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Sunday, 26 August 2018

Grin And Smile


  Swim to me like the great white shark, tasting my essence by a drop in a thousand litres. Watch me float in the salty uneven waters, while I breath and gloat over you.
Listen as my hands slice and push back waves of icy waves and let the inches between us disappear. Do not think I breath and live because of you, don't. The reason your gills take in and deliver oxygen is because I flow through you. Our union is unnecessary and the less I need you, the more I want you. The wicked sun watches us and does not want our union because her love is stuck in the cold freezing night sky. Soon my dear she will be obscured by dark clouds and her unfaithful lover will shine his moonbeams at my crystal clear surface. I stretch far and wide and try hard to escape from the rows of teeth approaching me. He thinks because I let him approach me, that somehow I support this young sharks decision. Like the sun in the sky, doomed mostly to shine during the day. I will fight and try to get an eclipse just like the queen does. Only to catch her lover flirting in the night, but like most who have honed their skills of seduction. The moon allows his queen to shine at night as he claws and woos his way back into his royal position. The queen knows this and the king follows this and just as the shark engulfs my waves, I do too. For I am indeed the seductress in this take and I choose to let this great white shark slip through my salty fingers....
      The rain has not stopped, it's the third day now and not a single hour has passed without rain pouring down from the angry Lagos sky. I love this weather and honestly want to stay in bed all weekend but my deadline draws near and I need to work.
My phone rings and I stretch from my cozy bed to see who it is. One from Nnoye and the other is from Sandra. Come to think of it, Daniel has not called me in a while, not that I want him to. But one gets accustomed to these kind of attention you know, my phone is ringing and it's Ajoke. I smile and stare at it and imagine the chocolates she has for me. She calls my other line and I pick.
'No vex, I was thinking of the chocolates...'
'I am at your door'
 I spin and position myself as if I was going to do some push ups and then crawl backwards out of my precious massive bed. I could almost feel Henrik smiling at me, it's been awhile. But I don't mind, I smile back without looking back, knowing he is pleased. I shut my room door and pause, I still miss him, even though I know I will never touch or speak with him ever again.
 I unlock and open the door and Ajoke minus the twins throw her hands around me. I hug her back and we rock each other.
'What's up?'
'Red carpet...'
'In this rain, abeg where is my chocolate?'
'In my House'
 I threw myself on the floor and made a big deal of the situation by dragging the words like a fresh teenager, 'wwwhhhhyyy?'
 Ajoke eyed me and hands me a bag with red boots.
I immediately flick open my eyes, sit up and unwrap my gift, it's suede red boots with gathered high shin soft wool fabric. It reminds me of one I got the last time I was in Sweden.
''Thanks dear', I say and rest my tired tired back on the soft carpet.
'No ooo, stand up. I am tired from my flight back yesterday, cranky and my family members insist I show up for my cousin's big four-zero'
'In this weather', I repeat as if she was a crazy person.
'You have to come around, I've got you four times the chocolates.'
'..To your house then....'
'After the party, so pack a bag'
'No', I say mimicking my three year old nephew.
It makes a tense Ajoke lighten up and then she stares out at the open window.
'What's wrong?'
'Jet lag'
  I could tell she was lying but didn't want to to push it, not now.
'Come and help me select an outfit'
 I push myself up from my squatting position and side hug her.
'Thanks for the shoes and chocolate, how can i ever repay you back?'
'A bespoke outfit, like a superhero dessert African Queen'
'You have been thinking about it'
  Before I could say more, she hands me a sketch.
'Did it on my flight back home'
'Did not know you could draw'
'You call that drawing'
'Better than cave man art'
 We both laugh and then I show her my collection of shift dresses. She picks the baby pink one with turtle high neck and glitters filled chiffon peach long sleeves midi dress. The red boots knocked it out of this planet and I packed my braids into a top bun and embellished it with dropping pearls. 
'Wow, your pearl collection is priceless', Ajoke touched them and smiled.
 I stare at Ajoke as and nod my head.
'Thanks, Mrs. Ojora gave me'
'Where is the rest of the set?'
  I showed my friend and she touched it, as if far away from here.
'What is going on?'
'Bala has a babe...'
'....And Daniel is boring'
'What?', we both echo.
 Shocked by the words we both spit out, we stare at one another.
'Bala did what?'
 Ajoke wiped tears from her face and giggles.
'You still want Daniel?'
'No, are you sure?'
'i became one of those women, traveled because I knew they were supposed to be together''
'Wait, the only reason you went to Paris is because of...'
'...The other woman, you know I got used to his loose ways. And then he stopped and then I got used to that. Why can't he just stay unfaithful so that I don't expect much from him'
'What evidence do you..'
'he told me we need to talk once he gets back on Wednesday'
'May not be about a woman'
'my dear it is always about a woman'
'its different this time'
'We shall see'

   The red carpet was more of an orange one, even though they wanted it to be red. The tacky clothes the presenters had on, proved they could not be bothered to try to impress. The carpet was old and decaying and most of it under the flooded water overflowing in front of the house.
'Hell no, EMI ko'
 Ajoke shrieked and shut back her car door, the brackish water did not look good and I was in suede shoes. New shoes just launched today faaa, I wanted to tell Ajoke's driver to drive off fast. But the onlookers of Ajoke's old friends welcome us, a little embarrassed by the flood.
'Ade shut the door and let's go to my house'
'Like the snobs your cousin's think we are'
'Distant relatives, by marriage no blood link. Ade oooo, you let my aunt see me'
'Ajoke, your mother said you will come with my cho-co-late'
 It's precious how our old aunties pronounce some English words, it just brings back beautiful memories of my childhood.
 I smiled and stepped into the murky flood waters and watched Ajoke change shoes and step in too. We courtesy and almost kneel in the water, a gesture of course. But only because this woman is almost ninety.
The food was great, we had childish fun and I enjoyed filming it all, I just had my mind in the chocolate waiting for me in Ajoke's home.
So Bala may have another babe, maybe Daniel too. Walahi, it's better to just not think of these things.

   Until I see her, the woman that married my crazy lying ex-boyfriend. Frank's woman was here, who sent me oooo. For those of you that don't know, Frank is the lying cheating ex that proposed to me and gave me a wedding ring. Little did I know that he was still very much married and I was the other woman. Also my best friend from way back introduced us and was still chucking up with him. She had his baby and he stalked me badly, eventually he found a rich controlling local champion he got engaged to.

  That chapter was dead and buried up until now, now with the smell of blood the shark was circling....

**"ADE'S JOURNAL", Season 3, Episode 55**

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Adebusola Ukayat Elegbede is a Playwright and Content creator with a passion for real life challenges. Born in Kaduna state and lives in Lagos Nigeria, she has a passion for story telling from the perspectives of characters in conflicting situations. I started out on the New Writing Project in Nigeria with the British Council Lagos Nigeria and The Royal Court Theatre, Sloane Square U.K. My passion for creating stories led to comic books, television drama's and an online journal on my website (busolaelegbede.com). As part of the WPIC in Stockholm Sweden 2012, the experience has forged life long friends and ignited my passion as a volunteer and advocate for human rights and the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

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