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Ade's Journal Part 6
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Wednesday, 10 October 2018

Five Four Three Two


  From Frying Pan To Fire. Just like that, she became brainwashed. Just like that, she becomes a convert. And just when I thought it could not get any worse, I see that person from my past.
Khadijatu's daughter has grown and hugs me as if she has known me all her life. I was a little confused and then I hear her voice, the voice of deceit. That friend that hates all you have and sets you up to marry her lover, I lost all the smile on my face and she looked like she wanted o pass out. With rage boiling inside me, j ask what she is doing in the hotel. The NGO she works for had a surprise party for their most dedicated staff, I was surprised it turned out to be khadijatu. But she said it was a name sake, that explains it all. She seems a d glows and says she follows and watches all my shows. I say nothing but just nod my head and set the alarm for tomorrow’s meeting with Daniel and our lawyers. I was civil and watched as she and her daughter walk away. I didn’t feel a thing because in reality, she was never my friend.

   You know how you think the day cannot get worse than it is, well it just did. The alarm clock did not go off and I am an hour’s late. The intensity of the thunder sounds and lightening continued, even though the heavy rainfall just ended. No time for me to listen to my jazz music as I shower and not enough time to heat up the water. The cold sting of the water on my warm skin, jolts me out of my worries and my body revolts and lets out a massive sneeze. Instinctively, I grab at my shoulder to keep the ball and socket joint in place. I will not dislocate my arms today, I repeat until the pain eases away and I am relaxed enough to let go. It still hurts and after a quick shower, the ideal thing is to put the arm in a sling. No time, I am late.
Who gets to work late when her office is thirty minutes walk away from her house? Apparently, me.
I pick a dress suit that does not need any extra attention and wrap my hair in a bun. No time to make up, so lip gloss in the car will do.
 I start the car and the cold weather did not let it respond, then I remember my file is on my bed. I dash back in and when I get back, I realized I’ve locked my keys in the car. I pace quickly and try to remember where the extra keys are and peer through the window and search for my bag. I didn’t even take one. I walk back into my house counting to twenty and subconsciously towards a bag about a decade old. Inside the side zip is my extra set of keys. I pick it up and pause and search the room, I just realized something. Just before my tired eyes shut down into a deep slumber the night before, I lost one thing. Yes, a page fell off my documents last night. The one, I have not yet typed into the email for my lawyers. I squat and try to reach underneath my bed and can’t.
Obviously, I need to kneel down and as I do I use my hand to feel for the flat cool paper. The floor is much cooler than the paper and as I feel it, I squeeze and pick it up. There’s no way to get my P.A. to type this, she’s probably trying to keep them calm. I step outside and unlock the car still holding on to the page and try again and then I hear something. Maybe a wire sparking or grinding on another part, I unlock the car bonnet. A huge rat was chewing at my wires, spots me and launched an attack.
 I jump back and let go and it slammed into my fingers and I scream and fall into a squat.
    A hand grabs me and I struggle to let go of the grip, until I hear his voice.
‘Are you alright?’, Daniel asks.
I want to tell him no and just cry in his warm shoulders, but my numb fingers are throbbing hard and red and swollen.
He touched it and I winced and as he offers to take me back into my own house, I protest awkwardly. With my fingers stretched wide in front of me and a renewed fear that they are going to fall off. He lets go of me and leaves and little raindrops start to fall on me. I look up and get some in my eyes and think of all the organisms living in each raindrop and the fish been carried away. Then I see the paper in a puddle of mud. I try to move and can’t.
Daniel returned with his driver and he had a big blob of deep heat ointment in his palm, he massaged my fingers and I winced and feel better.
The driver holds the umbrella over me and we all go into Daniel’s sports utility vehicle, I sit and watch as Daniel moves my bag and folder from my car to his.
 Then he sits by my side and hands me the soaked document. I painfully bend my fingers and stretch it out and place the piece of paper over the air conditioning unit to dry out.
Daniel does not say a word and I just stare at my fingers, amazed at how all are still connected to my body.
At my office, my lawyer is waiting with two of Daniel’s lawyers and none of us waste any time. There was the awkward stare at my swollen fingers but that soon disappears.
Then my P.A. hands me the new agreement from Daniel’s lawyers, I read it and as expected it’s a total win for him while I loose so much.
I shake my head and signal to my lawyer and he hands the two greedy lawyers my new agreement.
I stand up and think and try to imagine how to get some win out of this difficult deal, it’s not my fault the business slowed down. I just need a boost and then he is by my side again.
‘Would you prefer a loan?’
‘I already said no to that'
‘What do you want?’
‘A long term solution, the start of a new journey, for us to see this as a real partnership'
‘I am still taking all the risk'
‘Business is risky'
‘Yes, but if there is no fail-safe plan, we will be doing exactly what you have been doing…’
‘That is why I need the experience, your business advantage'
‘But fifty percent?’
‘As equal partners, with my team, my money and a whole lot of risks…’
‘Thirty percent and you on the board of trustees, with a limited offer on the intellectual properties'
 Daniel stares in awe at my declaration and I match over the conference table and slam on the table.
‘Final offer, put that in writing and if you don’t take it. I will sell one of the intellectual properties and use the funds to jump start that show and give up on ever renegotiating any deal with your company'
 I was angry, frustrated and in pain and this is more than it seems, I harbor these thoughts and never voice it but it’s there.
 My frustrations as an artist, a business woman and the limited opportunities. I should give it all up, decades of creating contents and all. My deadline stands at December and only Ajoke and Celine know the plan, I guess that’s why they are rooting for me to end up with Daniel or Alan. I don’t think that’s ever going to happen and my outburst her just proved it.
The silence that ensues, isn’t scary it is revealing. I nod my head and head into my office.

    Daniel knocks and opened the door and I sit on my revolving chair, spin and stare at him.
‘You want to leave'
 It wasn’t a question, it is him realizing that I want to.
‘Somewhere cold'
‘Where the polar bear roams and I have a license to carry a large riffle'
‘Not Siberia?’, he was not mocking me.
Before I met my crazy ex boyfriend in Abuja, Frank. You remember him, the married one that wanted to fake-marry me. I was considering relocating to Siberia and almost did, instead used all my savings to move to Abuja and fund my fake partners life.
Today, I have no savings. But I am trying to negotiate a long term deal that will keep me busy enough to stay, or like I declared. I will sell one off and just leave.
‘You did not tell me’
‘… It is not about you'
‘I want a future with you'
‘I am not a child, it is conditional'
‘Do you blame me?
 His answer shocked me and I open my mouth to speak and stop.
‘Deep down inside, you want to go somewhere and just disappear'
‘What is wrong with going off the grid?’
‘I have family…’
‘And I don’t?’
‘I believe you may want to go away for a month and then decide to stay for the next ten years'
‘That month will be memorable', I joked.
 Daniel kneels before me and I stop rocking and spinning in my chair.
‘I can commit part time to others but not with you, you know that. Ade'
 I smile and hold his face in the cup of my now peach hand, I did not expect the kiss but I welcomed it.
Ajoke walks in with her phone facing me and Celine watching.
‘The lawyers are still talking but Ade is in her office… See'
Ajoke freezes and behind her is Nnoye and the peering eyes from the lawyers and my office colleagues.
 I disengage and Daniel stands up, he lets Ajoke walk in and shuts everyone else out.
‘I see you two are enjoying yourselves', Ajoke adds.
‘Just announce you two are a couple', Celine screams from Ajokes phone.
‘Shes moving to Norway, so will not accept that we are a couple', Daniel’s disappointed tone shows.
 Ajoke shrieks and Celine snaps her hand over her head.
‘Why? Are we so horrible that you won’t come to me?’
‘This is news to me', Ajoke adds standing at akimbo.
  I hold all fingers up and blow cool air at it, I think I see puss forming or is it just me.
‘What happened?’, Ajoke grabs it.
 I wince and try to ease the pain but can’t and then fall on my knees, the pain has gone up a notch.
Now I am in trouble.

**"ADE'S JOURNAL", Season 3, Episode 67**

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Adebusola Ukayat Elegbede is a Playwright and Content creator with a passion for real life challenges. Born in Kaduna state and lives in Lagos Nigeria, she has a passion for story telling from the perspectives of characters in conflicting situations. I started out on the New Writing Project in Nigeria with the British Council Lagos Nigeria and The Royal Court Theatre, Sloane Square U.K. My passion for creating stories led to comic books, television drama's and an online journal on my website (busolaelegbede.com). As part of the WPIC in Stockholm Sweden 2012, the experience has forged life long friends and ignited my passion as a volunteer and advocate for human rights and the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

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