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Friday, 17 August 2018

The Falling Waters


   The clapping rain, hits hard on the roof just as hard as the coloured water slams hard and trickles down between the rows in my evenly spaced braids. I jolt, look up and stare at the three rows of irregular rust-coloured spiral patterns in the freshly painted caved-in white asbestos ceiling. I don't know which is worse, the thought of the banned ceiling material causing havoc or the rust filed murky waters, entering the pores on top of my freshly made hair.
The thought of the horror of it all brings about despair to my troubled mind and makes my skin crawl. Just as quickly as it starts, the horrid angry rains stop.
My eyes aches from eyeing the nonliving ceiling and as the blob of water starts to gravitate towards my eyes, I shut and dogde The Falling Waters and stand up. My feet were too tired to move and so, it begins where I end. It all  starts to make sense because I am back to square one, again.   How do I come full circle to this point?
Do you want to know what the worse part is, it is that the barking noisy dog outside, is five years old. How can the Two Of Us, compare? Well, I started this journey of business believing that with hard work, I will achieve a form of stable income by the fifth year. Wolf, the dog in question was just a day old and fierce and strong already. I smiled at its Beautiful wolf like snout and tried to hide my fear.
 Do you want to know what my fear was, back then? I was afraid they had sold me a wolf and checked YouTube videos for dogs that resemble the cute but scary looking puppy I had purchased. It was a huge relief to find out it was not a wolf but a Caucasian dog. Five full long years have passed now and that is, thirty five in dog years. It barks erratically and it is the grace of God that my dog hating neighbors have not poisoned it. It never howls just barks like a massive angry dog and I do not like to admit it. But just like her, I am exhausted. And I ask myself, is this struggle worth it? And the I realize I am not alone, my house guest has caught me doing the unthinkable. She freezes and hides behind the door, I hear she has a journal and now I am going to be one of those crazy desperate girls she writes about....
      The day is not bright and nothing I do is right, my stupid ex somehow got my number and called me in the middle of the night. My sleep was interrupted by his irritating voice and I am sleeping many kilometers away from the comfort of my massive custom-made bed. Nnoye convinced me to go and meet a cousin she was not actually related to, they are only from the same village.
  Why do Nigerians still say things like this?   Anyways, I watch the window that separates me from the dog disturbing my sleep and try to decide what exactly to do.
    Alright, let me just stand up and go and work. I stand and then slowly unlock the door. Our faux cousin was stack naked and on a video call, I freeze and hide back into the bedroom. She is telling him she cares and trusts him and he says the light isn't letting him see her properly. She struts to put it on and I shut the door, it squeaks and clicks and makes the old house vibrate.
 I hear her slam shut the laptop and run and dive back into the bed I did not like.
   Eh hehn, so people still chat and video call naked. Does she not know that some men sell these footage to porn sites and some do revenge porn. My hostess unlocks my door and stares at me, I of course have a wrapper covering my head and breath steady. I do not wish to discuss this now or ever and pretend with experience I learned in boarding school. A survival mechanism to dodge wicked seniors, some of which are now my friends. See how life changes.
 My hostess stared hard at me and even switched on the light. So that's where that switch is, I could hear her and knew it was closer to the door and not my bed.
  After a long pause she leaves or pretends to, I did not fall for it as do not move. Then she walks away and I peep, mostly out of curiosity. I wanted to know if she had on clothes, she did. And she walked away and bumps into Nnoye.
'What is up, is Ade awake?'
'No ooo, I heard wolf bark so came to see why'
'It is like you have a call on your laptop...'
  That was the magic word, she jolts out and Nnoye crashed and sits on my leg and I sit up and stare at her as if I just woke up.
'You didn't sleep here'
  Nnoye did not answer me, she was smiling sheepishly as if she knew what I had witnessed.
'Ade, you caught her'
'I wanted to see if she has stopped going for pimps...'
'I used to be her, drop down to undies so the man stays. Or worse, use sex to keep him because that is all he needs'
  There was no need to pretend and so, I sit up and shake my head.
'So this is not her first time', I add and stop pretending I was just waking up.
'A video of her circulated while we were in school.,..'
'I don't know this girl ooo...'
'She did pre-degree with US'
'Remind me...'
'She lied she was admitted and had none, the school used security to evict her...'
'When you were too busy, looking fly and fending off your fans'
 There was spite and envy in her tone but I could not be bothered, in fact. I have to admit, I miss those days. But those days were not real and only one out of my thousands of friends, turned out to be real.
'I wanted to be your friend back then...'
'You should not have bothered', I say and get up and make the bed.
'its little things like these that you did that amaze me...'
'Well, my mum smacked it into me and the military secondary school I attended in His welded it into my gumption'
 I say staring at the made bed that was less than perfect.
'i did not even make the bed well, but I am behind schedule today'
'I promised to drive you to work and I will', Nnoye adds.
 I watch her and know something is up and then remember that she had a one night stand with Celine's half brother. The crazy lose guy also admitted to sleeping without discriminating any woman, prostitute or horny, married or pregnant. I actually shiver at the thought of what it all means.
'Are you?', I ask.
 I was referring to the blood test that would determine if she was carrying another baby or not. Nnoye looked down and I grab her hand hard and stare at her blank face.
'There are now Two Of US'
  I sit on the bed and sigh and then shake my head.
'Any STD?'
'Yeast infection and slight... Bottom line I had to treat myself. I was already doing that, but my dose had to go up'
'Na WA oooo', I add and shake my head.
 She walks up to the the bed and sits behind me and I adjust and say the words.
'Are you?'
'No, I tried so many to be sure and no HIV or AIDS'
 Now I exhale and lay back down on the bed and stretch.
'God save me oooo'
'Nnoye, that's why I don't do again oooo'
'Date emotionally? I know you think logically about dating with one leg in and the other out'
'Yes', my yes was a little shaky.
I think her words were pregnant with meaning ad she is pregnant, wow.
'Not keeping it, I can't be worse than I am in this our circle. I want what you had and...'
 Nnoye was crying and I console and rock her and we decide it's time to get ready to move.
Our hostess walks in and I hug her and thank her and she awkwardly tries to ecply her naked video call. I stop her and tell her she ade a choice and continues to and remind her that a goal without a deadline is a wish. Tell her to demand more if she wants more or just continue, of this is what she is ready to do at fifty or sixty. She paused and shakes her head and then shows me the bathroom. I have done what I can, she needs to do the rest.
 I think of my own life and my own goals and realize all I set out to do by August has been moved up to January.
My show, my additional fashion course and film course, everything. It is time I take my own advice and set a definite deadline to my dreams and as I put pen to paper, I stare out at the picture of that rusty boat on that fresh island off Finiaija in Lagos. The place that reignites my passion to succeed... Water, the Lagos lagoon and the Atlantic Ocean, the shore to my dreams and where I will set out to achieve it all.

  It begins again....


**"ADE'S JOURNAL", Season 3, Episode 52**

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Adebusola Ukayat Elegbede is a Playwright and Content creator with a passion for real life challenges. Born in Kaduna state and lives in Lagos Nigeria, she has a passion for story telling from the perspectives of characters in conflicting situations. I started out on the New Writing Project in Nigeria with the British Council Lagos Nigeria and The Royal Court Theatre, Sloane Square U.K. My passion for creating stories led to comic books, television drama's and an online journal on my website (busolaelegbede.com). As part of the WPIC in Stockholm Sweden 2012, the experience has forged life long friends and ignited my passion as a volunteer and advocate for human rights and the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

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