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Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Broken Wishes Thawed Realities


   It's yellow beak scissored the branch holding on to the olive, weighing it down. And in an instant, it was engulfed whole and moved slowly into its tiny stomach. I just watched it quietly and then it flew down to the front of my door and dived into the clear pond. Leaves swayed and then land just beside the lone starling and it hopped away. But not too far off as it continues to dunk and bath in the same pond. The bright morning sun starts to disappear and I looked up at a spotted black sky. Broken Wishes Thawed Realities sunk in as the sky took on the appearance of an end of days event. I saw the first droplet, it splattered hard but it was not water. It was a puddle of messy olives surrounded by a white harsh thick chemical that melted the car paint on my black car. Then it started to rain guano and I race back into my house. The sharp sound and constant slamming into my doors and windows made me cower in fear. Was I in a horror movie or was this real. The millions of birds circling my house attracted predators, kites, falcons, eagles and even vultures joined in. The slaughter and chaos above me was scary and as I heard a voice call my name, I reach out to grab at the not visible familiar voice... Realizing that this was a just a dream....
   I was actually still clutching the newspaper with the article that gave me nightmares. The starlings in the sky and a terrified city dwellers. As I tried to clear my aching head, I see her.
'Ade hi', she sounded exhausted and defeated.
'Hey you', the excitement in my voice shocked me.
Nnoye looked swollen and bloated all over and her boobs had quadrupled.
'They are massive right', she adds.
'I thought you were wearing padded bra...'
'Nope, all breast milk, Junior drinks for Africa'
She was rocking twin strollers with Angel and Junior in there.
'They are both sleeping'
'Yes and I haven't slept in two days and Daniel threatened to sue me if I medicate his children with sleep aid'
'Why would he think...', I started to ask and then I realized that whatever she ingests goes straight into her breast milk.
'Oh, welcome to our world', I said it as if I was breastfeeding my lost twins and then I froze.
'You know what I mean', I add quickly and then wonder why I am defending myself with her.
'Ade, don't apologise. I understand completely, this motherhood thing is hard. Just look at me, my scalp hurts from anyone touching it. My headache is permanent and this wig I have on is uncomfortable. It is Daniel's mum's negative comments that made me even buckle up'
'How is Mrs. Ojora?'
'Glad I am not Mrs. Ojora', Nnoye adds like a broken record.
'She misses you and says unless I invite you to the house, she will not be showing up again'
'That is juvenile, even for her'
'She blames me for everything'
'Are you surprised by it?'
'She has cut off funding for my show and says Daniel has to choose... To fund his child or my show. I tried to tell her that an empowered me equals an empowered Junior'

 Honestly, I stopped listening at Mrs. Ojora. I had not heard from Mr. H, who was also funding the show and Celine's absence was missed. Mine was forgiven because of my loss, but I had lost interest in all things Nnoye.

'Ade, what do we do?'
 It was a question that brought me back to Nnoye's conversation and a legit question it was.
'We can only afford to do specials because of Mr. H'
'Isnt Daniel obligated to fund the show?'
'No, his entry was late and conditional. What about Idibia?'
'One baby crying gives him a headache and two a migraine. Once I get nannies, I can...'
'Mrs. Ojora does not believe in nannies, house keepers yes but not nannies'
'I told her she had babies almost half a century ago...'
'You are not helping matters with your mother in-law, don't you know how to be diplomatic around her?'
'She drives me nuts'
'She is intimidating...'
'Tell me about it, Ade I miss you'
'Nnoye, you are a married woman now'
'You didn't cut me off when you got married'
'Yours is a traditional Lagosian marriage with old money and an influencial Lagosian family. I heard their ancestral land has oil'
'Don't you listen to the news?'
'That won't affect me in any way, all their wealth goes to these children'
'You are their primary caregiver'
'I don't think I will make it past this year'
'You would...'
'That is why I cut off from your, what makes you think I want any of this mess?'
 I circled my hand around all three of them.
'With you in the mix, you will negotiate a better deal for me'
'Nnoye if I've said it and you didn't hear me, I'm saying it loud and clear. I will never marry Daniel Ojora and all his children and family drama. I have experienced love untainted and uninterrupted, I won't ever share'
  The silence that ensued, made Nnoye pick at her finger nails.
'You tried to warn me..'
'You dated a man you knew loved me, what did you expect?'
'That he would change, that he will learn to love me. That my story will turn to a fairytale'
'It is', I add and she shakes her head.
'I am sorry I wanted what seemed like you didn't want'
'I didn't and no need to cry over spilled milk'
'I've entered one chance, ABI?'
'You can still change how it ends'
'Nnoye, you always get what you want'
'That's why I missed you...'
'Not with me through, I am through with the Ojora family drama. That cross is now yours to carry'
'And my show'
'With Mr. H like I said, specials. Think about a grand holiday somewhere, a month long filming we can sell to TV stations. Anything else is a pipe dream'
'Think and get back to me and then, I can rope in the Ojora's. But they will not sacrifice more than a week...'
'With you there, they will'
'A week away from business, I was going to say. I can't do more than a week with them...'
 Nnoye sighs long and hard and then butties her head on my shoulders.
'You are a life saver'
'I only thought up one holiday, you need to think up others'
'So my show is dead'
'Ratings have declined massively, but with specials your brand can stay relevant'
'Have you discussed this with Daniel?'
'Not yet, I wanted us to agree and then sign a contract first'
'Thanks you for choosing me'
'You are welcome', we hug and then my P.A. and Ajoke storm into my office.
'Tell your P.A. not to get on my bad side ooo'
 Ajoke stopped grumbling and stands at akimbo.
'What is going on here, did someone die?'
'My show'
'Because I stopped appearing, what did I tell you two. I'm the spicy one, the show stopper...'
 Ajoke did not lie, her one of a kind bag made us all stare at the awkward but eye catching design. Her Medusa stilettos and her stadium hair piece was just what would sell the special.
'I was shopping and making business connects for US'
'You look gorgeous', Nnoye adds feeling inadequate.
'And I've had twins, children drain you and put water retention in places you don't need'
 Nnoye touched her face.
'What you need, is a great massage and change of diet and a great detoxing lifestyle'
 Ajoke shakes her head.
'Nnoye, ase o ti ye le', Ajoke mocked her.
'Leave the kids with Ade and I and then let my driver take you'
 Nnoye hugged her and raced out of the room .
'Ajoke that was nice of you'
'You forced her into our clique and you can't abandon her now. She is a reflection of us and your hottest brand right now. We need to revive her somehow'
'I've decided specials, instead of a continuous reality show'
'I am a better brand for reality TV, but I can't do that. I have Bala and the twins and my company to think about. Besides scarcity is good'
'Lobsters or cod fish, I am craving'
'Lets do both, you have lost too much weight. I'm the skinny one in this clique not you'
 I laughed, Ajoke was such a life saver and I thank God I can be myself around her.
'But Ajoke don't stress my P.A. like that'
'When she said you were in a meeting with Nnoye, I got mad'
'She just showed up'
'Her show has been getting a lot of negative reviews'
'I know'
'Bad news is still news'
'Im making her scarce and a picture of her all swollen and tired will be the last they see before our special...'
'Nnoye won't like it'
'But that's show business', I add laughing and enjoying it a little too much.
'She apologized'
'For what?'
'Breathing the girl code and dating Daniel'
'Its a lie'
'Her mother in-law said until I show up, she won't step into their home'
'That is cruel'
'Her double dating her son and Idibia is still not forgiven'
'But that woman has been around...'
'Discretely, not publicly'
'So what are you going to do?'
'Accept her invite as a special'
 Ajoke gives me a high five and laughs...

  Yes, I am wiser now and still have to get Daniel on board. I have ignored him so much that he has pulled funding to get my attention. That didn't work but to get the special going, I have to reconnect with him...

**"ADE'S JOURNAL" Season 3 Episode 5**
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Adebusola Ukayat Elegbede is a Playwright and Content creator with a passion for real life challenges. Born in Kaduna state and lives in Lagos Nigeria, she has a passion for story telling from the perspectives of characters in conflicting situations. I started out on the New Writing Project in Nigeria with the British Council Lagos Nigeria and The Royal Court Theatre, Sloane Square U.K. My passion for creating stories led to comic books, television drama's and an online journal on my website (busolaelegbede.com). As part of the WPIC in Stockholm Sweden 2012, the experience has forged life long friends and ignited my passion as a volunteer and advocate for human rights and the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

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