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Friday, 5 October 2018

Large Bulbs Of Water


   Large bulbs of water hit hard at the makeshift house I build for my generator sets. The neighbors water tank is full again and overflowing and its making so much noise that it wakes me up. I turn on my phone and stare at the time, it’s just one in the morning. I grab my pillow with both arms and a sharp cry jolts me up and away from the clutches of sleep. That stupid cock has started crowing again and on the fence just right outside my bedroom window. You see why I love to sleep in my house and on my own bed.

       I grab all pillows and bury my head underneath it all, trying to drown out the annoying crowing from the energetic cock.
 Sleeping in a million dollar yacht three nights in a row, has made me accustomed to the precious lavish quiet lifestyle. Briefly though, because now I am back home and to my own reality. Holiday is over and another weekend is here. Everything has piled up and it’s not my fault, I needed the break and long weekend. A smile caresses my flushed face as I remember my weekend with Daniel Ojora.
 The feeling didn’t last, I hear the door bell interrupt my thoughts and prop my head high above the stacked pillows on my cozy bed. Who visits someone at two in the morning? I ignore it and hope the person goes away. It doesn’t work, so I put on my smart phone and all the WhatsApp messages from Ajoke, races in. Ooooohhhh, she’s the one at the door. I drag myself up and go and open the door for her.
‘What are you doing?’ I ask yawning.
‘Back from a party we were supposed to attend together'
‘Oh sorry I forgot'
‘I wonder why'
‘Get your mind out of the gutter, I… We didn’t do it…’
‘I thought you were team Daniel'
‘Have you seen the blog’s?’
‘What blogs'
 Ajoke hands me her phone.
‘Seriously you haven’t?’, she said trying to take her phone away from me.
I smack her hand away, now I am curious. So many apps are open, I’m not even sure what she wants me to see.
‘I was too busy trying to find a reason to dodge our lunch date with Nnoye’, I add.
‘Abeg don’t, I want to hear how it all deteriorated to suicide, from the horse’s mouth'
 I stretch and give her back her phone.
 ‘Ade you didn’t look at the picture'
‘Should I?’
‘Its Daniel and Naomi’, Ajoke opens the page and hands me her phone.
 I collect the phone and stare at it. Daniel is staring at her and she has her hands over his tush. I scrutinized the picture and almost pass out, he has on the tie I got him for his birthday. He just launched it the day I left his yacht, yesterday. I was disappointed and numb at the same time.
‘She is pretty'
‘She has a reality show in its second season and says she will like to shake your shows world'
 I laugh and collapse on my couch, I was too tired to care.
 The look on my face contradicts my thoughts, I really thought Daniel and I bonded. Why do I always feel like a man is mine because we have a connection and are attracted to each other. There was no verbal agreement or discussion, just flirting and me longing to sleep with this man that has chased me for over a decade. As if he is supposed to be celibate like me, I was trying to be ironic.
The answer is clear to me but I guess I’ve sent him mixed signals. But what about him? He is obviously not celibate, I grab Ajoke’s phone again and look at the woman’s toned thighs and abs on her stomach. Her waist was unnaturally thin and…. Ajoke’s phone locked and I try to unlock it but the password had changed and I freaked out.
‘Relax my dear', Ajoke adds and unlocks her phone.
‘You changed your password?’
‘Nnoye knows it and gave my crazy twins and they erased my pictures'
‘That Nnoye eh…’
‘Are you blaming her for not sleeping with Daniel?’
‘How did you know?’
‘Ade, you are the only conservative woman I know. Others do it, you analyze and talk your self out of it’
‘Its Daniel'
'I know'
‘Bala would have never welcomed me in his arms if I had even kissed Daniel…’
‘Wait are you saying..’
‘I am not his type, thank God’
 I gasp and throw my head back, then catch her trying to keep a straight face. Ajoke was joking but it was not funny.
‘Don’t joke like that…’
 Ajoke is laughing and hugs me and I pucker up my lips as she rocks me.
‘Let me call Celine and gist her…’
‘Celine knows'
‘No Celine thinks you two slept together, so she was crying and said she has been praying you wouldn’t…’
‘Because of Alan?’
‘My dear, if we were the betting type..’
‘Don’t you two dare…’, I warned her mortified by the thought of them betting on me.
‘Its Celine that refused to bet on which guy you will end up with'
‘That’s nasty…’
‘She said you dated a guy who bet with his friends on whether you were still a virgin or not'
‘And I broke up with him for allowing himself stoop so low…..’
‘Ade but you know I am Raz like that, it’s Bala's posh attitude and yours and Celine that has helped my ministry ooo'
 I hug her and shake my head at the same time
‘So, Bala and the twins are home alone and I still have today to kill. Let’s catch some sleep and go for this lunch in quoted, with Nnoye'
‘Minus Sandra I hope, that girl is a bad influence'
‘I hear she is like a decade older..’
‘Na she know ooo, Ajoke me I need to catch sleep'
 I tell her and crank the coolness of the air conditioning unit to a lower temperature and shut my eyes.
   The delicious aroma of freshly made coffee woke me up and I sit up and see Ajoke hand me a cup.
I could not really move my frozen limbs and try harder to.
‘Ade your ac is possessed, it’s too cold'
‘Thanks’, I say after sipping some.
‘Bala was the one that warned me, he did not want me catching a cold. The twins can’t handle falling I’ll any more than they have'
‘How are Hassan and Husseina’
‘Bala says I spoil them and they milk the fact that I panic and exaggerate their illness when I am around'
‘For real?’
‘Yes ooo'
‘This coffee is goood'
‘Bala does not play, it’s premium all the way'
‘I need bags of this coffee'
‘Already in your kitchen cabinet, oyaya. Do and lest us start getting ready'
‘I am not dusting my face with gold ooo'
‘Bush girl, it’s professional make up and we need to be ready. She is bespoke'
 We both laugh and finish our coffee.

  This outing was different, first of all it was not much but more like dinner. And on the roof top of a fifteen storey building and with chefs preparing the meal right in front of you. I loved the fresh herbs and seafood and the baby carrots, this was going over board and way out of Nnoye’s budget. Nnoye showed up alone, thank God.
But then again, a camera woman joined us. Several shots later and the photoshoot was over. Then Nnoye grabs my hand and Ajoke’s.
‘Thank God for life and may all our sins be forgiven… Amen'
 Nnoye sounds like a changed woman and honestly, I don’t know what to say.
‘This place belongs to Sandra’s new boyfriend and it is because he insisted we meet that I survived. He is a pastor and sees things…’
 Ajoke pinched me so hard that I twitched.
‘Give it time, you two will become converts. He predicted everything happening now'
'What else?', a naughty Ajoke adds.
'That Sandra will be sleeping by the time you get here and would not interrupt our diner...'
‘But you are alright', that’s all I wanted to know.
‘I am under his protection'
 Ajoke stopped eating and excused herself, I too stopped eating because I picked up a horrible vibe.
 I hope we are not going from frying pan to fire…..

**"ADE'S JOURNAL", Season 3, Episode 66**

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Adebusola Ukayat Elegbede is a Playwright and Content creator with a passion for real life challenges. Born in Kaduna state and lives in Lagos Nigeria, she has a passion for story telling from the perspectives of characters in conflicting situations. I started out on the New Writing Project in Nigeria with the British Council Lagos Nigeria and The Royal Court Theatre, Sloane Square U.K. My passion for creating stories led to comic books, television drama's and an online journal on my website (busolaelegbede.com). As part of the WPIC in Stockholm Sweden 2012, the experience has forged life long friends and ignited my passion as a volunteer and advocate for human rights and the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

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