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Friday 15 February 2019

My Valentine My Whimsical Date


  In a fluter of joy and a compilation of moments I build day in day out. I celebrate today as a day of revelation, a day I will forever cherish. It's cool the sun is peeping through large bulbs of ice cream clouds and the airplane flying across the bright blue sky has formed a massive pass mark on my life. It's an amazing feeling to pen this down and much more fun to know that I have actively made my choice. Not once or twice but for the fourth year, so you know... Today is the beginning of year four, since I decided to write and fill in Ade's Journal. My journey from brainwashed expectations  of my life to my harsh shocking lessons, loss and gains are truly a monumental reality.
Hope lifts me up Everytime I crash and vigor propels me forward whenever I am in doubt. Best of all, my visual brain and manner of processing my unique situations appear like movies to me, when I re-live them. So I have acted out drama's, horrific thrillers with stalkers and tragic losses have crippled me. But it's not the end of my story... I have found Dana Cody and loved how she is real and fights and creates and forges ahead. In every story is the journey of a struggle, triumph and the continuous battle to empower others as we climb up these many ladders of success. Today is not different....

 Gray skies race towards and above me, covering the puffs of smoke the plane leaves behind and then the sun. It gets so dark outside first and then inside.
 I switch on all my lights and stare at my pantry. Everything I need to bake my Valentine's day cake is there and I shiver and then start to bring it all together.
A gateaux cake would be perfect, but a vanilla cake with dark chocolate filling will also do. I stare ahead and smile at no one, I did not expect anyone nor did I invite one person. My phone was conveniently in the room and the other not so smart one off.
Tomorrow my house will be full and all my siblings will take me to the family house for a mini reunion or as my dad called it...
Election celebration weekend.
 I was unhappy about it because, I still had the temporary card and all attempts to get the actual card seemed futile. I was not furious, just in shock.
The thoughts of my nephew and niece knocking on my door to get me out of seclusion and back with the crowd made me smile. They were a persistent loving bunch of children and I loved them unconditionally.
   The sound of a knock on my door startled me and I peep to see who it is. The chunk of goodness smiled at me and I suspect I am day dreaming. He is fine and beautiful and those combat pants were stylish and looked like something I made.
I snapped out of it and recognized him, it was Alan. I unlock the door and sand and leaves and large bulbs of rain attack me.
We both scuttle in and fight the wind and push hard until the door shuts. This is a massive storm and the thunder and lightning send me jolting and cowering in the corner I stood.
Alan was smiling and I cut my eyes at him.
'You are scared of the rain', he accused me.
'No, just lightning'. I add and shut my windows and then put on the air-conditioning unit.
'I am too, that's why I was knocking so hard on your door'
 I chuckled hard and loud and then we both laugh.
'Happy Valentine's day', he adds giving me the thickest bouquet of red and white roses.
 I smell them and smile.
'You baking? I can help'
I follow him into my kitchen and watch him bring out rolling pins and flip and juggle it with spoons.
'You bake?'
'Sous chef...'
'You like?'
'Alan, you should have led with that'
'What do you want me to make?'
'A cake I will never forget'
'Gateaux, red velvet....'
'Don't like red velvet'
'I know... Celine warned me'
'She told you?'
'I asked'
 He surprised me with tales of how bad a chef he was in the beginning and how he quit and then quit at everything else for the next three years. So he went back, listened, practiced and got a little better.
I told him about how great I was at one off selling but horrible at signing people up for long term sales. And I quit. And until I went back, learned body language, why people really buy and then true commitment to delivering excellence. That was when I started to get really good at everything I set out to do.
'That changed the game for me', I beamed with joy as I said the words.
  Alan was smiling sheepishly and placed a large gift bag on the table and revealed his gifts on the table. And hid something in my freezer, which I suspect is dinner.
I poured us the red wine he brought and we toast and raise our glasses to quitting and getting back up.
It was refreshing to talk to someone fresh and to share my experience and failures with him. We were like two old friends reconnecting and I learned new cooking techniques from him. As he leaned forward to give me a slice of the cake, I fight the urge to move his hair back with my fingers. He smiled at me and stared at me, I feel awkward and a little self conscious.
The heavy knock on my door startled me and we both go to the door, his hand guides my back and I want to lean into it. Forget all my boundaries, restrictions and just ignore the knock on the door. Alan senses it too and stops me and he turns to me, I know he is going to kiss me and I want him to.
'Ade I can smell the cake and my umbrella is inside out'
  Ajoke was screaming and I immediately put some distance between us.
As I open the door, she scuttled in.
'It is freaking cold outside, I think I saw an ice drop from the sky. Why didn't you pick up your phone?'
 Ajoke freezes and looks up at Alan, the wine glasses and then back at me.
'Later then', she snapped at me as she tries to get back outside.
I stop her from going back into the rain and Alan gets her a fresh glass and offers to pour her a drink.
She collects it and looks at me suspiciously and then goes to take a bite from my piece of cake.
'Oh my God, Ade I forgive you. Is this, it tastes like heaven. You should bake more often'
 Ajoke adds wiping tears of joy from her eyes.
'Alan baked it', I add a lot jealous
'Na die Daniel dey', Ajoke adds giving Alan two thumbs up
'What are you doing here, where is Bala?' I ask eventually.
'Like prince Harry leaving Megan Merkel on Valentine's day, my prince Bala had to go and rescue some trawlers and the losses...'
'Its insured, right'
'Yes but Lagosians need their fish, so backup must arrive asap'
'You let Bala miss Valentine's day?'
'For three holiday locations plus seven star hotel and unlimited spending'
'Ajoke', I drag out her name.
'I would have gone with him if I knew you had company'
 I hug her and fight back tears, Ajoke never jokes with her overseas trips, I am touched.
We had a moment until she blurted out, 'Alan is it only cake you can make?'
 I covered my face in complete shame and Alan squeezed my hands. Ajoke noticed and signals to me.
'I will prepare....', Alan started to say.
'Please say filet mignon, please say it...'. Ajoke was praying so hard, I was speechless although it's what I want too.
Alan steps into the freezer and unwraps beef tenderloin and we both hail him and raise our glasses. The day slowly turns to night and we laugh, gist and wait for Ajoke's in-laws to bring the twins. Alan was great with them and they invite him for the weekend at our family house.
I wanted to say no, but I thought about how I've declared that I will do what is best for me.
  So I said yes and go and get my phone's, Ajoke said she was not going to miss this epic weekend. Do you blame her?
 I had a surprisingly enjoyable Valentine's day.

  Happiness comes in all forms, friendships, temptations, great food and pure laughter.
Just enjoy today, tomorrow and every moment with good friends and family.

 **"ADE'S JOURNAL", Season 4, Episode 1**

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Adebusola Ukayat Elegbede is a Playwright and Content creator with a passion for real life challenges. Born in Kaduna state and lives in Lagos Nigeria, she has a passion for story telling from the perspectives of characters in conflicting situations. I started out on the New Writing Project in Nigeria with the British Council Lagos Nigeria and The Royal Court Theatre, Sloane Square U.K. My passion for creating stories led to comic books, television drama's and an online journal on my website (busolaelegbede.com). As part of the WPIC in Stockholm Sweden 2012, the experience has forged life long friends and ignited my passion as a volunteer and advocate for human rights and the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

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