, there really can be only one Ajoke.

 Nnoye and I both walk into the ice cream palour and spot Tina.
'Ade, meet Tina'
 I wanted to call Nnoye to a corner to tell her that I know her backbiting friend.
'Ade, I know her. We met at Mr. H's party and he still gives me money'
 As if I care, I don't and I take offense that she thinks I do.
'I'm happy for you', Tina says eyeing my pregnant belly.
 Deep breaths and calm quiet reading of the alphabet in my mind makes me smile and then head straight to the counter.
'You just fasheeed me'
'Tina, I moved in'
'To greener pastures without me....'
'I know you are the one that leaked my poor background to the paparazzi...'
'And you did the same to Ade....'
'I have changed...'
Tina laughed.
'Nnoye, chocolate chips right?', I tried distracting her.
'Ade, I'm good. Tina bye'
 Nnoye walked away and sits in the corner near the window. Tina shakes her head and licks her melting chocolate ice cream.
 I order and join her.
'Did you see her camera guys'
'Yep, that's why I made it clear we are no longer friends'
 Nnoye seems all grown up in this instance and I liked that she didn't want cheap publicity.

'You need to go there now and let us catch him red handed '
 Nnoye says and after a quick snack, Tinu' leaves.
'Nnoye, what is going on?', I had to ask.
'My uncle molested her and when we kind of told my Auntie, she did not believe us. And threatened to cut us all from her and her husband if we even whisper it anywhere'
'So you send her in as bait?'
 I say, a little disgusted by the plan.
'Her parents are poor, in a village deep inside Ede in Osun state'
'Ade, this my uncle molested me as a child and got away with it'
 I opened my mouth and shut it.
'I was in secondary school in Ibadan, my parents lived in Jos. So they said I should stay with my uncle. At night I was sleeping when I felt him rubbing himself over me with no clothes on. I panic, he covered my mouth and forced himself on me. I was ashamed and kept it all to myself. When this problem came up, I heard my other cousins stories. About how he molested them and his first wife left when she caught him on top of their daughter. Now he has remarried, lives here in Lagos'
 I shake my head.
'He has not stopped molesting children'
 Nnoye shakes her head and I look at the teacher's.
'Let's go'
 I was a little scared, scared for the child setting a trap for her predator. Scared for Nnoye, who will confront him and then afraid of what this group would do to him.

 The house was ordinary and the door unlocked and as they sneaked into the house, I decide not to go in.
 The man was naked and had undressed the eleven year old child. The angry teachers beat him and dragged him out side. He begged for his life and when his wife walked in on the crowd, she threatened to call the police. Screaming and cursing the day she Dec to help the teenager, blaming her for this disgrace.
 Nnoye hugs the child and reassured her that she was safe, announcing to the crowd that her uncle was a serial rapist and always targeted women he knew would never leave, no matter what.
 The crowd wants instant justice and want him burned alive, his wife pleads and calls the police and the case was taken to the police station.
 I didn't actually understand what I was doing here. But I support Nnoye and try to calm her. When the crowd had reduced, I walked up to Nnoye.
'Why am I here?'
'I find it difficult to trust people, but I trust you'
'Even though we have our issue's'
'Because we have our differences, you can be honest with me'
'Nnoye, I don't have time...'
'Who does?'
'I wanted you to be my witness as I take Tinu into my care'
'So that I am accountable'
'Can you afford to?'
'No body can afford to, I will struggle to. My parents could not afford to keep me anywhere else, so I endured been raped by a relative. No one should '
'You think your Auntie knew?'
'I am sure she did, but she had no education or skill, nowhere to go. It's when he decided their daughter that she vexed and left. Got a skill and empowered all five children herself'
'Thats sad'
'There's are lawyers, one a doctor and the last one makes Aso Oke fabric'
'And of tge lawyers in Lagos?'
'One is, the one daughter he molested. She knows and will take on the case '
'Na wa'
  I could not understand why anyone will want to destroy a family by been so selfish, so Randy and so evil.
 Time has gone and I need to go home. I explained this to Nnoye and hug Tinu and Nnoye in front of the police station. The teenager is strong and unmoved by the entire situation she is in. There is a cold aura around her, but I believe with counseling and support. She will pull through this.

   In the bus back home, I wonder why Henrik has not called and search my bag for my phone. The smart phone was gone but the old school phone was still in my bag. Did I forget it with Nnoye?
  Before I could say 'Okokomaiko', I received a phone call from my own phone.
It was from the police station, my phone was recovered from a thief, a gang of thieves syndicate they just crushed.
 My goodness, I didn't even know that the phone was gone.
 So now, I have to cross another pedestrian, and go back to the police station.
There was no way I could afford a cab back home at this rate. I called Henrik and gave him the address of the police station I was going to.
 Henrik does not like any of the situation, one bit. I don't blame him, but he understands that it takes a lot for abused victims of sexual assault to come forward.

  I am glad we are somewhat on the same page and now I have to factor in Tina. Because she will definitely try to cash into this situation. We just need to be a step ahead of her and be as open as we can.

   What am I supposed to do at this point in time? Thrive and excel, that's what I need to do. In fact, that's our theme for the entire show..
 The ice cream tastes heavenly and I smile at the bright future ahead....
A little worried about the scandals that would follow...

  As is expected.

**Season 2, Episode 63**

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Adebusola Ukayat Elegbede is a Playwright and Content creator with a passion for real life challenges. Born in Kaduna state and lives in Lagos Nigeria, she has a passion for story telling from the perspectives of characters in conflicting situations. I started out on the New Writing Project in Nigeria with the British Council Lagos Nigeria and The Royal Court Theatre, Sloane Square U.K. My passion for creating stories led to comic books, television drama's and an online journal on my website (busolaelegbede.com). As part of the WPIC in Stockholm Sweden 2012, the experience has forged life long friends and ignited my passion as a volunteer and advocate for human rights and the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

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