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Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Hyenas Bond To Get The Job Done


       Seventy seven women lay limp and lifelike with their souls long gone, along with dreams drowned and enveloped by a mixture of two of life's most important elements oxygen and hydrogen. All of it mashed up and frothy as it engulfs and sucks life out of those who dare to travel across the sheer force within its waves. Thier bones line the sea floor and enrich the oceans with fresh stories and tales of hopes all revived and forgotten as quickly as it starts to simmer down, it starts to go into an uncontrollable rage. These women had some form of wicked luck, their shells didn't get to hit the floor, they were barely gone when they were whisked up like fish caught up in a net. Rescued by sailors on a mission and distracted by the cries from people in search of a better life. It was too late for them and one additional girl starts to sink as they are carted into the submerged submarine. Babies survived and young blood tired from trying to stay afloat made it. But the question is what did they survive? Is this a perilous journey, taken only to be returned back to what and where they were running away from. Others too tired to cry or tired from mourning lost ones stare on as cameras filmed and record their faces for the world to see. At this point none of them cared and none of them said a word. Quietly they stared at all seventy seven women now hoisted up and onto the shores, the men and the boys had long hit the bottom of the sea. Onlookers watched as people with microphones brand them and state who they are to a world of people diverse and confused about why they would take such high risks. Immigrants desperate for a new life, a new start most now at the bottom of the sea.
Coconut trees wave and bow to the angry winds of the women crying as they float away from the bodies they once held dear. And now as they are fingerprinted and photographed, mini meals and water are passed around and taste buds  munch and mulch it all up and wait for what happens next.....
    It is a hot day and the weather forecast says it will get hotter. Lord have mercy and the news about seventy seven dead women on an Italian submarine scared and saddened me. Mostly, I am numb to the news but when I heard that so far, twenty seven thousand Nigerians have drowned in the sea trying to search for a better life. It makes me look at things differently, what will make someone, anyone decide to cross with human traffickers into an unknown with the hope of landing in Europe. All of it does not make sense to me and I pray that they do finally rest in peace but this is a problem we can no longer ignore.
 How do we stop this from happening? First let's make things work, I'm sick and tired of getting barely thirty minutes of power supply and then getting outrageous bills at the end of the month. It's frustrating and annoying, I'm not annoyed enough to try to cross the sea illegally but the thought does cross my mind.
Well, I am trying to be positive and trying to fix my mind on positive thoughts. Getting away from work and routine helps and to my surprise this outing is going surprisenly well.

   Hyenas Bond To Get The Job Done, yes... Only Ajoke can say something that crazy.
We were laughing as if we had been drinking all day. Nnoye's date sipped  some of my drink to be sure it was not spiked and it made me squint and squirt out big balls of joyful tears.
Bob is short and charismatic, he has a presence that makes us all feel special and he especially treats Etim with care and not like a toddler. It's all Beautiful to watch and I catch Nnoye rolling her eyes at him.
'What?', I whispered to my naughty friend.
'He is too much of a showman...'
'Like you line's, I try to remind her.
'He is stingy'
'Give him a chance',. I nudge her.
'I have Etim and Daniel junior on the way, I don't want a short child...'
I smack her hard and she laughs harder.
'In my family, I'm the shortest and most powerful force...'
'Ade, this Bob is too much. Just listen to him brag'
''Here, see my brother's', he shows us pictures on his iPad and he was not lying.
'You still want more children?', he asks and Nnoye stands upright with her mouth wide open like a typical Nigerian girl.
'Im kidding, I want quadruplets like Ade does'
 We were laughing again and I was enjoying his company so much. My phone rings and I pick it up and answer.
'Henrik you have to meet...'
'Its Daniel'
'Hey...', I whisper and leave my excited crowd.
'Who do I have to meet?'
'Not you, my husband'
'You only use the word husband when you have something to hide'
'Daniel get off your high horse'
'Who is this guy exciting all my women'
'Are you jealous?', I tease him and let Nnoye hear.
'Tell him the world....'
 I covered my phone so he wouldn't hear, this my Nnoye friend for not know how to be subtle.
'Anyway, I wanted you to know that Opeyemi is around and she's cooking for us guys'
'Henrik didn't say anything'
'That's because he doesn't know, I am about to pick him up. Just want my executive producer in on everything'
'Great, tell her I want my take away pack'
'What, lover boys food isn't exactly premium enough'
'How did you know?'
'Bala told me where Ajoke was off to, have fun. I can feel Nnoye's jealous stares shooting at you'
 I look up at Nnoye with an awkward look on her face, I swear to God who made me. The sooner Henrik and I relocate and leave all this their drama behind. The better for us all, this is totally ridiculous.
'Ade, leave that nosy man where he is. Let's have face time with Celine'
 I shake my head and join the crew.
'Ade hi'
'Celine, how are you?'
'Bored but you hyenas are having gun'
'Aaww we can fly over and join you'
'Ajoke, speak for yourself. I am not traveling this pregnant'
'Me neither', Nnoye adds.
'I want to travel ooo', Ajoke adds and sips her drink.
'Come now', Celine pleads.
'On one condition, you let Pierre have one lunch date with you'
'As if you will forgive Bala for kissing another woman'
'I won't but I will never leave my house so that a scalewu will come in and take over's
'So I should just stay and let him put his tongue anywhere'
'Babes, you walk him out, you don't walk out'
 I listen and had to ask.
'So your mission is to...?'
'Nice Celine back into the house, her house'
'See, Ajoke na action babe', Celine adds.
'The only reason you agree is because you want to go back home's
'Ade, you are right. This hotel is lonely and my baby is feeling my bad mood. I need to... I miss him'
'Aaaayaa, pele', Bob adds.
'Who be this?'
 The way Celine asked made us laugh and Bob handled it well.
'I am the guy trying to win Nnoye's heart...'
'Don't listen to him oooo, men lie', Celine meant business.
'And if I let every woman that broke my heart, leave me broken. Then I would never find love...'
'So you believe in love', Celine had kind of lost her faith.
'Now I do, but so close after a break up... I definitely wouldn't'
'What are you, a philosopher?'
 Celine didn't mean to make us laugh some more but she did.
  I feel tired and hear my phone ring and as I pick it up, I sighed heavily.
'Frank?', Nnoye asks.
'What does she want?', Ajoke asked peeved at it all.
'To get on board my show', Nnoye bragged.
'Don't we all', Bob raised his glass at Nnoye.
She eyes him and then raised her glass and we all do the same. Bob has set the bar high for any other guy to come in. He has won all our praise and is really great company. It was not a waste of time after all.

  I need to have a meeting with my staff, my two lovely ladies that work hard and deserve a raise. They are both getting early bonuses this Christmas season. In fact, this year I am giving November and December bonuses. I can afford to because of all the investors. I even have little gift packs, I know they have bought baby gifts for me already. So I want them happy and fulfilled this season.
  I see a slender woman with a child and recognize her. I grown and swear under my breath. Aren't they supposed to be in Abuja. I am not liking this one bit, she waves and tries to get my attention and I pretend not to see her. I fix my gaze on my gifts and cash bonus for my staff and frown. I catch a glimpse of her daughter all sweaty and tired and feel guilty. Khadijatu taps my moving vehicle and my driver almost knocks her child and I sit up and scream at him.
  Yes, I am one of those suckers that people use their children to get to. I can't help but pity children caught up in their parents drama. It really isn't nice what parents do, poor child.
'Ade please'
'What is it?'
'Can we talk?'
'Why, and why would you let your child suffer in the sun like this?'
 I was screaming at her and had the urge to just hand one of the envelopes to her.
'I didn't want to tell you I was laid off'
 The child looked hungry and I didn't want them in my office.
My P.A. a out and I hand them their package.
'For you two, we will talk after my lunch with this little princess'
 I made her laugh and I tell my driver to wait for me as he drops us off at my ice cream joint. I was already craving some and I order take away meals for them too.

   Here we go again

**"ADE'S JOURNAL" Season 2 Episode 77**
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Adebusola Ukayat Elegbede is a Playwright and Content creator with a passion for real life challenges. Born in Kaduna state and lives in Lagos Nigeria, she has a passion for story telling from the perspectives of characters in conflicting situations. I started out on the New Writing Project in Nigeria with the British Council Lagos Nigeria and The Royal Court Theatre, Sloane Square U.K. My passion for creating stories led to comic books, television drama's and an online journal on my website (busolaelegbede.com). As part of the WPIC in Stockholm Sweden 2012, the experience has forged life long friends and ignited my passion as a volunteer and advocate for human rights and the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

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