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Saturday, 25 November 2017

A Wedding, Two Gifts And All Sorts


 Just like a tall glass of cold sweet and sour lemonade on a hot humid afternoon, the smile on her face lights up and soothes me in this congested room. As she waves a fan made from painted peacock feathers, why anyone would paint a majestic birds colour baffles me. They painted it pale golden peach like the colours of our gele's. As I huddle and sway with the other friends of the bride. I watch as it gets dark as we advance into the room that has practically no air. Many rush to be with the bride and be seen in the camera lens that record this eventful day. But not me, I just watch her nails and the burgundy lipstick perfectly carved on her full lips. It parts and sings along as we all sway and follow her. The MC then ends the song abruptly and orders us to leave that they do not need to see us anymore. There was a rudeness in his voice that made us all gasp and echo that we are no longer needed. When did we get so rude and insensitive? The jokes were distasteful and directed at women as if they were desperate and clasping at straws in a very big ditch filled with quicksand. I have not looked at my watch this much since the early two thousand's. And the worst part is that I don't even have a watch on.
That is why I made sure the MC of my day was not just popular but respectful. I trust my family members, they would match up to the stage and collect the microphone from you. I want to leave but my friends hold me back and ask me to stay an extra hour, that is sixty whole minutes. I bring out my phone and set an alarm that has the same ring tone as my in coming calls. The sitting arrangements are interesting, those of us not on the high table are closer to the caterers. And for thirty minutes we watch as drinks and food are hoisted high up in silver trays over our heads and marched to the high table. I don't mind, I have my frozen drink and I set it on the table and sip from it. Melting quickly I drink it all up and the clock just refused to move. This heat will not kill me and I check my phone again, not sure why the alarm has not gone off. The older men and women around me can't take it anymore and stop the waiters from passing us with drinks and food. Screaming that they have been here since twelve noon and I just gasped. I'm here for an hour and I want to jump up and run. The bride joins us and smiled at me and I frown. I recognized her and did not like what I was seeing. Her chief bridesmaid was also someone I knew and I grab my bag and I'm ready to run. My friends stop me and ask me to smile. I watch my father frown and grumbled that he did not approve of this, that traditionally the bride picked the venue. I try to calm him and my mum starts to cry. She did not like who I was getting married to and I snapped at her. I wave the golden peach fan and tried to breathe in my very tight wedding dress. He picked it because the waist was sinched. And I agreed because I wanted it to look smaller, even though I never imagined wearing a course wedding dress. He tricked me into paying fully for it  and I did not like this. It was as if I was the one marrying him and he was just present. To make it even worse than it was, he was drunk by ten this morning. So he was nursing a hangover and blaming me for everything. And I did see him hug Khadijatu as if they were intimate and my heart broke. Why didn't I see it before now and why did I not listen to my gut instincts. Should I divorce him now based on my suspicions or live with this?
The alarm starts to go off and I flinch and turn my head and try to open my eyes...
  The nightmare is over and I wake up, I am not even sure which year it is or where I am. And then I feel it inside me and stare at my stomach. I am pregnant and the babies are due anytime now. I stare at the women around me and they hand me ice and I suck on it.
'You passed out', Ajoke says and tries to get me up to speed.
I remember now that it's November 26th and Ashabi just got married. I also remember the bridal shower been all exciting and I danced like it was my birthday. And also that Baby attended the wedding with one of Chuk's friend. The groom had no idea that she believes that Daniel Ojora is the father of the baby she is carrying. And Ashabi refused to get rid of her like Nnoye insisted and that caused a big rift.
Ajoke would not get involved and Celine and I just tried to quell the tension brewing between them.  And how did our latest bride handle it?
'Abeg jare, she joined the group last. That's why I got you two gifts each'
 I had no clue what she meant and then she hands us jewelry boxes. In it were pearls and I gasped as I open and touch the almost perfect cylindrical pearls on a very long string.
'That's why he sold that company', Ajoke joked.
Unfortunately for Ashabi, Nnoye walked in on the joke and laughed with such evil intent. I open my mouth completely shocked by her behavior.
'The man will sell everything to please you...', she scorned.
'At least he is willing to sacrifice something, yours just run when you show interest'
 Celine covers her face and I unclasped the pearls. I am seriously not getting involved in this useless fight. Not after fainting in this hot sun.
'And you Are, I thought they could not buy you'
 I swear to God who made me, Nnoye talks too much and has no filter.
'Please ooo, if they sent you. Tell them I am not home'
 My rage made Celine laugh as I fiddled with the clasp. She helps me out it on and I admired it in Ashabi's bedroom mirror.
'Don't pick on Ade, they are beautiful', Ajoke complained.
'This pearls are going home with me, get used to it', nonsense as if she won't accept it herself.
'So you all have identical pearls and I don't?' Nnoye grumbled and we all ignored her.
'This isn't fair and this was your plan all along', she adds.
'No, I have yours here. Just take back what you said about Chu selling all his property'
 Ajoke laughed,'but she is lie naaa'
 Ashabi tries to take back the pearls she gave Ajoke.
'Of you try it eh, you will pay me back all you owe and he will sell another company'
 Ajoke's threat shocked her and made Celine laugh and start crying.
'I am sorry Ashabi, I don't mean to find all of it funny'
'Ashabi give Nnoye her pearls jare'
'Shes messing with you', Celine adds and hands Nnoye her gifts.
Nnoye starts to cry and we all gather around her and hug her.
'You girls are mean and Ade must I always fight to be your friend'
'How is this my fault? I didn't know they planned this', I scream and try to defend myself.
'Ade is not a mean girl, we planned it in Paris at Alan's place. Remember Alan? That fine young brother of Pierre'
 I slap Ashabi's back and she snapped out of drooling over another man.
Ashabi helps Nnoye wear her pearls and then clasps her hands at how beautiful they are.
'Your photoshoot will be da bomb, even my friends can't catch up now'
 She was referring to her psycho friends that compete with her at everything.
'So you genuinely think I am your friend?',Nnoye says admiring the stringed jewel with matching earrings and bracelet.
'The one more like me, you are the reason I am doing a reality show. The reason Chuks will sell everything for me, he can't imagine how easy it is for a pregnant woman to get suitors. So he does everything to make sure I am happy'
'But aren't you worried he will sell everything?', I had to ask.
'The man has over thirty in this country with twenty five multinational companies. He was hoarding them for his children and most have their own businesses and don't care. The ones that do are on the board and those ten companies I don't have any stake in. So these I have, the five real estate I will never touch and two farms but the others... fair game'
 I watched her analyse and dissect his companies and I didn't know she research him like that. The babe tried, she really is Ajoke's sister.
 Celine caught me looking down and away from the pearls and holds my shoulders.
'What wrong?'
'Nothing', I do not want to talk about it.
'You had a bad dream'
'Dreams are overrated...'
'He appeared in your dream', it was a statement of fact and I knew she knew who.
'I truly don't know why?', it made me sad that the past haunts my dreams.
'Khadijatu showed up, he has been trying to get in touch...'
'I used to think it was a bad thing if your ex didn't try to get in touch. That the relationship was such a lie if he didn't try'
'My dear it's a blessing...'
'Ade, now I know. Because we are not the same women we were a decade ago and definitely not the same as we were last year'
'...Tell them ooo', Ajoke adds hugging us both and looking back at Ashabi and Nnoye.
'I just wish I would relocate this minute and not get to see or hear from anyone in my past'
'Are we so bad?', Ajoke asked with a sad look on her face.
'I mean....', I tried to correct the impression I just gave her.
'I know what you mean, see eh. This going public more often than necessary is scary. I've had people try to reconnect and it's annoying. So my dear for your stalkers to try can be annoying'
'...I think Baby is stalking me too', Nnoye adds with a stern face.
It made all of them laugh, even Ashabi.
'Laugh now but that's how it starts', I say and end their laughing spell.
'So sack her, bar her from the show'
Nnoye shouts and we all know why, this was supposed to be all about her. But the extra characters in her reality show seem to over power the outcome she was hoping for.
'Of we do that, then our show will be a lie. Just a one hour special showing the best if us. We need to be authentic and show the best...'
 Ashabi hailed me as I intensify my speech and wiggle the pearls in my fingers.
'...The crazy friendship but true bond we share between us and our family's'
 Nnoye claps and adds her voice to Ashabi's screams.
'...And all our horrible acquaintances and the leeches that try to suck us dry and fail'
'Tell them ooo', Celine adds.
'Her lovers and his 419', Celine was refer to her partner Pierre's resurfaced wife and her abusive ex boyfriend.
'..And all the busy bodies that care about how my husband spends on me', Ashabi announced. It made us all scream and Ajoke eyed her sister.
'Not you, I am talking about outsiders'
'...I still have the loan contract and will redeem it if I am not happy'
 Ajoke reminds Ashabi and her little sister hugs her and rocks her until she starts laughing.
'Yes, the past may haunt our dreams but they are not a sum of us. They are a subtraction. A reminder of where we should never be and a propeller that should make us keep our eyes on our future goal'
 My words made Ashabi cry and we all hug her.
'Im not crying because I'm sad, I'm just with the best friends in the world'
'This we will never forget, even though cameras didn't capture this'
 The crew knocks and we all signal and allow them in, the show has already begun.
'A Wedding Two Gift's And All Sorts', Nnoye says. As the crew pans in on her two gift boxes and all of us smiling at Ashabi. Her majestic train all over her bedroom with all of us hugging and trying not to step on it, like little girls in a bridal shop

 Outside, I watched ladies flirt with Henrik and he watched me fend off guys and I smiled at him and rocked my baby bump.
'I admire your Bond', Daniel says and hands my Chapman soaked in hexagonal ice cubes.
'Thanks', I was referring to the drink.
'So how is it going?', he was referring to filming the show and I could see all the cameras filming and I looked away from them.
'Its going'
'Have you seen Baby?'
'The younger sister of the girl I dated?'
'Yes', I laugh.
'She is the reason I have new body guards.
'Eh hehn, I said it. I was wondering why there was no scene yet'
'She has privileged information'
 I cover my mouth and looked at the cameras.
'Yes, she's out if she does'
 He was referring to her contract, it was cancelled if she made a scene or got too close to him.
I shake my head and sip my drink.
'It is not the first time I've been shakes down for money'
'So it's not yours'
'The minute we prove it, I'm suing her big time'
'Ma se yen oooo'
'No one should be blackmailed no matter their earning Power'
'True', I said frowning because some girl laughed and made herself fall on Henrik.
'You are staring at your husband', Daniel adds in a disappointing tone.
'Why can't they just respect personal space and let him be'
'Lets go and stop your blood pressure from rising', Daniel offered.
I marched away ignoring his hand and joined Henrik and give him a warm into muth to mouth kiss. He was smiling and had removed all space between us.
'There you are', he says and hugs me.
'You didn't bring Opeyemi'
'Shes around?', I didn't know that.
'This your show is DRI all the women in my life bonkers, she says she is not moving an inch'
Henrik and I laughed and I swing in his embrace.
Nnoye approached us and I knew not because I was watching her but be Daniel frowned and bit his lips.
'Hello Daniel Ojora', I could see and hear all the cameras snapping away.
'I know we are many that are carrying your baby, but at least ask how we are'
Daniel folds his hand across his chest and shakes his head.
'You know it all'
'I don't, don't you want to be a part of this baby's life?'
'And this is the appropriate place to talk about it'
'Where else are we going to talk?'
 The tension was up and I swooned and Daniel grabs me.
'Are you alright?'
 Henrik helps me to a chair and Nnoye rolls her eyes then stops.
'She fainted earlier on'
 Both men screamed and Daniel signals to one of his bodyguards.
'Hey me the doctor, not pediatrician... Doctor Jang'
I spend the next term minutes rehydrated and answering questions as my pulse and blood pressure is checked.
I am fine, just a little too much activity.
'Nothing tomorrow and next and home visit from the doctor &, Henrik announced.
'Am I going to be under house arrest?'
'Doctor?', Henrik asked.
'You need to relax, do your walks but just rest'
 I frowned and then smiled, it was Henrik that invited Doctor Jang. I think he thinks the baby would pop out any moment from now.

 I was smiling but Nnoye wasn't and she was walking away crying and Daniel was by my side trying to make me comfortable. Along side my Henrik and I grabbed Danie hand.
'You may not like her anymore but that baby is coming'
'Who said I don't like her?', Daniel was been cheeky.
'Good after her', I drag my voice and he drags his feet.
 I hold Henrik and kiss his hand and then he points at them.
'Just look at Daniel Ojora'
 I smiled and looked up and he and Nnoye were kissing.
Ask me ooo, I'm as confused as you are and Baby sees them and runs out of the room.

 Talk about drama, do you know how many television stations and magazines are here covering Ashabi's wedding day?

All I can say is that this drama has started....

**"ADE'S JOURNAL", Season 2, Episode 82**
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