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Friday, 13 October 2017

Ice Cold Truths Melt My Heart


  The ice sculpture refused to melt as the steam from my rage filled the room and moves the temperature near boiling point. Like a monument in the middle of a park, a centerpiece in the middle of the room. I am watched, eye balled and admired with wonder and people in awe. I am transparent and stuck and unable to move, I know you see me. The rabbit frozen like glass, stuck on you. As I set and refused to move under the pressure and heat from all involved. I know how this looks, as if I am transparent and I have nothing to hide. The truth is that I have more to hide and refuse to disclose to my curious friends. It's like I'm been pitched against two trusting factors, my girls versus my guys. Don't get me wrong oooo, I am and will forever be on the girls team but I'm definitely not a heart breaker. I won't be the bearer of bad or sad news. These men think they are smart, tgey cause havoc and then expect me to mend all the shattered broken pieces. Joker's, I am not going to do it, instead I go into survival instinct mode and feign discomfort. Its strange right? But when it's your turn, you destroy the laughter in the room. And see if you can endure hours of years and lamentations about an unserious guy that won't stop trying to toast me. That thinks he is the alpha and Omega of this crew. You know what I mean, that annoying handsome guy, high on himself. I mean, I want today to be less about him and more about every other person. So I lie and I lie and more accurately, withhold the truth from my girls.
   The humidity in the air climbed and escalated as the temperature dropped and silver creamy clouds gathered in the sky. Churning and mixing together until it formed perfect rain clouds. The first of the drops were almost frozen and splat hard on the ground, sending up dust. The drops spread out and scattered all around as the ladies in stilettos raced into the house full of men and of course one lone lady.
I knew Ajoke could tell something just happened and Bala announced he had another meeting, to escape been caught in a lie. Ajoke gave him a peck and gets him an umbrella.
'You are not catching a cold and giving the twins any horrible cold', she protests.
'It helps their immunity', Bala announced throwing his hands in the air.
'Let me at least walk you out', Ajoke says petting Bala's large stomach.
It makes me smile and appreciate how warm they are towards each other.
'Crank up the air conditioning units in the room, maybe she's feeling faint or like fainting', Nnoye says.
 The suggestion makes me swoon and rest back into the couch. Ajoke returned without  Bala and feels my forehead and gives me a look, as if suspecting I am feigning this illness.
'Ade, you alright?'
'Im great', I add trying to ease her troubled mind.
'Ashabi invited us to sea this weekend'
'Where is she?'
'Making her Fourty two inches long weave she just fixed'
'What?', I shrieked.
'Yes, she still has time for all that jazz,. Me... I'm practically natural these days'
'Your thirty inches isn't natural', Nnoye adds.
'Because you just joined the weave on club's, Ajoke threw back at Nnoye.
'I am for what ever you want, just take care of you'
 I quell this battle between the natural hair ladies versus the weave fixing ladies.
'Natural is better', Nnoye adds.
'Really, then why do you have a weave on?'
'Ajoke, weave ooo, no weave ooo. All join'
 Daniel laughed, he was tipsy and I had forgotten he was there.
'What is he doing here?', Nnoye spat out.
'Im with friends I've known since I was a child and you? When did you show up?'
 Ajoke stares at Daniel, 'Is he?'
'I am not drunk'
'We have been drinking all day', Chuks announced.
 Ajoke tastes my drink and I took offense.
'Its plain cranberry, no vodka'
 Ajoke moved close to me.
'I forgot I was pregnant once and drank...'
'Not at this stage of pregnancy'
'You are right'
 Nnoye grabs the bottle and we snatched it from her.
'This isThe most selfish human being on earth'
'I will drink to that, this is going to be gun', he adds and points at the kitchen.
'Ajoke and Ade Always have food in the kitchen, let's go and eat'
 Chuks whispered sorry as he helped Daniel walk away.
'Where is Ashabi?', Nnoye shouts.
'Oh, at the saloon. I honestly need something'
'I have this yogurt that tastes like ice cream', Ajoke offers and opens her mini fridge.
 She did not lie, it was like heaven in every spoon. I shut my eyes and licked my spoon and Nnoye excuses herself.
'We are here', Ajoke says and as she leaves.
The silly girl pinched me so hard that I slapped her hands off.
'Details now'
'Never', I said searching to see if Nnoye was on her way back from the bathroom.
'Why didn't you ask Bala?'
'He said you will tell me'
'My house tonight, when she goes home'
'Ade, she's sleeping here tonight with Etim'
'Tell her you are going to meet up with Bala'
   Nnoye returned and I hand her the entire bucket.
'No, we are both getting fat together. We are a going to share this'
 Ajoke giggled and I stared at Henrik, he was shaking his head.

  I'm home now and anxious about the new deal I have with Chuks. The contract is great and Ashabi is really hijacking Nnoye's show. This is bad, I actually want to refund her money but all the equipments have been purchased. And I have paid for so much already.
Henrik massaged my shoulders and I growled and rotate my head on my stiff neck.
'So, you are going to tell Ajoke?'
'She knows already, Bala spilled'
'Is this fair on Nnoye?'
'None of it is, but she's getting paid'
'I feel like a traitor'
'You are a producer'
'Honestly, I don't know where my loyalty lies'
'Like the book you wrote, your second book with the British council?'
'My life isn't that scandalous'
 I laughed and then Ajoke knocks and enters.
'Everyone single detail, now'
'Ajoke hi'
'Henrik, you guys are awful. Eh buru, Ika buruku ni yin'
'I am still in shock'
'Poor Ade, when Nnoye finds out...'
'Finds out what? As far as I'm concerned, I had no clue and this is news to me'
'You are going to deny it'
'Ajoke, I don't know what you are talking about'
'Please ooo, there's no way I can handle this without plausible deniability'
'See, I'm not that naive little girl in university. I'm very much aware that Actions have consequences and I didn't choose to date any of them, so why should I suffer for their indiscretions'
'So you don't know anything...'
'About anything'
 Ajoke sits and stares at me and then sighs hard and long.
'How are you going to explain Ashabi in Nnoye's show?'
'Least, I'll tell her Chuks and Ashabi have too much money to throw around. We either get on board or be swallowed...'
'But she will be swallowed...'
'Did I ever tell you about my eighteenth birthday party?'
'All the girls in the estate attended mine and all the boys were in my birthday mates party. He was older and more popular but wild, mine was the safer bet. All the girls could be themselves with me and their parents approved'
'So what happened?'
'Like Nnoye,I was offered a merger and I accepted'
'So what happened, Did you know the guy?'
'Not really, but my friends did'
'We moved, the party'
'It was too runchy and mature with bold wild guys whose hands they could not keep to themselves. So a few of us left and continued with most of my curious friends staying over there'
'So it was a bad idea?'
'It always was, but the look on some of my girls faces said that I was selfish not to let them go. That we should start in my house and end at his. Since my parents wouldn't approve of a night party'
'So what's the moral of the story?'
'What will happen will happen, we may regret the decision but the choice has been made'
 My statement made Henrik and Ajoke quiet as they pondered on my words.
'Ade, that is deep'
'Gove me that choice now and I would answer the same but in a different manner. I accept that you can't win I all but it's important to be given a choice'
'Even if there's only one answer or outcome?'
'Look, just confirm that you will be there this weekend. With Ashabi and Nnoye of course'
'Henrik, do we have plans?'
'After your day trip, yes'
'You heard my bobo'
'Alright, I'm supposed to call Celine...'
'Let me call her...', I offer and dial her number.
 It's ringing and I hear her voice and shut my eyes.
'Celine, I miss you'
 Celine laughs and waves at Ajoke and I.
'Miss you too, oyaya. Start spilling...'
'How did you know that something happened?'
'With the two of you and that tone.... What did Nnoye do?'
 Ajoke laughed so hard, I frowned.
'She didn't do anything, it's Daniel...'
'That man and drama, just update me shaaaaa'
 As i do, she agrees with me. The men have played their games. Our goal is to guide her without revealing we know, on the path where she is better and stronger.
It just makes me wonder how many times my friends knew I was in a doomed relationship and they stylishly helped me out.

 What would you do if you were me? If you had this kind of information and you knew your friend was an emotional rollercoaster. Someone that would not handle this kind of news well and only make the situation worse.

  Before you answer just be as sincere as I have been about it and tell the truth.

**"ADE'S JOURNAL", Season 2, Episode 70**
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Adebusola Ukayat Elegbede is a Playwright and Content creator with a passion for real life challenges. Born in Kaduna state and lives in Lagos Nigeria, she has a passion for story telling from the perspectives of characters in conflicting situations. I started out on the New Writing Project in Nigeria with the British Council Lagos Nigeria and The Royal Court Theatre, Sloane Square U.K. My passion for creating stories led to comic books, television drama's and an online journal on my website (busolaelegbede.com). As part of the WPIC in Stockholm Sweden 2012, the experience has forged life long friends and ignited my passion as a volunteer and advocate for human rights and the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

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