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Wednesday, 25 October 2017

The Fumes Made Me Do It


     You cannot imagine how I live, until you live like I do. The mosquitoes are massive and hungry and the male’s compete by my ears. I am sleeping on a bedbug infested cover-less matrass that has flattened and compressed to a thin flap with wicked dents and missing chunks in it. It’s my third night without sleep and my cough is getting worse. I got it from sleeping on the cold wet floor and this bed is not helping matters. I am uncomfortable and then I hear it from the window of my uncompleted building I rent from my meager odd jobs of cutting grass for anyone that can pay. I don’t have a shirt, it is as the shirt or the cough mixture. And as you guessed, I chose the cough mixture. It helps me sleep a little and then I hear it again. My neighbor is starting his small blue generator set. It’s a horrible machine that coughs out wicked black smoke. For some reason, he prefers to direct the smoke at my windows. So like clock work, every night I come out and tell and fight until he turned it away. The selfish old man does not care that it is two in the morning. Or that the smoke makes me cough violently and loose sleep. For three nights I have not slept because the fumes won’t let me. I have only slept because I had to physically move and change the position of the exhaust pipe spewing out large balls of smoke. And t make matters worse, the demonic neighbour refuels and then points the exhaust pipe straight at my windows. I heard him bragging to his lazy son that if I had ten heads, I should get up and move it again. I was too tired to answer him. But tonight I’ve had enough, all the prayers the generator set would pack up has gone unanswered. So I jumped up and picked up the cutlass that gave me blisters all day. I screamed and cursed and threatened fire and brimstone.
He took the bait and ran out cursing, his son tries to hold him back as I switched off the generator set and swore it would not come on this night. Not here, not this night and definitely not beside my windows. The man pushed me and I sharpen the cutlass on the uneven building floor. The baba started to pull and try to start the generator set. And then I hit him, I do not remember it. I think, all I remember was that the generator stopped the force of the blade. It cut his hand clean off and the rope and dents the tank. It was done and the son shoves me as he tried to stop his old man from bleeding. I walk back in and feel tired and exhausted. For the first time in a long time, I sleep. Long hard and deep. I wake up and stretched as an angry mob dragged me out, beating and pounding at me and asking me stupid questions. All I can say is that The Fumes Made Me Do It…..

    The day starts with many planes flying overhead, it’s not just planes but helicopters that get to me. It makes me stand up and look out of the windows. I wonder how the young man in his twenties can commit homicide without remorse, how a simple misunderstanding escalates to a loss of life. I even ponder on the facts stacked against him, could the outcome have been different?
Henrik massaged my shoulders as he joined me by the window.
‘It was his choice'
‘But he is in his early twenties and now…’
     Yes, the newspaper article got to me. I just feel sometimes that our government has to accept part of the blame. If our power supply worked, then fumes from petrol would not kill people in their sleep or make people kill each other for the lack of sleep.
   Henrik understands because he watched me passionately fill up my journal with the dream that hunts me. Me living as the perpetrator or victim, all set in an event that plagues my mind or just disturbs me. I feel like Nigerians as a whole, that we are becoming numb to too many things. And like a ticking time bomb, we are going to explode. It’s where my family will be when it does that worries me.
‘Can you just go back to been positive Ade?’
‘I am only human’, is all I can say.
         Obviously, this was more than me worrying about my country and the Youths. It was also me realizing that I am a whole sum of many things. And my choices would forever be mentioned, referred to and quoted by friends and acquaintances.
The meeting with Mr. H and Nnoye made me see this clearly and it surprised me that Frank and Khadijatu would ever come up. Don’t get me wrong oooo, I would never pay either of them. It would be like rewarding them for betraying me with lies. If you don’t know the situation, let me update you.
This journal, ADE’S JOURNAL started as a venting process, a kind of healing process for me. I was engaged almost two years ago and wearing a beautiful diamond ring. I had paid for a hall for the wedding, bought ASO EBI and gifts and introduced Frank to my family.
He failed to mention he was already married and a friend of his told me his partner was visiting Abuja. I was based there and we had both paid for a flat. I thought this other woman, Lara was the other woman. So cluelessly, I confronted her in Front of Frank. It was that day I learned I was the mistress and if we had married it was going to be illegitimate. So in Dept I came back to Lagos to my then best friend, Khadijatu. She was the one that introduced me to Frank. Then she tells me she is pregnant for him and I think she is crazy. Until she confessed they were lovers all along. She did not tell me because she was been loyal to him. So we were never really friends and Frank dumped her once he discovered the child was challenged. I am not without compassion, so I helped Khadijatu when she had the baby and no job. Of course my help took her out of Lagos and up to Abuja. But Frank is here and getting married to a mentally unstable rich best that may want to piggyback on my show. Her mother may be rich but reality show money is another ball game. No one person can fund a show, unless you have an oil well somewhere or investors willing to take he risk. I’m sure you are wondering why I am worried, it’s because of the pictures we had together. I’ve cut off and burned all mine but Frank has not. I do not want pictures of our fake relationship circulating around.
‘Ade relax', Henrik begged me.
The twins were summersaulting inside me and he could see my state was getting them agitated.
I inhaled deeply and exhaled long and hard.
‘Did you ever see pictures of Frank and I together?’
‘Your mum’s, brothers and Celine’s’
‘I thought I got them all'
‘I did see them before you threatened to end your friendship with Celine if she didn’t get rid of those'
‘She liked the pictures on Facebook, she doesn’t even know Frank’
‘But you look so good in them….’
‘…and happy, right?’, I wanted it to sink in good.
‘Ade, these things happen. And none of it was your fault'
‘its embarrassing…’
‘Ade, on it. Fear gives these kind of predators Power'
 I smiled, I liked that Henrik understands me and knows exactly who that snake is.
‘He is counting on this my reaction right?’
 I ponder on it and decide he is right.
‘I have to be prepared'
‘Ade, that’s the spirit'
 I chuckled.
‘So go much are you paying Frank’s
‘Shi shi, zero Kobo and less. He is a lie, a criminal, a snake that definitely will get all he deserves. Others will be waiting when he comes out to try to ride on our fame and fortune…’
‘That’s my Girl'
‘And when his fraud is exposed, he was ill face the long arm of the law. I trust that his first wife will have more to say. The mess will be hilarious…’
  I was laughing hard now, I would not be around to witness the horrid mess.
‘We will be long gone by then, far away in Los Angeles and I will be building our empire'
‘I love how you say … Our Empire'
‘Our Empire’, I say it again but in a sexier tone and I get a warm sweet passionate kiss and respond in kind.

      The phone vibrates again and then leaps and falls off the bed stand. I snap out of sleep and search with my eyes closed for it. I calculate that it fell and bounced to the back and underneath me. But I am wrong and can’t find it. It’s still ringing and I reluctantly open my tired eyes. Henrik grumbled and snatched the bed cover from me, all of it.
‘My one day off in the week and your work disturbs me'
‘No be ya fault', I snapped back at Henrik and smacked his bum.
Henrik covers his entire face and body as if too say, catch me in dream land. So now, I’m wide awake.
I grumble and get up and then kneel and try to search for the phone. I find it in pieces and replace the battery and back cover and as I wait for it to boot. It starts to update apps and one hundred and sixty of them. I drag my feet and go to the living room and wait for the rest uploads to be complete, this is very annoying.
About ten minutes later it is complete and I receive the call that started all this drama. It’s from Daniel and he wants to meet. I invite him over and he says he can’t come to my house that there is a big conflict of interest. Now I’m confused, what is this man talking about?
‘Can you make it to your office?’
‘I promised Henrik I was hearing home all day today', I grumbled.
‘It’s a brief business meeting, I just need you to please come and bail me out of this mess'
  Daniel was whispering and did not sound like he was safe.
‘Are you scared of Nnoye', I joked and he did not laugh.
This was serious and I had to go and rescue him from the mess he was in. The big question was, what?
I had no clue, wait a minute I do. As long as it had to do with Daniel Ojora it had to be only one thing, another woman. The guy could not help but get himself into a lady drama situation. With two women pregnant for him, I just hope there is no third or fourth.
Actually that is not true, another pregnant woman would just drive the search feature r her I’m to up the roof. And the ratings of my show, through the roof.
   I get excited and go back into the room but my husband is snoring. I send him a message with vague details of my meeting and promise to be back soon. I drive there, knowing Henrik would freak out. But there was no time to waste. I wanted to get to the bottom of this quickly and as I get to my office.
My only, two staff were smiling sheepishly, they were excited to see me and anxious to take me to the conference room to meet with my surprise.

  Oh isn’t this a delightful surprise, Daniel Ojora never disappoints. You have to see this to believe it…


**"ADE'S JOURNAL" Season 2 Episode 73**
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Adebusola Ukayat Elegbede is a Playwright and Content creator with a passion for real life challenges. Born in Kaduna state and lives in Lagos Nigeria, she has a passion for story telling from the perspectives of characters in conflicting situations. I started out on the New Writing Project in Nigeria with the British Council Lagos Nigeria and The Royal Court Theatre, Sloane Square U.K. My passion for creating stories led to comic books, television drama's and an online journal on my website (busolaelegbede.com). As part of the WPIC in Stockholm Sweden 2012, the experience has forged life long friends and ignited my passion as a volunteer and advocate for human rights and the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

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