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Wednesday, 15 November 2017

A Slice Of Rich Creamy Reality


    It's not real because I can't see anything and nothing approaches without me knowing about it. I believe I am quick and nimble and careful and experienced, at least that's what I tell myself. And to top it all up, I have worked on this farm for years. So I did not expect today's event to sting this bad. Like any other day, we all rise and meet on the road to work. The one pathway we all trek on and others ride old bicycles and the very fortunate ones old vehicles. I have refused to join my friends and escape my old life. He struggles everyday to keep up with appearances. He buys fuel for a worn out and over used generator set and has to keep food in a fridge that barely sees power supply. His children have become rude and he can no longer bring home food from the farm he sold to move to the city. A city of false hope, a lie told Yet decided by all as the biggest lie of them all. Water has become gold and his children fetch for the neighborhood with pompous kids that can't be caught dead fetching water. That job is preserved for his now angry children. School they told him was free but the crowd and disaster they experienced breaks his heart Everytime they joke about it. He missed home, the schools were more than enough for his village people that seemed to be enjoying the mass exodus to the city.
I on the other hay I will not abandon my home to live like refugees on illegal lagoon fronts. His wooden shack was crushed last night and some that left with him returned. The days of feeding off the land for free were missed by all. And I remind them that the consequences of their actions lingered. Little did I know that my prophetic visions were more than just going to come true. But as I raise my nose up at the city returnees, I sense it.
They are no longer quiet as they approach the farm land they cross to school because their farm has long seized to be theirs. They screech and shout and sing and disturb nature as this mass returnees brag of a difficult life they now missed. Even though to them it was all glamorous and fun, it was neither to us that listened.
Yet I think that am the one in denial, they distract me from my keen alert senses and as I match on. I listen.
I can hear the faint echoed of hissing and I stop because it is coming from all around me. Not one approaches but several, and as they crawl and climb the dry twigs break and dead leaves crack. But that isn't the problem, these juvenile creatures are just excited and exploring everywhere and as I signal to the distracted crowd and start to retreat. I freeze as children born far away from the village March heavily on faux floor. Unfortunately for the people all around, these abandoned farm land is the perfect breeding ground for the raging juveniles. Children screech and cry as swift slender creatures strike. Many mother's run to rescue their children and the men run with matchets and hoes and step on heads hiding flat beneath dead plants. They strike multiple times and the consequences of this clash of species can be heard the world over. I run to paranoid children watching their mother jerk and have seizures on the ground. They stand confused and begin to cry and I can see that there are snakes no longer hiding but crawling towards them.  I raced to them and pick up both children and grabbed the mothers hand. I pull and hop and shield them from a field saturated with snakes. People are falling left and right and some start to grab child and run. Safe and away from all the twigs and dead leaves, I rip at her  wrapper and tie the wound and then suck at the bitter venom. I spit it out and give her CPR. She was not breathing and I repeat it and then she coughs and sits up, searching for her children. Their warm embrace distracts me and by the time I see it, I strike at it and get its tail. It turns around and strikes and I behead the slimy Beautiful creature with glowing black scales. I have never seen a black mamba up close but its skin is glorious. I unbuckle my belt and try to stop the venom from spreading from my own leg. The child kneels to suck it but instead, my returnee friend does it. He holds me by my arm as we start to head to the hospital. On the field are almost a hundred people clutching onto snake bites and men and women striking and beheading them. Other farmers have been informed and volunteer cars, bicycles and strong able people carry us as we all head towards the hospital.
The hospitals is filled with snake bitten victims and decapitated heads of stray juveniles whose journey ended the minute it started to help doctors identify the snake bite and use the correct venom. As I arrive I see bikes of empty anti venom's and helpless hospital staff trying to cope with the traumatized victims. A loud shrieking sound familiar to me made me look down and then another. The number of the dead was sixty by the time I was still lucid and then I drift up to sleep. Awake I stare at the mother and her two children watching me. She had survived hers and apparently so did I but an additional eight people died. The next thing I felt was hunger, I don't think I have eaten anything all day and then I smelled it. A roasted grilled meaty delight, not only me though. For hungry patients start to watch the entrance with hope. Meals prepared with roasted snakes went around and even though I had never had snake before today, it was delicious. Even the doctors and nurses joined us as we had a feast celebrating lives not lost. But it was not yet over, the fight to survive this excruciating pain could only work with help and as people bond and come together, nations outside Nigeria. It was a long and treacherous journey to wait for anti venom that was scarce and people prayed and wait for the ASV drugs. I didn't even know we had carpet vipers in this country, black cobras I knew about and puff adders definitely. Puff adders were much more delicious though and united kingdom and Costa Rica were the two countries providing the anti venom's and after one painful month of managing my snake bite and other victims. It arrives and we are all relieved, although most of the farm has been harvested and food in our homes. And then I remembered my friend from the city and searched for him, he didn't suffer any physical injury from any snake. His pain was emotional and to my surprise I saw him dangling from the ceiling fan in his one room apartment. I race to him and hold him high and stop the rope from strangling him as I raise an alarm. The neighborhood rush in with matchets and hope to slay the snake and instead meet my friend trying to commit suicide. He is rescued and crying because his lover abandoned him. Did I mention that he was my first love, the man I lost my virginity to. Before today, he was this powerful force no one could stop but now I see a broken man. The doctor helps me out him in his car as we take him to the hospital and he squeezed my hand and smiled as he reassured me he will survive. I stare at the doctor and smile, this same man that has chased me all my life suddenly looks good. Finally, you see me he says and I smile and touch his rough unshaved face. I may be a farmer but this farm woman has fallen for the town doctor. We hold hands and I thank God for all I have suffered this past month, it has helped me find love.
 The morning starts bubbly and then rumbles like my stomach and I am reading this Beautiful article in the news in here. It's sad that almost seventy people died in Gombe state and from snake bites. But we really need to sort ourselves out as a country especially this our epileptic power supply. It hampers creating solutions to our many problems. If power works then we to can create anti venom's and rescue our own people ourselves. But that is not the reality, I remember when Dunlop moved the Ghana because there was no steady power supply in Nigeria. Little did we know it will get worse, it's pathetic and annoying. I am grumbling because my generator packed up and I am hot and waiting for the company to supply a new one. I didn't even notice that Lagos was this freaking hot. Any how, shaaa we shall overcome. I finish and wash my hands and I smile at the thought of the new generator arriving. I will put on all the air conditioning units and just raise my legs up and lounge. I go to my bed and nurse a headache that a little sleep will cure. The sound of my phone ringing annoyed me and the sound on my bedroom door made it even more unbearable. Who has the guts to knock on my door with such intensity and rage inducing vigor. I push and pull myself back up on my feet, screaming and accusing the accused of having no manners. I yank open the door with an angry 'what' on my lips.
It's my cousin's, yes I have those and they did not have the decency to call to inform me that they are on their way or in my house. I am not proud of how I screamed at their insensitivity but my head hurts. They apologized and I step out and lead them to the living room.
'How is mama?', I ask about my ninety year old only living grandparent.
'She is fine and misses you'
 I smile and say I'll see her soon enough and then listen to them update me about family gist. Yes, these two know how to spread gossip and I am not really in the mood to find out what anyone else is doing. Especially because I know they pedal everyone's gist to others and those who didn't know I was pregnant will now know. Why Henrik let them in without the me, I have no clue. But for an American he sure is liberal about people popping in unannounced.
They are chatty and I even begin to cool down and laugh. Oh how times fly, one of them is getting married soon and moving to Port Harcourt. I still can't shake the image of her as a two year old in braids sticks to my head. That's the only image I have of my now grown cousin. It's refreshing to catch up on old family members and old times. I have even forgotten about my headache and I'm actually enjoy their company. But I need to go to work and they need to pre for their own jobs. I tip them and say goodbye and enter the kitchen singing an oldie but goodie.
'So you are not mad at me for letting them in?'
'Henrik I'm not, both of us can't be grouchy. I choose to be the grouch and you the nice uncle they are happy to have'
 I say this hugging him from behind and rocking him sideways.
'Sandwich?', he offered.
'With beef or turkey and I'm game'
 He wraps me some and I make us some fresh orange juice.

  The drive to work is quiet and I do miss driving but my driver is such a gentle giant.
We arrive with Nnoye pacing up and down and I smiled and stepped out of the car.
'My dearest friend'
'Am I?'
 She was upset and I tried to be as nice as I can be.
'What is wrong?'
'Ashabi has been telling everyone who cares to listen that the show is all about her...'
'...A tree doesn't make you a forest'
'Ade no more games'
'Can we go inside, I'm hot', I grumbled and kind of run into my cool office.
'Nnoye, what do you want?'
'This is about me, not some girl marrying a man sixty years older'
'Ashabi is like Ajoke... Even worse'
'That's the problem'
'You have to know you won't always be the star of the show'
'You know what, I knew you would say that'
'What is that supposed to mean?'
'This show is about you, I get it'
'Im not a fame whore', I snapped at her.
'I am and I don't like been second best to the man I love and now on my show'
 Her words sting, but not in a bad way. It's no secret that Daniel Ojora is obsessed with me in his own weird way. And Ashabi has told any one who cares to listen that she's younger and a better money magnet.
'Nnoye, don't think like that. This is about you refusing to be second best, get men who hold you first. Get people to see that you are a fighter and not a naive young girl grasping at money to be relevant'
 My words did the trick and Nnoye was smiling.
'I can't wait to tell her what you said...'
'I'll deny it', I add quickly.
'What, you should be loyal to me'
'Nnoye I am, but she is also my client. My job is to make everyone happy'
'You are joking, eventually you will have to choose'
'Nnoye you don't know me'
'I do, but we are not teenagers anymore. People will demand you pick a side'
'No need to try to convince me about anything. I am and kind of an expert on diplomacy'
 Nnoye did not laugh, she frowned and gave me a side look. I'm beginning to get worried and for good reason.

 This is not going to end well, I can feel it

**"ADE'S JOURNAL" Season 2 Episode 79**
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Adebusola Ukayat Elegbede is a Playwright and Content creator with a passion for real life challenges. Born in Kaduna state and lives in Lagos Nigeria, she has a passion for story telling from the perspectives of characters in conflicting situations. I started out on the New Writing Project in Nigeria with the British Council Lagos Nigeria and The Royal Court Theatre, Sloane Square U.K. My passion for creating stories led to comic books, television drama's and an online journal on my website (busolaelegbede.com). As part of the WPIC in Stockholm Sweden 2012, the experience has forged life long friends and ignited my passion as a volunteer and advocate for human rights and the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

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