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Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Like Butter Your Sand Castle Crumbles


   The sun is slicing through happy cool clouds and I stretch and receive this fresh morning glory. I spread my lips and just smile at the generous gift nature has bestowed on me. People hover around me, mostly because they are in awe. I hope.
Curious beings watching me and trying to figure out which butterfly I will become. I see them hold stuff, usually it helps me grow and the plant I live on. Friends are curious beings, so I don't mind when they hover.
 Then a mist appears and I cough and choke and wiggle and try to escape the poison in the air. See what I mean, with family you know the toxins they spill. With friends, they always catch me off guard.
My many extended limbs can't run fast enough and I start to shrink and squeal out the juice that keeps the nutrients in me. My digestive system is spilling out of me and I choke and try to breathe. The leaves underneath me burn from a fresh lush deep green to a dark dry brittle dark. The floor beneath me starts to crumble and break and as I fall I twist my serrated body. All my dreams of becoming a butterfly are dashed and as I almost hit the floor. I see it, a leaf yanked off the beautiful rose bush. This leaf is my life line and I twist my way to it. As I stick to its edge, it lands and bounces me up and down and squished out all the toxins. I crawled to the stem nearby and thank my stars as I begin to moult. All the toxins escape and I stick to it and start to become a butterfly. Defying all the odds and transforming into something new...
      In the beginning, I dreamed of a beautiful future with this man. The man from my state and tribe, the in-laws that loved me. The reality is much different now, it's more than the tribe you are from or the state you both share.

    I know better now, Nothing is ever that simple.

  Love helps and if I am honest, I never loved this friend of mine. He is popular and that was nice and he is a complete gentleman. But, he is and will always be a package deal. We remained friends and I was always that one that got away. I could never do wrong in his mother's eyes, until now. Now, in this economy to get a job is magical ND to get a very well paid contract....
 The thought made me caress my large baby bump. It makes me proud when I'm the first choice for any one searching for professional business partners. My relationship helps but my output speaks for itself. So for Idibia to invest in my business through Nnoye my good friend. Makes me proud and now this happens.
My family friends, the Ojora's feel I have betrayed them by accepting this job. Especially Mrs Ojora, the one matriarch you do not want to mess with. But she made her money before she married into the powerful family linage and should understand that I have my own path. I'm looking at my phone ring and I refuse to pick it up. What am I supposed to say about this?
 Anyway, Daniel has asked me out for lunch and I don't want to be too far away. So, Pearl Garden it is. I am dreaming of the giant shrimps and Lobsters and also wondering how my best half feels.
 I watch him hover around me and spray the bugs killing my rose bush.
Yes, it's that analogy that started today's ADE'S JOURNAL write up.
'Do you ever feel guilty about killing them?'
'What, the bugs?', Henrik asked a little too confused.
'Are you becoming vegetarian and all don't kill... On me?'
'I believe in balance and I've never seen myself as a vegetarian or close. I definitely can't imagine life without sea food and... Well I just get scared those chemicals are toxic'
'Its vinegar'
'Noooo', I could not believe my ears.
'I would never risk hurting our babies and you'
 I hug him and Pat his back.
'That is so sweet'
'Didnt you wonder...'
'Yes, I just could never find the pesticides and insecticides'
'You just kind of got addicted to the toxic smell'
'You noticed'
'Ade, you can be scary. All the bleach in this house is gone. I suspect you get high on bleach...'
 I chuckled and laughed, it was kind of true. I miss the smell but I also understand that it does more harm than good.
'So, my meeting with Daniel'
 I say, sighing hard and long.
'Its was bound to come up, I more worried about your meeting with his mum's
'I know, she's one of my favorite mothers'
'That's why you don't want to spoil the relationship'
'Henrik, are you worried?'
'Im actually happy, it means she has accepted that you won't be her daughter in-law'
'Finally', I add with relief.
'I am too, these your admirers keep me on my toes'
'And yours too'
'You are an expatriate in Nigeria, hot cake for hot passionate women'
'Is that how you see me?'
'My sexy thug'
 This time, Henrik chuckled and we both laughed. He hugged me and we rock ourselves and he grabs my hand and leads me to the car.
'I want you there quick, so we can rock the rest of the day'
'Ajoke first, Nnoye will be there and then you can pick me up after work?'
 Henrik smacks my bum.
'Its amazing how it defies gravity with that size'
'Its going down, with my tae bo workout'
'Not too much though'
'Thirty minutes'
'No more'
'Not the intense routine'
 We laugh and the moment is beautiful and precious. I do love this my husband and I bless the day that i met him and cherish all our time together.

  Ajoke screamed and hugged me and grabs the perfume out of my hand. Yes, she loves the custom made unique perfume more that her best friend. Nnoye is a little confused.
'Its from house of Guerlain', I add and try to ease her confusion.
'Let me smell it....', Nnoye says.
 Ajoke smacks her hand off the perfume and runs into her house.
'Ajoke don't be childish 'you, I tell at her.
'Are you serious, I'll buy nine'
'Limited edition and sold out, it's not replaceable'
 Nnoye ignored me and hugs Henrik.
'Thanks for bringing her out, all our meetings have always been at your house. It's good but mixing it up is better'
'Yes, that's nice', Henrik tries to be civil.
 Black steps out and I almost knock him over from excitement.
'Hey, you. I have not seen you in ages'
'I actually insisted Ajoke invite you all from your busy schedule'
  Henrik and I laughed together and followed him into their mansion.
'Its beautiful', I add as our feet crunch through the even pebbles in front of their home.
'Only ever a home with someone who loves you and friends and family willing to give up their precious time to be with you'
'Aaww, you are just sweet'
'Stop it Ade, I just miss you all'
 We walk in with our arms locked around Bala. As we enter the house, we get photographed by Ajoke. Who checks the picture and sighs.
'Its perfect'
'Where is the kunu zaki?'
 I ask smelling the sweet aroma of the Hausa drink common in northern Nigeria.
'See, Ade is my kind of girl', Bala adds.
He pours me a drink and as I taste it, I taste my childhood and sweet memories.
  Nnoye tastes it and smiles.
'Its good'
'You have never tasted kunu?', I asked Nnoye.
'No, not ever'
'Tuwo Masara or chinkafa?'
'No, ive been curious though'
'Today you try it all'
 Nnoye raised her glass to my offer as we all sit around the delicious array of food.
'Ade knows I I love love Amala and ewedu soup and Ajoko loves tuwo. So we always have a great mix. I haven't had Banga before, so i hope that this weekend. You invite us to your home...'
 Nnoye was smiling at me.
'Not me, I don't know how to make Banga or what it's made from'
'My house is much smaller than any of yours...'
 Nnoye tried to discourage Bala.
'Life is about getting bigger then smaller or in any order. You are our only friend I've never been in her House's, Bala adds.
'That's true, Ade is the only one that has been to your house'
 Nnoye got uneasy and adjusts in her seat.
'I'm in a service flat in Lekki, just moved in. When Daniel and I had a I've fight'
'You will be fine', Ajoke adds.
'So Ade will leave early, she and Henrik have a meeting'
 Ajoke was been naughty, of course Nnoye didn't know about it. Ajoke liked to play mind games like this.
Nnoye loved tuwo chinkafa and I tuwo Masara. And Nnoye agreed to host us all this weekend. It was a good plan and I applaud Bala for suggesting it. Now I have to face the music and meet with my good friend Daniel Ojora.

   I kissed Henrik as he opened the door for me and smiled as Daniel joined us at the parking lot of Pearl Garden.  We side hug and I watch a nervous Daniel wave at Henrik as he drives off.
'After you Ade', he says as he opened the door for me.
Even I am curious about how this meeting will go.

  Orisirisi, this grown up life we live is really complicated. Here we go....

**"ADE'S JOURNAL", Season 2, Episode 65**
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Adebusola Ukayat Elegbede is a Playwright and Content creator with a passion for real life challenges. Born in Kaduna state and lives in Lagos Nigeria, she has a passion for story telling from the perspectives of characters in conflicting situations. I started out on the New Writing Project in Nigeria with the British Council Lagos Nigeria and The Royal Court Theatre, Sloane Square U.K. My passion for creating stories led to comic books, television drama's and an online journal on my website (busolaelegbede.com). As part of the WPIC in Stockholm Sweden 2012, the experience has forged life long friends and ignited my passion as a volunteer and advocate for human rights and the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

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