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Thursday, 5 October 2017

Water Lilies Green With Envy


  The Lagoon waters climb up to my ankles and I am not worried. I am late for work and I'm still not worried because my my is full. I am hidden in this corner of Lagos, a forgotten road with a sign that says acquisition. I had no clue it was there because land grabbers keep removing the sign. I only caught them this morning because it's dawn and that's when these Water Lilies Green With Envy, strike. They populate and prey on the land. Lush and firm, you have no clue and cannot tell that their roots don't sink into the ground. It floats and is moved by fish, crabs frogs and snakes born here. They have my savings and much as I tried to revive my bank balance to that bounty full day. The expenses keep rising and swallowing it all up. So I wait like a snake in the water lilies and pounce and sell what was never theirs to give. Maybe the state government will allow my prey buy it back or even sell to me before I sell this land I called mine. For now, I need my money back, so I can build my house in solid rock and not on a sand bed slowly washed away by a growing Lagoon front.
    The cool night breeze tried and failed to ease my troubled mind. My Waka today is courtesy Ajoke, big surprise. Her friend is forty  tonight and has attended all our events. She also said she knew we were too posh to show up in her mingy house. I took offense, I was not one of those people and I was determined to prove her wrong. We actually did not remember and I suggest to Ajoke and Nnoye that we should surprise her.
   Unfortunately for us, the heavy rains kept us glued to her house with no where else to go. I can't even remember the last time I slept in Ajah.
Henrik freaked and called me until my phone died. Luckily, I didn't just have my smartphone. The one without the swipe features could last three days without dying on me. Precious our hostess, tried and failed to get her petrol generator running. So, for the first time in a long time I will sleep without power supply. Ajoke loved the peace and quiet and I fueled my friends fear with tales of waters swallowing up residents. When Ajoke started praying out loud and checking the window to see if the Lagoon was approaching or had broken it's bank. I had to change tactics and reassure them that the food coolers would keep us afloat. I kind of like scaring people, if you've noticed.
'Ade is lying', Nnoye tries and fails to mask her fear.
'Lagos is at sea level, so If a flood did come. It would Engulf us from the canals, lagoon and the sea on the opposite side of Ajah express way'
Yes, I am naughty like that.
'Don't mind Ade, there has not been a major flood since two thousand and twelve's
'Ade was in Abuja getting her Swedish visa, so she has no clue'
 I was in town but I didn't feel like arguing, I was actually too tired. It's actually refreshing to listen to the quiet night life out there.
'None of your neighbors have generator's?'
 I had to ask.
'Only when we have guests, we don't bother putting it on'
'Why?', I was curious.
'Feel it', she said and in that moment a gush of cool wind mimicking air conditioning units raced in.
'Wow, that is...', Nnoye adds in shock.
 I tried to find the words and could not, this our journey brings up old wounds.
    Now I'm angry, because I remember. Did I ever mention that I purchased this Fleeting land from a foreigner who claimed to be a citizen? The feeling I got from watching them parade him on television makes me feel foolish. He was a friend of a citizen that traveled abroad and he claimed he had seen land grabbers get rich off the illegal sales of land he had no title to. So for two decades he defrauded plenty off land that was never his in the first place. Sold land to retired workers and young earners, all at their desperate ends or beginnings and worse off. Sold one land off at least ten times. Money he used to build buildings now auctioned off to repay the survivors of his frauds.
I had cash I had gotten from my first book launch. Did I ever mention this? No.
Who wants to admit they were duped in their own state. I was told everyone was buying and the state would buy it back from me. He failed to mention the state had already bought the land and I was just dashing the thief money. At least I had hope, I was young. The retired workers that had been duped, what of their fate? Life is really a hub of harsh lessons and if you wallow in that pain, you'd be trapped for good. All I have experienced is actually a true test of how resilient I can be.
 I was too distracted with many things back then to cry, thank God. So, I just let it go. Staring at what was mine briefly, I had no claim to this land that someone else had built a three stories building on.
'So, Ade. Will you fight for your land?'
 Precious' question was legit but I had no claim or proof that I owned the land in front of hers.
'No, I have forfeited it. It's my lesson, now I make sure I get all my documents from Lagos state, go to surveyor office in Alausa to verify that it's up for sale and legit before I do'
'Me, I'm buying it back from Lagos', Precious announced.
'Good for you', I add with a smile.

  The morning sir was delightful and Henrik woke us all with his call. I stretch and prepare for the day, balancing a phone in one hand and other things in the other. Prepped and ready, we hugged and thanked our hostess as she stepped out and marched ahead.
  The Lagoon waters touched my feet and I imagined tiny periwinkles floating in it and tiny worms too. In that instant, I step back. To think I used to dig the earth with my bare hands and pick up worms and insects. Now, I am paranoid. Well, at times. Things change, that's just the facts of life. Especially after I read that there are millions of nematodes in water and soil. I am not so much a fan of any kind of sand play or games or exploration.
'Ade wait, I'll move the car closer'
 Ajoke sensed my fear and moved the car closer and we all scramble to charge our phones. It was nice to be away from home and those we loved. It made me miss him more and I smile as I rest my head.

'Ade, Ade', Ajoke screamed and startled me from my sleep.
'What?', I mumbled.
'Celine, they are discharging her'
'How many people?', it was a silly question but she confused me.
I was dreaming of a script I wrote about Lagos. A movie that hunts my dreams, reminding me not to quit but to keep pushing until it comes to life.
'The doctors and nurses', Ajoke answered Meeennnn, the babe has time oooo. It was after all, a rhetorical question.
'Celine is coming home?', I was not sure if I was still dreaming or not.
 Ajoke shakes me and then, I try to balance on land because the dream gives and keeps me in a buoyancy state.
'See this babe ooo, Celine is going home to Pierre and his kids'
'Okay', I snapped at Ajoke because I was now wide awake.
 I wiped tears from my eyes and stared at Nnoye.
'What kind of dream was that?', Nnoye was curious.
'How do you know she was dreaming?'
'Everyone Dreams', Nnoye reassured Ajoke.
'Not me', Ajoke bragged.
'Its a lie'
'I don't dream, ever'
'Ajoke, you are not normal'
'Exactly, I'm unique'
 Ajoke was proud of the fact that she was not like us and Nnoye was in shock.
Celine was standing and waving at me.
'Ade hi'
'Celine', I say as if I was actually hugging her.
'Thanks dear, I am truly happy the worse is over. But the doctors say, no heavy lifting and there's like eighty percent chance she will be premature born'
'She will be adorable, like her Mama'
 Pierre joined us in our Skype call.
'And handsome like.... Alan', Celine says with a straight face.
 The words shocked all of us and made Pierre stare at Celine. She was laughing so hard and then we all notice Alan in the background.
'Pierre don't mind Celine', I try to console her upset partner.
'Ade hi', Alan waved at me.
'Alan na only Ade you see for hia?', Ajoke scolds Alan.
'Hi Alan'
'You look tired', he adds.
'She just woke up, it's not easy carrying twins for a hotter older man. Her type'
  Ajoke was referring to Henrik and I shake my head.
'Talk to Nnoye, you two have not met', Ajoke gives Nnoye her phone. And then drags me away from the screen of her phone.
'Ade, be careful with this guy. I see the sparks'
'He is in Paris'
'I am not into white guys and I want to do him'
'Ssshhhh', I plead with Ajoke not to be heard.
'Its true', she whispers.
'Henrik is gorgeous and the only man I want to do...'
'For now...'
'He wants to talk to Ade', Nnoye announced.
 Ajoke snatched the phone, 'Call her phone'
'Ajoke, abeg naaaa', Alan begged.
'See, Ade. I'm teaching him pigeon English'
 I laughed and then she gives me the phone.
'Remember, in Nigeria you can't be calling a married woman every week oooo', Ajoke screamed.
'I've heard oooooo', Alan adds.
'Hey Alan, long time'
'Yes, it's been a while. How are you doing?'
'Im good...'
'The twins?'
'Kicking and strong'
'I dreamt about you swimming last night...'
'In what, a bikini?', Ajoke adds.
'No, in a jumpsuit, the Ankara one you made...'
'I can't fit into that...'
'You can, are you writing again?"
 A call comes in and Ajoke screamed.
'Bala is calling me ooo'
'Celine, Pierre, Alan, have a lovely day. Celine, maa fa ra le ooo'
  Ajoke collects the phone and says bye bye.
'Bala darling hi'
 I laughed at my crazy friend and then notice that Nnoye is quiet.
'Nnoye, what's up?'
 She shrugs her shoulders and says nothing.
 I moved with stiff limbs that I stretched and bend while breathing in and out. Finally, I reach her end and she watched me as I do.
'Nnoye, something dey disturb you. Oya, talk'
'Daniel has his new show around you'
 It was not a question but a mean rage filled observation.
'An Ojora, will always be an Ojora. It's all about him and his family. Don't let them fool you'
'Am I ever going to be a star in his world?'
'Do not talk like that'
'Is he even going to showcase me in it?'
 I could see the tears welling up in her eyes.
'Did you make him a star in yours?
'Nope', she adds wiping away the tears.
'I rest my case'
'You can't star in his show without me, ever'
 She was giving me orders and I don't do well with orders.
'Let me call you back', Ajoke tells Bala and moves beside Nnoye.
'And you think Ade will star in that show alone?'
'I would', Nnoye adds.
'That's not true, you are just trying to justify a fact in your head you did not verify with me'
'So you won't', Nnoye's eyes had questions and tears in them.
'Nnoye, there's no me without you two and Celine. We are a package deal'
'Alan and some of our friends may not know you very well, but they trust our judgement'
'So I'm part of the Ojora's show'
I take her hand and place it on her baby bump.
'You are bringing in the youngest star'
'Me and Opeyemi'
  This babe is spoiling the moment.
'Who is wearing the family ring?'
 Nnoye waves it and we all laugh and hug.
'Life is great, let's enjoy it while we can't, I add.
'Egg xac ki Tally',  Ajoke adds.
 Henrik opens the car doors and lifts me out of it.
I was giggling like a teenager.
'Should we go?', Ajoke screamed as he lifts me into the house.
'Ajoke and Nnoye, see you tomorrow'
'We have work', I tried to tell him.
'She is on a one day leave'
'Softly ooo Henrik', Ajoke screamed as she starts the car.

  Like I said, missing each other makes the love sweeter.
The only challenge now, is how I am going to get Daniel to pay Nnoye. This new show that's coming after Nnoye's show is going to cause a lot of  trouble. I can sense it already, this is the Ojora's side tracking Nnoye deliberately. And making me the star of the show is his way of pitching his two women who are carrying his babies against me.
Even I want to watch that reality television show.

 Na die I dey

**"ADE'S JOURNAL" Season 2 Episode 67**
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Adebusola Ukayat Elegbede is a Playwright and Content creator with a passion for real life challenges. Born in Kaduna state and lives in Lagos Nigeria, she has a passion for story telling from the perspectives of characters in conflicting situations. I started out on the New Writing Project in Nigeria with the British Council Lagos Nigeria and The Royal Court Theatre, Sloane Square U.K. My passion for creating stories led to comic books, television drama's and an online journal on my website (busolaelegbede.com). As part of the WPIC in Stockholm Sweden 2012, the experience has forged life long friends and ignited my passion as a volunteer and advocate for human rights and the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

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