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Tuesday, 5 June 2018

Ants Gather At The Corn Husk


   Fresh aroma of the baby corn fills the air as the ants Gather to feast and clear all it had to offer. I stop and stares the Ants Gather At The Corn Husk,  should I stop it or just watch it? I stand and stare instead what used to be my favorite delight, almost envying the ants that could eat the raw tasty delight. Corn used to be my best snack, boiled or roasted it just made my day. I remember in junior secondary school one, I even munched on a fresh baby corn and yet did not suffer any consequences. My first food poisoning saga was with boiled corn. Just like today, the freshness of the corn drew me to the seller and as she hands me the hot delight in an old cut out newspaper. I munched on it and killed my hunger, it was delicious and fresh. One hour later, I feel full and a need to throw up, but instead feel like my oesophagus was clogged or compressed. I go to the television station to chat with my favorite uncle and decide to leave early. I obviously need to used the toilet, not now but soon. And as I walk down the hall I gag and hold my mouth and start to throw up until I am weak. There are people holding me as my fever peaks and then I hear my uncle's voice. He is upset I cannot recognize him and I take a deep breath and open my eyes. I have been splashed with cold water and given medicine. I did not even know when I was carted back into my uncle's office. Calm and relaxed, I smiled. He was furious I did not mention I was not feeling fine and asked what I had eaten. When I say boiled corn on the street, he screamed. They had just done a report on a family of eight that died from eating boiled corn sold on the road side and only one the youngest survived.
I didn't know one could get food poisoning from hot food and learned it was all about how the food was handled.
Now you understand my envy and respect for ants and as I stand and photograph these amazing creatures... My friends all cluster and admire my shot, the corn looks delicious....

     Crystal clouds fill the air as I trace the edges that wash away my despair, I am relaxed and waiting and I know much is about to happen.
Until I am interrupted again, am I such an introvert now, that a phone call annoys the tranquility I am enjoying. I have seen her messages and thank God for WhatsApp, I didn't have to click on it. In fact, to continue in my resting mode I start to delete and stop. Too much of our conversation is precious and gist worthy, I can't delete her.
  Nnoye has started this morning, she wants me to follow her to a wedding and has only one wedding invitation. Trust me, I am not interested, she calls and pleads and fights and shouts all over the phone. I watch her in awe with it all and just shocked by this. After my early twenties, I stopped attending weddings. It was chaos and the imagery of watching food servers serve all but your table made it clear that the person who invited me only wanted me to appear in the pictures. No drinks or food was given to me or my friends and after it happened the second time, I just show up take pictures and leave. In fact my friends dad took us out for lunch before we attended his friends wedding. And yes, we got there and only VIP section was catered for. Since then I thread carefully where Weddings are concerned.
This is over a decade later ad my high salary earning friend wants me to gate crash. Hell no..
Nnoye hands me the phone and I was assured I would get into the venue without any wahala. I did not believe her, Nnoye hands me her invitation card and I shake my head.
'You like insult, abeg I'm staying'
'Ade what is ya own self, you are posing even for me faa'
'The bride won't have her phone on her wedding day and the bouncers will not be nice'
'Leaf that to me'
  I did not argue ooo, we both go in her car to the venue. Me, I have put on my location and asked Uber how much will take me back home. With an SUV and the peak period rush, it said three thousand five hundred. I have my cash ready and my dignity intact and then I March with her to two hefty bodyguards in bullet proof vest.
I pass easy and then they stop Nnoye, I turn to assist her and her friends sister hugs her and helps her in.
'See', she adds as if the world was working in our favour.
The wedding was beautiful and she was actually my former university colleague.
The meals were a lot and tasty ad the drinks endless. The last meal was a baby corn curb on a stick with small chips. That is samosa, spring roll, buns grilled beef, steamed gizzard and smoked chicken. There was no space to eat that so we had it to go.
After traffic and all the catching up in Nnoye's house. We munched and enjoyed the meal and we're too tired to play catch up.

 Four am and I was up, something was wrong but maybe because I r fused to get up to ease myself. Interrupted sleep equals to no more sleep, so I try not to wake up at night.
This was different and then it started, my stomach hurt and I twist and turn and lay flat on my back. Inside or behind my belly button, the circular tube connecting it tugged at me and pulled and I screamed. Resting on my back would not work, so I kneel on the bed and rest my head and chest on the bed. This position soothes my monthly cramps, but not this pain. Every second my belly button was pulled and I feel like throwing up. I got a running stomach and Nnoye said it must be food poisoning. What cures food poisoning? Tetracycline the flagyl and then she said it wouldn't. So who told Nigerians that combination of medication works?
Luckily my sister called, panicked and did some research. ORT was the only solution and I have not had anything because I was afraid to make the pain worse. I siped on the oral rehydration therapy of salt and sugar solution in water and cannot believe it's taking me hours to finish the liquid.
It helps and the pain moves from seconds to two minutes intervals. Luckily for us, one of the gifts at the wedding was Ijebu garri, which is a natural remedy for running stomach. But a small dry portion was hard to hydrate in my mouth and very unappealing.
Half way down my drink and it moves to five minutes, until it altogether stops.
Nnoye too has food poisoning but hers was mild and we are too exhausted to move or do anything. By eight she suggests we eat bread and mayonnaise. I want to walk down and get crackers but my stomach still hurts.
Who sent me?
 I asked my exhausted self and try to eat the bread. I am hungry but too exhausted to eat and it was refreshing to hear my sister check up on me.
 I slept early and had my running stomach Continue. I just couldn't wait for the next day to be here.

    I stepped outside and my eyes hurt badly, I obviously need supplements and blood tonic to boost my immunity. Especially since I didn't take any medication, yeayyy.
 It was a day for shopping and preparations and I honestly thought my food poisoning was over and had noodles with carrots and white onions in pepper soup with peppered turkey wings. I had just a little, so I won't need to get a running stomach. I was fine all morning and afternoon and the evening was good until about eight at night. The belly button bite resumed and the running stomach,I had to have medication and I did. Only after an hour of rest did it stop.
   Maybe I've never had this kind of food poisoning before but I can honestly say the two situations were different, even though the comonc denominator is corn.

   Corn has moved backed down the bottom of my food chain and party food too.
It is truly a blessing not to feel pain and to be able to eat what one likes.
I hope I am fine enough to be able to go out with Daniel and yes he called in between my pain. I just did not want Nnoye upset, do you blame me.


**"ADE'S JOURNAL", Season 3, Episode 32**
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