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Ade's Journal Part 6
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Wednesday, 8 August 2018

Six Layers Deep


      Beautiful is the way your lips spread a and then, silky words drift and dance from within you. Mesmerizing and in sync we are, just like this August waves move in and entice me. Shiny bright crystal beads precipitate on your dark smooth chocolaty skin, as your hands graze and touch it's lustrous surface. I lean in to get a better look and spot you smiling at the effect you have on me. The whispers my ears receive from you, make me giggle like a teenager again. I touch my hair and smoothen it all the way to the back and stop, afraid I have an audience because this dance is just for you. I catch you watching my lips and lean away, not too far but not too soon too.   Quickly I turn to all my friends and pray I'm not too obvious and when I am sure they are clueless, my gaze drifts back to you. I watch him about to eat the cake I baked and iced, and as perfect white teeth bite into my soft sponge with vanilla bean filling I smile and wait. He touched me and then I freeze and just as he is about to say the words, she spoils it....
  In my life, there are few moments I want to wringe someone's neck with my bare hands, well. This is one of them, I have been flirting all evening with Daniel Ojora and was looking forward to a kiss at least. I lie, maybe one guilty kiss in the balcony with a hidden corner... No guilt, nothing just me believing I got away with it and this my friend had to ruin it. She was the one that insisted we bond with Celine's half brother and even surprise him... Well, not really surprise him. But attend his birthday. I didn't mind baking, I missed it. But most of all, I was curious. Will he look like Celine? Was he going to be nice?
 Turns out that was the least of it all. As I cut angry eyes at Nnoye, who Daniel totally ignored. She dragged me aside and quickly apologized to Daniel without looking at him. It was actually Ajoke's idea to invite Daniel, just to distract him while she steals his toothbrush with his DNA so she can confirm if he is really Celine's brother. I washed my hands off that plan, but Daniel was game for some strange reason. Maybe Nnoye was in on it too, I really didn't know why Nnoye looks so worried.
  The words she said made no sense and I turn back to this new man in our lives as she reassured me it was true and spoke more words. How did this happen? Her answer was even weirder than I thought, she was classmates with him and they have been flirting and well... He was fit and attractive and now she is afraid. My eyes widened as she said the words and I place my throbbing head into my cold hand. Here we go again....

  Fresh and cool, I am impressed by today's weather. I love that it looks like dawn and yet it's almost seven.

   It's my Birthday

   I have been up since five and I just have to make the best of today. Three outfits,yet I'm not sure which I will put on. And then, my door belk rings, yes I have been getting happy birthday greetings since a minute past midnight. I am just so happy.
  Did I tell you I am creating contents for Comic Books as a consultant again, time consuming and a test of my time management skills. But so worth it. I just watched a mini biography on the Comic book 'bad guy', I can't wait to see... Venom. As in it made me curious enough to learn that Marvel and DC comics made a joint superhero, can't even start to imagine how that looks on the big screen. I digress a bit....

   Nnoye is here with my birthday gift, a musical album with my favorite classical musician, Beethoven. She had to tell me in person what she started to tell me on wednesday birthday party surprise.
My friend did the deed with Seth. His name is Seth, his mum wanted him to be an angel or something like that, but Celine's brother is far from that. Nnoye said he was everything she wanted him to be, but kept going on and on about how he is going to taste everything with every kind of woman.   
     I was a little scared and worried. What did that mean? That he was naive for most of his teenage life, so now he was exploring carelessly? She was equally scared and had to have tests and all and already started treatment for all of the above, name it she has taken the medication.
'You didn't use protection with a guy you met decades ago?'
 I was disappointed and a little disgusted, even if you want to be selfish. What about your child, your son?
    Nnoye assured me she used, but suspects he removed it half way. I died and went to heaven, did I hear correctly or is this my creative mind playing games.
I have read about this and dismissed it, but do you know that there is a word for this disgusting, selfish and dangerous act.
  Nnoye was not sure what I was talking about, until I googled it and showed her.
It is when men remove condoms during... Yes you heard me right, without the woman's consent.
 The horror in her eyes were real and she exhaled hard.
'So when did this happen?'
'Two weeks ago...'
'What? You didn't tell me'
'You were preoccupied...'
'Did he know he was Celine's brother then?'
'Did he tell you?'
'After we...'
'The snake..'
'The worst part is that he does not think he did anything wrong'
'Are you? Clean?'
 There was a long pause before she answered.
  Maybe I was asking the wrong question, 'pregnant?'
  Nnoye exhaled again and I shrieked.
'I am taking the test on Wednesday'
'Why wait?'
'Done the stick test, will do the blood test then to confirm'
  We were both silent for a long time and then my door bell rings.
   It's him, my tease, my friend and my.... I don't have any more words, just a smile and then his warm hug. He did not disappoint and gave me a warm peck, it could have been more if I was alone but I stop it and he gets it.
'She is here's, he was referring to his baby mama.
 I bid my head and he grumbled.
'Yes' I am here Daniel, how is our son?'
'Junior is fine, with his grandmother'
'So she is his mum now?'
'She invited you...'
'No she didn't...'
'Check your phone', Daniel adds.
 I was still trying to understand why his mother who hates her would invite her, when he draws me near.
'Happy birthday dear', he adds and plants a warm kiss on my lips and I respond in kind.
  I didn't ever think I would miss kissing but it feels good.
 Ajoke covers the twins face and they fight and echo, 'let me see'
 I stop and pull away and spot Bala, Ajoke and the twins at the doorway.
'So Ajoke was right, I have no clue what's going on'
 Bala adds still in shock, I hug them all and especially love the three tone ice cream the twins got me. Vanilla, chocolate and strawberries flavour just for me.
Nnoye come back in scrolling down her phone and quickly says hi to everyone and goodbye.
 I hug her and she promised to come back and I turn to Daniel smiling mischievously, he wanted her out of the way and it worked. I did not smile back and he knows why.
'What is up with Nnoye?'
'Everything... There is gist'
 Daniel tries to hold my hand but I am not in the mood, just as quickly as I forgot how he and his family schemes and play games. Today reminds me of it all, I don't like it and will not be a part of it.
'Can we talk?'
No need, you will just make your next big chess move wouldn't you'
'Its not like you like her'
'And who does? I don't have to like her all the time, I don't like you most of the time...'
'You don't mean that', he says trying to hold me into a stupid embrace.
'Do not touch me, this was your mum's idea'
'We both hated her games when we were friends, are we still friends?'
 Ajoke put popcorn in bowls for everyone and tapped Bala and faced us, while the clueless kids watched 'PJ Mask's'
'Ade, it is not like that'
 I fold my hands across my chest and raised my eyebrows.
'Can we?'
'...Talk here, I hide nothing from Ajoke'
'She is always around and...'
'You think I can't handle Nnoye?'
'That's not...'
'She annoys me, her morals shock me but we are awkward friends. Now call your mother and tell her she is joining us and we will start my birthday here before I go off and sing off tune at some karaoke bar'
'My mother?'
 I place my hands on my hips and watch him, na today.
 I have no intention on ending up on his yacht today and it's getting a little bit too predictable.
 I tilt my head and he picks up the phone and calls her.
'Nonsense', I add and hiss.
 Ajoke gives me high five and Bala thumbs up.
I take the remaining ice cream and go to the kitchen and as I place it in there, I feel him behind me.
'I am sorry'
'Its you, just not on my birthday'
'I forget sometimes we have known each other forever'
'That's why I can tell the kind of games you and your mother play'
'She is a little worried, you are giving me a chance'
'Am I?'
 We both laugh.
'She knows you have her number'
'She enjoys it when I catch her at her games'
'She says it, all the time'
 Daniel makes all the space between us disappear and I did not like the dance my stomach performed.
'I can't be your rebound guy'
'Celine's brother wont mind'
'He is not your type, he kisses and tells'
'That's bad'
'Could not wait to tell me he had conquered Nnoye'
'You can't hate her'
'I don't, it's the desperation...'
'... Despair you mean'
'You can't always be her shrink...'
'Not always but she just shocks me a lot'
'My mum is here with our kids'
'I was not there when you were making them ooo'
'You know I've always wanted you as my family, wanted to be part of your bloodline'
'I always knew you wanted more and until you decide you have had enough. No bloodlines from us.
'We will see about that...'
  Daniel picked me up and spun me around and I beg him to stop.
Mrs. Ojora's bespoke perfume made me scuttle out of his embrace and I welcome her. She hugs me and hugs her son and was smiling as if we just announced we were engaged.
'Happy Birthday dear'
 It was a tiny box with a precious cute purple bow, she urged me to open it and it was a pair of diamond earrings and a pendant. I knew what it meant and hug and thank her.
'Where are we going?'
'Not with Daniel, just us two. Tomorrow'
    It was going to be a public outing together and I'm not sure the kind of signal it will give is what I want to give out now.
'Ade, it's called mingling. I have friends curious about why you have not released the August special you promised'
'Does this mean funding?', I tried to contain my excitement.
'If you impress yes, the earrings is the minimum offer you should consider'

   I don't know about you, but I am game.
We step out of the kitchen to a living room filled with children, Opeyemi is here with her caretaker who doubles as her P.A., singing to a mesmerized child. Nnoye is back rocking her child and whispers thank you and the twins are climbing Bala as if he is a staircase. Ajoke is on the phone with Celine and I spot her beautiful daughter and race to the screen at the dark curly hair goddess.

   Today is a good day....



**"ADE'S JOURNAL", Season 3, Episode 50**

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Adebusola Ukayat Elegbede is a Playwright and Content creator with a passion for real life challenges. Born in Kaduna state and lives in Lagos Nigeria, she has a passion for story telling from the perspectives of characters in conflicting situations. I started out on the New Writing Project in Nigeria with the British Council Lagos Nigeria and The Royal Court Theatre, Sloane Square U.K. My passion for creating stories led to comic books, television drama's and an online journal on my website (busolaelegbede.com). As part of the WPIC in Stockholm Sweden 2012, the experience has forged life long friends and ignited my passion as a volunteer and advocate for human rights and the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

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