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Thursday, 23 August 2018

Tomorrow Is Another Day


  The hot afternoon slowly crawls and comes to a stop just as the unbelievable scorching heat, escalates and forces the choking humidity up. This feeling is a familiar one and only means one thing, it makes me look up out from my windows and up to the sky. It did not disappoint, even through my dark oversized sun shades with purple faux flowers embossed plastic rims. Dark raging oversized gray clouds clustered together and clashed into each other. And as they did, they covered and obscured the raging sun that slowly loses its visibility. The heat that engulfs me changes to something else and makes me thirst for a drink as the rains threatened to appear. I could not wait to reach my destination and then the temptation increased, forcing me to stretch, signal and get the attention of the female fizzy drinks hawker. Her outfit made me stare and shake my head, the top was two sizes too small. The faded off white tank top and a tight midi skirt with peplum back slits, made her look uncomfortable as she ran towards the commercial yellow bus with twin black stripes I am in. We were all stationary at first and then, the traffic light that was red turned. Just as the fizzy drink hawker reached the window I stuck stuck my head out of, the traffic light moved from red to yellow quickly and froze at green. I didn't give the hawker change, a complete five hundred naira note was what I waved. The plan was to get her to break the last money in my bag into smaller change, but now I was not in control and our bus was putting a wider margin between us and the hawker. Desperate, the hawker threw her drink at me and I protect my face from a horrid clash with the plastic bottle. The side of my wrist breaks the impact and it lands on my lap. My wrist aches and thrones and the squealing from the other passengers make the driver slow down and snap at all of us. I was in too much pain and this girl hawker snatched the money from me at lightening speed and the bus revs away. More screaming made the driver slam on his brakes and turn to us, he hurled abuses at everyone and threatening to end his trip. The passengers threatened to beat him up and burn his vehicle if he did and I lean back and try to ease the pain in my wrist. The hawker pretends to search for change and road Marshals threaten to confiscate the bus and so the vehicle drives off...
        Ask me why I remember this painful experience that made me spend five times the value of a fizzy drink on a drink that was not even cold, plus hospital visits for my aching wrists? It is because, I just realized who this girl hawker is...
     I jump out of my cold bed and stare out of my windows and exclaim aloud.
'I knew it'
    I tap my clenched teeth and pace around the room with arms akimbo. I just knew I knew her and she was hiding something.
I pick up the phone and call Nnoye and insist she invites her friend, Sandra to lunch.

'Swallow only, no need to mince words. Iyan, fufu, Amala, Semo, Wheat, Eba or any of our delicious meals with efo riro, ofen Sala, white soup, egusi, okra or any of our Nigerian delicacies'
   I tried to entice her with our food, the ones I knew she could not resist.

'I will be there, with her', Nnoye promised.
 This her friend was the same one that was video calling a guy, naked. I was not going to fight or demean her oooo, I honestly just want to know why she put me in the most embarrassing situation ever. To make her listen and hear how the remaining part of that day that I suffered, drenched in rain ended for her self.
Oh well, like me you will have to wait for her to join me to get this juicy hot gist.
  As I prepare to meet up with her, the memory of that faithful day plagued my mind. Back then, I had on a purple dress with purple shades. So today, I decide to help her juggle her memory. I have something close to the dress and the former, so that was settled. I shower and then step into clothes similar to those I had on back then, I cannot wait to meet her again.

     It was a slow day at work with us rescheduling all the events for our show that has been moved up to next year. I honestly wanted to wing it and just do it now or this coming week, but I know taking that reckless risk will just crash our standard.
 And it did not help that the reality show I just watched, had the so called 'affluent' ladies vacationed in cheaper hotels with shared bathroom. Proof that only cemented my plan to cancel and move my own show up until next year. If after a decade your standards drops, it means your quality and value proposition has dropped.
   But I cannot spend more in this economy and then gain less, I will not run a business at a loss. Instead I will gracefully reschedule and back it up in front of my investors, with their money's intact. Again I need to be careful oooo and put a deadline to putting my show on air and somehow, this memory that cropped into my mind works.
     My alarm goes off, I am now one of those that have to set alarms to stop working.     
    Well it's also for a good cause.

    Nnoye has been boring lately and she is the reason I started the show, her scandal and desperation is just entertaining.
    Lately, minus getting pregnant for Celine's half brother, she is becoming very boring. Now her former street fizzy drinks hawker friend, put some sparkle in her life. This was a welcome idea and gave me hope for the show coming up next year.
 All our narratives were still on track... Me, the complex good girl always trying to help... Like Tamara on 'The Real'. With Nnoye a mix of all the reality show bad gals and Ajoke the unapologetic materialistic hard worker and Celine the natural mixed race, free spirited, do what you love kinda-gal. Unfortunately, she just found out her father was unfaithful and she has a crazy wild brother, who happened to have gotten Nnoye pregnant.
  Wait ooo, should I not call Nnoye and get her not to remove the baby....

  I cannot believe I just had that thought, I mean I was thinking of the shows rating instead of Nnoye's well being. I have officially become one of them, right?

  Lord have mercy...

       And don't get me started on the men...
Daniel is the mean old money, new money mix, the play boy that wants to retire.
Bala the traditional man with traditional family values.
Pierre the conflicted former bad boy.
And Alan his handsome single brother who likes me....
 How did Alan enter this picture? This is Celine's work, she has planted these thoughts in my head.

   The fourth alarm goes off and it means that it has been four minutes, because I set the alarms a minute apart.
It is time to go, but not before a contract I have drafted to get Sandra on the show is in my bag.

     The aroma of the meal, gets my stomach dancing. And I side hug Nnoye and Sandra and stare hard at Sandra.
'I know you', I say mischievously.
'Yes, you slept in my house and caught me naked video calling my American bobo'
She was been sarcastic and smiling, not to worry.... he who laughs last....
'Yes, did you live...', I started to ask but was interuped by her suggestions.
'I will make a fantastic reality show character'
 I chuckled and hug my bag and we all seat at our table and order. She was so caught up with selling herself, she did not see my disinterest until I made it completely obvious.
'What did you want to say?', she asked after about what seemed like thirty minutes.
I was about to answer but she interrupts me again.
'I would like to be on your show', she adds.
''Nnoye, do you mind?', I ask.
'I don't mind...'
'Two competing bad gals... What if the audience prefer her?'
  I was been honest.
       Nnoye laughs.
 I bring out the contract and hand it to her, she shrieks and hugs me, almost toppling the dishes as she does.
'Thank you Jesus, thank you Jesus' Sandra adds and waves her arms in the air.
'So, get a lawyer and you two should read and sign and know that it is binding for only one year. Only renewable if I say so and you cannot renegotiate your earnings until after the end of that year'
 Sandra hugs Nnoye and starts to cry, I let her calm down.
'No secrets, no criminal activities and zero tolerance on drugs. It means your contract is terminated instantly'
'i promise'
'And why did you not give me my change?'
 Honestly, this would have been perfect on reality television.
'What change?', Nnoye asks.
  Sandra scratched her hair and adjusts in her seat and tries not to look at Nnoye.
'You remember...', I say realizing she did.
'What are you two talking about?', Nnoye was lost.
'The busty girl selling drinks on Isolo road in tight clothing, who could forget?'
 I sound like a mean girl, right?
    Sandra looked nervous and Nnoye had no idea.
'I used to sell fizzy drinks in traffic in Lagos'
'After school'
'You told me you traveled to South Africa'
'I had to lie...'
'.....That the video of you refusing to give someone change, was a look alike'
 I was curious.
'What video?'
'Someone filmed it, the phone was not the best quality back then. But it's me...'
    If I could jump up and dance this was the time, but I honestly had no more money to offer Sandra so played it cool. Also, I become a little worried about this so called video.
''Another person?', was she a serial thief? That's a problem ooooo.
'Its that same day that rained like mad, it was as if God was punishing me for stealing the four hundred naira from you'
 A light hearted Sandra joked and I got seriously peeved and blurt out my rage.
'I was abused and insulted for not paying my bus fare, the guy that was toasting me that I ignored paid and gave me extra money. Your actions were not punished, rain beat us all that day. But you had money you did not work for and I was embarrassed'
 The food arrived and it was a work of art, beautifully wrapped layered Eba and pounded yam with efo and egusi. Sandra apologized again but I could not be too friendly. Not if I wanted the narrative of our reality show to be as intense as I have planned. I eat the meal in silence and Nnoye tried to rope Sandra back into my good books.
'Do you want your contract back?'
  Sandra disappointed me by not even putting up a fight, I need to poke at this bear.
'Are you a quitter?'
'Then sign it and prove me wrong, prove that you are honest and have changed. Make up for humiliating me that rainy day..'
  And with that I dab my lips with the napkin that was resting on my lap set my fork and knife to indicate I have finished my meal. And then air kiss both women and side hug them and make my grand exit memorable.
'Such an entitled snob...', I heard Sandra say.
'She gave you a job, silly gal'. Nnoye adds and pinched her.
 I turn to see her cut angry eyes at me, my show was set and my second bad gal, motivated to stir trouble.
  I couldn't have planned this any better, but did I really plan this. Or did time and chance take it all into account?

  All I know is that Sallah is here today, Ajoke is back. Her twins ride the ram in my parents house, just before it is prepared for the feast. Celine is on video calling us most of today, the alase is here and preparing the moimoi and jollof rice. My brothers are here with their families,mum and dad are happy and their grandchildren are driving me nuts.
 I enjoy every fried delicacy and the delicious meals. I love that there are so many guests and food and drinks going round. Bala is happy and even Celine's half brother is here. Nnoye has not told him anything and is thinking of keeping his baby. Sandra shamelessly showed up and has uploaded more pictures of my parents house than I have in my entire life. She has ten thousand followers already and made sure I appeared in them.
Nnoye, Ajoke, Sandra and Celine via video call all pose for a picture I take and upload on my Instagram page. Celine's brother collects my phone and ushered me to join them and takes our picture.
 Everyone is happy and for now, that is what matters.

 Tomorrow is another day.....

**"ADE'S JOURNAL", Season 3, Episode 54**

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