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Saturday, 21 October 2017

The Hunt For Vampires By A Modern Lynch Mob


      The time is slowly approaching as my heart beat rapidly escalates, I know they are coming for me. Yet I can’t do anything, all the people I have called have rejected me and the very selfish saying that hunts me plays on my mind. You are on your own, I am truly on my own and it scares me. In fact, it has triggered an epileptic attack and not in the best if places. It happened just before I got to my house and as the neighbour carries her sickly child. She does not like me and thinks I am contagious, despite downloading and showing her proof that I am not. Her child has sickle cell anemia and she had told everyone that her son was a perfect AA genotype until I changed it. How can I tell these people that I don’t have that kind of power? Night vigil after night vigil, I have been accused through my neighbours walls of doing everything wrong. I am the reason her lazy husband can’t find a job and the reason her stale bread isn’t selling. To make matters worse, I had the guts to speak up and defend myself. It did not help my case, she screamed and begged people to rescue her from the jaws of a skinny whale. The type that swallowed Jonah and adds that I will soon for because she has prayed and fasted on my head. Lord have mercy on me and now I am having an epileptic attack just as she is returning with confirmed report that her child definitely has SS genotype. As I jerk and fight to stay alive, I hear her scream and call out for help. Not to help me but help from me. My friends in the neighborhood race to help me and the worse happens…
 An angry mob approaches, saying enough is enough. They have cutlasses, sticks hoes and shovels. They are all people around me the man that sells provisions, the other one is a housing agent, the woman owns a food store and another sells school pencils, all of them have blood in their eyes as they approach me. Friends fight for me and others shield me and then I am carted away from their rage. Someone is screaming and another shielding us as Cutlasses fly past and hit us. How I survived I will never know, but my friends heard of the other attacks in Malawi and knew his sister, a friend of mine would not be spared. We escaped but others are not so lucky and in all fifty have been injured.
 Luckily the authorities are now involved and one hundred and forty have been arrested. It won’t take away the trauma of watching people call us vampires as they tried to kill us. I have not gone back to my apartment, I’ve forfeited my rent money for my own safety. Honestly, I am afraid we are regressing as fast as we are advancing. The question now is how many more lives will be lost to angry mobs believing their neighbors have spiritually caused them to become ill or poor. Who will wipe tears from the eyes of the dead? It’s not a pretty picture but I could see the tears streaming down the face of this epileptic man that barely escaped the jaws of death….

‘Are you watching this?’, Nnoye asked me as I adjust and watched the uncomfortable news on television.
‘I am, you know I attended a workshop by a Malawi speaker in New Castle University, she was brilliant and yet. The same country has this anomaly happen?’
I was still in shock, I’m a fan of vampire movies and series and don’t even get me started on zombies. I’m still waiting for them to kill Negan in The Walking Dead. But I know it’s fiction and I don’t believe people suck blood. The big challenge is when you say you believe in anomalies, how far and how superstitious are you? I’m a little but not that superstitious.
‘I do believe the mind is a powerful tool but vampires and witchcraft? Abegi jare'
‘Ade, these things happen oooo'
‘Fear gives these people Power'
‘Ade Nigeria too had their wahala, the child left to die of starvation that a white woman adopted. The chained boy that was rescued from religious zealots that wanted the nine year old dead'
‘Seriously are we regressing or progressing?’
‘That’s why we must carry everyone along, educate and inform and empower all and not some'
‘So it can get better'
‘Ade, it definitely gets better'
 It made me sigh with relief as I changed the channel and say a little prayer for the innocent souls gone too soon.
‘Back to us, did you hear how Ashabi sounds too overconfident?’
 Nnoye was referring to Ashabi bragging on her massive yatch that she would steal Nnoye’s reality show. As the producer of the show with my money also invested. Thanks to Henrik loaning me cash, he can tell my very aggressive friends will be too demanding if I don’t climb up to Executive Producer on the show. Best financial advice ever.
Now Nnoye has to up her game and  find men that want her and all the fame. It was a little harder than it sounds because our circle was a tight comfortable one and now she would have fish further from our corner in the Atlantic ocean.
‘November us next month you know', I remind her.
‘November 30this end of next month', she corrects me.
‘You are right, I add with a smile, and of course Erin bouncing up and down on the couch beside me.
I am actually exhausted from my weird dream today. Nnoye caught me just after falling asleep on my couch and dreaming.

    I had one of my sea dreams today but worse, today’s one had us lie Tomy friends father’s orderly. I actually claimed we were going for a workshop instead of the truth. Which was the beach.
As we get there the tide is in and many cars have been engulfed by water, did this stop us? No.
My teenage self and three of my friends parked the car and go in a large group charter boat. We change into swimming suits and dive into the crowded boats edge. I climb up the rope ladder hanging by the blue edge of the boat and scream that I can see the bottom of the sea. Not that clearly but clear enough.
My late friend is with us and refuses to leave the water and of course my friend that her orderly warned us to come home in one piece. I spot a bubble and panic and scream that they should climb up and out of the water.
At this point I spot a fast swimming pelagic wide fish and start to climb back down and wave my hands.
My friend wave back and continued to swim. I see one, two, three and a sword fish and start to cry. My late friend shoves my other friend out of the way and then all I see left are a series of bubbles. She realized what happened and claws at the rope as she starts to try to get herself out of the water. More people disappear and the fish start to fight and shove each other. I reach out and pull her and help her out of the water and we both scream as we clutch and claw our way back into the boat. People are crying left, right and center and I am telling her how our late friend, Funmi rescued her. She gives me an awkward look and just thanks God she is safe. I am the only one who saw her, my late friend. She is afterallI an angel that just rescued us from a situation we could never have explained. Getting dressed and back home the orderly cocked his rifle to scare us. He had heard of the wild party by the sea and suspected we were going there, too many fish were eating those law breakers. He joked and none of us laughed. It feels like he knew from our wet hair and sandy clothes what we were up to. I’m just glad we are safe, I whispered as I drift into sleep in the car. My teenage self was Precious and the bulk of Patra braids help me relax better in the car. I’m in a scandalous bikini and a checkered red shirt, I miss that girl. Growing up can be exhausting and I truly want to be that fearless little girl once again. But I’ve been exposed to too much not to care. I care but more than that, I care to be back to my bubbly fearless self.

‘Ade?’, Nnoye called my name a little scared I was not alright.
‘Just remembered my dream’
‘About water?’
‘About the sea', I corrected her.
‘Babe, you need to talk to someone about it? Your pastor or me?’, she smiled.
‘Go joooo, I’m fine. It’s when I get anxious or worried that I dream such Dreams'
‘What is on your mind?’
‘Lets go, I have a meeting with Mr. H'
‘Again?’, Nnoye didn’t like this guy at all.
‘His circle is unique, he could introduce you to a guy’
‘You don’t mind?’
‘Nnoye, I’ve sunk in our savings into this, it must work'
‘More than Idibia and Chuks did?’
‘Add that together and a little more'
‘You are definitely a majority shareholder'
‘So I’m now your boss’s, I add proudly.
 Nnoye shakes her head and grabs Etim by his arm as he tries to wriggle out of it, laughing and screaming.
‘And you are having two at once, good luck Ade'
‘I can’t wait', I say beaming with joy.
‘Does it mean Mr. H will feature in the show?’
‘If his referral is working it'
‘You have given it a thought, does Henrik like the idea?’
‘He can’t stand it, but we need the drama. I can’t be the all goody two shoes one'
 It made Nnoye happy and she hugs me.
Etim raced out of the house and she runs after him, I truly can’t wait to start chasing my own children.

 The office was as I left it, bright and clean. My P.A. and her colleague were anxiously awaiting my instructions. As we walked in, Mr H. too joined us and we all exchange greetings and then sit in my office as my two staff excused us..
‘Ade, this is unlike you. I always have to call a meeting and….’
‘…And things have changed. I want you in our show…’
‘Why, is this Celine’s idea? My cousin can be crazy….’
‘Its mine’
‘It’s a conditional one'
‘I have to deliver…’
‘A worthy opponent to Daniel Ojora'
‘For the show about you', he points at Nnoye.
‘We just need you to introduce her, like a first date or seconds do that’s it'
‘Nnoye is not like you’, Mr. H adds and all hell breaks loose.
‘Meaning I will not be polite and say my mind immediately? Everyone can’t be a goody two socks or shoes or bars. Yes I said it, all this prim and proper bullshit, where did it get you two. You still cheated on her like every guy I’ve met. So cut the rubbish jare'
 It was a lot and I massaged my forehead and covered my face in shame. This my friend has no ounce of shame. Mr. H looks at me as if to say, I told you so.
‘Wait, I know just the man'
 I cannot believe my ears.
‘He already kind of likes you and knows of you all'
‘Who is this man?’
‘What kind of name is that?’, Nnoye asks.
‘He is from Plateau state, Ade you schooled in Jos right?’
‘Yes I did, I attended an all girl’s military school. The best in the world'
 Nnoye and Mr. H roll their eyes at me and I laughed.
‘What if I don’t like him?’
‘Jos guys are hot and gentlemen', I add remembering my toasters from the beautiful state.
‘So, where do I sign?’, Mr. H asks.
 I call my workers and they bring in the sealed documents.
‘its conditional, one introduction and you appear when he does. Two and we can give you more airtime'
‘And four?’
 I give him a look and he laughs.
‘Just kidding’, he adds as he reads the documents and signs.

  So, I am drawing in more people into my tight niche and does this also mean Baratu is coming on the show? I can even get her to do a DNA test on her child, to be sure it’s really Mr. H's. The thought of the scandal made me smile and as this circle expands, my fear reduces and then my joy too.

‘So, now you are bringing in you ex boyfriends. When is Frank and Khadijatu going to come up?’
The question shocked me and I was dumbfounded, honestly speaking I have not ever given that mind of thought audience. But Mr. H is right, if he is showing up then the idiot may feel entitled and their spilling their guts may not help my case.
I need to think and fast….

What do I do about these two?


**"ADE'S JOURNAL" Season 2 Episode 72**
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Adebusola Ukayat Elegbede is a Playwright and Content creator with a passion for real life challenges. Born in Kaduna state and lives in Lagos Nigeria, she has a passion for story telling from the perspectives of characters in conflicting situations. I started out on the New Writing Project in Nigeria with the British Council Lagos Nigeria and The Royal Court Theatre, Sloane Square U.K. My passion for creating stories led to comic books, television drama's and an online journal on my website (busolaelegbede.com). As part of the WPIC in Stockholm Sweden 2012, the experience has forged life long friends and ignited my passion as a volunteer and advocate for human rights and the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

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