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Saturday, 7 October 2017

I Came Here For Delicious Words


  Bittersweet is the dark chocolate bite that stings my tongue and awakens my spirit. Brown skinny stalks, house the vanilla essence that forged the buttery creamy goodness that melts in my mouth. Sharp sour spikes, pokes at my taste buds as I taste your love seething in jealousy and making me ache for more. My spiky thorn filled sweet love, please don't let the spectators distract us from our goals.
 I Came Here For Delicious Words spun from titanium reinforced metal, light and strong enough to weather the storm of pests. Stalking our web of trust and home filled with love. Oh how I fight to keep out the noise, the army pointing weapons of mass destruction heading our way. I know I should have built trenches, dug and laid traps out for them. But I chose instead to build our home on a solid foundation and open my heart and soul to you. As the first weapon hits, I reach out and touch your hands and hold on as we are thrown apart. And I search and pray you are not cowering away from me. Like the man I know my love to be, you dust away the pain and reach for me. Grab my scorching hands and put out the fire and I put out the flames on your face. In-between the chaos, I spot your half smile and reflect your mood. I mean, who smiles while their world explodes. It's all brief and over and as we run underneath broken rubbles to safety, we turn to see a shower of mayhem spraying down towards us. I hold and pull him to me and hug him. No matter what happens now, we fought for this and made us work. We will survive somehow, I'm sure of this....
   Bouncing up and down the flexible platform underneath me, I feel like a black widow. Walking soft and strong on special paws, moving along the web I built with my sweat and blood. This beautiful, haphazard hexagonal home, that sticks and traps unwanted guests and keeps me safe and sound. Why a black widow, it is because I've been called that a lot.
It was a wicked analogy to my difficult relationship with my former partners. Of course the stupid, lying cheating Frank called me that.  To break me and because he knew my family was a haven for superstitious beliefs. My aunty had once joked about me devouring my partner's in the spirit world, stating that her prophet had seen it in a vision. I explained to her that we were not in the sixteen hundreds. The idiot former boyfriend acted as if it had no impact on him, until I found out he was already married. So I broke it off and he actually said, as he tried to blackmail me into staying in the doomed relationship. That he was destined to end my black widow curse. I laughed so hard, it upset him.
 Ask me why I am thinking of such useless past events at this time of my life? The answer is simple, when you meet old friends they remind you of the past. And some of them, not in the best light.
I am not a shopping mall person, I only go once in a while. But Ajoke bought me doughnuts, now I was never a doughnut person. This doughnut was different shaaa, this I had to go and buy fresh. Henrik volunteered to dr ive me, which was not bad. We were laughing at the fact that, I didn't wait until I got to the car before eating the doughnut. When I spot her, Lilian.
Yes, I say her name with disdain. She is one of those girls that serves only herself. Sacrificed her best friend to please school teachers and escaped punishment at the cost of others. To others it was funny, but if you were me back then at the receiving end of the teachers cane. It was not funny. I'm talking about way back in secondary school and then unfortunately for me, years later. We meet again in Abuja. Had the guts to tell Frank I was lucky to have him when she knew his wife, real cruel mean girl. I guess the truth is we were never friends. I just thought we were.
  To see her again, dampened my day. She made the same exact statement about Henrik and had the ordercity to try to touch my baby bump. I shield my twins and squeeze her hands far away from my stomach.
'So they were wrong to call you a black widow...'
 The vicious bitch had to go there.
'Nobody calls me that', I snapped at her.
'That's what Frank called you...'
  See me see trouble ooo, can someone explain why anyone would be this wicked.
 Henrik did not like this one bit and ushered me away from her.
'We are in a hurry...'
'Can I get your number?', Lilian asked whipping out her smartphone with cracked uneven screen.
  Before I could answer, Henrik said a firm 'No'
I chuckled as I walked away, this my husband is very interesting.
'That was a horrible person'
'Just like her friend, Frank'
'God saved you oooo', he was referring to my past with such none friends all around me.
'Abi ooo', I add as he opened the car and I stepped in.
  Isn't life interesting, you meet some people and look forward to meeting them again and others.. Well, you press delete and forget they exist. Really it's not worth the time and effort.

  An eerie silence ensued and we all know what that means. Daniel has succeeded in creeping into Henrik's thoughts and not on a positive light.
  We both speak our names at the same time and laugh.
'Promise me that if anything breaks us up, you won't go for Daniel'
'What? I reject it in Jesus name', I shout and snap my fingers over my head. Three times for that matter.
'Its just that he is a sensible choice and my former best friend'
'You are no longer best friends, you didn't tell me this'
'Ade, he is in love with you. We can't stay best friends'
'Its the idea of me, you know he is pitching me against the two women in his life?'
'Of I were Nnoye, I would stop been close to you'
'How will she get access to him then, through you?'
 Henrik paused and pondered on my words.
'You are right, it's a tough decision'
'She just needs to stop showing she cares, he hates clingy women'
'He won't hate it if you cling'
'My dear, I'm not taking anything for no badger. I'm too grown for that'
  Henrik didn't say anything.
'You don't want me to do this show with him'
   I was confused and didn't think it was going to be this awkward.
'Of course not'
'Wow, that was brutally honest'
'I want a show about us, about our fantastic life together. Our family, our struggles...'
'What do you think it was going to be about? Before Nko? There's no me without you, who do I love and live with? Who makes me smile and blush and accepts me and my madness?'
'Oh, so I'm in this show?'
'You didn't read the contract?'
'I haven't... Yet'
 I laugh and bend and whip out a copy from my briefcase and then flip to page eight.
  Henrik reads it and a smile starts to climb up his face as he squeezed my hand.
'My dear, I dey package us for America and beyond. Even when shows start shooting in space'
 That made him chuckle.
'Na die our children dey'
'Exactly, they will have so much fun and then work hard to build their own dreams'
 He gave my hand a soft kiss and it tickled my ears.
'I thought it was a fashion show and all'
'Branding is part of it, but it's about family, married, unmarried, crazy friends and inlaws'
'Are your parents interested? Or any other family members?'
'Not right away, they like to see things take off before they get on board'
'Makes sense'
 I rest my head on his hand and shut my eyes briefly. No I refuse to sleep, I will take a nap later.
'Did Ajoke tell you that Ashabi is marrying Chuks'
'She did but it's not the first time they announced they would tie the knot'
'Bala just sent a message, that we should meet. Are you too tired....'
'And miss the undiluted gist from the guys side with Ajoke and Nnoye absent. I am going with you'
'You know the last time we both met with Chuks', I was wooing you'
'I remember, Chuks just had a stroke and Ashabi ran away'
'Oh.... Mr. H and Daniel had both had affairs with Baratu'
'....And let's not forget his reason....', Henrik says.
  We both laugh and say at the same time, 'To help you with Mr. H'
'That your best friend and the way he handles situations', I add shaking my head.
'In relationships it's a disaster but in business it trans to millions'
'So me and who will be there...'
'When last did you two talk?'
'Been a while, but Chuks' wants us all there....'
'No doubt Ashabi orchestrated everything'

'Okay', but no material for your show'
'You know i will use it, but not make it obvious. It will make the show much more interesting'
'I haven't seen you this excited...'
'Henrik, everything great is about to happen'
 The babies kicked and catch on with the excitement bug.

   I am going to get insider gist about a crazy situation with Ashabi been I think four decades younger or is it five? I can't remember, also since his stroke last year and the family forcing us into the limelight by publishing all our private details in glossy magazines. It actually backfired for the greedy daughter that has been given her share of the will and has since sent it all.
 This is going to be good, I can tell...

  I dig into the three flavours of ice cream in my bowl, starting with the chocolate and then strawberries and ending my sweet tooth delight with melting vanilla ice cream... Oh la la...

**"ADE'S JOURNAL" Season 2 Episode 68**
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Adebusola Ukayat Elegbede is a Playwright and Content creator with a passion for real life challenges. Born in Kaduna state and lives in Lagos Nigeria, she has a passion for story telling from the perspectives of characters in conflicting situations. I started out on the New Writing Project in Nigeria with the British Council Lagos Nigeria and The Royal Court Theatre, Sloane Square U.K. My passion for creating stories led to comic books, television drama's and an online journal on my website (busolaelegbede.com). As part of the WPIC in Stockholm Sweden 2012, the experience has forged life long friends and ignited my passion as a volunteer and advocate for human rights and the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

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