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Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Two Titan's In One Hand, None To Show


  The hard jet black exoskeleton shined in the moonlight, as the creature advanced. It picked up speed and arched it's upward horn downward and forward. It's intention was clear, to tackle and slam it's opponent. Behind him were spectators and not just any kind. The female kind, this was for them, the potential to have them all. Even if it was for a brief moment. I was rooting for the smaller guy, the underdog. But it was a futile battle. The safest thing to do now is to flap my layers of wings and step back and away from his line of sight. I distracted him a bit and his opponent almost got the giant beetle on his back and out of the race. He moved swiftly and upturned his opponent.
The echoes of women cheering him on his victory filled the air as he searched and could not find me. I was long gone and with my own hero and as we fly away from the blazing night life. I can't help but giggle. This life is one big stage with the biggest showmanship on earth. As if that's what matters, what actually matters is quality time with quality friends that last a lifetime.
The helium filled balloon we flew past starts to deflate and descend. After all, what ever goes up must come down.
My partner bumps me gently and I chuckle and land and then perch on our rose garden. We may not have a massive rose bush the entire world wants, but my garden is my world. No invaders allowed...
   I Care too much to be mean for too long, I mean as I watch others do this effortlessly I wonder how we stay friends. I admit I love showbusiness and love to be the center of attention. I remember been bugged in secondary and called an artificial model. I did not take offense, I understood it.
You have to see me walking to understand it. I walk tall and believe all eyes are on me, I check to see my reflection when I can and pose when I stop. I dress like I'm preparing for a photoshoot and when I hear my name, I bounce and spin around like I'm walking back and down a fashion runway. I've always mixed and matched my own style and all hairstyles have been reinvented and manipulated to try not to look like the rest of the world. Like the masses, as Nnoye once pointed out. We were not even friends when she did. She was just in awe with how I created my own style. I never did it for anyone but me, so never expected people's opinions. They just gave it and I've learned to accept it.
 I'm sure you are wondering what brought this all up? It's a mixture of memories and my current situation.

 The memory... I'm eight years old, fearless and free. I'm back in Kaduna state and in our home with the parachute hanging decoratively spread out on the ceiling in our living room. It's bright orange and army green plume, puts a series of smiles on my fresh face as I walk past it. My parents are watching the news and think I'm going to the kitchen. I'm not, I'm actually sneaking out to the back of this house. I have a date with our neighbors, not that kind of mature date, it's a playdate with my friends. Our home had large flood lights that attracts all kinds of insects and I had bragged in school about giant beetles with horns. My neighbors and classmates promised to verify or trash this interesting find and I promised to show them and prove I was telling the truth. I reach the back of our house and the two boys are waiting and are staring at one. The creature that they have come on this night adventure to see. The taller one wants to stamp and kill it and I screamed and pushed him. He falls and scrapes his knee and I squat and pick up the beetle.
'It will bite you', he screamed as he tried to stop his bleeding shin and protect me at the same time.
'i have lived here for months now, none of these insects bite me. The mosquitoes definitely bite but not these beauty'
 I was in awe with it and loved that I would be telling everyone in school about them tomorrow.
 The other boy kneels beside me and asks.
'Can I?'
 I hand him the beetle and he lets it crawl on his flat palm, screaming as it does.
'We have to take it to school'
'But it's family is here', I protest.
'No one will believe US', he adds.
 I do not want the biggest beetle away from its family. But a larger fiercer winged creature approached.
'That's a bat, they eat them', I screech and almost fall trying to stand up.
'I have a mesh cup', my friend with a scraped knee announced. I didn't want to be bitten by a bat and the sound of my mum calling me and searching for me made me agree with him.
That's as far and all I remember, but the memory is very strong and sips into my mind or dream, like right now.
     I wake up in the car that Henrik is driving and we are in Ajoke and Bala's home. We are here to meet the men and as I stretch and step out, I see it. That lone butterfly on a young pawpaw plant. It's just there waiting and refusing to fly and I cannot resist the temptation to try to pick it up. Of course that fear of tiny minute insects it devoured could have hatched or moved up the metamorphosis stage, made me stop. I'm not sure if it's fear or plain paranoia, but I strongly doubt I can get back to picking up insects like I used to in my younger years.

   Should this worry me or is this a none issue?

'You going to pick it up?'
'Hhhmmmff? Oh, of course not. Is everyone here already?'
'Ade, yes they are waiting', Henrik's words made me smile.
   I am going to be privileged to the ins and outs of the beginning. Whatever that is...

 Chuks looks good for someone in his eighties and he gives me a warm embrace and talks to the twins as if they are here already. I laughed and tried to push his face away from my protruding tummy.
'Any moment now, they will be here. Well done Henrik, Ade well done'
 It was nice of him to highlight the obvious but there was much to catch up on and about.
'So, the last time....'
'Ade please, I was quarter to go when we last saw. I had a stroke and my fiance ran away with you....'
 Daniel Ojora walked in smiling, 'Who wouldn't?'
 I did not need that kind of talk, not from Daniel.
'And you two are still friends?', Chuks says pointing at Henrik and Daniel.
'Its talk like that...', Henrik started to protest.
'... That reminds you how lucky you are', Daniel interrupts Henrik.
   Bala is massaging his forehead and swearing under his breath and to stop their blabbing he throws Chuks an obvious question.
'So Chuks, you want to become my in-law?'
'Today, but Ashabi will forever say I orchestrated and sabotaged her opportunity. She will never forgive me if I rush this'
'I am curious, after the hospital?', it was an open ended question. I wanted all the details.
'Ade needs to attend all our sessions, she hit the nail on on​ the head. No beating around the corner', Chuks adds impressed with how direct I was.
'I came here for hot gist', why should I live?
'She tried to justify her running away from me when I had the stroke and I was not buying it'
'We broke up ...'
'Its a lie, she didn't say anything'
'Before nko'
'So you reconnected..''After two months'
 I rest my back and tried to understand all I was hearing.
Why do ladies mask break ups?
'But she traveled, on your card', I was checking facts.
'Not nine', Chuks insisted.
'Bala?', I asked.
'Big spending like that gets flagged by our accountants'
'Im confused', I blurt out.
'She had Two Titan's In One Hand None To Show'
'Interesting', not really I was confused.
'Daniel knows about it', Chuks adds.
He gulped his vodka to avoid talking.
'Fred and Audu...'
 Henrik falls back and grabbed his head.
'Who are those?', I tried to catch up.
'The worst kind, they compete and have no rules'
'Rules about?'
'They have double dated sisters', Henrik tells me and I scrunch up my face.
'Poor Ashabi'
'Nope, rich Ashabi', Daniel adds with eyes glued on me
'So they spent?'
'They tried to out spend each other'
'Really?', I did not see the sense in it.
'Its about the guys impressing the rest of us and not them', Daniel adds.
'She likes when men fight over her, don't you?' Chuks question surprised me.
'Ade doesn't', Bala announced.
'She does, she's just too in love to care', Daniel says and pours himself another drink.
'That's your third..' I say not minding my business.
'He is worried about seeing Nnoye again', Henrik says and pours me some cranberry juice.
'See, your husband knows me'
'You are scared of her?'
 I could not hide my shock and Henrik was amused by his fear.
'Shes confrontational and that's what scares me...'
 Chuks grabs the bottle and takes it away from Daniel.
'At least she cares and has a filter, Ashabi is a full fledged mean girl'
 The men laughed and then he continues.
'Ade, do you mind?'
'Mind what?'
'Including us in both show'
    I drink and then sit up.
'Is your wedding still holding?', I was talking to Daniel. This is getting clearer in a not so good manner, I feel funny.
'Because, the scandal... The drama', I add.
'Exactly', the men echoed.
'Truthfully tell me the truth', I think the answer was clear and I sighed heavily.
'She paid for a show and we are all going to get one' Daniel's words gave me a headache, the men didn't just give me privileged information. They were telling me about my friends impending heartache and that the only wedding coming up was Ashabi's.
'Nnoye may just marry Idibia....', I informed the dog headed crowd.
   The men chuckled and I just stare at them.
'Have you seen her?', Daniel asked and then showed me a picture on his phone.
'Claire, the model with one name, neck like a sexy goddess, legs that go on for miles and dark glossy skin that Photoshop would envy...'
  I stare at the tall beautiful young woman and squint.
'She has been betrayed before...', I just guessed I was not sure.
'Everyone has, but she's the hottest name in show business right now and he... Idibia just bought her a yatch'
'For work?'
'Ade, that kind work is priceless', Daniel joked and Chuks and Bala shake the heads.
 I shake my head.
'So my friend is wasting her time with you and Idibia'
'Lets see, time will tell'
 I sighed again and it helped that Henrik massaged my back. I was really under a lot of tension.
'And she's coming back...', Daniel says proudly.
'Daniel, who is?'
'Of course, the other woman carrying your baby'
 I think all the men were worried about me, it was in their eyes and the way they looked at me.
'So, I will pay of course', Chuks says.
'No you will more than pay, you are hijacking Nnoye's show'
 I snapped at him, angry really at Daniel.
'The best is yet to come, I have the contract'
 Before he finished, I heard a car approach and I swear to God. I hid the contract and the men helped me take it to my car.
'We will finish this latet', Chuks whispered.

  Nnoye and Ajoke enter the house and stop and give me a very curious look.
See eh, no comment.

   I really am speechless at this point in my life, this is messed up.

**"ADE'S JOURNAL", Season 2, Episode 69**
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Adebusola Ukayat Elegbede is a Playwright and Content creator with a passion for real life challenges. Born in Kaduna state and lives in Lagos Nigeria, she has a passion for story telling from the perspectives of characters in conflicting situations. I started out on the New Writing Project in Nigeria with the British Council Lagos Nigeria and The Royal Court Theatre, Sloane Square U.K. My passion for creating stories led to comic books, television drama's and an online journal on my website (busolaelegbede.com). As part of the WPIC in Stockholm Sweden 2012, the experience has forged life long friends and ignited my passion as a volunteer and advocate for human rights and the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

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