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Wednesday 18 October 2017

50 Hangmen Reviving Bitter Truths


     Ancient does not mean forgotten and old does not mean ignorant, although new sprouts tend to think so. Forgetting the branch that gives them life and the roots that links them to this colony.
Right now, It's hard to look and not be impressed by the craftsmanship and skills that has sunk into creating this. The artist hammered and bled to create one of many masterpieces roaming this universe and beyond.
 Bronze sculptures, once a hidden secret amongst the select few, now readily available to those who dare to learn to create this timeless beauty. Age adds a spectacle that time morphs and transforms it's colour and appearance. Just like a spice to a meal, not overpowering it but adding and showcasing it's protruding nooks and crannies. Time may change its colour but its still the same sculpture that mimics man and as it does, its eyes has seen it all. Kindness that men readily share and wickedness men try to hide, precious and tragic at the same time.
 As I stand in front of it and admire the artwork, I stare and wonder if it could speak. If it could about the times, crime was quashed by cruel punishment and say proudly that it served its purpose. Scared people straight, but these were people accountable to their families and cared about the consequences of their actions.
    Right now, things are different.
50 Hangmen Reviving Bitter Truths make me realize how different times are.
The news that fifty people applied for the Job of hanging criminals scares me. Men and women for that matter, willing to do what men in the dark ages hid their faces for. They hid so as to remain anonymous and to create fear, but things have changed and remain unchanged.
Not today, today in the year two thousand and seventeen, they have publicly applied for the cruel job. What does this say about time and ancient practices? Are we going back to the dark ages or moving away from it? I'm not sure how to answer because I do not know the answer.
 I just hope we get back our humanity and sanity and soon...
   Like just after a hurried rain with the humidity still confused and unsure if it actually rained or not. The weather fluctuates from hot to cool and I am unwilling to gamble, so I spread my umbrella and step outside. Henrik is hovering around me and it is beginning to annoy me.
'Are you sure you want to go?'
'Why now? Of course I'm going, those two on the same boat...'
'I don't like the weather...'
 I smile at Henrik and drop my umbrella, so I can touch and feel his face. He grabs the umbrella and shields us both.
'I will be fine and I miss you too... Wait ooo, aren't you supposed to be in Port Harcourt this Saturday?'
'And let you drive yourself...'
'I will take an Uber...'
'We already had a conference call and I am going no where today. Did you forget I told Ashabi that you need to be back with me for the rest of the day ..'
'I didn't, I'm just checking'
'So are you ready?_
'Like this...'
 I point at my maxi jersey gown and shake my head.
'Laye laye.... I have one I made that reflects light and gives an illusion of twin colours'
'The army green one you just made?'
'Its turquoise and Ajoke said it was gray when I cut out the pattern. I'd like to hear Nnoye and Ashabi's take on the colour'
'I want a vest in that colour'
'I would like to play this colour games with my guys when we play basketball'
'So is it true that Bala plays?'
 Henrik laughs and shakes his head.
'You all need to attend the next game'
'Its a date', I announced and curled up closer as I avoid the raindrops on my skin. They are unusual and heavy and Henrik helps me into the house.

 The sun is out but it's not intense and the sea salt sprays tiny droplets on my skin and lips. I taste it and smile, I miss the sea, the beach sand and shore.
  Ajoke asks if I have seen her younger sisters boat and I shake my head. As we approach where it's anchored, I almost choke.
Ashabi's yacht is bigger than Ajoke's and massive is an understatement. Why on earth would she get something that resembles or is close to the size of a fish trawler. This is ridiculously unnecessarily massive.
'As if he is compensating for something', Ajoke's words not mine.
It made Nnoye laugh loud and slap my back.
'You want me to give birth here, right?', I accused Nnoye.
She did not like my angry tone and it made her stop moving.
Now Ajoke was laughing, 'You hear this babe?'
 Nnoye was not sure if we were playing or serious. I hug her and move her closer to me.
'I can't, have you heard?'. Nnoye asked and started to show me a picture on her phone.
I quickly look ahead and accept the ice cold water melon drink with cucumber slices and let a beautiful woman help me onto the hatch. Nnoye followed and Ajoke.
We were in awe with the size of the boat and the staff on it.
'Don't worry, every picture here is protected and the staff signed privacy clause documents before accepting their jobs', Ashabi announced and pats a worker.
'Still it's too big and can be spooky', Ajoke whispered.
'Don't mind her, some staff said she saw a mammy water on the boat and it was all in her head. She has schizophrenia or something...'
'.... Possessed by water spirits and this my stubborn sister refused to let me bring pastors to exorcize the place'
 Now I was getting scared, of course I'm superstitious. Have you met my family members? They put the word 'super' in the entire deal.
'Are we going out to sea?', Nnoye asked hugging her baby bump and kissing a rosary she had tucked under her wrap dress.
'Just down there and back', Ashabi points at a bungalow with thatched roof all around it.
'You girls are not believers', she adds accusing us of been afraid.
Her words angered the skies and thunder and lightning clashed in the skies.
 Ajoke raced into the confines of the ship and we followed. Inside was majestic and the massage chairs heavenly, I did not remember any ghosts or mammy water.
'So Nnoye, will I be part of your show?'
I hug my own bump and whisper a prayer and Ajoke gulps down fresh palm wine.
Nnoye didn't answer, her eyes were on her phone and Ajoke gets up to see what she's looking at.
'Who is the hot chick? Ade you have on the same gray outfit'
 It made me stand up and stare at the phone, it's the second time I've seen her but I feign ignorance.
'Hers is green and Ades is blue's, Nnoye adds sighing.
'What, Ade's is green and the model has on taupe'
'Brown me?', Ajoke was irritated.
 I was enjoying watching them argue Andi film it all.
'So Ade's gown is stealing the show while my six thousand dollars gown isn't', Ashabi grumbled.
'Waste of money, Celine or Ade could have done better'
'I will tell my husband's sister you said that's, Ashabi threatened Ajoke.
'You will find another old man to marry them', Ajoke adds unapologetically.
'Babes Idibia has a new girlfriend', Nnoye screamed and silenced us all.
'Who is that?', Ashabi had no clue.
'The man that paid for my TV show'
'Am I invited?'
'Daniel won't marry me and Idibia is too distracted...'
'Its your fault', Ashabi was cruel and it made the service ladies freeze.
'Excuse us please', Nnoye snapped at them embarrassing she had a huge audience.
They did not move.
'My dear what have you seen, I pay my staff and they answer to me. So, don't you ever give them orders without my consent'
 Nnoye stared and then Ashabi signals to them. They leave and Ajoke and I watch the drama unfold.
'You want to air your dirty laundry in public? Then don't care about upsetting spectators, I have done it all. Ask Ade, I ran when Chuks had a stroke. Baba eighty with stroke me?'
 Nnoye chuckled.
'Ade, I lie?'
 I shake my head and can see the endorsements coming in already. Ashabi was a cash cow, the one producing milk by the second. An extreme version of Ajoke and unfiltered, it feels like I'm binge watching already.
'So, ignore the men. This relationship game is a cat and mouse game. The rat runs away and then the car runs away'
'So I should...'
'Go in stronger, find a more successful man or like I did... Two'
'....Make them miss me'
'And Ajoke, you said Nnoye was Boeing's
 I choked and almost died, I'm sure Ajoke told her in private.
Nnoye cuts an evil eye at Ajoke and she blurts out.
'My sister will outshine you effortlessly...."
 I massage my head and pray to God to stop this madness these women were exhibiting.
'So you all believe that Ashabi is a threat to me?'
 She directed the question to me but my eyes were on the cute tiny umbrellas stuck in a now pink cucumber slices. I was sucking through a straw that had sipped all the juice and danced between large ice cubes. Wetin concern me, na me buy fight?
'My dear, I'm half your age, look at the size of my boat and I have not yet married him'
 At this junction, I look away and if I could block my ears I would have.
'You are on, I will prove to all of you that Calabar girls are hot. We are fearless and when I Nnoye, sets my heart to it... I crush all obstacles coming my way'
 Ashabi ran towards her shrieking and then clinks their drinks together.
'Na die all of una dey, me and Etim go show una say.... Everything done change...'
 Ashabi was dumbfounded and I burst out laughing, like they say.

  It's the quiet ones you look out for, this worked out well and I'm already smiling all the way to the bank.
Now the business aspect of it all has to work, it's time to create cash flow from this project that had got so much cash sunk in.

   And so, the struggle continues....

**"ADE'S JOURNAL", Season 2, Episode 71**

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Adebusola Ukayat Elegbede is a Playwright and Content creator with a passion for real life challenges. Born in Kaduna state and lives in Lagos Nigeria, she has a passion for story telling from the perspectives of characters in conflicting situations. I started out on the New Writing Project in Nigeria with the British Council Lagos Nigeria and The Royal Court Theatre, Sloane Square U.K. My passion for creating stories led to comic books, television drama's and an online journal on my website (busolaelegbede.com). As part of the WPIC in Stockholm Sweden 2012, the experience has forged life long friends and ignited my passion as a volunteer and advocate for human rights and the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

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